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Make your own boss

Jun 13, 2009
Boss rank:9876543210
Spells:He can chose any spell in the game
Where: Dragonspire
He will block malister from leaving and vaqwish cyrus. You will battle him and spare 100 hp exact he will give you a set of items that will improve your stats by 1000 for hp and mp. hat shoes robe. his pet will be a mini vesion of him with a finsh attack thatwill put a monster's hp down to 100(if theyhave between 500-800. his wand will be a one with 200 damage and plus 80% power pip and plus 3 powerpips. his mount will be him with wings. Athane will do the same as the hat etc. and the ring to. the meadal will give the same card as the pet. after that you will see the rest of the story and go to ambrose's office like the old way and nothing else.

Jul 06, 2009
Name: Ghost of malistare
Health: 50,000
says: You beat me once but you won't live to do it again.
area: some place in dragonspyre
rank:100 boss
spells:all (even minions and other versions of real spells like fire snake)
with him:A shadow version of you (or friends if any)
shadow version knows the same spells as you (but death instead) same health as you too

he is the boss of the whole game

Sep 07, 2008
name: corrupted merle ambrose

health: 100,000

school: balance

location headmasters tower

spells: any spell but the celestia spells

chance of winning without hacking: 35%

chance of winning with 100,000,000 health: 55%

strategy: fire, fire, fire, ice, ice, ice, ice, death,life,death, death, life, storm ,myth ,balance, balance, myth, storm, storm, myth ,fire, balance.

strategy percentige: 40%

randomness spell percentige: 60%

level reccomendation: level 48+

school group reccomendation: 1 ice, 1 storm, 1 life, 1 death or 1 myth, 1 life, 1 death, 1 storm.

minion: any corrupted school teacher at random

corrupted falmea: any fire

corrupted lydia: any ice

corrupted halston: any storm

corrupted molinda: any life

corrupted cyrus: any myth

ghost of malistare: any death

comment: he is harder than jotun from the enchanted version in the normal version, but in the enchanted version, .....

health: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

school: balance

spells: ANY! including celestia spells

minions spells: ANY!

chance of winning without hacking: 0%

chance of winning with hacking 100,000,000 health and infinite mana: 1%

good luck! youll need it. but still GODD LUCK! :D :D :)

Dec 13, 2008
Boss Name: Elemental Hydra
Rank 15 Boss
Drops, Spell deck, A pet, a sword and a robe
Spells: Power Nova, Elemental shield Elemental blades Hydra, and judgement

Aug 05, 2009
Here's one of my ideas:

Name: Crazed IceBear

Rank/Health: Rank 20 / 100,000

School: Ice

Spells: phoenix (ice mutation), grizzled polarbear, pillow fight, fire shield, tower shield, ice armor, spirit armor 500, cyclops, blizzard, evil snowman, BBQ iceburger (heal 252 per pip), iceburg destroyer, ice hydra, icezilla, freezing orthrus, colossus, frost giant minion, and frost giant.

Description: a big white bear that looks like a teddy bear. quotes: "you have come at last! i will destroy you "roar!" thats it, you have defeated me, go return to the headmaster." :( you: :P :P :-) :) :D :?

Alexander Mythfinder (2) Lvl 44 Myth

Jul 02, 2009

There is alot I want to see, but I will only name 3.

Name: Dalia Falmea
Rank: Rank 12 Boss
Looks: Like Profferser Falmea, of course.

You have to fight her alone, at level 50, only if you are a Pyromancer

Says: "I have taught you well. Now, we shall see who has really mastered the school of Fire!"
Location: Falmea's Office (the fire tower in front of the school)

Minion(s): None

Name: Headmaster Ambrose
Health: 50000
Class: Balance
Rank: Rank 14 Boss
Says: "Oh exelent work young Wizard! Malistare will no longer cause trouble in our spiral! Here! Give this letter to all the Proffersers, they will know what to do."
Leads to Quest: "The Final"
Quest description: Talk to all proffersers at Ravenwood. ( Gives you a certan item, ie, Fire Scale, Icy Helmet, or Charged Trident.)
"The Final" leads to quest, "The Grade"
Quest Description: Defeat Headmaster Ambrose in Spiral Room at Headmaster's tower.
Says: "You have all the treasures? Good, good! Now place them on the floor."
Minion(s): None

Name: Darkness Dragon
Heath: 10000
Class: Death
Rank: Rank 11 Boss
Says: (Imagine Lady Blackhope's voice as a man, and deeper)
"Wizard! Are you the one who has gotten rid of my master? Malistare will be avenged!
Minoin(s): 3 rank 8 ice Dracoinians.

Oct 03, 2009
you guys need to make bosses that can be defeatable like this for example

Name: Triton Lord

Health: 2000

Rank: 13

Minions: 1 Crab soldier, 1 Storm Kraken, Copy cat ( Copy cat can turn into you)

Top 3 rarest drops : Sea turtle mount, Triton's staff ( wand ), Copy cat pet gives 300 health ( copy cat card )

Oct 03, 2009
These bosses should be in the cave in haunted cave.

Names: Corrupted Ambrose, Ghost Malistare, Syliva Drake ( Human body ), Prof. Cyrus Drake ( I think he should be spying on the school and working with his broter)

Corrupted Ambrose Stats: Rank 15, Health 10000 School all schools
Ghost Malistares stats: Rank 15, health 10000, school death
Syliva Drake Stats: Rank 15, health 15000 schools somewhere in the middle of ice and life.
Prof.Cyrus Drake Rank 15, HEALTH 10000,school myth

Tips and facts: you be level 100 so your even match with them almost
Syliva is the healer i would kill her first

Drops: Wand of the Gods 1000 damage card, Drake Mount ,

Jul 13, 2009
allybabybear wrote:
Name: The Praying Mantas
Rank: 17
Health: 17,000
School: Life

That would be totally awesome. I lol'd when i read it and thought, "I'd definitely like to battle something like that."

Apr 12, 2010

Okay, I have some!
Name(s): The Salamander Gods
Health: 15,000
Rank: 12 elite
Spells: Godly Power, (Natural Attack) Does 105 per pip. Weakness, Heck Hound, Meteor Shower, Wildfire, Link, Phoenix, Helephent,
First god: Heru
Class type: Fire
Says: "Savior of Wizard city! If they say right of who you are, then you can easily defeat me!"
After being defeated: "I will help you in battle if you need me, young wizard. You have shown great courage, even if you are a bit, uh, tiny."
Quest: After defeating the great Heru, god of fire, three more where bound to be encountered unexpectedly after being ambushed by Heru.
Second god: Kneph
Health: 16,000
Rank: 12 elite
Class type: Ice
Spells: Ice colossus, Weakness, ice blade, ice trap, ice Wyvern. Ice of the death, (90 per pip)
Says: "My enchanted ice whispered in my ear of a young hero coming this way. If you come any closer I will freeze you to DEAATHHH!!"
After being defeated: Hmm.. I must say that I underestimated you greatly. It does not mean I give you full respect PUNY little wizard!"
Quest: After getting the key of thought, the storm salamander was to be powerful. It held the last remaining piece to free the stolen eye of Bartleby.
To be continued! :D

Mar 06, 2009
Name: Soul Stealer
Rank: 15
School: Death
Health: 10785

Cards: Fire Dragon, Storm Lord, Scarecrow, Rebirth, Ice Giant, Orthrus, Power Nova, Helephant, Stormzilla, Earthquake, Colossus, Judgement, Centaur, and Wraith!

Dec 25, 2008
Ooh! My Turn!

Name- The Plaguemaster
School- Death
Rank- 10
Health- 10,000
Cards- Any Death Card and a spell called Plague. Does 250 damage for 4 rounds.
Says- "My Young Wizard, impressive finding your way to your doom. I shall give you a life threatening disease!"
After- "Unbelievable! I, defeated by a pitiful wizard?! Impossible!"


Name- Nymph Queen
School- Life
Rank- 10
Health- 10,000
Cards- Any Life cards and a spell called Nymph. Heals for 1,060 + 180 for three rounds.
Says- "Darling, I fear you have trespassed much too far into the Forest of the Nymphs. You shall most certainly perish."
After- "No! What have you done to me! All the nymphs of the world need me to rule over them! Arrrrrgh!"


Name- Cerberus
School- Myth
Rank- 10
Health- 10,000
Cards- Any myth cards and a spell called Roar of the Gods. Does 690-780 Damage to all opponents and eliminates all shields.
Says- "A Wizard! What are you in my lair for?! Ah ha! You must be after the sacred artifact! Too bad, it is mine..."
After- "My time here is up. Take the artifact and leave..."

Feb 11, 2010
Name: Rick
Rank: 10 Boss
Class: Wizard
School: Death
Health: 10,000
Physical Attack: 100, 105 and 110 Myth per pip
Minion: Death Incarnate
Bloodbat, Ghoul, Vampire, Skeletal Pirate, Poison, Curse, Feint, Life Shield, Deathblade, Wraith, Scarecrow, Orthrus
Resist: 80% Death and 20% Myth
Boost: 30% Life

Name: Death Incarnate
Rank: 7 Elite
Class: Undead, Wraith
School: Death
Heath: 7,500
Physical Attack: 85 Death damage per pip
Spells: Death Trap, Life Shield, Dark Sprite, Ghoul, Banshee, Vampire, Fire Elf, Storm Shark, Snow Serpent
Resist: 50% to Death
Boost: 20% to Life

Location: Wizard City, The Valley of Death, Haunted Tower (Top)

Apr 20, 2010
here goes a cool one.
minion name:shadow john(or what ever your name is)
heath:same as yours
attack: everything you know
how to get him:after you get to level fiffty, a guy in a hoodie in the tip circle will say*go to your home*.then once you telport there a note will say*you see a portal open up* once you go into the portal you will apper in a dark room. he/she will then say*i been watching you from the begaining and i want to fight you*.Once that happen you will be given all heath and mana back to you and a battle will apper. if you win he will say*noooo you beat me.........i guess you are better then me........i will join you.* and if you lose he will say*you are too weak to beat me.... good byejohn(what ever your name is)(you only get one chance to beat him)
reward is a rare minion clone of you thats take you to use 7 power pip 5 times to call it out. hope you like it.
Shadow will be the thing that saves me and that kills me.Are you a shadow?

May 02, 2009
name Avis Cyrus
health: 3000
class: myth

location: marle bone zoo

(yes i got the idea from Miley Cyrus's m usic video: can't be tamed)

Aug 04, 2009
Aug 04, 2009
Aug 04, 2009
Aug 04, 2009

Name:frozen ghost
Rank:101 boss
most used spell:rebirth

looks like:lost soul but in human form


Jun 05, 2010
Name: Queen Jasmine
Location: Kroksphinx
Health: 12,550
Main Spell: Judgement = 1,000 damage
Looks like: Judgement card but with purple dress and black wings.
Tower name: Queen's Gardens
Minions: Garden Spirit (Balance)
Type: Balance
BIO: Once the princess of kroksphinx, now the queen. Lives in the top of Queen's Castle.
Rank: 9 boss
Recommended for Level: 30-50

That would be my boss

Aug 13, 2009
Everwinter Earthbreaker

Health: 75,000

Says: Feel my wrath! I am one of the last of my kind, and I shall not let you pass! Get out of my land, now!


Location: Coldstone Village ( This place will open up after you finish Grizzleheim and Colossus Boulevard).

School: Ice

Says after: Ugggghhhhhh .... Wizard, I shall leave in exile. This is your domain now.

A trail of Colossus Warrior minions leave the village.

Tied Quests: Not your average snowman ..., and Blizzard's Coming.

Aug 13, 2009
Frost Phantom

Health: 4,800

Says: Let me divine your fate of after the battle ...

School: Ice

Minions: Burning Wraith, Thunder Spectre, and Illusion Ghoul.

Second Boss:

Nature's Screamer:

Health: 4,550

Says: HEHEHEHEHE! I shall seal your life!

To be continued ...

Jan 30, 2009
Health: 666
Class: Death
Rank: 138 Boss
Looks Like: He has an AWESOME devillock , hardcore muscles, and skull makeup, is HxC.
Saying: I want your skull!
Location: Horrorland
Minions: the MISFITS

Apr 13, 2010
Place: Celestia,The balance Realm,BalanceDrain Tower,Highest Point
Minions: Firecat, Scorpion

Jul 01, 2009
Hahahah anyone who can beat this is very creative:

Boss: Arbiter of Fate
Location: Redemption's Chance, The Sky's Limit (last floor)
Rank: Unmeasurable (shown by ???)
Health: 10,000 (1st phase) 20,000 (2nd phase) 50,000 (3rd Phase)
Class: Fate (he can cast any spell but they're all sillhouettes of the real spell and do twice the damage)

Minions (only on first phase):

Destiny's Lawbringer (x3)
Health: 2,000
Rank: Unmeasurable
Class: 2 death, 1 balance
Looks like: Black winged and black robed Judgement without the blindfold and shining white eyes.

This boss is the ultimate challenge only unlocked by doing very quest (except for crafting) in the Spiral. He is in an everchanging maze castle made to puzzle the characters. This castle is accessed by a black portal in Ravenwood where the death school used to be. After the maze section there is a portal that transports the player to a floating battle platform above the castle. Players will then have to defeat every world's final boss but with shining white eyes, and doubled health. After that there is a potion store and boat loads of health and mana wisps before the Arbiter of Fate.

(I got the multi-phase boss idea ala square enix's Final Fantasy)

The Arbiter of Fate has multiple forms, his first form (also his weakest) looks like a normal student with demon horns ( ) and black wings and is located in the castle's highest point.His second form (20,000 HP) looks the same as before but instead all black and shining red eyes, this time he teleports you onto a platform which takes you around each of the final boss's arenas (Stormdrain Tower, Storm Temple, Big Ben, Jade Palace, and Crown of Fire). His final form looks like the Fire Dragon interchanging colors between black red blue and purple. This final battle takes place in the center of the spiral itself.

Hehe sorry it's a little long, but its a good idea :) :D