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How would you do it?

Jun 10, 2011
Maybe ice wyvern can get a make over :D

Weak: He throws an ice ball at the target

Medium: Current thing

Strong: he slams himself on the Target.

I got this 'cause I'm a ice!

Jack Iceshard Lv. 33

"even the small is big."

Jun 10, 2011
hunteray09 wrote:
codastar wrote:
i would make a spell that there would be batman and he throw a batarang at you and then he escapes with smoke bombs

I WANT THAT . And how about A Chuck Norris Spell that does 1,000,000,000,000 damage? Now THATS a spell

Isn't that trademarked?

Jack Iceshard Lv. 33

"even the small are big."

Nov 05, 2010
Blackfaer wrote:
This isn't quite what the question is asking, but my suggestion would be to shorten the length of most of the animations. Or maybe only do the full length for severe damage. Or just have an option to turn them off or minimize them.

Particularly at low levels, when you only have a few spells available to you, the animations get old fast, and the battles take a long time because of them, making the game a little repetitive. I don't know how much this bothers others, but I've found it hard to find the time to start over since the wipe because I get bored every time I have a battle with any non-boss characters until I get about 15-20 levels and have more spell options.

I would have to agree, some of the game is a bit tedious, While making you run around doing every little thing for these NPC who can't seem to tie their shoes without your wizardly interventions may be necessary and the quests to get 4 drops that takes 50 kills may be part of the game, I find myself exhausted from this and only wish to ask you shorten the animations a little or allow us to do entirely abridged ones for our own viewing if we so desire. I find my self saying to screen ok some time this week or to other players in open chat "Hurry up so I can get my turn". I know the animations are Fantastic! Good job to all at KI who had a hand in them but they are mostly for the new players to become fascinated with the game and once you've been playing a while it just takes something away from the game play with these unneeded lengthy and for the most part no longer desirable distractions.

Jul 11, 2009
first of all i think that the mouth on the skeletal drake is huge. it should look like a regular drake but in skeletal form. second i think the spell poison is to fast, there should be like a poison bottle then it spills on your opponent and a skull forms in the air then the attack part starts, please quote

Dec 13, 2010
i think that death fairy and storm shark need fixing.

Dark Fairy: She should have a burned down and part chopped woods she flies out laughs evily or cackles twirls her fist and sucker punches you!

Storm Shark: I like his backround and that but they need to play jaws loud too and made it louder and he gets closer then he pops out with to knifes smiling showing his teeth then he jumps on you and starts to eat you but like a cloud with fins and wands popping out of itthen after about 7 seconds he goes back into the water and disapears.

i hope the storms and death like
these ideas i am trying to make
them less boring.

Dec 13, 2010
ROBB1005 wrote:
If I would be given the chance to invent new spells... I would invent:

1.) Wizard Surgery - a Life spell, healing one wizard to FULL HEALTH.
2.) Bigfoot - a Myth spell, making a gigantic foot appear and step on the opponent dealing a large damage and stuns the opponent.
3.) Lightning Extravaganza - a Storm spell, making dozens of lightning hit EACH opponent dealing a large damage, stuns all opponents, and a weakness blade.
4.) Freezing Ground - an Ice spell, the battlegrounds will freeze and will turn to ice and the ice will climb to all enemies and will turn all enemies to ice, and the ice will explode and the pieces of ice will go back to them causing a big damage.
5.) Firing Love - a Fire spell, A gigantic firing heart will appear in the middle with an angry face, and then the face will shout causing fire to go out from the mouth like a dragon and attacking each enemies, causing gigantic damage.
6.) Balanced Diet - a Balance spell, a fat dude will appear in the middle, vomiting foods including chickens, hams, bacons etc. To all enemies.
That's all...oh and sorry for the word *vomiting* :D

dude i am sry to say this but the fire heart spell is a bit boring can you say maybe like um a fire cowboy who shoots fire out of his rifles at the target i think fire people would like that cause you gave all the other schools great awesome spells but us a weird heart who spits fire at you not so much okay thank you.

Oct 16, 2010
I would definitely change Skeletal Dragon. Now, this wouldn't be changing it to a completely different spell but, I would have it be one huge attack like Leviathan and Efreet except without the rounds and still gives health back.

Adam Blood, Transcended Necromancer (Level 70)

Nov 03, 2011
Change the Leprechaun. I don't like the sound. I was playing with it with my family around and people asked "What the heck was that?" Make the sound more....or less...cheesy.

Dec 09, 2010
I don't like how the Leviathan attacks. It does seem very...storm-like. I think, instead of slapping his tail, he should breathe lightning on the enemy. It would seem more related to the school of Storm

Mar 28, 2009
Natures Wrath- Moolinda Wu comes in with a small plant in a bag of soil and lays it on a coffee table. It grows rapidly and breaks the table. The treant gets mad and throws a bunch of splinters at you hitting 240-300 damage.

Kraken- There is a sea and the Kraken grabs the ship and takes it under. He then takes the player and takes him/her on an island and throws them back where they came from dealing the damage.

Gobbler- Instead of farting he eats a turkey, cake, and a dog. He Burps and the turkey misses and cake misses. The dog does not dealing 340 damage.

Oct 05, 2010
I like the idea of having star spells that you cast on your opponents, although I understand that the point of star schools were to be able to use a boost that the opponent cannot dispel away , its a nice thought and I hope most people agree.

0 pips
-70% healing on the chosen opponent
Black/Gray aura

0 pips
-20% defense on the chosen opponent
Dark Green aura

* Note that all star spells places on the opponent can be removed by another star spell only by the opponent, you can also have a star spell cast by you on yourself while still having the star spell you cast on your opponent intact.

Apr 07, 2010
Here are some of my ideas:

Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon blows Fire to the opponent right? What if, instead of blowing, it will spit a Fireball! And the, for the part where the over time effect will appear, the Dragon will blow Fire (Like what the dragon do today), Fire with 2 flames going to appear in the sides at the same time that will curve and all go for the same opponent (for better spell actions).

Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower shoots from the sky straight and without any things doing in the air until it hits the opponent right? What if, while the Meteors are shooting down from the sky, it is spinning?


Leviathan smacks its tail to the enemy right? What if, there is another kind of its attack, like the Fire Dragon, it will open its mouth, and blow thunderbolts to the opponent?

Oh well, that's all. ;)

-Robert EmeraldPyre - Level 70 - Transcended Pyromancer

-Robert StormSword - Level 38 - Magus Diviner

Feb 15, 2009
I've noticed some people made spell ideas, so here are a few of mine, some of them are from another thread that I posted on. Such as, Hestia, etc. (Please tell me if these ideas have already been taken!)

Balance: Desert Pharoah

Animation- A giant desert mountain comes out of the ground carved with Kroks, one comes to life and grabs his scepter, he walks to the target and smashes his scepter, dealing damage.

Fire: Hestia

Animation- A woman is sitting by a fire and looks up, her eyes accually pits of flame. she stands up and picks up one of the embers then throws it at the target.

Ice: Wolf Pack

Animation- A white wolf (Not a grizzelhiem one, a wolf on four legs, and not a heck hound either, a wolf-wolf) in a blizzard looks around then howls, and his pack appears, he growls then pounces on the target

Storm: Rain Dance

Animation- A jungle (Like the one in Celestia, with the platypi natives) instantly bursts to life and platypi start doing their rain dance, then one platypus stops and looks at the sky then runs into his hut, the rain pours down on the target.

Death: (This is my awesomest idea EVAH for these spells) The Assassin

Animation- The Assassin walks to the enemy and smiles malicously then reaches into his belt and draws four knives, he throws one at each enemy, then looks around and runs away

Myth: Pegasus

Animation- There's a bright, clear sky and the constellation Pegasus gets way brighter, then a winged horse with bright orbs where the stars make his body he whinnies then flaps his wings and pounds the target with his hoofs or flaps his wings especially hard and that damages the enemy

Life: Demeter

Animation- A meadow appears and a woman dressed in a green dress and a basket on her arm walks to one of your friends. She takes one apple and rolls it to the target, the target picks upt the apple and bites it. This heals the target.

Dec 23, 2009
i didnt read all of these (i've got a life!) and this has probably been said already but i'd like ra and forest lord animations to be shortened.
remove the part when he jumps on the target and shorten his rest

remove the part where he smacks his staff on the ground

Sep 01, 2010

Weak: Less than normal damage: does what it does.

In the range: Spits a ball of ice in the air and it explodes into shards on the enemy

Stronger than normal range: Spins around and blows into the air causing a tornado (of ice) to form and swirl around the enemy and picks it up and drops it in the center of the field in it's nest, then the enemy goes back to normal spot

Weaker than range. Takes a few tries to get the blow out of his mouth (coughs and sputters)

Average: same

Stronger than average: Blows into air and lightning strikes the enemy and causes half the damage then the stormzilla stomps the enemy doing one fourth of the damage, then he whacks the enemy with his tale causing 1/4 of the damage

Dec 20, 2009

I find this spell a little odd, creepy, and funny. Rather than a backflip kick over move as healing, the notes from his instrument fly at you as you soar into the air, taking them in as healing.

Ramp up

When you reach max/high amount of pips light, and orbs swirl around you. Well this spell sacrifices the pips to advance 3 spells of your choice. Like the tough and accuracy spells; you'd click on the 3.
Death Risk

Take a chance and sacrifice your pips into death pips. Increasing the power of death spells. The risk is that if it fizzles you'll loose pips/take damage. If you use a non death spell it may back fire at you. This is neat combat spell for 4+ pip death spells.

Soul Steal

The caster sends a dark form of themselves into the air, which drains without having to sacrifice some health. The spirit drains enemies then flies into the caster, healing them. The spell does not do ask much damage as other drain spells, but with a little boost from shields and swords can be a nice heal for death users.

This a new idea (maybe said? I have no clue.)
DUEL spells. If I'm life and death, I can either train/use a spell to make a combo card.

Combo Cards are combinations of your 2 schools. They're usually more powerful, and costly. Now there are preset cards. Some 2 cards can equal the same as another set of cards. Example...

Seraph + Skeleton = Knight
Knight does 470-530 damage. Costs X pips. That is how it would work.

Apr 11, 2010
Hmm, Medusas animation is backwards! It is the bright hard stare that turns the opponent to stone, But in W101, it is the stare blast that does damage and the sword that stuns? Haha, can that be reversed? She should slam her swords down on the opponent, then use her stare blast to stun.

May 01, 2011
Personally I think that the sirens animation is a little messed up and glitches out a lot. That needs to be fixed along with the fact that sprite takes way too long and slows up battles a lot because of pets casting it. Sprite needs to be sped up.

Oct 23, 2009
^^^I agree with the sprite speed, especially when your pet casts it every two seconds in a battle like mine. Also I have always thought the seraph animation was really weak (not the damage, the animation). It should be more "epic" and should stand out more than an angel appearing, saying "yay-yo" then disappearing. Not to mention she's pretty small compared to the potential space.

Sep 16, 2011

I think that judgement should have a cooler backround like ancient greece.

Aug 13, 2010
I don't know if it's been said already, but I've heard someone propose that when wielding the Harp O' The Emerald Isle and its lookalikes, that the Wizard should strum/play the instrument instead of waving it like a wand.

I personally would like to see more musical instruments in the game. Perhaps even an electric guitar to go with the Rockin' Outfit!

Aug 06, 2011
I think a Myth Beetle would be beast!!! Also a Fire Demon Warrior who comes up and throws his spear or shield bashes the opponent. That would be SWEET!

Aug 06, 2011
chess55 wrote:
i think that death fairy and storm shark need fixing.

Dark Fairy: She should have a burned down and part chopped woods she flies out laughs evily or cackles twirls her fist and sucker punches you!

Storm Shark: I like his backround and that but they need to play jaws loud too and made it louder and he gets closer then he pops out with to knifes smiling showing his teeth then he jumps on you and starts to eat you but like a cloud with fins and wands popping out of itthen after about 7 seconds he goes back into the water and disapears.

i hope the storms and death like
these ideas i am trying to make
them less boring.

That's also trademarked (previous reference guyguy120)

Aug 06, 2011
TheBigBadWolf wrote:
Humongofrog and "Unicorn Heal Spell"

I have a minor issue with the animation both of these spells. When the frog or the unicorn turn toward a different player or opponent, the ground cover under them obviously turns as well. This is a slight break in the immersion of the game. Just my opinion, but I think you should change the ground design of both spells such that it's impossible to tell a difference when the animation turns to face a new opponent/player.
Same with Ghoul and Tempest. (Tempest isnt all that noticeable)

May 13, 2009
I think the ice beetle should slide on the ice instead of walk on it to attack. It makes more sense for it to slide on the ice without using its feet to attack.