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Make your own boss

Mar 26, 2010
yapper wrote:
it shouldn't have more than malastaire, no offense

yes it should it is higher then malistare some can be in celestia and some can be in dragonspire you have to fight at the tower in dragon probably to get the key to celestia so all i ask is why not?

Mar 26, 2010
Jan 16, 2009
Here is my boss:

School: All but life

Spells: Orthrus, Frost Giant, Fire Dragon, Storm Lord, and Scarecrow

Cheats Or Not: Yes he does cheat, if you kill him he comes back and you have to defeat him again.

Says: You mortal wizard you must bow down to me!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA

Says after defeat: You must take this.... (he gives you his wand)

His Wand He Gives You: It does 178 damage and it is life

Minions: He gives a minion that does orthrus with only 1 pip!!!!

Health: 123,456

Is He Hard: Yes you have to be a lvl 45 or up...

Where You Can Find Him: In Crimson Fields first you have to put all the flag things up and after you defeat the Fire boss (where you can get the death pig) and he will show up and try to kidnap Brick Top (I think that is his name)

Name: (last but not least) Rylee Willow (lol that is my wizards name

Jul 29, 2009
Storm Dragon :-)

Health 11,000

Moves All Storm Moves Including Stormzilla Storm Lord And Triton

Power Pip Chance: 99% Chance
Rank 11 Boss
Type Storm :-o
Looks Like A Purple Fire Dragon With Lightning Bolts On It's Back 8)
Minions Two Balanced Dragons
Looks Like Two Brown Pet Dragons :D
Health 1,000 Each
Moves All Balance Moves Including Power Nova. Rank 5 Elite
Location Secret Storm Dungeon Next To Malistare ( Storm Dragon Last Boss In The Secret Storm Dungeon ) Note: The Dungeon Is Right Next To Malistare .

Jun 19, 2009
I got three

name:The magma collosuss
saying:(In order to fight my two other collosuss brothers you must deafet me)
location:collosuss castle,floor one,olde town
deck:fire blade,fire trap,sunbird,magma shark,ice shield,meteor strike,flamzilla,magma man,fire kraken,helephant

name:The ice collosuss
class: ice
saying:(In order to fight the strongest collosuss you must beat me)
location:collosuss castle,floor two,olde town
deck:ice blade,ice trap,ice wyvern,ice shark,snowmman,tower shield, fire sheild,blizzard,collosuss,ice giant,
minion:balance kraken(1)
deck:balance blade,elemental sheild,spirit shield,sandstorm,spectracle blast,icebat,firebat,storm bat,pixie

name:storm collosuss
saying:(Hello puny wizard in order to deafeat me you need luck)
location:collosuss castle ,third floor,olde town
deck:storm blade,storm trap,kraken,storm shark,stormzilla,tempest,
wildbolt,myth shield

You must be level 40 and above to fight these

Jul 13, 2009
Ok i got one.
Name: Hunter GhostBreeze
Rank: 10
Health: 30,000

Speech: Young wizard, Why have you come here? X you tell him that Merle Ambrose needs his Help X That old man wants my help? I AM NO ALLY OF HIS! X Hunter GhostBreeze summons 3 Shadow Weavers X Hunter Ghostbreeze can use the spells Scarecrow, Wraith, Triton, Storm Lord, Skeletal Pirate, Ghoul, Tempest, and Orthrus.
After Speech: Wizard pest! Wizard city is far from being safe! I will be back to get revenge! After you defeat him, he drops a piece of a letter. The letter says "The only way too ..." You know you must find the other pieces. You talk to Merle Ambrose and tell him the news. He says that a Guard recently saw a Shadow Weaver carry a letter to Dragonspyre. You travel to Dragonspyre and find the Shadow Weaver. He says you are no match for him and he summons 3 more Shadow Weavers. When you defeat them, the Shadow Weaver drops the other piece of the letter. He combined it with the other piece and it said " The only way to Save..." There was still one more piece in the letter. You return to Merle Ambrose telling him what happened. He tells you to talk to Sergeant Muldoon is Olde town. He says that he saw Hunter Ghostbreeze going to Mooshu. You travel to Mooshu and find Hunter Ghostbreeze there. When you defeat him he drops the lasy piece of the note. It said " The only way to save wizard city is to activate all the crytals in the great spyre "
To be continued ...

Jul 13, 2009
Name Iffiss
Species Hydra
Rank 9 boss
Health 8,000
School Balance
Spells All Balance spells(besides minions) up to hydra(including quest spells), and the following fire ice and storm spells : fire- fire cat and fire elf ice- ice bettle and snow serpent storm- storm snake and lightning bats
Location The Drake Hatchery
Minions I will put these in later
Before Battle Saying You have been conqueriiing Dragon Ssspiiire. Iii have been watchiiing you every ssstep you took iiin the Necromancer's world. Iiit isss tiiime we battle!
After Battle Saying Hiiiiiiisssssssss!!!! How could you have posssssiiiibly beaten me! Oh don't you worry wiiizard once you turn your back, Iii will be back!

Aug 27, 2008
Name: Andrew Dragontamer Rank 15 Boss
Health: 25,000
Location: Dragonspyre, Drake Hatchery
Unlocked By: Must Defeat Malistaire 5 times
Looks Like:
Main School: Fire
Resists: -80% Fire, -10% Death, -5% All
Effective: +60% Ice, +15% Life
Spells: All Fire and Death Spells, Gains a Power Pip every turn
Speech: Prepare to die pathetic mortal! I Have Beaten The Dragon Titan! You Can’t Win! HAHAHAHA!
Defeat: NO! This Is Impossible, I Should Have Won!

Minion: Dragon Burner Rank 10 Elite
Health: 5,000
Main School: Fire
Resists: -50% Fire
Effective: +50% Ice
Spells: All Fire and Balance
Looks Like:

Minion: Dragon’s Soul Rank 10 Elite
Health: 5,000
Main School: Death
Resists: -50% Death
Effective: +50% Life
Spells: All Death and Balance
Looks Like:

Minion: Dragon’s Vortex Rank 10 Elite
Health: 5,000
Main School: Storm
Resists: -50% Storm
Effective: +50% Myth
Spells: All Storm and Balance
Looks Like:

Drops: Dragons Armor
Shoes- Fire Only, Lvl 50, +20% Attack, +10% Accuracy, -25% Damage, 400 Health, 100 Mana
Hat- Fire Only, Lvl 50, +20% Attack, +10% Accuracy, -30% Damage, 500 Health, 100 Mana
Cloak- Fire Only, Lvl 50, +25% Attack, +15% Accuracy, -35% Damage, 650 Health, 100 Mana
Ring- Fire Only, Lvl 50, 350 Health, 100 Mana, +50% Power Pip
Sword- Fire Only, Lvl 50, 450 Health, 100 Mana, +50% Power Pip
Flame Knight-Pet
-Fire Only, Lvl 50, Gives Flame Knight card
Flame Knight- Rank 7 Fire Spell, 1500 Damage To All Opponents, 75% Accuracy
Wand of Infinite Flames
-Fire Only, Lvl 50, Wand, 200 Health, 50 Mana, Gives 7 Shards
Infinite Flame- Rank 0 Fire Shard, 150 Damage, 100% Accuracy
Scarecrow’s Garments
Shoes- Death Only, Lvl 50, +25% Attack, +5% Accuracy, -20% Damage, 300 Health, 100 Mana
Hat- Death Only, Lvl 50, +25% Attack, +5% Accuracy, -20% Damage, 500 Health, 100 Mana
Cloak- Death Only, Lvl 50, +35% Attack, +5% Accuracy, -30% Damage, 650 Health, 100 Mana
Ring- Death Only, Lvl 50, 450 Health, 100 Mana, +50% Power Pip
Sword- Death Only, Lvl 50, 450 Health, 150 Mana, +50% Power Pip
Death Knight-Pet
-Death Only, Lvl 50, Gives Death Knight card
Death Knight- Rank 7 Death Spell, 900 Damage to All Opponents, Regain Health equal to Half Damage, 85% Accuracy
Soul Keeper’s Wand
-Death Only, Lvl 50, Wand, 220 Health, 75 Mana, Gives 7 Shards
Soul Slash- Rank 0 Death Shard, 150 Damage, 100% Accuracy
Storm lord’s Gear
Shoes- Death Only, Lvl 50, +15% Attack, +10% Accuracy, -10% Damage, 200 Health, 100 Mana
Hat- Death Only, Lvl 50, +15% Attack, +10% Accuracy, -10% Damage, 300 Health, 100 Mana
Cloak- Death Only, Lvl 50, +25% Attack, +10% Accuracy, -20% Damage, 550 Health, 100 Mana
Ring- Death Only, Lvl 50, 350 Health, 100 Mana, +50% Power Pip
Sword- Death Only, Lvl 50, 350 Health, 150 Mana, +50% Power Pip
Storm Knight-Pet
-Death Only, Lvl 50, Gives Death Knight card
Death Knight- Rank 7 Death Spell, 1750 Damage to All Opponents, 70% Accuracy
Zeus’s Bolt
-Storm Only, Lvl 50, Wand, 150 Health, 75 Mana, Gives 7 Shards
Soul Slash- Rank 0 Storm Shard, 150 Damage, 100% Accuracy

Apr 03, 2010
The first post sounds amazing and the following posts are very creative as well, and also challenging. With everything getting nerfed in wizards101 because of the abundance of complainers, this would be most excellent. Probably be nerfed after the first month or so, but still, I'm down with the idea.

Sep 10, 2009
Name:Lord Reaper
Power Pip Chance:95%
Location:Last Boss in Celestia
Spells:Death Blade,Death Trap,Curse,Feint,Weakness,Stormzilla,Wraith,Scarecrow,Storm Lord,Rebirth,Centaur,Wild Bolt,Natural Attck (300 damage per pip ),Skeletal Pirate,Vampire,Animate,Sacrifice,Poison,Triton

You Like?

Sep 01, 2009
Feb 21, 2010
Phel wrote:
School: Yours
Rank: your level
Health: Yours
Powerpip: Yours
Other stats: Yours
Deck: complete copy of yours

See if you can beat yourself

omg i love that idea, it would be very challegning

Jun 04, 2009
o o how about wraith masters one is a storm looking wraith one is a regular wraith and another is a ice looking wraith and a myth looking wraith there all are rank 18 but the death wraith has 10'000 life the storm wraith has 20'000 life the ice wraith has 30'000 life and the myth has 50'000 life and when you kill one of them a fire minion wraith comes in with 9'000 life

Jun 10, 2010
Name: Merle Ambrose


School: Every school

Power pip %: 76%

Here's how i would do it, let people be able to port.
A badge for it could be Head Master.
Instead of getting items you could get one training point every time you beat him.
if you do it by yourself you should get to choose, you either get a powerful item like Merle's staff or five training points.
Area: make an upper level of Ambrose tower and thats where it could be

Make Ambrose a boss, i dare you 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Comment if you think this would be a interesting fight.

Jun 19, 2009

name:legend oni
saying:So you have fount my secrect chamber well prepare to fight
spells:minoutar,earthquake,myth trap,myth blade,cyclopes,bloodbat,troll minion,satyr,storm shield,tower shield,heckhound,orthrus
spells:bloodbat,golem minion,cyclops,storm shield

Jul 06, 2010

Name- Anna (thats me!)

Rank- Level 100

Health- 10,000

School- Death

Cards- Poison, Krakken (or is it Kraken?), Wraith, Skeletal Pirate, Vampire, Locust Swarm, Ghoul, Death Blade, Death Trap, Storm Sharks, Thunder Bats.

Minions- 3 Ninja Pigs from Moo Shu

-Anna [Ryan DarkRiver Adept Necromancer]

Jun 07, 2009
School: Storm Name: Vator Stormwraith Location: Dragonspire Health: 8,100 looks like hestrom balstorm but is a ghost says who dares to defeat me mwah hahah. Minion: fire bird.

Oct 11, 2009
Here's mine!

Name: Thrasher Ambrose (Merle's evil twin)
Rank: 20 Boss
Health: 20,000
Location: Firecat Dungeon (A Dungeon in Firecat Alley.) It's both types of dungeons. (where you can't log out for more than 30 minutes and a prison)

May 02, 2009
Nice Idea

Name: Lord Zeus
Health: 10,00
Rank: 10
School: Storm
Drop: Pegasus (Looks like unicorn on it has wings and is flying)

Name: Lord Poseidion
Rank: 8
School: Ice
Drop:120 damage ice wand

Name: Lord Hades
Rank: 7
School: Death
Drop: Level 60 Death Hat

These would all be in a dungeon in Celestia called, "The Gods Tomb'
You would come into the duneon to a gril named Hera, who will tell you her brothers have been possesed by the umbra queen. Then she will tell you you need the key to thier tombs. You then have to fight another boss named Hercules

Name: Hercules
Rank: 5
School: Myth
Minion: Cyclops servent

After this you bring her the key, and tells you to open one of the tombs. You come to three doors. Each will have a boss inside. But you can only open one with this key. If you go to the others, it will say The key Doesn't Fit in yellow letters. When you come to Lord Hades Tomb, the door will open, and Hades Will be standing there. He will look like a skeleton warrior but three times bigger and has royal clothes. He doesn't have a minion.

When you defeat him you will go to Hera, and she will heal you. You tell her that the key only worked on one, and she is suprised. She tells you to talk to her sister, Hestia, and find where the key is.

When you come to Hestia, she will be in a cage in the back of a room. Infront of her is a boss named Theseus.

Name: Theseus
Health: 4,500
Rank: 5
School: Fire
Minion: Minotuar Warrior
Drop: None

When you defeat him, you open Hestia's cage, and she gives you the key. She tells you that it is only a key to Lord Poseidion's tomb. So you go to Poseidions Tomb. He doesn't have a minion. He looks like a dragonspyer boss warrior, but not a ghost.

When you defeat him, you go to Hera again. She is still suprised that the key was only to Poseidion's tomb. She tells you to talk to Demeter, her other sister. You go to Demeter, and she tells you that a gaurd dog took it and ran off with it to hades tomb.

You go back to Hades tomb and find Cerbrus standing there.

Name: Cerbrus
Health: 6,00
School: Balance
Minion: Death Hound

You defeat Cerbrus, and find the key. You take it back to Demeter, and tells you that that is her key. You go too Zues tomb and fight him. He looks like storm lord only smaller and does not have a minion.

I sort of made my own dungeon, hope you like it!

Talon Mistsheild, 50 Myth

Jun 19, 2009

deack:triton,judjment,helephant,scarcrow,balance blade,spirit blade,elemetal blade,elemental trap,hydra,spectacal blast,satyr,
saying:you shall never deafet me
deafet:that was a picture try again
deafet:noooooooooo i lose
natrual attack:300 balance damage
ghostly mander
deck:helephant,meateor strike,tempest,skeletal pirate,power play,storm shark
natrual attack:200 balance dameage

these guy's cheat when ever you heal jujment will use helephant.whenever u use a rank 4 or more spell jujment use's unicorn.whenever u use a blade or trap the enemy's go three time's in a row.if all three mander's are not taken out on the same turn and one's already taken out they're replaced by a wraith with the same hit points as malistare

Feb 14, 2009
Name: Queen Isthma

Rank: 21 Boss
Health: 121000
Location: Tomb of the hidden
School: All

Spells: Orthus, Rebirth, Storm Lord, Fire Dragon, Scarecrow, Frost Giant, Power Nova, Judgement, All Blades, All Traps, Weakness, smoke screen, Wraith, Minotaur, Earthquake, Psycotic Wizard (made up spell that summons a wizard with a sword, wizard stabs the ground with sword and ring of colors appears around target and explodes damaging target 1320 costing 8 pips.), wild bolt(always hits), colosus, helephant, scald, empower, Satyr, woodwalker, triton, stormzilla, ice armor, Centaur, skeletal pirate, draconain king (made up spell where gigantic draconain enforcer appears and lunges to bite at target taking 830 health away, then wraps wings around caster healing 320), and a lot of other spells I forgot. Either that or I'm just too lazy to type any more.

Saying: You dare invade my tomb? Leave immediately or perish!

Minions: Draconain Enforcer and Manscale Sorcerer

Mar 07, 2009

Name: james drake

Rank: 9 boss

health: 8,785

(beiging) speech: wizard your medling in my plan end here i will summon an undead army to concur celista, and the rest of the worlds! stand aside or i will have my minions take care of you, my father might of fell But i wont! MWAHAHAHHWAHA
location a tower (that's why i put beiging)

1st floor 2 haunting banshees rank 7
2nd floor deadly ghosts rank 6
3nd floor a boss warewolf hawhooo say goodbye wizard 7 boss 5,000 health
4th floor scare crow life sucker rank 8
floor 5 james drake. before battle speech grrr you might have made it this far up, but you will of wished you didnt!
spells (note i will use some of my made up spells) nightmare stuns enemy for two turns, warewolf200 hit +400 hit, scarecrow, wraith, death blade, death trap, feint, curse, weakness , doom&gloom, banshee, ghoul, dark fairy, elemental shield, spirt shield, spirit blade, and life blade.

after defeat: NO, how did you win? Hm but no worrys the spider queen will cary my plan out wizard, and i will return No mater how long it takes to rise again i will come back, just wait. then he magicaly teleports out with lots of dust and clouds.
And then you see lighting and rain and black clouds, and you see the dead rising from the ground and you get an urgent message from ambrose, Saying to come help him the commons is being attacked by the undead. but when you arrive ambrose is gone the undead oldmannapped him. Then you get a new school card, But you ,must go to raven wood only to find the teachers GONE! Now it is up to the wizards. then you get a task to talk to your new guide in celista.

sorry it was so long guys!

Aug 13, 2009
Boss Name: The Ghost of Dragonspyre:

School: Fire

Health: 15,000

Says: I am the lord of Dragonspyre! My iron fist shall crush your infernal plots. Prepare for destruction, wizard!

Rank: 12

Minions: Burngloom Warrior (Looks like a Minotaur with red eyes and black armor, and their school is fire.)

Says After: I have been destroyed! Noooooo...

Narrarator: The defeated king burns into flame.

Jul 09, 2010
Lol, i'm a Pyromacer and love Krokotopia, so i made up a Krok boss

Name: Kayle Nirini
Rank: Rank 5
Health: 1,000
School: Fire
Location: Tomb of Fire (my version of Tomb of Storms)

Tomb of Fire is unlocked via a sidequest in Marleybone, by talking to Sergeant Major Talbot in Digmoore Station

i made 4 more bosses for tomb of fire as well, here they are

Name: Naden Nirini
Rank: Rank 5
Health: 1,000
School: Fire

also have a copy of these two, called Asa Nirini. theyre supposed to be kind of like the four nirinis in Palace of Fire.

there's also two big bosses:

Name: Krokoses (like rameses)
Rank: Rank 8
Health: 2,500
School: Fire

Name: Krokotiti (like nefirtiti)
Rank: Rank 6
Health: 1,750
School: Fire

like it? i hope you do :D

Jun 13, 2009
Monsterax wrote:
Gurtok Archdemon
Rank 10 Boss
10,000 Health
Gurtok Doomchoker (Death Only Amulet, Gives Scarecrow card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Firecharm (Fire Only Amulet, Gives Fire Dragon card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Ragependant (Life Only Amulet, Gives Rebirth card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Frostlocket (Ice Only Amulet, Gives Frost Giant card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Whimsigil (Myth Only Amulet, Gives Orthus card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Stormshard (Storm Only Amulet, Gives Storm Lord card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Sungem (Balance Only Amulet, Gives Power Nova card, Lvl 50+)

Gurtok Firebender
Rank 10 Boss
8,500 Health

Gurtok Peircer
Rank 10 Boss
8,500 Health

Lesser Gurtok
Rank 8 Elite
1,350 Health

Hidden Boss in the Great Spyre
i've had a idea like that for a while but he should be storm to fit in with the other elemental gurtoks

matthew stormwielder 50 diviner