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Feedback Friday - 08-06-10

Jul 13, 2009
Here's one quest! (Must speak with Professor Ambrose and must be level 50 or more, plus defeated Drake.)
1: Ambrose : Are you ready for your biggest challenge yet? Then Meet me at your Professor's tower.
(Questing player goes to it's Professor's tower.)
2: Ambrose : Lets have a fight. When you win, your ready to go to a new world.
Watch out! I'm powerful, so beating me won't be so easy!
(Professor Ambrose's health is 10,000 and is max rank, and is your type of magic you are, plus has a spell to change type of magic spells. When Professor Ambrose is defeated,)
3: Ambrose : Good job! You are the greatest wizard in the spiral. Now here's a card. Narrator : Professor Ambrose gives you a spell card.
Ambrose : This card changes your (Insert Wizard's type) cards to any kind. This causes 8 pips, and is a life type. Use it if you need help.

*Player earns 1,000,000 exp, 1,000,000 gold, and 200 mega pack Items.*
That's my Quest idea.

Apr 04, 2010
hoasim99 wrote:
How about create another spot for the 7th character? It would be great if people can experience all different school magic. It pretty crazy that WC have 7 schools but you can only have 6 characters.

Jul 24, 2009
ambrose: young wizard you have finally mastered your skills but i must again ask you for favor

storm teacher:to help our friends in celestia we must first find the spiral key.

narrator:you shake your head to agree
ambrose:the problem is sylvia,malistairs wife,was the last to see it i need you to use this portal to talk to her about where she put it
narrator:a portal opens up behind ambrose.you notice the portals color is multi colored. very strange

narrator:after defeating the king sheet ghost.sylvia thanks you and tells you she left the key in the death school tree

rewards:a badge(ghost whisperer) spiral key to celestia and 4000 xp and gold

sryy couldnt remember storm teachers name 8)

Jun 16, 2009
I have an idea for a quest. With the new lvl cap, I think there should be another quest spell, and one more spell at the school. For the quest spell i think professor greyrose should call you to the ice school and tell you that she has a spell for you. When you get there she tells you that you have to get some special reagents to make a sword of pure ice (non melting) in order to get the spell. First you must go to MooShu and fight four diseased water spirits and collect their ichor. Then you bring them back to her. She congratulates you and sends you to talk to kelvin, the ice tree, and ask him for a vial filled with the essence of ice. Then you must bring that back to the ice teacher. She will then send you to talk to a frost giant in hildreth's perch, and he will tell you that in order to complete the ritual, you must ( unfortunately ) speak with a dragon, and ask where the location of a pure flame is, which only a dragon would know. He sends you to talk to professor falmea to ask her if she knows where you can find a dragon. She sends you to speak with the ancient matriarch in dragonspyre, and she sends you to the dragon's mouth cave, and you capture the pure flame on one of falmea's enchanted torches, which can keep the fire burning, even underwater. You bring it to the frost giant, and a sword made of ice appears in his hands. It seems to glow. He merges it with the flames, and the sword itself catches on fire. He sends you to krokotopia to bathe the sword in the icey water in the krokosphinx. It glows brightly. You bring it back to him. He says an incantation and the fire turns blue. He sends you to professor greyrose, and she congratulates you. You recieve one wand ( sword that fits the description above ) and the spell Permafrost, which puts one +25% ice trap on all enemies. You recieve 650 gold and 1950 xp, along with a training point of course. I really hope you use this idea because many people think of us ice wizards as weak,so i feel that an extrat ice trap would be perfect, not too powerful, not too easy to get.

-Christopher Icehaven
lvl 50 grandmaster thaumaturge

Jul 07, 2010
my name in w101 is jonathan mythwraith and im balance and storm. my idea is for a quest should be. From head master owl and only lvl 20 and higher lvl but higher the lvl higher it gets harder and it should be a quest to go from the head master first then to oasis school of balance then to the marlybone to sherlockbones and get a other quest from him to go.To mooshu to the empero and then go to northguard to the king and get a other quest then go to dragon spirel to. Profile drake and get to the last quest to return to head master. The reward should a sword for lvl 10 if they do it if a lvl 20 or higher still a sword what will be the same sword but for higher lvls what they can us a curse ill do i say it would be fun. and the XP should be a 1000 just for doing it and the gold should be 500 a curse get 10 crowns just 10 & a pet but lit the player pick the pet on there own with a ramdom pet bay doing a a guess for them oh ya forgot a house ideam but you guys can pick that and a 1 day mount wings will be fun or a boom stike. hmm wait and a 1 training pip. i think that should do :) :-) :D i really hope you chose my so peace

Jan 26, 2010
Creat a dual were you have to defeat all the elephants in one setting jade oni, plauge, oni, death oni, war oni, in one single fight, have the elephants unite war against the 4 wizards in a special dungeon, in moosu, reward is a rare pet at random, or permanet rare mount at random, and 100 exp, and 1000 gold, and a training point.

Oct 19, 2008
DAMAGE SPELLS should scale as you level up! It's really annoying that a 50 Grandmaster can't one-shot a Rank 3 monster because A) He has to wait on pips, and B) Damage doesn't scale up!

DAMAGE OVER TIME SPELLS should not consume hexes on every tick!!!!!!!!! As a Balance caster, it really annoys me when a Fire caster uses a damage over time spell, completely WASTING my spiral hexes! Damage over time spells should only trigger hexes on the INITIAL cast, and the improved damage should apply to ALL TICKS! Here's some math to prove my point:

If I Wild Bolt on a creature with no natural storm resistance and with one 25% hex on it, it would do 1000+250 damage, equaling 1250 damage, which would be a true 25% damage increase.

HOWEVER! If I Fire Dragon on a creature with no natural fire resistance and with one 25% hex on it, it would do (440+110)+351 damage, equaling 901 damage, which is NOT a true 25% damage increase, because only one tick was affected by the hex! A true 25% increase should be 988.75 damage. So by having hexes trigger on one tick, damage over time classes lose ROUGHLY TEN PERCENT damage from instant damage spells!

If you ignore the first suggestion, please please PLEASE do not ignore the second suggestion, as it's causing damage-over-time spells (mainly fire casters) to be seriously underpowered, and Balance classes such as I absolutely HATE playing with them.


Jan 27, 2009
In the Shopping District, at the Dye Shop, we should be able to name our mounts, dye our hair, get a makeover (change your face), and dye our mounts.


Scarlet Sparklewhisper, Lvl 50 Life
Llewella Fairyheart Lvl 49 Ice
Blaze Deathflame, Lvl 42 Balance
Taylor Swift, Lvl 41 Storm
Timothy Owltalon, Lvl 14 Fire
Victoria Death, Lvl 1 Death

May 31, 2009
For my quest you would get it at lvl 55 so here it is

Merele Ambrose: Hello there young wizard. I have news for you from The Storm Lord he wishes to speak with you in triton avenue next to the kraken you will have to defeat the kraken to summon him.

Kraken: So you have come to summon the storm lord. Well you wont get to summom him! ( the questing wizard defeats the kraken )

Kraken: hahaha you may have defeated me but if sent a fake message to the storm lord.
( report this to ambrose )

Merele Ambrose: Hmm the kraken change the location.
500 xp 200 gold

Merle Ambrose: well since the kraken fooled the storm lord you will need to summon him some where else. First we need some summoning dust. You can get it from the plauge oni in Mooshu.
( questing wizard kill plague oni )

Merle Ambrose: Good job young wizard.
2,000 xp 500 gold boots for your school

Merle Ambrose: The last thing we need is a lighting bolt. Go talk to prof. balestrom.

Balestrom: o you need a lighting bolt eh. Well lucky you i caught one in a bottle last night.Well i know the perfect place to summon the storm lord. Take this to krokopatras tomb defeat her and summon the storm lord.
questing wizard defeats krokopatra.

Storm Lord: Hello young wizard where have you been?

Narrorator: You tell the storm lord about the krakens message.

Storm Lord: Ah that clears it up hahaha i didnt really get why you had "storm pocks" hahaha. Well i called for you to give you this outfit (of your school" to help you with your adventures it is the least i can do for you.
8,000 xp 500 gold hat,robe,boots for your school

Feb 09, 2009
my idia is to use the dragonspyer academy have the old teachers or ones that have been their a while kinda stuck in the past and they hand out a quest
for example:
malistare for death school. Malistare "help young wizard i have lost my wand in Yeva Spiderkeeper's lair. Can you help me get it back?" (defeat Yeva Spiderkeeper and get back Malistare's wand)
once you defeat Yeva she says "i don't have Malistare's wand one of my minions have ran off with it" then (defeat 3 of some kind of spiders) then return to malistare with his staff.

rewards could be new wand for that school like death that gives power pip at start of a battle and hits 110
or 1,000 gold 2,000 xp and house item. Thanks, James TitanHunter

Jun 22, 2009
my idea is to give more money and xp for pvp when you fight that would help

i also think it would be helpful if there can be more grandmaster equipment well thats all

Jan 24, 2009
after you beat rattlebones the person who gives you the quest gives you a quest to fight malistare in the start of firecat alley and his health is 10067 and once you beat him immeditly you get the normal lord nightshade spell and then the reward is 9000000 experiance and 9000000 gold and 99999999999 crowns and

Oct 08, 2008
This Takes Place in Mooshu, with the Wand Shopkeeper

1. Shopkeeper: "Hey you, wizard, can you give me a hand, i need to craft the emporer a new sword, but i dont have the material i need, could you gather some from any ronin samoori, i need 30 blades from them."
You get 100 Gold and 300 Xp :)

2. Narrator: " You hand The Shopkeeper the blades and he grins at you..." Shopkeeper: "Thanks Young Wizard, but now i need 20 peices of Earth from the earthen Elementals around Mooshu, any kind would do, i need them to help create the Hilt."
You get 100 Gold and 275 Xp

3. Narrator: "The Shopkeeper gives you a look of excitment..." Shopkeeper: "This is great Young Wizard, but now im going to need 10 peices of leather, the problem is, the leather i need is carried by Sick Villagers, if you could defeat them, collect the leather, and then head down to the river to wash them out, i would be most grateful."
You Get 100 Gold and 250 Xp :(

4. Narrator: "You Hand the leather to the shopkeeper and he smiles, but then it fades..." Shopkeeper: "Thank you Wizard, but the most difficult task is now before you, i wouldnt be surprised if you said no, but i need an enchanted Jade and an Enchanted Onyx, these can be gathered by the Death Oni, and the Jade Oni, if you retrieve them for me, i will reward you greatly..."
You will Recive 250 Gold, 500 Xp and a level 35 Sword for your School :) :D :P 8)

May 22, 2009
Well this is not a quest but I think there should be a force greater than Malistare, probably the three titans of ice, fire, and storm. Now you have to team up with Malistare and destroy the forces of the titans. Also after that you should be able to choose if you want to be evil, and you get different quests only for the side of evil. Different monsters, different spells, different wands, and different clothes only for the side of evil. But of course you can still go to Wizard city and talk to you teachers DUH :P you can switch to good if your evil and you can switch to evil if your good, but it will cost you a fee. well that's all I got for now!

Jul 29, 2009
here is my idea. for level 10 and up moolinda woo i have left my notebook in the fire tower please go get it
when in tower a sunbird with 345 health it says if you want this notebook you must go through me. this information will be wonderful once i get it to maliastare. after defeating sunbird talk to moolinda woo she narrarator you give her the notebook and tell her what happend. moolinda woo says oh that was very brave of you.

allison summerbreeze fire wizard

reward minor healing spell 590 experiance 20 gold. or no minor health spell

Jun 18, 2009
I would like to see the new world of Celestia open now and the level cap raised to 60 with in the next few weeks. Wizard is going to loose paying players due to them being bored. :?

Apr 25, 2010
hello here must be quest i want it happening you must be lvl 45 or more 1. moolinda will contact with you by saying come to the life school 2.moolinda " oh my i found this peice of wood talk to oakheart in jade place" 3.oakheart "hello there young wizard what did you came here for" " oh a jar of water" " the water is empty but i have the jar " " bring this to mossback and wavebringer" (wavebringer first) 4.wavebringer "so you need water do you i know why moolinda sent you" he fills the jar with water there you go next up is mossback in ( i dont know what te cave place is called but he is in there that is the place goal just correct me) 5. mossback "i...know...why...moolinda...sent...you" "i dont...have anything...what...you...need" "defeat ...(i don't know those life colossus in the cave place just say there name by my mistake) that...willlhave...some dirt" 6. after you defeat them mossback will put some dirt in the jar 7.mossback "give this now...to ... moolinda" 8.moolinda makes a seed by the peice of wood, water ,and dirt 9.moolinda " thank you for helping me young wizard now plant this seed next to the life tower" 10.you plant it and a new life tree come up 11.you go to moolinda and moolinda says "oh thank you young wizard how can i do it without you" REWARD: 9000 gold and 2035 by ademv2 wizard101 game name trevor deathblade i am a lvl 48 hope you like my idea :P

Jan 01, 2009
Just a couple of quick thoughts..

How about introducing a system where every round it picks a side which goes goes first and each round this could change. This inititive system would open up new possibilites for items or pets to give you a bonus on going first in a round. It would also provide new options and stratagies for battle both in game and PVP.

How about a new spell that allows you to summon your pet as a minion. All the time raising the minions stats would have more uses than just in the pet derby.

THanks for your time and interest please let me know what you think of these ideas.

Apr 26, 2009
here is my idea


after you defeat Malistaire Ambrose summons you

1. Ambrose" Young Wizard, You did it! But im afraid its not over yet.
Go talk to Cyrus Drake in Dragonspyre. He will tell you more."

2. Cyrus " Young Wizard, aparently after you defeated Malistaire he
told the Terrorwings to build a new tower and to crown a new
boss. Go find this tower and defeat Terrorclaw.
Reward: 500 XP. 350 GOLD
3. Narrator"You find the tower and prepare yourself to go inside."
Terrorclaw" Ha, Young Wizard, I was Malistaire's BEST
SERVANT! NOW YOU MUST PAY!" ( Terrorclaw has 6000
health and one terrorwing warlock with him, 2 wizards = two Warlocks
and so on.)
4.Narrator" You defeat Terrorclaw and find one of Malistaire's heirlooms. You decide to report this to Cyrus immediantly."
Cyrus," UNBELIEVABLE! Good work young Wizard. Report back
to Headmaster Ambrose immediatnly."
REWARD: 900 XP. 400 GOLD
5. Ambrose," I see you have defeated Terrorclaw, and whats this!
It's one of Malistaire's heirlooms. Great work young wizard.
You are once again a help to the spiral. Thank you.
REWARD: 2500 XP 1000 GOLD Terrorclaw Pet, Training Point
and a new spell.

Hope You Like My Idea
Michael DragonFlame LVL. 27 lol just an idea lol

Dec 13, 2008
Here is my new quest!

1.) Balestrom: "Well hello student, I've encountered some slight issues on my daily stroll throughout the spiral." "It seems that I've unleashed great issues pooffing in and out different worlds." "While in my monthly meeting in Krockotopia, to visit the balance instructor, I was chased by the terrifying Krockopatra, defeat her in the storm tower across the hall. Thank you wizard!"
2.) Defeat Krockopatra in the Storm Tower in Ravenwood. 1200XP 100GOLD
3.) Narrator: "You find nothing but a list of things to do:" "1.) Teach about Stormazilla spell. 2.) Teach about use of storm prisms 3.) And meet the minotaur..." "You think for a moment, Professor Ambrose might know what to do."
4.) Talk to Professor Ambrose.
5.) Narrator: "You tell Ambrose that you can't find Balestrom and show him the note." Ambrose: "Well, that's odd. He should be in his office." "But, it did say something about a Minotaur." "Hmmm.... I know! Go talk to Harold Argenstine and ask him about any Minotaurs in the spiral."
6.) Talk to Harold Argenstine.
7.) Harold Argenstine: "Hmm... I have a book right here on minotaurs! Oh, Karvoian Scargiver!" "Your best bet to finding Balestrom, good luck!"
8.) Defeat Karvain Scargiver in the Plaza of Conquest in Dragonsprye. 1200 XP 100 Gold and Furniture Item-- Boat Tent.
9.) (After you defeat Minotaur) Balestrom: "Thank goodness you came. He had me locked in an invisible chain. Meet me back for a reward." Narrator: "Balestrom poofs away."
10.) Meet Balestrom back at his office.
11.) Balestrom: "Well, thanks wizard! I get in a lot of trouble in the spiral, as you can tell." "Here is your reward!" "Say, can you go check on my old student Boris TallStaff and see how he is doing!"
12.) Talk to Boris TallStaff
13.) Boris TallStaff: "Hmm... I doing fine except, the library, is a little messy!" "Do you mind picking some of the books up?"
14.) Pick 0 out of 5 books up.
15.) Boris TallStaff: "Well, thanks you sure deemed helpful today." "Well, happy traveling through the spiral!"

Hope you all liked it!
Colin FrostGlade- Grandmaster Diviner :D
Austin LotusCaller- Magus Sorcer

Dec 13, 2008
i have a fire spell quest. can you guys help me out with the other schools!

1.falmea:hello there master of fire but can you please help me out with a new spell? when we finish i will give you the spell card too. i need a helephant's sword from gurtok demon.
2.after you defeat gurtok demon:gurtok demon drops the sword and you pick it up. it turns into a fire helephants sword.
3.falmea:great job. next we need the jade oni's sword.
4.after you defeat the jade oni:the jade oni drops the sword. you pick it up .it turns into a ice helephant's sword.
5.falmea great job again. now the last sword. last we need the death oni's sword.
6.after you defeat the death oni:death oni drops his sword and you pick it up. it turns into a storm helephant's sword.
7.falmea:great now talk to headmaster ambrose.
8.ambrose:wow! you and profressor falmea made this! take it to the fire tower and say ignus o' hades
9.narrator:you say the words headmaster ambrose told you say and the underworld apears. a big rockshard is in the middle of lava then a demon apears made of magma, molten rock, and lava.
10.fire demon:aha a fellow pyromancer. i am the underworld king. you must have defeated the three the stealers of my swords gurtok demon, jade oni, and death oni. i will give you my spell words. whenever you need my help call out ignus o' hades.
11.narrator:the fire demon burst out fire balls at you then he disapears.
12.falmea:congratulations ( wizard's name ) you learned another spell.2895 XP 235 GOLD

Dec 29, 2008
I do not care the quest, but concerning the reward. I think that as a reward for a new quest you should give out another class specific spell. That is all i wish for.

Mar 23, 2010
i think that death wizards should have more spells like for example there should be a new thing were you talk to ambrose whatever your school is there should be a new spell here are some suggestions

death: frankenstein

balance: power of the gods in which it attacks three times with poseidon hermes and hades

life: a satyr that attacks

myth: ninja pigs permanent

storm: storm gorilla

fire: fire gorilla

ice: santa claus

im kinda not creative

Jun 19, 2010
I would really love to see a quest based around the pet pavillion.

For instance once you get a pet to epic a new quest line can open up to you. Since you reached a "master trainer" status you can now hunt for a rare egg. The quest line needs to be kind of open so depending on your decisions will effect the outcome of the pet you receive. Like the adventure books that give you senerios:

"You take off running from pet pavillion having heard that there have been reports of other wizards finding strange unknown eggs. Will you A) Talk to the Head Master to see what he knows of these rumors B)Talk to the Life Professor because um eggs are the beginning of a new life so she's got to know something... duh C)Go fight the Kraken on Triton Ave and see if you can snatch something directly form a source."

Not only would you have decisions to make regarding where you go and what you do for this egg you also would have the opportunity to "find eggs" and either accept them or "leave them" in hopes for a better pet.


The quest is a two time NPC visit. Get a base egg and "feed" it or "do" things with it/to it. Such as give it certain treasure cards, gears, furniture, or reagents. Equip it to fight things or visit certain lands etc. Each item given or done with the pet equipped has some sort of bearing on the type of egg hatched. Give death items to the egg and have a better chance for a death type pet. Kill Ice mobs and have a better % for an ice pet. etc etc. When ever you think you are ready to hatch your pet take it back to the NPC to have them "incubate" it and after you finish clicking "ok ok done done" the egg you get back has the hatch timer.

I know the hatchery pops out hybrid pets but I think a quest line pet would be fun and a bit more personal. Especially if your actions effect the outcome more than just a roulette roll.

Jul 09, 2009
I have a few ideas of my own. First of all the crowns drop rate should go way down so when I fight malistare I don't keep getting ruined paintings. A little area for grandmasters would be nice, maybe the entrence could be put somewhere in dragons' roost. Another thing that I for one would like would be the ability to send non friends away without ignoring them. Another little thing that would be nice is if mega snack packs could be bought with gold but for a pretty good chunk of it though. An idea I have for a quest is goes along like this 1:Falmea, (your name here) someone stole my burning tarts! I will need you to go to every world and fight every fire monster there. WHAT!?!?! They didnt have my tarts? reward 2345xp 500gold. 2: Falmea: Well if they dont have my tarts then who does? I will need you to fight these bosses and see if they have my tarts. Jade oni, Mr. incinerator, gurtok demon, karuvian scargiver, and prince manu nirini.

I have a few ideas of my own. First of all the crowns drop rate should go way down so when I fight malistare I don't keep getting ruined paintings. A little area for grandmasters would be nice, maybe the entrence could be put somewhere in dragons' roost. Another thing that I for one would like would be the ability to send non friends away without ignoring them. Another little thing that would be nice is if mega snack packs could be bought with gold but for a pretty good chunk of it though.

I hope you consider my ideas,
Joseph Ashhammer Grandmaster necromancer
Jospeh Emeraldwraith Grandmaster pyromancer
Joseph Ashsword Level 20 balance guy