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Feedback Friday 2-11-11

Dec 18, 2009
For death it would be great if there was a spell like gargantuan that only effects the death spells that deal damge and the caster recieves half the damge back as health...... gargantuan does the least for death school bacause of this so it would be great to have a spell like this....id call it Death's Toll

May 22, 2009
I would like to see myth get more boosts. Personally I think Myth is the second strongest. (Storm, Myth, Fire...) But we don't really have any good traps. I would like to see a myth trap (or whatever it's called) that boosts your myth attacks +60% or more instead of our lousy +25%. Or a charm ours is only +35% I would like to see a bigger one. :-o :D

Jordan ThunderSpear,

Level 58, GrandMaster/Legend (I have Medusa)

Feb 04, 2010
I think that every school should get an upgraded blade. Also, that there should be convert blades. Converts in the form of traps are disadvantages to myth and fire because myth has to put 2 and convert traps only work for the first hit of a DoT move unless it is like link or scald then you cant convert.

Mar 01, 2009
Well, I think it would be awesome if there was a +50% fire trap for all opponents. or the same thing for all friends but in blade form.

-Jasmine Pixieblossom (master pyromancer)

May 27, 2009
How about a spell that can place double or triple traps in one turn, like for damage over time spells or Myth's double hits. Or double/triple prisms for 2/3 pips, for fighting same school enemies.

Jul 31, 2008
Apr 12, 2010
For all schools an "ABSORB" shield spell that actually absorbs the damage and converts it to a percentage of life energy or mana.

Feb 15, 2009
1.) Cure: Life- Remove one negative overtime for 4 pips and 100% accuracy

2.) Blessing: Life- +20% next incoming heal to all friends, 1 pip 100% accuracy.

Feb 07, 2010
How about each school having a damage debuff charm, kind of like weakness, but it only works for damage spells of one school. They could have names like, Fire suppressor for Fire, Myth suppressor for Myth, that sort of thing. of course, mabie balancce should stick with just weakness, it would keep from nulifying the fact that ballance can only be weakened by a general sheild, IE one that protects against all schools of magic, such as tower sheild or spirit armor.

May 26, 2009
Well since i'm a fire student, of course i want a fire spell lol. I was thinking just a simple spell. It would be called "Firewall" or "Reflect". It would look like a kind of fire sword. When this is up, it will have a 50% chance of reversing the spell cast on you and hurt the caster. it would probably be 0 or 1 pip. Hope you like it :)

Sep 19, 2010
I think Life needs a spell that costs little to no pips and can amplify an attack for his whole team for at least one round. Not only does Life not have the blades and traps of its opposite, Death, but we have no multi attack until Forest Lord. At least, if we could help our own team out for an attack, it would help a lot. And it would not even have to be like the balance blades. We just want something that will work on the middle levels to get us through the gap of Seraph to Rebirth, at least.
Lucas SilverShard,
Magus LIFE

Nov 25, 2010
I think it would be good for fire to have a spell that sends shields to every monster in battle ,it is just like that storm spell that makes storm shields go to all the monsters :D.

May 07, 2010
ok ok so i know you said shield and stuff but i gotta goreat idea! how about for each class there is a new field spell like if i was fire and got a spell like wild fire, then the spell would give all FIRE spells maybe 15% or 25% MORE STRENGTH and WEAKEN ICE 15% or 25%

but for balance i have no clue maybe a field spell that makes blades stronger by like 5% not including wards

Apr 12, 2010
An ABSORB shield spell that actually absorbs the damage and converts it to a percentage of life or mana.

A Tower shield for ALL allies.

A school shield for all allies.

An accuracy boost for second school only.

A ward spell for all enemies for all schools.

A school only heal.

Feb 02, 2010
I think balance should have something to take off weaknesses.. Because when you get judgement or something set up you cant take off your weakness without breaking all your balance blades.. It stinks ;(

Aug 17, 2010

Hi Falmea

I think Life school could use a lower level spell that affects all enemies = perhaps a per pip spell like the Storm school tempest spell.

Corwin Dreamweaver
Legendary Necromancer
Grandmaster Artisan

Mar 11, 2009
christopher62597 wrote:
I know that you asked what spell would you add to your school, but I have a cool shield idea for Balance. Its called Reflect & what it does is it takes the spell that an enemy casted on you, for example Seraph, and then it would do that same amount of damage on the caster not the target. It would be 4 or 5 pips to make it fair and its for all wizards, just so that way I don't hear another complaint about Balance. Thats my shield idea, hope you like it!

Christopher JadeBlade
lvl.60 Theurgist
Master of the Oasis

This is a great idea, my favorite so far :)

Jan 05, 2010
I don't want to have equal heal capabilities as every other school. I would like to see a craft only athame and ring that adds another 2-3% each heal for Life school only. This can push rebirth without critical closer to a thousand. Also, can we make it twice as hard to craft so that it is more rare. I know this is asking a lot, but it would be fun if you made a little quest out of crafting this ring and athame. For those that have finished the game it gives us something more to quest for. Perhaps we can fight a tough life boss for a unique reagent drop (Note: He drops it 100% of the time). One more thing, to get the quest, you have to have crafted, the morgantine twin blade and the astonishing ring, leave the other ones hidden ;) It would be really fun if you required title of Legendary, Grandmaster Artisan, Grandmaster Gardener and at least one Epic Pet to get this quest. (Side note, there should be a title for those that achieve all these titles)

So in consideration of all schools, it would be fun if we had school only crafting quests for gear that boosts our capabilities. So this isn't really a spell recommendation, but more of a spell boost recommendation.

Storm: percentage boost
Ice: resist boost
Death: more evil
Myth: more mythical
Fire: DOT boost
Balance: Give whole team one pip

Since we have so many available slots at the bottom of the deck, it would be really cool if both the athame and ring came with a spell card.

I really like the idea of connecting crafting with gardening, and pets to quest for school gear. I would stay away from requiring Warlord Status in PVP and pet games, but if you want to connect those too, you can require minimum rank of sergeant in each.

Legendary Life

Oct 26, 2008
it would be very cool to have a life card that puts attack shield on all monster or like make it so other school have it its like the thunder windstorm card or a that attack them all its like toxic an um burn or frostbite lol like them but like a tree attacking motion or something but yeah that would be cool =D cant wait what comes up next in wizard101

Dec 08, 2010
I'd like to see a Fire Spell that would give the caster a Fire Blade, and Put a Fire Trap on the opponent. It would cost something like 2-4 pips, whatever amount you think it should be. Thank You

Aug 02, 2009
How about a death spell field like wildfire but its not -50 health stuff its plus 35% to death spells

May 09, 2009
for myth something that could protect us or a minion for a level 60 character with a lot of health.i hope these works!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 14, 2010
FurryIceCream wrote:
Spell Name: Body Guard

School: Ice

Description: Caster places a ward upon an ally to receive the next physical (not lifesteal) damage that the target receives. Resistance of the caster will be applied when calculating the received damage.

**Or, for a balanced alternative, the ward will transfer 75% of the next incoming damage to the Caster (reduced by Caster's resistances), while the target receives the remaining 25% (reduced by target's resistances).**

Cost: 2 or 3 Pips.


honestly that is a good idea!

Jul 26, 2010
I think that there should be spells that eliminate opponents' pips. For example, if my enemy has already built up four pips, I may have a spell that takes three or four pips to eliminate those of my opponents.
Also, for PvP, there could be a spell that drains the mana of my opponent. This could be a good strategy for defeating powerful opponents. I feel like the only reason we have mana is to explain what powers our spells.
I believe that these new types of spells (if they don't already exist) would make dueling much more interesting.

Apr 15, 2009
I'd like a better blade for all schools at 54, for example storm has 30+ attack so why not give a better blade like 40+
(life) 50+
(myth) 45+
and so on. so like 10+ to each blade.

btw i am not storm