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Feedback Friday 2-11-11

Mar 28, 2010
Mar 18, 2009
Personally I like the idea of a "Build your own trap/blade". I have a couple of characters that are relatively unusual combinations (Life/Storm, Death/Fire, Life/Fire). I think a trap or blade that you could customize. One side would be your "home" school (so it can come from your school and not cost a training point *wink*), and when you train for it you select the other half.

For example, My Death character is set up to throw a Wraith, it fizzles and there is Helephant. But no blades or traps for it. Won't cause as much damage.

If a "build your own trap/blade" existed that would be absolutely lovely. :D

Feb 14, 2009
I think that the balance type of wizard needs more traps or ones that you can put down more than once, alright say your sitting there fight a really big boss and all your friends die, flee, or your just by your self and you need to kill him quickly well it sucks for you because the max attack on judgement is only five thousand we need more traps for balance people

Oct 24, 2010
i got a idea for a new shield spell it call booster it give all friend a balance blade and give a tower shield and it in the balance school

Jan 23, 2011
It may not be the best idea but I think it's a solid one. Basically at level 25 you can go to your schools tree and it will give you a quest (this part is just an idea for the quest) you could go to the dragon mout cave in golem square I think it's called and in there you could go through a doorway where there is a dragon with say, 2000 health (he would have no enemies to help him) you beat him and your tree gives you a spell. The spell would be the same for all schools but the type would vary by school (myth gets a myth spell, fire gets fire, etc.)
What the spell does is for every blade or shield you have and for every pop you have you can sacrifice one pip and one blade or shield and cast a blade that for every pip + blade or shield does +50 to your next attack. So if you have 2 pips and two shields that's plus 100. Power pips would count as 2 and work also. I think this would be a great spell for people who play with friends. You might want to change it to plus 25 though.

I hole you like it it could change of course you guys are the ones who decide

Feb 14, 2009
I would call it "mirror" once cast if an oppenent places something like weakness or poison on you it is also done to the casting wizard

Oct 29, 2010
OK so I was thinking of a special ring spell ( wyldefire,time of legend,etc.)
that enables power pips to work for secondary school called:

Unseen Power ( myth) pips 4 - enables power pips to work for secondary school

and a couple others:

Storm - Mystic Vail - Pips 3 or 4 : + 50% to next attack on all enemies and +30 to next attack to all team mates ( I know it is kind of like feint but it is to everyone)

Death-DOOM(and yes it has to be capitals :D)-pips: 7 absorb 600 damage and stun for 5 rounds to all enemies

Balance- Oppose-pips:3- 500 damage to one enemy every turn for 3 turns and heal half

Ice- Igloo-pips:2: -55% to all friends and +70% to all enemies

Please consider these ideas,
Brandon emeraldflame Lvl 32 myth
Flint emeraldriver Lvl 10 death
Blaze Griffinwhisper lvl 8 balaence

Jun 02, 2009
I think there should be a +45damage spell for balance not counting balance blade

Mar 07, 2010
i think death should get a new spell called Hades that put a damage over time spell over everyone where damage is given over 3 rounds but you get half of the damage that is given to your opponent back as life!

Nov 12, 2010
I'm death. i would love to see a field spell that actually raises death power. every other school has one, but we don't =[ anyways. just something to think about.

Mar 13, 2009
Hello, Lot's of great ideas. My main two schools are life and death and I have a comment for each;

Death - I see someone mentioned the Doom and Gloom spell. I am Legendary Death and have taken this spell out of my deck since the first time I tried it. I was mortified that my heals were negatively affected just like my opponents and have yet to understand any use for this spell. I'm open for a lesson on this one. :]

Life: Level 57 Life is my current questing wizard. I would like to have a spell to minimize Death opponents getting through my absorbs. I would love for them to not get through at all but would be happy with a 50% reduction in health return if I have absorb up.

Thanks, and Happy Valentines to All!

Nov 17, 2010
May 04, 2010
Ok... well I'm a myth caster, if this were spells for attack I had ideas... however we myth casters deal in buffs and minions, we also deal in weakening our opponents and clearing all buffs, auras, traps and the like. I think a good Myth utility would be a good buff for our minions. Like defending them from from damage for so many rounds. We have X spell cost IE (cyclops and Troll minions they get stronger depending on the number of pips we use.) but perhaps a minion buff that has the same mechaninc, the buff is for minions only and defends... .IDK 25% of all damage spells for X rounds depending on pip cost... .. That way we can work on getting our pips up for stuns and earthquake Orthas and other spells on our high end. Thanks for this oppertunity.

Brand Hawkridier

Jan 31, 2009
life: frail heart - 3 pips - dispel next incoming heal on opponent
death: grim fate - 1 pip - +25% to next 2 death attacks for self
myth: battle echo - 1 pip - +25% to next myth attack for self and -30% to next attack on enemy
balance: ensnare - 1 pip - +15% to next incoming attack on all opponents
ice: barricade - 2 pips - -50% to next incoming attack for self and all allies
fire: shield and sword - 1 pip - -80% to next incoming fire spell for self and +25% to next fire spell for self
storm: spark - 2 pips - +20% to next storm spell for self and dispel next storm spell on opponent

Sep 19, 2009
One idea was the reverse mentioned earlier where the spell reversed back to affect the sender. The other idea is a capture spell which would capture the next spell and add it to your treasure cards.

Dec 23, 2009
My request is simple.
Life wizards have no buff defense at all against Fire and Storm spells. They can wear us down to nothing at even mid-levels, using up all of our defenses, and kill us off. Many players, like me, prefer to play solo for the most part, and it is very difficult to advance alone this way.
We die a LOT.
Because when we accept friends, all they want from us is to heal them, and often DEMAND it of us, without any thanks, and sometimes do very little to participate in the battle, and we often end up aiding in our own demise. So we become a little jaded about accepting friends, because they aren't always trustworthy to come through for us, like we are for them.
Some buffs against Fire and Storm would be very appreciated, at any level.
Thank you,
Darby Dragonheart
Magus Life Wizard

Aug 24, 2008
How about a Moon school spell that you cast on yourself and it creates a round shield icon which lasts until it is used. The next time you cast a "morph" spell it uses the shield icon and allows you to cast the morph on a friendly wizard instead of yourself. Likewise, there could be a similar charm for Star school which would allow you to cast a Star spell on a friendly player.

It would be cool to see a charm spell for Storm school that splits the next spell cast by the Storm wizard so that the damage for the spell is divided equally amongst all remaining enemies. This spell would only activate for spells that normally effect single targets.

Perhaps there could be a "cure" charm that blocks, or at the very least reduces the damage to you from multi-round spells (such as the fire-elf's attack) by 1 round. So instead of taking damage for three rounds, you would only suffer for two. This spell should be stack-able (if you cast it twice it would block 2 rounds worth of damage, etc.)

What about a "recast" charm that once cast gives the next spell that you fizzle an automatic second attempt at succeeding. To make it fair perhaps if it activates and the second try is successful, the spell you cast costs 1 1/2 times the normal pip cost, or inflicts a small amount of damage to the caster.

Arena spell ... I would love to see a charm that when cast reverses the order in which a player (or team) attacks first in arena combat. Let's face it, the arena is a complete mess and in most cases the team that has the first turn usually wins. Since the players have no choice in who gets the first turn in the arena, it would be nice to have a spell that directly effects the order of play.

Dec 14, 2010
Hm,a new utility spell,huh?

I'm not sure I could come up with anything that's BRAND NEW,but I'd like to make a suggestion for improving the empower spell for Death,and that is that you should be allowed to give it to yourself OR to one of your friends.Honestly,there have been so many situations where it would have been more useful for me to give my friend three pips instead of myself.

That said,I just remembered something else I'd like to see---something that allows a death student to choose who their next lifesteal spell goes to.Again,I've been in plenty of situations where I wish I could have healed one of my partners using Wraith as opposed to myself.

Aaaaaaaaaand thats about it I guess.See ya~

Jan 19, 2010
As a Balance type, having a multi-cast version of weakness wouild be very usefull; that is to say, being able to put three weakness-type debuffs on one target with one spell. This I think would make a huge difference, especially durring Boss Fights, by forcing the target to either chain cast very weak attacks or to have his high end (and high cost) attacks be far less effective, buying time for the player to build up pips for their own big hits as well as to layer their own buffs and traps.

Jul 29, 2010
I think that there should be mega prisms, which put a prism on every enemy, because you go against a lot of the same type enemies, and some are your school.

Joshua Battlesword,
Legendary Thaumaturge

Dec 01, 2010
I would like to see a critical block buff or critical buff on spells in general.

I think as we progress through the game we could have theses buffs added to our school spells to increase our ability to survive a critical.

example would be a phoenix that gives a critical block like 20% for 3 turns or something.

Nov 22, 2008
I have a Balance as a main, and I have some good experience with them. And a few problems I've seen are that they have no Balance only shield, and no Balance only blade. Balanceblade and Bladestorm are useful, but honestly, are too weak. :( I would love to see a Balance only blade , at about +35%-40%. The shield of course, like the other school shields, would be -80%.

I also think that we need some kind of Reflection spell, that would Reflect an attack back at the caster. I WOULD say Ice would make better use of it, but they're hard enough to kill as it is.

Another litthe spell type I can think o, is a spell that is the opposite of Stealing spells. Like Fire could give a Negative Charm that's on themselves to someone on the opposing team, and an Ice could give a Negative Ward that's on themselves to an opponent.

One last think I can think of is a Beguile shield. I can think of PLENTY of times when a Death on the opposing team spams the heck out of Beguile, making our team kill ourself, or heal them. (Lots of times they're jerks and call us noobs for falling for it too, but that's besides the point.)

I hope to see some of these in the future, and if not, at least I contributed.

-Gavin Nightcrafter, Level 60 Balance
The right card, can turn the tide of a battle.

May 10, 2010
you know guys that if you really want the BEST shield i would say like a fire school shield that has a flame on it and it is like absorb to all friends. also for life you might wanna add a regular negative 90 shield. storm would probably be a disspell anything.ice has to have at least a very good shield.balance is going to be like an all element shield.death a negative 90 and a disspell.myth a negative 90.

Aug 11, 2010
I have an unusual idea for a spell, It is a kind of shield against all spells. What it would do is reflect damage cast on you doing equal damage to all people and opponents equally. So if there were two opponents and wizards and a 400 points spell was cast on you each wizard or opponent gets 100 damage (incluing yourself). I suggest it have a max of say 600-800. As for school you could put it in life for probably 2-3 pips as it does not really reduce any damage, just splits it.

As I am storm main I would like more damage over time spells. Lightning Elf for a start but also something higher level. This would help disable shields. Some ability to dispell opponents shields like quake would be helpful. You could call it hurricane and it would spawn tornadoes to each opponent breaking all shields, just like quake.

Jan 10, 2011
A tower shield that is for life wizards and is a 10% shield.
But gives 100 health each round you still have it.