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Make your own boss

Aug 13, 2009
Here are some new bosses.

Umbra Guardian of Celestia:

Health: 15,250 Health.

School: Death/Storm.

Rank: 11.

Says: The Umbra queen chose me for the best of defense ... and she had chosen right! I shall not have mercy!

Appearance: A dark version of the Gallium Paladin.

Says after defeat: The Umbra Queen ... I have failed you, my queen.

Minions: None.

Quest Tied: To the top of the tower!

Return quest to Thurston Plunkett in Resonating Sound Omni Audigraph, Triton Avenue.

5,000 XP and 205 gold.

Thurston Plunkett: You have defeated the Umbra Guardian knight eh? Eh ..? The Knight- there is one more soldier in our way until Celestia is safe again...

Narrartor: The audiograph crackles and bursts into electricity. There is a light sound coming from the audiograph, and a voice sounds ... 'If you don't hurry, your old friend will be destroyed!' Then, the audiograph explodes into a plume of smoke.

Return to Professor Halston Balestrom in Storm School.

Halston Balestrom: "Thurston is being held captive? We've got to save him! I've been fixing up this old Spiral Key, but there is no way I can fix it in time! I need some stolen goods. The warehouse in Marleybone was not able to engineer the item i need. Go talk to Doctor Von Katzenstein in Newgate Prison... He definitely can fix up a gear like that."

Katzenstein: "Purr .... Oh, it is you. What do you want, wizard ...? You say you want my key, eh .... Doctor Pureau may have what you are in need of ... why don't you check back with him, because there is not any way I shall EVER give you this old possesion ... unless, you break the deal with a cat thug I've been owing. Go to Ol' Johnny O'Leary in this place called ... purrmmmm .... Oh yes, the dreaded Steelworks, right near the Ironworks if you go to the pavillion there, and battle those street sweepers until you get into ... the Steelworks. I don't think I know of any way else than to get through that dungeon, other than fighting some of the bosses from the inside. My assistant, Assistant Nicholas Katcitten."

New Quest Name and Goal: Working With the enemy; defeat Grandpops O'Leary in Steelworks, and talk to Nicholas Katcitten in the Steelworks.

Nicholas Katcitten: What do you want? Can't you see I'm building a monster ..? Mwahahahahahha .... someday I'll finally get Katzenstein to give his brain ... Wha' do yahs want anyways wiz'ad? Ah'm a lil' busy here at the momen', so wha' don'ya just sit down in this ol' lil'station, wh'y don' yous take that hast off? I'm just gonna take a lil' peek at that brain yous've got there....

Aug 13, 2009
Here are my new ideas for bosses:

Name: Sokwi Arena Master:

Says: You've beat all the others, even the old warlord Khai Ahmate the Great ... But you have never expieriencenced the thrust of my staff ...

Health: 10,000

School: Ice.

Minions: Arena Royal Guard x3

Says after fight: Well, I was going easy on you... my days are over of matches...

Rank: 10.

Location: Arena Master's Trophy Room, The Grand Arena, KT.

Next Boss(es):


Rank: 20, adding up life rank ten+death rank ten.

School: ??? (Life/death malfunction)

Minions: Pyrochill Wizard, Conjured Diviner, and Unbalancablebalancer.

Health: 10,000 Life, 10,000 Death.

Damage: Resists life and death 100%. (Hint: NEVER hit with life or death or else the damage reflects back to you, and makes you flee. If you do so happen to be life or death, go for the MINIONS instead. This boss summons two spells each turn.)

Says: I have mastered life and death, under the teachings of Malistaire Drake and Sylvia Drake ...

Natural Attack: None, but instead if half of his health is taken in one hit, the attack will bounce back at you.

Natural Attack Two: If you heal, you will damage yourself instead. It will heal the attacker boss.

Natural Attack three: Heals him 1,000 damage per 3 pips, damages all enemies (your team) 1,000 damage per 3 pips.

Natural Attack Four: Deals 1,000 damage to himself, and then does a K.O attack to one ally. (Note: If a friend is downed, NOW is the time to heal your friend for a large heal, such as a multi-power pipped dryad, fully loaded with sanctuary and guiding light.)

Natural Attack Five: This one is my favorite. The boss jumps into the middle fighting circle, and slashes all allies, taking away all blades, shields, traps, absorbs, pips, and takes the blades, shields, etc. as his own, and steals 1,000 health from all allies, and heals himself for as much as he is lacking.

Natural Attack Six: The boss runs into the middle and stuns all enemies, and does weaknesses, and black mantles to all allies and yourself.

Natural Attack Seven: Now, he lunges on screen, and summons stuns to all enemies, for 5 rounds. Then, at the fifth round, it deals an extra 10 rounds to one ally and does 1,000 damage to the ally, lingering for 3 rounds.

Natural Attack Eight: He slashes his sword around and he laughs an evil laugh and his sword lands at one enemy, randomly.

Natural Attack Nine: He summons a giant tree, and it slowly dies and rips apart. The roots grow out of the ground and smash one enemy, and locks them in a tree where they cannot cast a spell until the ally is hit once again.

Natural Attack 10: He summons life, or death at all enemies, chosen at random. Then, he heals himself for half of the death damage, and x2 the death damage for LIFE healing.

Jun 16, 2009

Name:Alexander Fire hammer


Health 1334

Spells:Every fire spell up to level 26 100% power pip chance

Jan 28, 2009
name:Prince Benjamin Iceshard
type:Ice/Ocean/storm(celestia type)
merle asks you to go meet the prince of celestia when you arrive at the palace the prince says "I am the prince of celestia merle must of sent you for the training of the art of seamaturge(ocean wizards) you have to prove yourself....LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!"
minions:triton gaurd(storm) cold triton(ice) royal triton(ocean)
moves:Frost giant stormzilla triton kracken tusnami(ocean) whirlpool(ocean) frost nova(ice) windstorm(storm) temptest flood(ocean)
after battle: The prince says "You've done well....here is the key to the school of the ocean.." narrator says"Prince benjamin hands you a key the has what looks like a wave painted on it" the prince says "Go and speak to General sea claw he will teach you"

Dec 21, 2009
Best Idea Ever

Name:King of Kings



Minion: Malistare

Deck: Strongest spells in game

Location:Ambrose Castle (where gamma is)

:-P 8) :-) :-D :-)

Apr 28, 2010
Alright I got a good idea for a boss and how to get to him:
The Weeping Angel - He is a sneaky one, when you are looking at him he is a simple statue but when you turn away he attacks you.
Rank 10 Balance 10,150 hp
Spells: Scarab (rarely), Scorpion (rarely), Weakness (often), Balance Blade (common), Elemental Shield (often), Spirit Shield (often), Judgment (often), Hydra (common) and Power Nova (whenever he reaches seven pips)
Physical attack 110 per pip Balance Damage so power pips apply for it.
Power Pip Chance: 60%
Quests to get to him: When you finish the Swimming with Stars quest, (aka Warehouse quest) you get a call from Headmaster Ambrose, he says that there was a distress call from Grizzleheim he sends you to speak with the King. When you do that, he says that there was a strange sighting in the far end of Ravenscar but the raven that saw it said that what he saw tried to kill him he sends you to investigate the North Mountain (Dungeon) then you get a Tutorial Tip from a boss called The Weeping Angel he says "Ha you think you have what it takes to defeat me in my dungeon? I think not. Mwahahahahahaha." When you get to the entrance to the dungeon you see a raven called Ongraph Griffincaller. He tells you he witnessed a terrible creature called the Weeping Angel. It is a dangerous foe and to be ready for such a difficult battle he sends you to summon the three Elemental Trainers and defeat them three bosses Fire Elemental Trainer Rank 9 Fire Boss 5,000 hp,
Storm Elemental Trainer Rank 9 Storm Boss 5,000 hp and Ice Elemental Trainer Rank 9 Ice Boss 5,000 hp. When you defeat them he says that now you must work your way to the Angel's Lair where The Weeping Angel is.
Speech before battle: I am surprised you dared to come here for it will be your doom, wizard!
Speech after battle: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DEFEATED BY A WIZARD?! What shame! But be warned, I will return, return to seek my revenge! (Narrator) The angel disappears in the darkness but he drops a medallion before he disappears. After you defeat him you have to go to the King to give him the medallion. He says that this medallion is a key but it will only work with a sample of magic from the seven schools so he sends you to speak to Boris Tallstaff, Regina Flametalon, Sabrina Greenstar, Mindy Pixiecrown, Duncan Grimwater, Cyrus Drake and Shalek the Wise to give a sample of their magic. When you do you go to Headmaster Ambrose and he says this might be something important in the future. Rewards in all include lots of gold and xp, some housing items, two training points, Weeping Angel Treasure Card three of them Death 7 Pips 85% accuracy Deals 615-695 damage to all enemies and dispel next heal of any school. Quest also rewards two copies of each level 48 spell in Treasure Card form.
Sorry about the long post but if you like my idea plz comment.

Gabriel StarCatcher, Grandmaster Theurgist
Natalie StarCatcher, Master Pyromancer (Level 44 soon level 45)

Apr 06, 2009
cows2345 wrote:
Here's my boss!

Name: The Darkness and Eliminators

Health: 3214 and 231



lol do your thing lil kid........................

Apr 06, 2009
i got one for celestia

Name: crab king

Rank:8 Boss



Looks like: A crab with 4 arms and with a crown on top and holding a staff

Resist: 50% Ice and 30+ Fire spells

Jun 19, 2009

name:fire dragon lord
deck:fire dragon,helephant,phoinex,meateor strike,fire blade,fire trap,magma kraken,ice shield,
powerpip chance: 68%

name:triton king
deck:storm lord,kraken,triton,tempest,storm blade,storm trap,windstorm,myth shield,
powerpip chance:68%

name:ice giant overlord
deck:collosuss,ice wyvern,tower shield,spirit armor,ice blade,ice trap,evil snowman,ice kraken,fire shield,ice giant,
powerpip chance:68%

Mar 09, 2010
I LOVE WIZARD101 its the best!!!!!!!! i am Alicia Dawn ( character on wizard101)

Jun 26, 2009
I've got a idea for a monster its AWESOME! Life Kraken Heath: 8,500 Rank: 10 Power pip chance: 60% Location: Dragonspyre The plaza of conquests Says: You dare to challenge me?! This will be your last fight in the spiral tiny wizard! Say your last words while you can and prepare to battle! Spells: ??????????????????

Feb 13, 2010
Name: Princess Vampiria
Rank: 12 Boss
School: Death
Rewards: Vampiress Pet, Vampire Treasure Card
Quest: Vampire Fang Search, All types, get a special card
Minion: Me! Morgan DreamBlossom LvL 32 Proud & Faithful Balance
Rank For Me: Rank 11
Please Be True To Your School!!!!!!!!!!
:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Feb 06, 2010
Name. Soul Banisher
Rank. 15
Health. 100000
School. Moon ( new school comming out this year )
Hope you like it!

Jun 26, 2009
Name: Valdar DoomClaw
Rank: 15
Health: 20,000
School: Fire
Says: "You think you can beat me?! Haha, I'd like to see you try!"
Spells Know: Fire Dragon, Helephant, Firezilla, Smoke Screen, Fire Blade, Fire Trap, Weakness, Ice Shield, and Fire Kraken
Minions: 2 Flame Soldiers, Rank:10, Health: 10,000, School: Fire, Spells: Same as Boss
Location: The Forum, Destiny Canyon (Dungeon), Gauntlet of Doom
Boss Drops: Fire Hound, Ice Hound, Jade Hound, Grymtooth, Tempest Hound, and Ceberus (all Hybrids), Storm Hound, Dragon Fire deck,and Gurtok Firetusk

Name: Gareon
Rank: 15
Health: 23,000
School: Balance
Says: " You are strong young wizard, sadly i have to destroy you."
Spells: Power Nova, Judgement, Bladestorm, Balance Blade, Weakness, Black Mantle, Hydra, Spirit Shield, Elemental Shield, Fire Dragon, Frost Giant, Storm Lord
Minions: 2 Super Novas, Rank: 12, Health: 15,000 School: Balance, Spells: All of bosses except Fire Dragon, Storm Lord, and Frost Giant
Location: The Forum, Destiny Canyon (Dungeon), Gareon's Tower
Boss Drops: Basilisk, Helion (Hybrids), Wayfinder Helmet,Gurtok Everthorn, Kraysys's Hood of the Hidden, Spiderkeeper's Thundershoes, Avalanche's Icy Athame,Deck of the Sage

Jun 16, 2009
Name: Vinyar Glamerthrower
Rank: 20
Health: 50, 000, 000
Says: "You are no match for me wizard. Now face your doom"!
Spells: Frost Giant, Fire Dragon, Storm Lord, Power Nova, Rebirth, Orthrus, Scarecrow, Helephant, Phoenix, Wyldfire, Meteor Strike, Fire Trap, Fire blade, Smoke Screen, Scald, Immolate, Heck Hound, Steal Charm, Link, Fire Prism, Strom Shark, Stromzilla, Kraken, Triton, Colossus, Ice Wyvern, Frostbite, StealWard, IceArmor, Wraith, Feint, Vampire, Empower, Beguile, Poison, Sacrifice, Curse, Centaur, Satyr, Seraph, SpiritArmor, Guidance, Regenerate, Dryad, Earthquake, Minotaur, Pierce, Cleanse Ward, Weakness, Black Mantle, Spectral Blast, Hydra, Judgement, Elemental Blade, Elemental Shield, Elemental Trap, Spirit Blade, Spirit trap, Spirit shield, Precision, Blade Strom, Balance Blade, Helping Hands, Hex, Spectral Minion.
Minion: 2x Undead Wizard
Location: The Under World (dungeon) The palace of Death. Dragonspyre The Forum. Boss Drops: Ianthine Spectre, Orthus,Helephant,Colossus,Wraith,Satyr, StormZilla,Hydra,Field Worker's shirt,Reapers hood, Monster boots.Head Plate of the Helephant,Dragon's Claws of death,Blazing Phoenix Wings. Ice armor of the Colossus,The Frost Hood of the Giants,The Wyvern's Tail.The Lord of Storm's Crown,Zilla Scale Body,Tail of Triton.Rebirth's Root Boots,Centaur Guardian Helmet, Satyr Shirt of Music. Minotaur Wool Cloak,Orthus mask of Myth,Quake Boots.Blind Battle Mask,Power Body of the Gods,Hydra Feet of Doom. :D

Apr 13, 2009
Name: Legend Wraith
Looks like a wraith but clothes are golden and he has a staff glowing white and his wings are angel ones but his face is still not showed EPIC

Mar 19, 2009
Name: Crush Master
School: Star
Rank: 20
Health: 20,000
Location (World): Celestia


Feb 01, 2010
name: Shrieking wraith
rank: 10
health: 5,000
school: death

description: It looks like a crimson wraith that is flaming, (oddly enough)
drop: anything level 45 and up

Oct 09, 2008

Rank: 100000 boss


Location: Dragonsprye after malistare


Best spell used: Storm zilla

Weakness: myth

Summons: malistare

Oct 28, 2009

Name: Narcissa Drake
Health: 50,000
School: Fire and Death
Location: Undiscovered world Malikye ruled by the undead, Throne room

Jun 04, 2010
Boss: Evil baby
Looks like: baby with black rattle and red eyes
Says: dont make me make U cry instead of me!
Minion: Malistare!
Quest: Ambrose wants you to collect baby rattle for inspection

what do you think!? :D :D :D

Aug 21, 2010
Corupted Merle Ambrose
100'000 life
Rank 100
School - any school

He is a cheat boss who is so difficult to beat
He gain 2 power pips per turn, uses rank 14 spells, has other corupted professors as minions.

He will be the last boss in the game.
And he will drop random amounts of crowns

When I say cheat I don't mean same as current cheat boss but intelligent so that he used dispells on you for your school, put shields up, boosts his minions and work together to take out strongest opponment first

Mitchell Dragonheart - level 50 grandmaster diviner!

May 28, 2009
Name: Gallium draconian master
Level: 58
Rank: 12
School: Myth/Fire
Look: Looks like the draconians with a crystal on head and with a beige robe with brown stripes? I guess that how they looks. And with a Staff at hand only for this boss.

Saying: Hmmm, a wizard, Comming for his end. I guess i am gonna have fun!
Just step into the Ring to get the end of your precious life!
I can show you no mercy for trying to get the Citrine of the Mystia Surge! Last chance! Make your decision of fight me or just go home "by using the decision making criteria you learned at your wellness class. State the situation, list your options, weight the possibilitys, consider your values, make decision and act, then evaluate your decision."I am out of time! (This part betwing the '"s' is just a joke)

The citrine of Mystia Surge ( A mystical guy in the quest. He's myth/storm so...... you got his name idea do you?) is a cool little crystal found in the tower of Shocking myths.

Let's see if you like it.

Jul 13, 2009
Name: King Hermie the 3rd
Looks like: Celestia Crab
Location: Crab Empire
School: Death
Spells: Skeletal Dragon, Scarecrow, Storm lord, wraith.
Minion: Giant Squid
Note: This boss cheats. You must defeat his minions first. If you attack him when his minions are still alive, He will use Scarecrow. If you use blades or traps, he will use storm lord. If you heal,he will use skeletal dragon. If your not using any blades, traps, or anything listed above, he will use wraith on the person causing most damage.

Jul 08, 2010
draggronison rank30 health: 999,99999 says: i will defend the devil all intruders will fall prepar to die!!