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Feedback Friday - 08-06-10

Aug 22, 2009
Back when I started playing there was an option to buy crown item with crowns OR with gold, but now I feel like Kigsisle is becoming the typical american business that cause our country to become in the economic state that it is in. Remember what made you such a popular MMO and stop making just about anything that is good worth crowns and have it available with gold

Mar 03, 2010
ok wouldent it be nice if we could grow a garden at or house for reigents to do our crafting. and by the way prices on things are way to high. pleas eather lower prices or give more gold. and can you guys pleas do somthing about the lower level guys and girls being able to port threw there friends into wourlds they have not compleated the quest to get into PLEAS they make it hard for grand wizards to farm. thank you so much :D

Jul 15, 2009
i think braineeak man's idea it would save a lot of questing time especially if no friends are on or if you have to wait all that time waiting by a sigil
this is his idea :D

jack battlerider lvl 48 necromancer

Create something (a billboard, book pedestal, etc...) in every town center (the commons, regents square etc...) that allows wizards to team up with other wizards for any of that world's towers and dungeons. It will elimate that whole "waiting around, just hoping someone will walk up that needs this dungeon too" scenario and shave time off questing. Wizards can use it to join/create teams for any particular dungeon/tower for a quest, or just to find other people to farm with!

Here's an example...

I need to do sunken city, but none of my friends are online. what am I to do? just wait around near the sigil hoping someone will run up? no! go to the commons and look in the billboards. From there you can select which dungeon you need, click it then see a whole list of other wizards who need/want to do it too. Then you can create or join a team of wizards who all want to do your dungeon, once the team is full you will all be ported to the sigil and you're ready to go! It a great way to help wizards team up for a common goal!

hope you enojoyed my idea!

Valdus DeathWielder- grandmaster necromancer
Willaim StormForge- master diviner
Edward WillowWhisper- master theurgist
William DarkHeart- grandmaster sorcerer
Dakota DarkFlame- journeyman pyromancer

Dec 15, 2009
could we get a mini map or something to help us find quest givers so we dont miss them i apperently missed a quest in marleybone and i am currently trying for the hero of marleybone badge or something but i cant find the quests i missed i redid most of the dungeons and checked the shops went threw the steets many times i only have one other dungeon i havent done twice or more and i am about to give up on it

Dec 22, 2008
here is a quest for after you get the key to celetia. it's called: Malistare Returns

1. Merle Ambrose, "Now that you have the key to Celestia, you must see what the distress call was about.
Narrorator, "Merle hands you the Celestian Key."
Merle Ambrose, "You must explore Celestia. Good luck young wizard, I fear you are going to need it.

2. New Goal: Explore the Tower

3. New Goal: Talk to Sylvia Drake

4.. Sylvia Drake, "Hello young Wizard. I am sorry Malistare caused so much trouble. He didn't have to take revenge...
Narrorator, "Sylvia saddens her face and looks down."
Sylvia Drake, "Although Malistare went bad. He can be a great ally in helping Celestia. I need you to help because 10 Shadow Weavers took a part of Malistare's Soul. Defeat some Shadow Weavers and then come back once you get Malistare back together.

5. New Goal: Defeat 10 Shadow Weavers for Malistare's Soul.

6. Sylvia Drake, "Ah, you are back. Does that mean...
Narrorator, "You take the pieces of Malistare's Soul and put them in your hands when suddenly, Malistare comes together but he's a ghost.
Malistare Drake, "Thank you young wizard. I'm afraid to say that there is much more ahead of you."

Quest Complete!
350 Gold
Shadow Weaver's Cloak (230 Health, 210 Mana, Gives 1 "Doom and Gloom" card.)
+ 1 Potion

Dec 10, 2008
Step One:
After reaching lvl 50 (grandmaster) you go see Headmaster Ambrose, Ambrose: "So young wizard, I noticed that you have grown greatly in your skill and I need your assistance." "It appears that Malistare is trying to stop us from reaching his lair by bringing powerful enemies around the spiral to his aid." "As a start we should take out the most powerful before they reach Malistare, Defeat the four oni's in Mooshu and we'll go from there."

Step Two:
After defeating the four oni's and returning to Headmaster Ambrose, Narrator: You tell Headmaster Ambrose about your defeat of the oni's. Ambrose: "Excellent work young wizard, I am sorry for putting you into harms way like this, but Malistare's plans must not succeed!"
Gold: 5000

Step Three:
Ambrose: "Young wizard, I have just recieved word that Meowiarty and Katzenstein have escaped again! We must stop them before they can reach Malistare!" "I know how dangerous and crafty those two can be, so watch yourself young wizard!" After the traveling wizard defeats them, they find a recording of Malistare's plan given to them.

Step Four:
When the wizard returns to Headmaster Ambrose, Narrator: "Ambrose looks curiously at the device you found that contains Malistare's plan." Ambrose: "Oh dear young wizard, this is far more troubling than i could have guessed! Malistare intends to revive the great Dragon Titan! We must act quickly before he can succeed in this dastardly task!
Gold: 2500 and a painting of the spiral (house item)

Step Five:
Ambrose: "This is very troubling young wizard, if Malistare succeeds in reviving the Dragon Titan, the whole spiral will be at terrible peril!" "However, there might be a way we can stop him, I need you to go see Professor Drake, and ask him if he knows about The Blade of Time." Professor Drake: "Hmph, do i know about The Blade of Time, it's only my life's work! The blade is said to have survived centuries and centuries of time, and was crafted by the great saviors of the spiral!"
Gold: 750

Step Six:
Professor Drake: "If we truly need to find the blade to stop my brother Malistare, I suppose I can assist you." "Legend tells of the blade being held by Avalanche, he is incredibly dangerous, return to me if you find the blade (or come back in one piece), good luck! Avalanche: "Bah! No one will weild that blade! You'll never find that blade!" After the fight, Narrator: "As Avalanche crumbles to the ground, the sword is revealed inside him!" Professor Drake: "Hmm, so you've found the blade have you? Good work, but something seems odd about it. . ."
Gold: 3000

Step Seven:
Professor Drake: "I can't believe it, the sword has been drained of it's power! You need to defeat a minion of each school to restore it's power, you should be able to find them in the towers around the school." "Head back to Headmaster Ambrose after you defeat a minion of each school, don't dilly dally, time is of the esscence!" Each minion approximately 1000 health each. Ambrose: "Aha, so you have returned with The Blade of Time, outstanding work young wizard!"
Gold: 1500 and Blade of Time (105 Balance Damage) Handle looks like balance symbol and blade glows of all colors of schools

Step Eight:
Ambrose: "Alright young wizard, we have our preparations, now it's time to settle with Malistare's highest and most trusted minions, this is where things will really heat up!" If you can defeat Vasek and Yeva, we'll be ready to make a counterattack!" After beating them and returning to Headmaster Ambrose, Narrator: "As you return to Headmaster Ambrose, he smiles and nods, looking pleased with your work." Ambrose: "Well done, young wizard, we have stopped Malistare's henchmen from preventing us to enter his lair!"

Step Nine:
After you have entrance to Malistare's lair, a notice will pop up, Ambrose: "Hurry back to my office young wizard! We need to talk about our counterattack to Malistare!

Step Ten:
Ambrose: "We're ready to put a stop to Malistare's plans young wizard, and I hope you're ready too. If you can defeat Malistare's strongest henchmen, Fire and Ice Gurtok, then Malistare will be wide open for a direct assault! Take out Malistare after the Gurtok, and his plans will be ended. Ready yourself for your hardest challenge young wizard!" After beating the gurtok and Malistare (again for those who did final countdown before this quest), Ambrose: "Well done young wizard, we have foiled Malistare's plan and saved the spiral!"
Gold: 9000 and choice of red, blue, or black dragon mount.

Hope you all like my quest story... (I tried fitting it into the story of the plot so they both tie together) :-)

Dec 18, 2009
Time has been reversed by a new enemy and you need to fix it with the worlds

Jul 19, 2009
OK here is my quest.

This is for any school. And the begging quest for celestia. (Hopefully)

Ambrose: Young Wizard There is a very serious problem in Celestia! You must go there immediately and talk to the first person you see.
Here we have revived the spiral key to celestia.

The narrator says: Ambrose gives you the Celestian spiral key.

Ambrose: Go forth young wizard! Quickly!

The quest tracker points you to the spiral door and you go to Celestia.

When you walk out the spiral door of celestia you appear to be on the Marleybonians exploration ship.

First mate: Young Wizard hide Morganth is attacking Celestia!

The quest tracker points to the captain's quarters and you have to talk to whoever the captain is.

Captain ... (I don't know his name): Young Wizard, you have come just in time to save us from the evil queen. Here this might help you. I have saved it from when I last visited wizard city.

End of quest.

Experience: 2950
Gold: 300
Reward: (varies by school)

Astral hat of the hydra: balance
Royal hat of the colossus: ice

Paul LegendWeaver: lvl 50 balance
Paul DeathHand: lvl 50 death
Paul StormWielder: lvl 50 storm
Paul LifeBlood: lvl 49 life
Paul MythBlade: lvl 39 myth
Paul FireBlood: lvl 23 fire

Dec 23, 2008
Here is my quest:

Step One: *Ancestor Sword* Moolinda Wu: Excuse me young wizard, can you go to Mooshu and recieve my grandfather's sword. It means a lot to me. I think Su Lee has it now. Quest: Talk to Su Lee. 200 XP. 50 Gold.

Step Two: *Precious Cargo* Su Lee: Oh, Moolinda's grandfather's sword? Oh dear. I am afraid that the War Oni took it and stashed it in his liar. Quest: Defeat War Oni and Retreve The Sword. 800 XP. 120 Gold.

Step Three: *Not Here* Narrator: Upon his defeat, you see War Oni does not have the sword. There is a note that reads. "The sword has been shipped to the Necropolis in Dragonspyre. Your magical artifact is on the way. Sincerely..." Quest: Talk to Crystal Guide in The Necropolis. 300 XP. 90 Gold.

Step Four: *Stowed Away* Crystal Guide: "Ah yes. That particular sword has been placed inside the tomb of Lord Obsidian, right next to his coffin." 700 XP. 100 Gold. Quest: Retreve the sword, then talk to Moolinda Wu.

Step Five: *Family Reunion* Moolinda Wu: Ah thank you! Though, the sword looks a little dirty. Could you go clean it in the Commons Pond? *Once there, you are greeted by a life minion,"Welcome wizard. I am the spirit that lives in the sword. Be cautious, for this sword wields great power."* Quest: Go to Commons Pond, then talk to Moolinda Wu. 400 XP. 80 Gold.

Step Six: *Circle of Life* Moolinda Wu: "Thank you for cleaning it. What's that? A life minion greeted you? Hmm. I should probably put this somewhere where it won't fall into the wrong hands. Thank you wizard!" 500 XP. 95 Gold. Reward: Life Ghoul Pet.

May 05, 2010
I think that their should be lots of quest and more spells.Like for life a blue fairy that gives mana or for fire a fire spell that gets all element and does like one thousend per pip like when you got to leel 50 and more things :D and lower rank people going to ds any time more harder and better well when they subscribe we whant new spells and better pets and more places to go make a now world :) :) :) :) :)

Dec 22, 2008
after my other quest "Malistare Returns", start's this quest - "Information on the Spider Queen".

1. Syliva Drake, "Malistare! Is, is it really you?
Malistare Drake, "Yes my love. It is me, and I have come with bad news too.
Malistare Drake, "The Spider Queen - Morganthe, has taken the Soul Servents from Soul Servants from Dragonspyre. Please defeat some Shadow Weavers for information.".

2. New Goal: Defeat Shadow Weavers for Information on Morganthe. (40% Chance you will get a note)

3. Narrorator: You retrieve a note that the Shadow Weavers dropped and it's from Morganthe telling them her plans.

4. New Goal: Talk to Malistare Drake

5. Malistare Drake, "You found a note from Morganthe? Let me see that
Narrorator, "You hand the note to Malistare."

Quest Complete!
200 Gold
Weaver's Wand (Wand that gives 1 power pip, 1 pip, and does 120 (whatever school the shadow weaver is in) damage.)

Leads to: "Morganthe's Dastardly Deed

May 03, 2010
i am not sure if someone said this but when you become grand you should get a quest that is something like this

(your schools teacher i gonna use mine as an example)dwargon calls you dwargon:hi i just learned of new powerful armor but i need suplise to make it for you so can you go out to get it for me cause i cant move cause some student glued my boots to the floor well i was sleeping so go get some essence from (many creatures of your element)
after go back and he says ok now go kill (a high lvl boss of your element for death malistair XD) and get cloth from there robe
narerater; you rip some cloth from the boss
dwargon: thank you now i need a design go get something for me to modle it off (you should get to dicide what it looks like)
narerater:you give dwargon the stuff and he says now wait well i have a (the lvl 48 move) stich it.

reward grand gear that looks like the stuff you gave your teacher and a throne that looks like your element

death:bone throne
life:flower throne
myth:marble throne
fire:stone cureled up dragon with a seat
ice: a ice throne
storm:a throne made of lightning
balance:a sand stone throne

i want this idea cause i think it would be cool to have a throne for your element and i have been trying for atleast a week to get my grand boots XD

wolf wildheart grand necromancer
wolf lvl 27 diviner
and i forgot my other wizards name and lvl XD

Feb 23, 2009

Greyrose: Thank goodness young wizard! I have had quite the brain freeze and you're just the wizard to help me out!
Greyrose: Moolinda Wu is hostessing a toga party and I bought her a jewel-encrusted chalice as a token of my thanks for the invitation. I'm afraid I am too busy working on my snowflake toga to pick it up.
Greyrose: I will reward you accordingly if you would go to Aziz Mufasa, the jewel shopkeeper in Krokotopia, and pick up that chalice!
Mufasa: Yes! Of course I remember the purchase by Professor Greyrose. But I'm afraid she has already sent Prospector Zeke to pick it up for her.
Mufasa: The poor dear must be so busy working on her toga that she forgot she had asked old Zeke to retrieve it. I believe he was headed to the Commons in Wizard City.
Zeke: Yessiree I've got Professor Greyrose's chalice right here. I must say it was a bit shinier when I first picked it up. Traveling through the Spiral can sure stir up some dust!
Greyrose: Oh my! You brought it back so quickly! But what's this? It has lost it's shine. The jewels are dull and - this will never do!
Greyrose: I would be ever so grateful if you took the chalice to the Moodah statue in Mooshu to be "cleansed".
You wade into the water before the great Moodah statue and cleanse the chalice until it shines like new.
Greyrose: My you are very quick indeed. Would it be too much to ask you to take the chalice to Abigail Doolittle in Marleybone? She does such a wonderful job of wrapping gifts.
Doolittle: What a beautiful chalice! I would be honored to wrap it for Professor Greyrose but I'm afraid the Shrewd Scratchers in Knight's Court took all of my wrapping paper.
Doolittle: Perhaps if you could defeat some of them they will give the paper back before they tear it to shreds.
Defeat 4 Shrewd Scratchers
Doolittle: How wonderful! You were able to get my wrapping paper back without a single wrinkle.
Doolittle: There you go. Tell Professor Greyrose I am pleased that I could be of assistance.
Greyrose: I knew you could do it young wizard! I was able to put the finishing touches on my snowflake toga while you performed this service for me. I am ever so grateful for your help.
1400 XP
195 gold
Tower Shield Treasure Card

Dec 19, 2008
My Idea is more of a spell quest but everyone has the same one, as in all schools

1.) (Teacher notifies you, in my case it's Professor Greyrose) "It seems you have grown in power. Come see me in my office I have an important task for you"

Teacher: "It's wonderful to see you again, and it seems you have gotten stronger than last time" [More]

Teacher: "Oh dear, I've forgotten my spell book.... With out it I cant teach you any new spells!" [More]

Teacher: "Go see if Harold Argelston, the librarian has my spell book dear"

Harold Argelston: " *insert teacher's first name*'s spell book? I don't recall it being in any of my book shelves sorry"

Teacher:" Oh no. Where can my spell book be"
Reward: 500xp 124gold

2.) Teacher: "Hmm, this is very suspicious go see if *insert name of school tree* saw my spell book somewhere"

School tree: "Yes I saw it, I saw the professor carrying it as she/he ported away"

[Narrator] You tell *insert name of teacher* what *insert name of school tree* told you

Teacher: "What! I did no such thing"

3.) Teacher: "I know! My spell book has been stolen!"
[Camera turns to see the well of boiling potion in the class room and it explodes to reveal an image of a Two Hands(based on Master Hand and Crazy Hand)
Hands: "You will never have your spell book. We know all your charms and Tricks little wizards *evil laugh*

Teacher: "Go to Dragonspyre and find my spell book!"

4.) This is a single boss floor and there is a sigil.
The two bosses are two Giant Hands like the spell Regneration. These are ancient Bosses and very powerful

Boss1: Elemantion Tulen
School: Balance
Health: 5,000
Bosses different attack: It can use Elemental blade and balance blade. He only requires 3 pips to Use ANY Elemental lvl 48 spell, if he gets a trap on him he uses Elemental shield and removes Trap.

Boss2: Spateril Morteng
School: Balance
Health: 5,000
Bosses separate attacks: He can use Spirit Blades and Balance Blade. He only needs 3 pips to cast ANY Spiritual lvl 48 spell. His Rebirth only heals 500 and no absorb. He uses only 2 pips to cast Earthquake and His Earthquake deals 600. If he gets a Trap on him he uses Spirit Shields and removes trap

The Bosses use team work so they do some of the same stuff:
They use Dampen Magic after they get below 2,500 health and casts a tower shield. They use a 1 pip Judgement that does 700. If they get 7 pips they use a Power Nova that does 1,000 to each enemy and gives weakness.

-Dampen Magic treasure card (oh yea!)
-Celestian Staff
-lvl 60 Ring and Athame
-Mega Snacks

5.) Teacher: " Your back!"
Reward: 5,000 exp 980 gold (School Mount and a new School Pet) optional

Teacher: "Time for your new spell! Go visit the Forum and see what awaits you and take this page from my spell book"

[you go to the Forum and find an old Crab]

Crab: "Hello young wizard did you bring the page?"
[you hand him the page]
Crab: "Hmm, Nostratif Suntrio Luminus"
[A Crystal appears glowing your school color]

Teacher: "Spelndid!"
[Teacher throws crystal in the boiling well]
Reward: 1,000 xp New lvl 58 spell

Jun 06, 2009
Just a thought for a whole new idea for wizards who have completed all quests and levels. I would love to see upon completion being summoned back to their school to receive a diploma of graduation as well as 1,000 crowns as a graduation gift. The teacher would then offer them a job as a substitute teacher. Should they agree they must then assist 100 students in individual quests where they will then be awarded 500 in gold and a school cap. They will then be offered another job of assisting 250 students to earn them the position of assistant teacher ect until they have reached the final quest of assisting 1,000 students earning them the badge/degree of Proffessor and the honor of having their name posted on a board in Ambrose's office. (a thought would be to have each school list those wizards and their positions available for assistance for students to contact - something similar to group chat that can be made available to those students registering for help)

Feb 18, 2010
I have an idea for the new world. How about getting a fishing pole, and fishing for pet snacks, and celestia pets? You could could gain levels in fishing, and the higher the level, the higher rank snacks, and pets you can get

May 22, 2009
I dont know about other wizards but I think the idea of pet energy is bad! Its a rip off how its so much energy just to buy three or four games! Then you need crowns to get more unless you want to what 8 hours to refill and no one has crowns to use cause they spent them on the crown shop! After a week you have maybe an adult just maybe if you are on all day. That is my opinion please take this into action!

Mar 07, 2009
The next mount you need to make is fairy wings and some fairy costumes. Also mabie some more fairytale costumes.
thanks for all the fun

Mar 06, 2009
GH needs more xp! its a waste of time right now because the most xp it gives is about 440! please make at least ravenwood's quests give about 1985 xp.

~Jesse GhostWhisper

Dec 23, 2009
Ok, i mainly just have questions and suggestions. First, when is the game going to release Celestia. I know you get asked that a lot, but i just wanted to know an estimated time, and how the process is coming along.

Also involving Celestia, the three new magics. I know that the icons for the magics are sun, moon, and star. i just wanted to know the purpose of the magics, and what kind of spells you could bring into the game. For Ex. making the "sun" magic almost like and ancient for of fire magic, with diffrent spells but with the same concept.

Those are all my questions and suggestions, except for this one. A friend and i were thinking for 2 vs. 2 or more PvP, you could use like tag team spells, like castsing them at the same time, no matter what the spell as long as it attacks, and it deals more damage that way.

*Thanks for reading and considering my idea
Daniel Darkhunter (Grandmaster Necromancer)

Jan 22, 2010
I think this is an awesome idea - I'd also ask that you make it easier to find people by character name - I have some great friends with my Life Wizard but can't find them with my Myth, etc. They aren't subscribers so no true friend codes. I agree with the person below that it's too hard sometimes to find someone to do a dungeon with.

braineeakman wrote:
Well, my idea isn't so much a quest as it is a completely new addition to Wizard101. Here's my idea...

Create something (a billboard, book pedestal, etc...) in every town center (the commons, regents square etc...) that allows wizards to team up with other wizards for any of that world's towers and dungeons. It will elimate that whole "waiting around, just hoping someone will walk up that needs this dungeon too" scenario and shave time off questing. Wizards can use it to join/create teams for any particular dungeon/tower for a quest, or just to find other people to farm with!

Here's an example...

I need to do sunken city, but none of my friends are online. what am I to do? just wait around near the sigil hoping someone will run up? no! go to the commons and look in the billboards. From there you can select which dungeon you need, click it then see a whole list of other wizards who need/want to do it too. Then you can create or join a team of wizards who all want to do your dungeon, once the team is full you will all be ported to the sigil and you're ready to go! It a great way to help wizards team up for a common goal! :D

hope you enojoyed my idea!

Valdus DeathWielder- grandmaster necromancer
Willaim StormForge- master diviner
Edward WillowWhisper- master theurgist
William DarkHeart- grandmaster sorcerer
Dakota DarkFlame- journeyman pyromancer

Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: Information on The Spider Queen
Given by: Malistare Drake
The Quest called Morganthe's Dastardly Deed:

1. Malistare Drake, "This is bad. Morganthe is planning to take all the worlds in the Spiral one by one. She's going to start with Wizard City and progress until she has everything..."
Malistare Drake, "She is going to use the Krokonomican that the Shadow Weavers stole from me to mind control everyone. Hurry young wizard, you must go to Wizard City to stop her!"
Malistare Drake, "Once again, everything relies on you young wizard. Go talk to Merle."

2. New Goal: Talk to Merle Ambrose in The Commons in Wizard City.

3. Narrorator, "You see that Wizard City is drowned with darkness everywhere."

4. Merle Ambrose, "Ah, there you are young Wizard. Please, I really need your help. Morganthe brought the Krokonomican here and..."
Narrorator, "You tell Merle that Malistare already told you about Morganthe's plans."
Merle Ambrose, "By Bartleby! Malistare!?"

Quest Complete!
50 Gold

Leads to: Penny the Evil

Aug 31, 2009
hello!! some of you may know me as Ashley Dragon Whisper, i have an idea
for some mounts, i was thinking also something to do with water.
girls mounts:
pegasus (that can fly like the dragons)

boys mounts:
a black colored horse with flaming eyes, hooves, tail and mane!

maybe something with outfits,
if you take off your hat instead of having anotherone on you cant take off, why not make your head visible
ooh not to forget you should have like a mirrior on a wall and if you click it you can like have your hair color, hair styles and eye colors!!!
and you know how everyone tries to do emotes like swim under water and diffret ones? ooh that would be SOOOO GREAT! :D i hope you could think well about this.

Jan 25, 2010
I rather like his idea but applied to getting to lvl 51, 50 is getting rather boring after being it for months

mydiony wrote:
ok so my idea is you cant get to lvl 50 without doing this quest
grandmaster trials

ambrose"you must defeat 3 bosses from every worlds" (rank set from that world)
reward 2000 gold
ambrose" now to become a full grandmaster you have to defeat me in a match head to ____(somewhere in the spiral)
reward insta-grandmaster 4000 gold and owl pet (with card)

Jun 03, 2010
i was wondering what the highest hit ever done on wizard101 was. i personally have hit 1044611 and i could of hit higher but was missing a few things, i'm going to attempt it again sometime this week, but i was just curious if there was one. I think it would be cool if there was and stuff was given to the person holding highest score, or if there was like a bulletin to where people could post it either on site or game, and the person would have to show proof of hitting it like a screenshot or some form of proof. that's just one of my thoughts, let me know what you all think.