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Feedback Friday 2-11-11

Feb 14, 2009
I really think that us pyromancers should have some sort of upgrade for our fire blades, like a 45% increase on fire spells or something of the sort

Jul 12, 2009
zarual wrote:
I think that balance should get a prism. I know that all the other schools get prisms, but I found it really hard when I was fighting balance in the District of the Stars. I know we have some elemental stuff but I think we should be able to get a prism for balance.

The reason balance doesn't have a prism is because balance doesn't have a shield...

May 29, 2009
balance- a shield that protects from balance attacks
fire- no ideas
ice- a stun spell that stuns for 3 rounds
death- no ideas
myth- a minotaur minion with 1,000 hp
life- a 2,000 hhealing spell
storm- a spell that puts a thunder cloud over there head and strikes them with lightning 3 rounds 1,000
:) :) :)

Feb 14, 2009
I also think there should be a balance sheild. Its really difficult to beat up a rank 10 balance minion, considering the fact I can't even block half of his attacks :-)

Dec 23, 2009
Jun 20, 2009
Well I Love almost all the schools (fire and life are BLeh in my mind) So here are so ideas
~Ice should do a All tower shield for 2 pip

~Myth should Get a spell for 3 pips that gets rid off all the blades shields and traps on the other team But doesnt do an attack like Earthquake

~Balance should get a anti-team black mantle spell for 1 pip

~Storm should get a spell that gets rid of any bad blades on himself and then gives him a shield to ice and fire for 1 pip

~Death Should get a team Heal for 4 pips that does 450 health per person and 300 damage to the Spell caster.

These Are My Great Ideas (I'm a grand in all the schools i talked about) :D

Sep 21, 2010
Ice is a lame school as far as damage is concerned. How about giving us a Blade All Friends or a Trap All Enemies spell?

Ice is always playing left-out. Get us back in the game.

Jul 12, 2009
shines09 wrote:
A shield that includes your own school. So for an example ice school would get shields for fire, storm and then ice. I think this would be good because you get hit with your own school.

EVERY school should get some sort of a healing spell.

EVERY school should have a balance shield because you can't lower the hit because you don't have a shield against balance

Life-> An attack spell for all enemies BEFORE the forest lord. Not fair to wait until level 58 to get an attack spell on all enemies

Fire-> Add 5% target to fire spells so it will have a lower chance of a fizzle

Ice-> Some sort of healing spell, like the one death has where it takes away life then gives you more

Storm-> Add 15% to spells. Like what you get from Celestia. Lasts 6 rounds

Myth-> A minus spell for storm, higher chance. Make it 80% like the enemies have

Balance-> Add a higher attack on the Hydra

Death-> Make a spell like the feint, but make the trap 30% and add a blade of 70%. This would be only one spell. So when you attack you have 30% on the target and then the blade is also used

Sarah Sparkle
Ice Grandmaster
Level 50

Every school DOES have their own shield, have you ever been to Sabrina in the fairgrounds at wizard city? She gives -80% shields for each school.

Apr 20, 2010
I'd like a few,

1: a prism spell that makes the next rank2+ spell the thing's weakness for every class

2: a buff spell that adds +50% and makes the spell unafected by wards and debuffs for every class that is activated before the spell is cast and makes the spell hit for sure

3: a rankX spell for every class that takes 1-4pips and puts a debuf on the opponet and for every pip dose -20% ex: 2 pips=-40%

4: a buff spell that makes the next outgoing damage spell your type for every class

Dec 06, 2009
I am a myth wizard. i think what myth really needs is a spell that casts two of the same trap. it takes forever to put all the traps on in order to do maximum damage. it doesnt have to be a new trap either. just a spell that casts two myth traps, or two spirit traps. :)

Nov 22, 2010
Professor Falmea wrote:

This week we would like to talk spells. If you could add a new "utility" type spell to your class, what would it be?

My character is a life mage and it constantly frustrates me that there isn't an all enemy life trap spell. I'd love to see something that would let me put life trap on all the enemies at one time instead of having to trap them one by one.

Nov 27, 2009
I would love to see more shields like a 75% shield or an 90%

Also I would appreciate if pets could get their owners shields as a pet skill

Dec 19, 2008
there should be a spell for every school. You would get it from a hidden trainer like the trainer where you can get shields. So if it was a storm wizard getting his spell the spell would give -50% to next storm attack and +25% to your next storm spell.
P.S. this spell would cost 1 pip

I think the only school that wouldn't get this is balance and they could have an alternative like -35% to next attack (any school) to all teammates.

Thanks for your time
Benjamin Thundershield
Grandmaster Balance

Jan 23, 2010
i think you should have a buff absorb spell, so instead of absorbing 400 to 500 damage, it can add 10% per pip...

Jun 04, 2010
hello i am a life student and i got a few things to suggest. 1) life has a few attacks and without enchantments and criticl we are very weak so i think that life should get a plus 70% and heals us 400 every time we use it. 2) to make sure people dont get all that not fair i think death fire storm and ice should get a -70% healing spell kinda like infection. 3) when i made my life student i picked a bad 2nd school (balance) and i was wondering when you make this update if you can send all of us a training points renew. i really hope you liked my suggests artur ghosteyes (life legend )

Sep 05, 2009
I would like to see a spell, for all schools, (costing 0) that removes the attacker's shields whether they increase their spell or decrease the wizard's attacks.

Apr 05, 2009
i have several ideas for this here is what i think:

vampire posion 4 pips
does 250 damge and gives you half back and poisons it for 3 rounds doing 180 in all. School: death

deafen 1 pip
-25% of all attacks casted by your foe for three rounds
school balance

armor dragon X pips
does 70 damage per pip and fortifys you for 3 rounds
school: Myth

transfrom 4 pips
gives you 2 of each card from your foes deck that lasts 4 rounds
school: life

well thats all i think should be in the decks

Aug 15, 2010

i think the life school should get a double life blade spell that is given to every one of your friends in battle because when i am fighting a boss and my friend asks for a life blade and i am out of the spell and if this could be done to every school it would be really cool

Apr 13, 2009
Spell Name: Balance Prism

School: Balance

Level you obtain at: 30

Effect: Once this spell has been cast on an enemy, the next Balance spell to be cast at that same enemy, the school type can be changed. (Life, Storm, Fir, etc.)
I.E. Balance Prism is cast on enemy, Balance spell is cast at that enemy, a box comes up asking, which school you want to change it to, (Life, Storm, Fire, etc.)
E.G. Balance Prism cast, Locust swarm cast, box comes up, change to Life, Locust Swarm is now life spell. (Temporarily)

Hope it makes sense. :-)

Valdus EarthWhisper: Level 32 Sorcerer.

Oct 03, 2010
Jun 10, 2010
I think that there should be a prism charm, so that you do not have to put a prism on all the other enemies. I am an ice wizard, and my spells are weak to begin with, so when I have to fight ice enemies, it is a real blow just to have to put the prisms on them. Also, I think that each school should have a healing spell. Everybody needs to healing in a battle from time to time, so life should not be the only school able to heal.

A move that can convert damage to health would also be useful.

-Nicholas Silverstone, Grandmaster Thaumaturge.

Apr 29, 2010
ok so i think that for death they should make a spell that is like a curse but goes on all people and it takes 3 pips and is called mega curse and its 50% not 20% from wolf skullmask level 52 grandmaster necromancer (death wizard).

Aug 30, 2010
I have two ideas:

1. There is some kind of shield given for balance. It seems that there is a shield for every school except for balance. Ya, there is a tower shield but that only subtracts 50% damage not the 80% you get from the other shields.

2. Also for life, you should improve the spirit shield number, or make the shield per pip like for the ice shield. Like if you wanted to protect someone with low health, and you dont have any shields then you would be able to protect someone for a longer period of time while you gain pips for healing

Aug 08, 2010
I'm a balance wizard. I love enchanting other people and myself, but I never really attack. My friend finishs off the enemies before I attack, or my attack is to weak and someone else kills the enemies. So I was thinking a blade called, "Blade of the Schools." Blade of the schools could have a balanceblade and +25 to next attack fire, ice, storm, myth, life, and death.
I might be going overboard but KingsIsle could edit it. I bet it would help other wizards online.

-If you ain't in balance, good luck casting spells- Jacob T. (My Memo) :D ;)

Dec 14, 2009
I would like to have a stronger balance blade. If there were a stronger blade balance would be able to be as strong as the other schools. And i wish it would only hit with balance spells. Because whenever i have to get a weakness of my blade goes with it so i dont like that