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Feedback Friday 2-11-11

Nov 18, 2009
I really hope you won't take everyone idea cause putting storm that would use 80% shield would be really weird since they not supose to have huge defense, they hit so strong already like they dont need shield when they can easily kill everyone first hit lol anyway there some idea.

Star Skill-Before Any class Idea, i was thinking of a skill that could be call Time Space, that would turn the round like, if you in a pvp and the enemy start first, you could cast it and get the next first hit, or the full team would start first or only the caster that used it, could change the entire way of pvping since sometime in a pvp, those who start first only have to all attack at same and the pvp mostly done lol

Myth- a Skill that put 2 traps same time on someone, would help those that use minotaur, etc,

Death- Maybe a Infection to all would be nice, Or something liek Invisibility, would make the opponent unable to set a attack on them for idk 1 round or 2, Maybe a spell like link but on death would be great since they are those class that steal health

Balance- maybe trap to all like a mix of elemental trap and Windstorm, or maybe something to help boost those spirit wizard user,

Ice- I havent find nothing for them yet cause i think they are now overpowered lol, they can now hit enough strong with crit and snow angel, and got amazing health and resist so....

Life- *Resurection* something that would be cast on them and as soon they die took the pips that the caster had left and bring it back to life for some amount of heal, Also have this idea( for death or life wizard) of a skill to cast to the enemy call Berserk, with would damage enemy using life on them like a satyr or whatever

Fire- no idea yet

Storm- no idea yet

PS: i was wondering if ,you Creator decide to change anything, to let us know what you will added into the game and ask opinion cause i am sure i would get a bunch to say just by looking sometime at what people would liek to add loll :P

Jun 07, 2009
It would be nice for balance to get more traps they can use for enhancing balance damage rather than just hex; Many schools have multiple different traps they can stack on an enemy, whereas balance only gets one.

Jul 22, 2010
I Really wish there was a spell to give us a higher chance of getting a good reward at the end of the battle !

Jul 19, 2010
I'm hoping for all the schools to have a debuff,but the debuff only works on your own school type of spell. For example, you're a storm. So you have your school's debuff. But will only work on your school's spells like Kracken or Lightning Bats etc. Same principal for all the other schools. :D

Jan 07, 2011
Life/Ice I’d like to see a shield that absolve damages and gives damages to that spell caster.

Fire I’d like to use a blade that gives fire elf continuous increasing damages. For example, once you put that one blade, it won’t disappear until fire elf’s spell is gone.

Storm I’d like to use a blade which needs pips but gives twice damages 70% chance.

Apr 04, 2010
I think balance should receive legendary blade. It is +10% damage per pip to outgoing spells!

Jul 17, 2009
What about a balance shield....all school types have one except for balance.

May 07, 2010
What I would recamend is a celestian card that lowers the chance of an opponent blocking critical hit. It seems that the block ratio of computer based opponents is way to high.

p.s. sorry for spelling errors

Feb 13, 2009
i think there should be a healing shield. for instance you put it on you or a team mate and the next healing spell on them get plus 25% or something. just a thought.

Cameron Swiftrider Legendary Conjurer :)

Jan 20, 2010
Everyone knows how week storm characters are with health. so i suggest a healing type card for storm. maybe a charm that storm can cast on themselves that allows their next attack to convert 25% or 50% of that attack to health. that would help a lot when questing alone.

:D Please add this healing for storm :D

Blaine Thunderflame, storm

Jul 18, 2010
I would like to see a group shield card. Maybe a -50 ice,storm,fire group buff.

Sep 12, 2010
i think there sould be a balance 35% more attack called balance strength

Jan 27, 2009
I would like to see a "Mirror" spell which would block one spell and reflect half of the damage back at the caster. I think it would work best as a rare Treasure Card, but maybe it could be a very high level Ice spell (Maybe "Ice Mirror"?).

Jun 05, 2010
its not my idea but i think that there should be a spell that takes at least half of the dammage of a spell and conver it to health of mana

Cole Winterblade level 46 ice wizard

Jan 16, 2010
I have a few. Some may have already been mentioned here, but are worth repeating (IMHO). :-)

1. Some sort of mirror spell where the enemy gets hit with whatever spell they are attacking you with, this may include traps or charms as well.
2. A combination trap/blade spell that throws a trap on the enemy while blading you at the same time.
3. A spell similar to the Balance spell that gives all your friends blades, but gives all your friends shields.
4. A spell that takes an enemy's pips (or mana) and gives it to you.
5. A "teflon" spell, similar to the astral spells that surround you for four rounds, where no traps or charms can "stick" to you.
6. A spell that morphs any attack spell into a multiple-round spell similar to the Fire Elf (especially for Storm and Life Schools. They do not have multiple-round attacks.)

Well, that's six. I'm sure I can think of more. LOL! But maybe later...

Dec 16, 2008
you should make a 35% balance boost or change the balance blade to 40%

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I think it would be nice to have:

1) An 'armor piercer' enhancement spell/aura. It would reduce all defensive and weakness spells by a set amount.

2) A defensive shield/aura that would negate spells that your foes cast on you.

3) A death enhancement spell that would convert any spell to a death based spell, reducing the damage by 30%, and turning it into a 'steal health' spell.

4) Transfer damage aura...cast on another player....you take half of the damage instead of the protected player.

5) Bubble auras that would either increase the %chance you would ontain the object of a quest and/or enhance the chance of a rare item drop.

Jan 23, 2011
A spell for storm that give your next attack like +100 damage and raises accuracy of the same spell by 30%. If this was a spell I would say it could be about level 24-28. :)

Dec 21, 2008
Here are a bunch of new spells that I thought would be interesting:

Name: Absorb Shield
Type: Life
Effect: Block the next Death attack that saps health (good against spells that go around spells like Spirit Armor)
Pip Cost: 2 pips

Name: Firestorm
Type: Fire
Effect: Basicly the same as windstorm only for fire so spells like the Fire Dragon could be more effective in group battles where you cant wait 4 turns to trap everybody
Pip Cost: 1 pip (same as windstorm)

Name: Demolish
Type: Balance
Effect: Destroy all of an enemy's shields (good for 1 vs 1 in pvp)
Pip Cost: 3 pips

Name: Sneak Attack
Type: Astrial
Effect: Cloak all of an enemy's current shields for 3 rounds
Pip Cost: 5 pips

Name: Mirror Wall
Type: Astrial
Effect: Redirect the next attack launched at you at the attacker (damage and all extra effects) Pip Cost: 3 pips

Name: Purify
Type: Life
Effect: Regenerate 1,500 health to all allies
Pip Cost: 9 pips

Name: Firefight
Type: Fire
Effect: Put 3 fire blades on a single enemy (best use with over turn spells)
Pip Cost: 1 pip

Name: Magnify
Type: Storm
Effect: Used as a trap. Plus 35% Accuracy to all storm spells the target the holder of the trap, and stays on throught the whole match (for storm wizards with such low accuracy)
Pip Cost: 2 pips

Hope you think these are good ideas for new spells! :)

Dec 31, 2010
Professor Falmea wrote:
Hi there again students! Another week has come and gone, and that means it's time for another Feedback Friday!

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

This week we would like to talk spells. If you could add a new "utility" type spell to your class, what would it be? Please stick to simple buff and debuff type spells (Tower Shield, Feint, etc) - we're not talking flashy cinematics and big damage here. Looking forward to see what you have to say!

Have a spectacular weekend! It's supposed to warm up here a bit, which makes this Professor very happy - I'm ready for summer!

Zeke interrupting here! Please read Falmea's requirements. If you post a damage spell or something completely unrelated to her topic, it will not be approved.

I think that there should be a partial health added to the scald spell to make it a spell compareable to the link spell. Silce it is a damage over time spell. it should heal over time as well to compensaate somewhat for the damage the opponent can inflict while waiting for spell to complete damage...

Dec 15, 2009
well,um,death should get,like curse,a blade that gives 20% more damage

Oct 21, 2010
Jul 12, 2009
here is a thread I have been painfully waiting for
OK, I have been seeing a lot of people say a shield or spell that would deflect the damage back at the caster. I just want to build of of that, cause storm would be toast if they tried to do leviathan, and someone defelected ALL the damage back at them XD. So, here are my ideas :P

1.Name: Bounceback/Rebound (choose whatever you want for the name, these are just what stick in my head)
School:Star (Aura)
Description: Reflect 15% of all damage done by opponent back at opponent for 4 rounds.

2.Name: Punishment/Revenge
School: Balance
Description: (Shield) Reflect 40% of damage received back at caster

3.Name: Power trade
School: Sun (Enhancement)
Description: Apply to card for +375, but -10% accuracy

4. Name: Call of the wild/Natures' Call
School: Life (Life rules, By the way )
pips: 3
Description: +25% to all Life spells (Including heals)

Thats all I can think of right now, just my ideas.

Dec 24, 2008
I've been thinking about school-specific spells that increase in chance with level like power pip percentage. These would help make up for lower rank spells in high-level worlds. For example, Life could have a chance to absorb 150 health or so of an attack, or cast a calming spell; Balance could block 25% like a weakness, or gain a pip; Myth could have a chance to summon a mid-rank minion that wouldn't replace another; Ice could have a chance to taunt or stun with each attack; Fire could have a chance to cast smokescreen; Storm could get accuracy charms; Death could get random infections (lol).

Please and thank you.

Jan 01, 2010
I think storm should be given some type of healing transfer spell like wraith. Are health is low and i can't make it through celestia on my own. It would really be nice to do damage while getting some health for it. I'm just saying it would make things easier.