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Make your own boss

Oct 11, 2009
May 15, 2009
You are going to fight .....ME!!!!!

Name: Blaze AshFlame (my name)
Rank: 44 (my lvl)
Health: 2,109 (my health)
School: Fire (my school)
Spells: Phonix, Helephant, fireblade, fire trap, wyldfire, spirit armor, sprite, sytr, centaur, elemental blade, fire elemental. (my deck. i think)

Minion: Tanner StrongWard (my friend) Thank me for this, Tanner! :D :D
Health: 3,000
Rank: 60 (his lvl)
Spells: Fireblade, firetrap, Efreet, elemental blade, Helephant, Wyldfire, Fire Elemental.

Hope you like my ideas! THANK ME FOR THIS, TANNER!

Jun 26, 2010
Aug 13, 2009
Johnny O'Leary:

Speech before battle: Oh, yous thinks yous so tough uh? Well, after this yous ain't gonna be so confident no more, kid!

School: Fire

Speech after duel: Hohoh, I guessed I messed wit' the wrong pip squeak 'uh?

Health: 8,000

Minions: Grueling Kitty x3.

Rank: 8

Cheating: Whenever anyone attacks, this boss will say: "HEY! Yous messin' wit' the wrong kitty! I'LL GET YOU FOR THAT!" and heals himself for half of the damage done.

Whenever anyone summons a blade, he says, "Heheh, thas' my blade! Gimme it, you scrawny little wiz!" and takes it.

Whenever you heal, he damages you for half the heal healed for and says, "Heh, my paws ain't for nothin'! This'll tell yous!"

Whenever you put a trap on him, he stuns you. "Uh-oh! Hehe ... that'll stop you a lil'!"

Whenever you kill a minion of his, he will defeat one player on your side and say, "Lest' have some fair play, shall we?"

Whenever you shield yourself, he will use it as a trap, such as if you put a fireshield on, he'll use it as a +80% damage firetrap. He says, "Ha, the joke's on you now, kid!"

If you dispel him, he will cast meteor strike until all the players on field are finished and say, "HAHA! You ain't no tough enough for me, weak lil' magician! Your tricks not good enough!"

If you weaken him, he will weaken all on field and cast Helephant on all the fighters until your player is finished. "Now that'll teach ye lil' illusionist!"

Location: A ripped wall near Pops' lair. Talk to Pops after you beat him and he'll tell you he's scared of a cat inside of the Ironworks' hidden secret place.

Aug 13, 2009
wyatt922 wrote:

Type: balnce
Field: fire
Minions: grendels
looks like: a grendel
Health: 130000
Spells: fire dragon ra! power nova sand stom clousus feenix storm lord 90 tower sheild afret skeltol dragon
Location floting land
rank: 30

Um, it's phoenix, not feenix, lol.

Oct 24, 2010
Name: Pilliger (Spelling?)
Health: 11500
School: Fire
Rank: 11 Boss
Looks Like: Helion (Pet)
Location: Wizard City Library (Behind the roped in areas) :D
Minion: Junglethorn

Name: Titan
Health: 15000
School: Death
Rank: 11 Boss
Looks Like: Go to the Atheneum in Dragonspyre. Look up. See that huge dragon? It looks like that.
Location: Maybe after Morganthe when she becomes fightable, or maybe in a new world. Or both!
Minions: Malistare Drake, Morganthe, and Big Saiko

Feb 24, 2009
Ok, here is my idea, this should be a quest in the next world coming out.
Quest: Go to the little hut in cave of solitute on one of the rocks with a goat on it.

When you go in, you will fight my bosses: note that you fight them all at once

Boss:Ghost of the Jade Oni
School: Life

Boss:Ghost of the Death Oni
Health: 5,550
School: Death

Boss:Ghost of the War Oni:
Health: 8,000
School: Fire

Boss:Ghost of the Plague Oni
School: Balance

After you beat these bosses, a teleporter will appear leading you to a flying area thousands of miles above mooshu, and you will fight the next boss after getting a free 50 health wisps

Boss: Onilor
Looks like: A Giant Oni that is colored white.
Health: 50,000 (for test realm) (real realm should have 36,750)
Rank: 12
School: Astral

Onility Oni
Looks like: Purple Oni
Health: 5,000
Rank: 9 boss
School: Myth

Thx for reading!
-Nicholas RubyShard, level 60 Pyromancer

Nov 13, 2008
Name: Pyroticon
Rank: 15
Health: 17,550
School: Fire

A red stellar protector hidden in MARLEYBONE. Yes. Super hard to find, he will be waiting in a warehouse someplace in Kensington Park. All bosses AND enemies must be defeated first before it unlocks the door. Inside he will be wating. Knows all fire spells, but doesn't resist or boost any school. He cheats by summoning minions who all attack a different wizard with a bunch of damage, then they disapear. when only 10k health remains, a Wyldfire is automatically placed, and attaempts to remove it fail. at 5k health, 3 scalds appear on everyone exept him.

May 22, 2010

1. death bringer

2. 10 boss

3. 20,0000

4. storm

5. celestia

at the start of the fight he get fifth or fore pips and if and one heal they will die form the spell "tempest" and if they use a spell below 0-4 pips they get hit with big damage (as big as you w101 people can think of)

p.s this is the best boss i could think off plz put him on wizard 101 :)

Dec 17, 2010
Name:Shadow of Fire
Rank:10 Boss
Looks Like:Red Spectre
Location:Gate at End of Haunted Cave

For those who don't know what a spectre is,you can get it from Sir Nidgel Higgenbottoms in Pet Pavillion,Wizard City (Rank 7 and above).Or there is one at the top of The Crypt in Virgid Roughland,Grizzleheim.

Jun 03, 2009
haha i love all the ideas heres mine:

Name: Mancora
Health: 13,450
Rank: 12 boss
School: Death
Spells: Ghoul, Vampire, skeletal pirate, wraith, death trap, death blade, skeletal dragon, grimzilla, ice wyvern, death ninja pigs, death cyclops, and ice kraken. also his physical attack is 300 storm damage per pip.
Location: In a hidden tower in the Great Spyre.
Class: Undead
Looks like: A frostlord, or in other words, an ice wraith.

I also made up minions.
name: Deathrun Destroyers
health: 1,895
school: death
spells: feint, death blade, death trap, skeletal pirate, wraith
rank: 9 elite
class: undead
look like: red ghost

Mancora has two of these minions.
Mancora's speech: Clever! You have found my hidden tower! But I'm not going to let a puny wizard get in the way of my master plan to destroy Malistare and claim the Death Titan as my own! You will die a horrible death, and i will make sure of that!

When you defeat him you'll get the badge Mancora Mauler

He also drops the following:

Boots: Grim Greaves, Pure Greaves, and Deathwalkers of the Hoarder

Amulets: Scarecrow's Pendant

Pets: Frostlord, Grimzilla

Also he cheats by using skeletal dragon at three pips, and every time you use a healing spell, he uses his physical attack which hurts you a thousand damage no matter how much pips he has.
Hope you like my boss!

Jan 25, 2011
Phel wrote:
School: Yours
Rank: your level
Health: Yours
Powerpip: Yours
Other stats: Yours
Deck: complete copy of yours

See if you can beat yourself

I actually like this, it seems pretty creative and fun.

May 05, 2010

Name: Mystica

Speices: Banshee

Rank 12 Boss

Health: 17,550

Spells: Dark sprite, Ghoul, Banshee, Vampire, Skeletal pirate, Wraith,
Scarecrow,Skeletal Dragon, Deathblade,Death trap, Curse, Weakness, Black Mantle, Life shield, Natural attack ( 120 per pip over 3 rounds to all enemies)

Class: Death

Cheat: She starts with 7 power pips, and she always uses natural attack on first turn (560 damage every round)

Jan 03, 2011
Name:Life Humungofrog
Rank:12 Boss

Spells:Rebirth,Forest Lord,Centaur,Dryad,Guiding Light,Satyr,Seraph,Life Trap,Life Blade,and since its a Humungofrog,Myth Trap,Minotaur,Humungofrog,

Location:At he top of a tower in The Floating Land in Celestia and since he is so strong and can heal he will not have minions.

Jun 04, 2009
Myth Mage: 10,000 health
School: Myth all myth spells
Storm shield
Species: Myth Minotaur (color, Goldish Blue)
minions: Golden trolls; Health: 300 school myth, special attack: club clash: 80 myth damage per pip 3 minions
Cheat:Uses Medusa when drained down to 500 health, uses on all enemies at once special spell enchantment from minotaur, Minions each give him 3 pips after that.
Cheat:when you kill one of his minions, he says: Curses, you are strong, but i am Legendary. then he automaticly uses troll on all enemies that does 300 damage, along with the spell he was originally going to use after you cast your spell.
Cheat: Stuns after you kill all enemies on all of your teamates and you.
Boost: if you use a storm charm or ward or myth ward or charm, he yells, you have strengthend your way into power, then he gives you a balanceblade
AfterLife: when you kill him and minions a dark cloud washes over his area, then a flash of yellow and blue, he is revived with 1000 health but this time he is weak he only uses rnk 1 to rnk3 myth spells, but uses balanceblade every round cheat along with the spell he is going to cast. And the other cheats are not enabled when he is revived.

Location:Gaurdian boss of my home, i think we should be able to customize you boss and when you have uninvited wizard in your home, click on him/her, click on send to boss, then it will send him her, or them if you click multiple, it will take them to a secret area based on which castle you have, Myth house: Island in Mist and Roaming Cyclops, Storm house: underwater doam where sharks are roaming outside of the glass, Life: Inside a tree With sprites everywhere, Death: a island with ghosts and cemetarys everywhere with deathly mist, Fire: Secret fire island below second floor below the fire house bottom floor, Ice: secret tunnel trapped in snow and ice. Balance: Island of sand. Crown Celestian house, room of sun,star,andmoon models hanging above with astral deisigns. Floating Land House: Secret island with water moles roaming about. Dragons Fjord: Ice cavern roaming with wolve vikings.

Dec 17, 2010
Now he is one for level 40 boss :

Name: Lord Matthew Mosoo

Heath: 2550

Rank: 9

School: Death

location: Moosoo, In the room behind the crafter in moosoo

Sying: " I the creater of Moosoo defeat a pune wizard like me. ha! Be prepard to with my helpers here wizard."
Spells: Life shields his own spell fire, jade oni, war oni, pleage oni,Death up to banshi, and balance; weaknes and blak mantle.

Helpers: Jade oni and a rank 7 boss, Tomgawa the evil.

Let us see how you fight my school this is really hard boss with him.

Quest: Flamal is in great sadness and is dieing. She disapears and she leaves a note and you are in charge till she gets back. It says on the note that she is missing her old moosoo house and needs some shields from tha old fire school when she was a wizard. Then it says to go to Hadmaster Ambros for help. The hadmaster sends you to lock the school and talk to bernie and he tells you to go there. You find another clue at the crafter and he says she is hinding in the house beind him. You see that she is in the coner barly alive and needs you to defeat the boss. He than says that he will gran you a new spell if you can defeat him. You defeat him and get a new spell when you talk to Flamal. It is flame fist. She than needs you to do that on the boss again upstairs than you get the newest minion Flamla.

Aug 13, 2009
Boss Name: Morganthe

School: Death

Rank: 16

Says: Hahahahaha ... Ambrose was foolish to send YOU here! You'll only block the door! Now fall and be doomed, wizard!

Pip Start: Has 7 Pips, the max amount in POWER PIPS at the beginning of the fight.

Says After: You... you have bested me! Prepare to fight my Umbra Mutant ...

Creature Class; Umbra Witch

Health: 100,000

Minions: Shadow Nightmare x3 (each death with 5,000 health and at rank 16).


Whenever you cast a shield, she breaks it and converts it into a trap, ie. if you cast a Deathshield, it is a deathtrap for 80%.

If you heal, she puts a Doom and Gloom and Infection before spell's casting.

When you use a Global spell, even an Aura or Polymorph, she will change the affect to a negative.

When she attacks, if you have full health, she will defeat you completely and then steal half of your health.

Morganthe's Secret Weapon:

School: Death

Rank: 16

Says: RRRRR! Prepare to taste my fists, wizzzzzaaaarrrrrrrddddddddd! You will feel a little sting-sensation, jus' to warn you!

Creature Class: Dark Forest Lord

Health: 100,000


1: Every round you cast something, he puts a Smokescreen on you and says, "Can't catch me if you're blinded!"

2: Every round that you heal, he defeats one teammate and steals that teammate's health. He doubles this health and then Criticals, with a +100% Healing and Stealing income and outcome and says, "Healers? Oh my, it's time I teach you a lesson, chum!"

3: If you trap him, he will say, "That isn't how you play in my town! It's time to teach you a lesson, kid!" deflecting the trap and attacking you with a critical hit, infecting the other wizards and stunning them for 6 rounds.

4: If you use a shield, he will transform it into a trap and you will be defeated or nearly defeated, and says, "Can't fend me off, tidbit!"

5: Every round, he will add a -90% Plague on you UNLESS he fizzles which is will happen 50% of the time and say, "You simply must understand I can't have little wizzies tryin' to take mah' down!"

6: Every 10 rounds he will summon three of his minions, each cheating like him with 10,000 health each. They will use rank 8 spells every so often and none other but them.

Nov 19, 2009

Rank: 1 lol

Health 1,000,000:

Pipi chance: 0%

Spells: (all 0 pips and 4% accuracy)
Slice 2hp
Move over 1hp
Charge 1hp
Azardo 10hp
Holecutter 0hp 200000000000000000000 more damage to next spell if not hit

100000000000% ice damage
6% accuracy
100% golbal resistance

May 05, 2010
I have 2 bosses.

Barbarian King

Health: 7,650

School: Fire

Spells: Fire Blade, Wyldfire, Firezilla, Magma Shark (Mutation),
Fire snake, Helephant,Fire Dragon, Efreet, Meteor strike, Tower Shield (90%)

Rank: 12 Boss

Physical Attack: 95 Damage per pip (Fire)

Cheat: He starts with 4 Power pips and always uses his Physical Attack (760) Damage, If you use a spell a rank lower than 3 he will cast a Meteor strike (It will always critical) , Every 5 turns he will cast a 90% tower shield, if you hit him with a spell that is the same school he will cast a Fire Dragon.

Frost Giant

Health: 6,570

School: Ice

Spells: Snow Angel,Frost Giant, Colossus, Blizzard, Ice Blade, Ice Kraken,Ice Shark,Ice trap, Hex, Tower shield (90%), Icezilla

Rank: 12 Boss

Physical Attack: 90 Damage per pip

Cheat: He will start With 4 Power Pips and cast a Snow angel, Then he will cast a Tower Shield, Every 5 turns his spell will critical except for charms,Blades Etc. that will not do Damage.

Aug 20, 2009
Ok here are my ideas.

Name: Dafar son of dusk
Rank: 15 boss
School: Balance
Note: he is a cheating boss

Name: Doctor Strange
Rank:13 boss
Health: 12500
School: Myth

Name: Alexander CrowLeaf
Rank: 11 boss
Health: 10,000
School: Fire

Name: Jonathan LionGem
Rank: 11 boss
Health: 10,000
School: Death

Name: The Crawler
Rank: 13 boss
Health: 13,000
School: Myth

Name: Crystal Reaper
Rank: 15 boss
School: Life

Name: The Prime
Rank: 12 boss
Health: 12,600

Name: The pendulum
Rank: 14 boss
Health: 13,300
School: Storm

Name: Time Master
Rank: 13 boss
Health: 14,000
School: Ice
Note: this boss cheats

Name: Alex ShadowCaster
Rank: 15
Health: 15,000
School: Death
Note: this boss cheats

Name: Orin GoldenRiver
Rank: 13 boss
Health: 13,000
School: Sun

Apr 17, 2011
Name: flame dragon/human form
Rank: 7
Health: 1,150
School: fire
place:dragon mouth cave
look like: dragon made out of flames
need to get the side quest where you get the fire gym form dragon mouth cave

if your a ice wizard greyrose give you a quest becuase ice wizard are missing by dragon mouth cave :) you find out that it gone you have fight it human form than it true form

-Daniel WaterCaster

as long as the water flow god will be here

Jan 09, 2011
minions: morgantine,more powerful rattlebones,and soul eater
location:soul sanctum ( dungeon in krok by well of spirits thst will be out )
speech: you have came for the soul of malistare drake eh?well your my soul now muahahaha!
spells:natural attack does 400 damage per pip
cheat:starts with five health if killed on first turn if killed on first turn minion casts spell and brings bosses health up to 500000.
other cheats: #1 if you blade yourslef or team he puts all blades on himself then scarecrows forest lords ice giant storm lord and ras everyone for 0 pips.#2traps if trap kills minion then makes 3 copies of himself. #3 if heals casts skull dragon efreet levitation and a feint on everyone
how to avoid cheat:if you beguile boss he attacks self the whole time with cheat attacks.
defeated sentance hahaha fight me again ( he appears again )

other version first attack minion summoning ( sylvia apears and kills soulkeeper ) sentance: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Aug 13, 2009
ahauu wrote:
You kind of just described a rank 11 version of Lord Nightshade

Um, do you even KNOW what an Oni is?

Apr 23, 2011
name: frostfist
species: ice giant
rank: 14
school: ice
spells: all ice spells except minion spells along with
fire shield, weakness, dragonblade, and natural attack(250 damage per pip)
Location: after recieving quest from proffesor grayrose,
ice stairs lead up to the cloud castle from eliks edge.
Quest:recieved at lv 60 from lydia greyrose
reward:frost wing mount, and 20000 gold

Aron spritblade lv 60 thaumaterge

Jun 22, 2009
name:death oriel
starts as lady oriel then changes after rattel bones corupts her.