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Feedback Friday 2-11-11

Nov 01, 2010
Life spells.

Unicorn and Rebirth heals. I'd very much like to see these upgraded. For the level you get these at, they are underpowered.

1. Unicorn. 3 pips 275 heal to all. I'd like to see this upgraded to a 450 or 500 heal (at a 4 pip cost) to keep it in line with Pixie heal.

2. Rebirth. keep cost at 7 pips and bump the heal to 900 to all plus the absorb shield it gives to keep it in line with the single Satyr heal. 650 heal is way too low for level 48+.

I know you can easily bump this up with the Troll Ear Necklace (40%+ next heal) but i don't want to be FORCED to use ONLY this necklace forever simply because i NEED the extra heal for these low heal spells.

I consider healing a "utility" spell so i hope this applies to this discussion.

Sep 15, 2010
Hmm... Balance could use a convert spell. Dealing with just about any other school is an easy kill, but when you have to go up against a enemy of balance it can be difficult. I know we have spells like Hydra and other elemental ones to use, but those cards dont always do enough damage. A convert shield could be useful if it converts to the opposite school and give a boost. Kinda like a Tower Shield taking half the damage off spells from any school... Hope that helps!

-Jessica DragonRider
Legendary Sorceress

Sep 09, 2009
I have a character in every class but Ice but I really like Fire ( my character is lvl 5) and Myth (my first character and a current Lengendary Conjurer). I think Fire should get a spell somewhat similar to Storm's where a 20% sheild is placed on all ememies, but instead is like a regular Fire Trap on all ememies, costing Pips depending on how many enemies you want the trap on. One pip for one enemy, two for two, three for three, four for four. Either that or I think they should get a Charm that gives them a good accuracy boost. As for Myth, I think there should be a spell that removes one Shield or buff Blade on a chosen opponent and a Trap or debuff Blade which costs 2 Pips. The other schools I can't really think of a new spell for (and I really don't want to since I REALLY like these two schools ). Well I guess that's it then.

Mar 01, 2009
i am a legendary master in balance and also mastered all the spells in storm. i think that once you become a master in your school that the spells from the other schools should all be open to the level you are at so you can chose what spells you want from the other schools

Dec 14, 2008
one of my ideas for death that I would love to see added. If you end up taking this idea nerf or boost it as you see fit.

these were meant to be utility spells so I won't do any damage style spells.

Heartbreaker- +40% health from next life steal spell. 0 pips. ( it would act as a blade. )

example. I cast wraith with no boosts. I hit for 500 and get 250 back. So now let's say I cast heart breaker before casting wraith. I would hit for 500 and get back 350. ( 140% of 250 is 350 )

I think that would awesome utility spell :D

that's my only non-overpowered idea. -_-

Dec 21, 2010
There should be no complaning about Balance. There isn't supposed to be a sheild from it because it is basicly desert magic and a composition of all the other schools. It has those tripple sheilds,traps and blades because it uses other schools magic in two of it's spells and because it brings balanced strength to the wizard. In fact, it can help other schools by using its tripples to strengthen or protect other schools.

My ideas for new cards:
1. Balance: A Hidra and Spectral Blast that does myth, death and life damage.

2.Death: A Werewolf spell. (Pips: 3) [Damage: 400 over three rounds]

3. Life: A Vine Attack spell. (Pips: 3) [Damage: 350 to all enimies]

4. Myth: A Medusa spell. (Pips:3) [Damage: 350, dispell next myth attack.]

5. Fire: A Torch spell. (Pips:3) [Damage: 450 over four rounds.]
Also Fire Presision , that gives 10% acuracy to next fire attack.

6. Ice: An Ice Hammer spell. (Pips:3) [Damage: 350, dispell next ice spell]

7. Storm: A Lightning Burst spell (Pips:3) [Damage:450]
Aslo a Storm Precision spell, thatgives 10% accuracy to next strom spell.

Mar 18, 2009

A mimic spell card that costs (X) PiPs and would cast the spell of the last group member before you. It would cost the same amount of PiPs as the original caster (or more if it is not your primary school). Available to all classes, but would be a Balance labeled spell. Powerful utility spell, but requires luck of the draw, saved up PiPs, and communication between wizards. Strategy would be to keep the card "saved" in the five card draw until the appropriate time.

The corresponding debuff card would be a Global spell card that fizzles ANY mimic spell cards used that round or as an aura for four rounds.

Makes group play a little more interesting!!

Oct 10, 2010
My idea is for a... "double play" buff, where the next spell you play after casting the buff would then be played twice. It would probably have to cost five pips to make it fair. I also think that to play the spell to be copied, the pip cost should be for only one time, but you could have it payed twice from the mana.

I'm thinking five pips cause, say with a card that costs "X", you would still have to wait atleast three turns for the pips to be completely replenished from power pips.

I would say it could work for Myth, Balance, or an Astral.

Aug 26, 2010
I'd would like to see a card that would enable switching decks in battle or viewing say the top five cards of your deck and placing them in any order. also, another idea may be to have a card that allows you to cast your next spell as if it were your main school for pip purposes.

May 02, 2010
You should have a spell for each type of element, that will heal it completely in a battle. I'm talking health and mana.

May 01, 2009
Fire needs a spell that is kind of like feint. i call it Give one Take one. Give one Take one= 40% to foe and a shield of 20% to anything plus a stun for 2 rounds. Fire doesnt have a lot of shields so it would be nice to have a spell that gives a trap and a shield with little percent. Also a boost for myth called Rock Fortress= 20% myth blade with 10% critical for 6 rounds...

Blaze FireFlame
level 60 fire
1st school: Fire
2nd school: Life
3rd school: Death

Jul 24, 2009
Well, I have two ideas...

1 ) School - any
Pip Cost - 2 or 3
Effect - You put a trap on yourself ( like feint ) that is 25-35% and it gives you two wards for a +30% accuracy for next spell and the other is a blade that gives double damage to next spell.
Applies To - Target

2 ) School - Storm or Life
Pip Cost - X
Effect - You heal yourself 20 each pip for 3-4 rounds and absorb 50 every pip.
Applies To - Self only

Jan 18, 2011
Spell Name: Lightning Rod

School: Storm

Description: Caster recieves all incoming Storm damage from allies.

Pip Cost: 2 - 3.

Eric Stormblade, Level 19 Journeyman Diviner.

Mar 16, 2009
I have several ideas on this topic:
1) I think there should be a -80% balance shield to protect you because I am tired of trying to fight foes with no protection who are balance.

2) I think there should also be a protection spell that is protects you from any attacking spell. The spell would probably fall under balance, or an astral spell.

3) I think there should be a spell that you can put on yourself or friends that deflects back the next trap spell to the source.

4) And lastly I think there should be a protection spell for yourself and friends that protects from any next incoming attack for all schools. The spell should also include "X" amount of pips, so the more pips you cast it with the stronger the shields are.

Thanks for listening what I have to say.... :D :D :D
Samuel Darkblade
Fire School
level: 46

May 08, 2009
I think you should have a myth card that gives the caster +50% myth shield and dispels all enemies attacks for 2 rounds - 3 pips

Nov 02, 2010
christopher62597 wrote:
I know that you asked what spell would you add to your school, but I have a cool shield idea for Balance. Its called Reflect & what it does is it takes the spell that an enemy casted on you, for example Seraph, and then it would do that same amount of damage on the caster not the target. It would be 4 or 5 pips to make it fair and its for all wizards, just so that way I don't hear another complaint about Balance. Thats my shield idea, hope you like it!

Christopher JadeBlade
lvl.60 Theurgist
Master of the Oasis

I think this Reflect idea is great! I recommend something like this for wizards and/or something akin to the Steal spell that ice wizards have. Only, instead of stealing a shield a wizard could steal pips from the enemy.

Thanks for listening!

Jul 09, 2009
As a Person who plays Every School Here. I can Say 1 Thing This is what I would Like to see in the Future.

3 Pip Secure Tower. Etc. Puts Tower On all Friends.
Oxygian Etc.. +25 on All Enemies.
Contact. Etc. 2 Pips. Double +70 Enemy. +50 on Self.
Support. Etc. 1 Pips +20 Heal Boost All friends.
Invincible Etc. 1 Pip +50 On Self.
Wild Trap Etc. 1 Pip +10 +25 or +70 On Enemy.
Double Tap Etc. 1 Pip +25 +25 on 1 Enemy.

Dec 29, 2010
Balance - A trap-all spell similar to Bladestorm

Myth - Sacrifice minion for health and replace with a Golem Minion the same turn

Life - A group heal-over-time spell, like a Sprite that hits everyone

Death - A ward that boosts next health steal that hits that target, like Guiding Light

Storm - Remove 1 negative charm from all friends

Fire - Remove existing DoTs from 1 friend or yourself (fireproof)

Ice - Stun Shields for all friends

Jul 04, 2010
Balance - I'd like some kind of cleanse or maybe a way to send the weakness back to who ever cast it on me. Specially because unless you dont use feint or any or the other neutral buffs, there's no way to get rid of it.

Death - I'd like to have Ice's steal shield charm.

Fire - A way to reduce the damage immolate does to yourself. I know I can fire shield, but, almost every enemy has fire elf or when you get to the jade oni and ds, every body has a heck hound.

Feb 09, 2011
Being a long time player in arena I think that a great spell would be a dispel block. It should also be cloaked in a way that the other team would not be able to know that it had been applied. I think this should be available to all schools as tey all are able to be dispelled to make the playing field even.
I think that the dispel is overly abused espassially the life dispel and the storm dispel, and as of late the Ice dispel. I have even been in matches where they are stacked on top of each other so as not to let another player cast a spell at all. I see this as just another way to CHAIN STUN something that you have never even attemted to resolve. At least in a way that would acctually work. Well thats my $0.02. thanks

May 02, 2010
i would like to be able to have a spell such as an ice elf with out having to transform it by using another spell. it would make things easier on players instead of having to transform each spell they wish to use.

Nov 25, 2010
I know a great spell it is a death spell called the The Dark Horse its for level 15 it takes 3 pips to cast its power is 253 and it gets the caster 200 of the health. think of the vampire it come from a hole then it takes the health from the mouth.Then it disapers.So please do my spell!

Oct 30, 2009
It would be nice to see fire have something like the blade storm spell balance has or the wind storm spell that the storm school have ,which makes sence because we Pyromancers have a lot of multi enemy attack spells.it takes so long to put traps on all the enemies,that by the time you do your health is so long you almost always end up getting killed.fire has so many over time spells we really need something to balance it out.(no pun intended)

Gabrielle Ghosthunter lvl 60 Legendary Pyromancer

Jan 19, 2010
I have a legendary Balance. I really like the idea of a 2 point spell, Pool of Reflection.
You take 50% damage, the caster takes 50% damage. How could anything be more balanced? :)

Galen Griffinsteed

May 19, 2010
I would like to see if storm could have at least another defense shield to help us because we have low health and also i would like it if every player could get another defense against balance besides just tower shield.

Isaiah Titantamer storm 60
Isaiah Lifefinder life 40
Isaiah Icebreeze ice 46