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Feedback Friday 2-11-11

Oct 11, 2009
i was thinking of a better blade for ice to help with our low attack like maybe plus 70 percent to next attack for one pip

May 31, 2009
guiding light that is an all spell
sniper all spell
multipule prism spell like the triple traps but prisms
critical bonus blade, trap, or shield

May 30, 2009
It would be nice if death had something to augment the heal they got from drain spells. We're such an undermined school its a joke, theres so few of us because of it. Maybe give death spells an overall power boost? Change Doom and Gloom to increase drain heals/damage/both instead of remove heals? because honestly doom and gloom is a useless spell imo, i play pvp a lot and you only hurt yourself by using it, its very annoying.

Jan 30, 2009
First of all, a balance shield. Only way to resist that is with weakness(only available to balance), clothes, and towers. Especially in pvp if you get a 1v1 vs a balance, all they have to do is Judgement you and you gone. But for each school I would like to see some of the following.

Myth: Double Trap/Blade: Place 2 traps for myth (35% preferred) on all targets, however at the cost of 4 pips. This could also double for a blade but only on you for 2 pips and 2 40% blades. One or the other.

Fire: Charred: Such as in Efreet, it gives a -90% damage. How about a spell that only gives that? Would be 2-4 pips.

Life: Everlasting Life: Makes next buff or debuff permanent. (Lifeblade could be used over and over again. Stun would last until somebody used earthquake.) 4 pips. Could be used on anybody's traps, blades, etc.

Ice: Ramparts: Put 40% shield on all teammates. (Like tower, goes once for any spell) 3 pips.

Balance: Trapstorm: Places hex on all enemies. 2 pips.

Death: Scavenger: Makes it so that when you use a drain spell, it gives back all health instead of half. Or if using something like banshee, makes it into a normal drain card. 3 pips. Can only be used once per spell.

Storm: Posiedon's Gift: Makes next spell a surefire hit. No chance of failing (except for if dipelled, where sure fail, or reduced accuracy, where the spell goes back to normal accuracy).

Feb 17, 2009
I would like to see a balance shield of somekind like maybe -45% or something like that, it would be like a tower sheild, it would activate to anykind of attack.

Nov 05, 2010
as a student of the fire school i have found it frustrating at times to have to change out shield spells to prepare for duels. i would like to see a buff like tower shield for all schools. they could be school specific such as - 70% on spells from other schools but only-40% from your own school.

also i'd like to suggest something about the crafting. since i have found most recipes for items are not worth the effort since you can win or buy better items could we try making our own recipes? or make the items worth the effort to craft them.

Aug 04, 2009
Well Heres an idea,

School: ICE

well ice dont have the best attacks,and blades and traps for an ice to put by its self alone isnt making much a differents, So how about a really big trap something like feint,.... but for ice attacks only, maybe like 80%
or something close to that and maybe instead of a trap on you a little blade for like 10-20% blade just an idea but something to give ice some better stratigie, other then there high health and sheilds, hope this is a good idea if i get any more ideas i will post

Wizardname: Samantha
Wizardschool: ICE

Feb 17, 2009
NicoUzumaki wrote:
Fire- something similar to link that gives 100 health each round and 450 damage over 3 rounds.

Storm- definitely storm elf

Death- Definitely a death minotaur

Ice- Icezilla

Balance- not idea yet

myth- no idea yet

life- do not have a life wiz so no idea

I agree with the death minotaur also maybe instead of icezilla ice hound card that can be learned? It ding single hit not over time like the other hounds for 7 pips?

Sep 23, 2010
ultimate blade for balance
pips 5-7
puts a blade that gives you 50 to 70 damage to any attack sleep (depending on pips) and weaken your foe for the same amount

Aug 13, 2010
Maybe a 'Prism on all Enemies' sort of spell? Oh, and I would like there to be a way for Prisms that wizards learned from questing to be enchantable somehow...I like to see my Treasure deck as a 'just in case' deck, and Prisms are definitely in that category. I must not be the only one to dislike either putting them in and out of my deck or letting them clog it when I need other cards. If you could put them in your Treasure deck by using an Accurate on them (Yes I know they have 100% accuracy already), then it could save a bit of trouble, at least for me :-o

Jul 26, 2009
I am from the school of fire. I know we are meant to be damage over time but i hate getting looked down at by storm. I think there should be a spell that gives a boost for fire attacks, besides the fire blade and traps. Or maybe something that boosts everyturn when you use a damage over time spell.

Jul 26, 2009
i would like to see a universal shield that any class can learn.

universal shield
class base: any,
cost to learn: 1 / free for balance
pip cost: (questionable) anything more than two is asking to much
cast: on self or other
effect: -80% next damage / life steal,
will take four hits before losing effect.
can have more than one shield on.
doesn't go away after one hit.

acts like: tower shield

i doubt i will see this in game or any of the ideas come into the
game as Game Mods / Mods / etc. already put a disclaimer.

Jul 26, 2009
I beleive that there should be a trap that allows you to boost over time (like fire dragon) instead of just keep putting traps on your enemies.

- Andrew Skullflame, legendary pyromancer

Mar 01, 2009
I think a change to death schools plague card should be made. It should last the entire battle (just like fires wyldfire card). Upping the pip cost of course.

Sep 11, 2010
I think fire should have a spell thats put traps on all enemies,just like storm. This spell would be great for 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. It will help power up fire wizard's dragons and/or scald.

Spell Name: Dragon's Cavern or The Dragon's Cave ( note just some option its up to you awesome creators )

Blake Dragonflame
Level 60 fire

Aug 11, 2010
Three ideas for high level Life "utility" spells:

1. Wild Growth
Pip cost: low (1-2)
+30% to next outgoing Life attack & taunt all enemies (Self Only)
With high health and good healing abilities Life Wizards could play more tank-like.

2. Back to Nature
Pip cost: low (1-2)
Removes one negative Ward from all.

3. Primal Rage
Pip cost: low (1-2)
+50% to next outgoing Life attack and +50% next incoming attack (Self Only)
A bit like Feint - similar dilemma - does one be willing to deal extra damage at the cost of becoming much more vulnerable?

Mar 05, 2009
As an Ice wizard, I'd love some kind of group defense spell - Snow Fortress - that puts Tower Shields on self + allies. I'd make it 2 or 3 pips for full 50% Tower Shields all around, or 30-40% shields as a 0 pip spell.

For Death wizards, either a blade or Sun/Star type card that lets us redirect the health drain from our next drain-type spell to an ally instead of ourself. (Cast a Wraith and redirect the health drain portion to my buddy.)

Aug 13, 2010
Final Judgement
Pips: 2
Gives out one random debuff on opponent. List of debuffs that can be given.
-25% Plague on all enemies, -35% Weakness, -55% Infection, -60% Black Mantle
Description: You see a giant beautiful castle in the sky then all of a sudden you see Ra in the background destroy the castle (Mount Olympus) and look at your opponent, or opponents if it gets plague, and you see the screen turn all light and BAM! you have one of those debuffs on you.

Pandora's Box
Pips: 3
Gives out one random myth blade, trap, or bubble.
They will be stronger than the original though, for example...
+40% Myth Trap, +40% Myth Blade, +40% Myth Bubble
You see a lady holding a box and you hear people in the background tempting her to open it and the ladt starts crying. And she opens it you all of a sudden turn into a Greek warrior. (You literally look like a Greek warrior until you waste the blade, or trap, or bubble is changed.)

Pips: 4
Gives a +50% Guiding Light to all teammates and removes all infections on field, including opponents.
You see a lady (Demeter) crying, muttering things about her daughter then all of a sudden a hole appears out of the groud and you see a beautiful young lady come out of it (Persephone). Demeter starts crying tears of joy then the effect takes place.

Pips: 4
Puts 3 -70% infections on opponent, but one of them goes away every turn after that. Once all infections are gone a doom and gloom -50% bubble is placed on field.
You see a beautiful lovely meadow. With creatures running happily through it. You hear a lady singing then all of a sudden a lady starts screaming as she (Persephone) is take by a dark figure (Hades). The meadow turns into a battlefeild as you see Hades run into a portal into the underworld.

Poisideon (sp?)
Pips: 2
All of the enemy teams blades are removed and given to the selected teammate, or yourself.
You see a man with a beard and a trident getting pulled by majestic seahorses. Behind him follows an army coming from a waterfall and they all start a battle cry and you see him aim his trident at you in a burst of light all the blades on you are dissapeared. He does the trident pointing thing to all enemies. The waterfall part only happens once a thing though.

Ice Age
Pips: 4
All enemies are frozen for one turn and 1-4 (depends on amount of enemies) 25% tower shields are placed on you and your enemies. By this I mean lets say you're in a 4v4, they get stunned for one round and 4 25% tower shields are put on you and your teammates.
You see Cavemen running towards a man. The man then turns around and transforms into a Norse god (sorry don't know Norse mythology but just put any that you think would fit in.) and turns the enemies men into ice, just as they start to get scared and try to run away.

Pips: 2
All debuffs on you are removed and placed better than before on your enemy.
25% Weakness of any kind turns to 30%. 30% turns to 40%. 50% infection turns to 55%.
You see a crippled old man working on a hammer when he looks down on the Earth (Whatever planet your on). He gets a dissapointed look on his face then throws his hammer down and your character picks it up. (S)he tries to pick it up but hits self instead by accident but comes back to conscious without any debuffs. They all go to enemy. (This is kinda a reference to when you die and come back you lose all your debuffs).

Well, these are all my ideas!

Jan 15, 2011
Jun 14, 2010
most the schools are pretty balanced with shields and blades and such. The only school that seems to have an edge is balance... It seems there is no protection from rah. when you finish putting on the blades that come with balance... NO PROTECTION except for tower and that can be eleminated easily and the clothes don't protect much either from balance...

I would like to see a tower shield that works only on balance maybe take half the hit and redirects it at the enemy. If they attack you with rah then you take half the hit and the other half is redirected back to the enemy..... yes i like it.

Nov 09, 2008
School: death
Idea: Allow some of the healing from death spells to be directed at another player if I so choose.

Jun 28, 2009
I like to see a buff balance spell or shield for storm. -70 percent to next balance spell.

Jul 18, 2010
I think that the school of balance and life should get a blade that transfers all of your pips to power pips that are worth 3 pips instead of 2. Also, there could be for all schools a blade that gives you every turn two pips/powerpips instead of one.

-Natalie Goldheart, Master Sorcerer

Oct 18, 2009
Maybe some type of sheild that lasts for 3 turns that decreases incoming damage by 40% or something.

Apr 23, 2010
I think balance should have better blades and traps. Death does about the same damage that balance does, only death has a +40% death attack blade, when balance only gets a +25% balance attack blade. Perhaps you could either increase the amount of the current balance blade or hex, or maybe create a new blade just for balance! Maybe make the dragonblade an accessible spell for balance wizards, instead of from pets. I also have an ice wizard, and his utility spells are pretty good, so I think ice is ok right now with utility spells (strong blades and traps, stun, steal ward, etc.).

Chris Griffin Legendary Sorcerer Level 60

Jack Hammer Master Thaumaturge Level 43

Patrick Star Adept Theurgist Level 27