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Feedback Friday - 08-06-10

Apr 07, 2009
i have an idea. you know that quest that you do to find the celestia key in marlybone and you know how the bosses cheat? i think you should make more bosses do that beacuse it makes the battles more fun and really have you focus. also, I still dont understand why storm ppl, even though they're the strongest, have little health and life ppl have only five attack spells. it makes no sense. the life ppl can't fight and the storm ppl die too much. could you fix that? give the life wizards 1 or 2 more spells and the stom wizards more health. :

May 16, 2009
Hello people of Wizard101 wat up I would just like to say that this is the best computer game i have ever ever ever played. It is amazing and full of excitement around every corner. The wizards i've met on this game are fun and they have gotten to be my best friends. I love dressing my wizard and decorating my castle and I love the test realm. I love everything you put on the game. Thank you soooooooooooo much for making this game.

Your fan,

Jul 03, 2009
Ok im sure alot of wizards have had this problem. you want to buy an item from the bazaar but you dont have enough gold, and (maybe some times) when you get enough gold to buy it, it isnt there. So there should be a thing to where you can put items on lay-away ( save for later). it should cost some gold, but not much.And i have had this problem alot of times myself.

Here is another idea, but i dont know if anyone else has had this idea before me.When a wizard reaches a certain level (25) they should be able to turn there pet ( only certain pets) into mounts. but it will cost some good of gold. The pets must be at least adult level to change them. It is up to you wizards, and wizard101 makers, to choose what pets can be changed into mounts.

This is BLaze Spellblade, and i saying "Peace out world!"

May 01, 2009
Pokelantis. i have some about items ideas. what if all pets had a natural attack spell like monsters.also if if on where the pets stats are shown it also showed how much that stat helps your wizard. a cool idea is if your pets could inherit there parents abilities not all but like half of each that way people bother training pets after adult before mating and all those mystery abilities put to use.by the way mating cost is still pretty hefty oin the pockets. also pets with spells could have one spell for every level since they got it.. ITEMS maybe clothes with items could ive you more than one card not all clothes. could there be clothes that up chances of getting things for example pet snacks gold and experience. maybe a quest that garentees lv up because half my friends linger in the fortys because it takes to long.and it would be great if there were more cards in the game ive got more deas but right now im going to play wizards

May 23, 2009
I have an Idea for a level 48 pet..... insted of a satar you should replace it with a centaur :) one more thing is you shoud have a mount were you ride a centaur hope you like my idea! thanks

May 11, 2010
Hello Wizard101 faculty,
I would like to say something about the silver chest thing. whenever i win a silver chest, i just get some gold- the same amount of a regular chest. I think you guys should add pets to them or something cool. I also think balance minions (not spectral minion) should be aproaved in life and spells.

Luke SilverBlood

Jul 01, 2009
here is mine :-)

1. You are summoned to Merle ambrose
"young wizard, i am glad to see you, i need to send you to Milo Barker at once. He has information we need to follow up on."
2. Milo Barker " Ah there you are {wizard name} We have a new pet to hatch but it will cause trouble." "A strong pet like this cant just hatch like the others" " I need you to take this egg to Gretta Darkkettle. She will know what to do"
3. Take the egg to Gretta. "Oh yes, we need to perpare for the arrival of this one" "I need you to go to the Grand Arena. We need some spider sacks to build a soft nest out of"
Collect 8 Spider Sacks from Ice weaver in grand Arena.
4. Back at Grettas "oh wonderful, you have the sacks. This will make for a soft nest" "next we need food for this young one, it will be very hungry, i can tell" "Go find some terrorwing enforcers and collect T-Bone Steaks"
Collect 8 T-bone Steaks from Terrorwing enforcer.
5. Back at Grettas. "i think we have everything covered now. I just wonder about one more thing" "who will be strong enough to handle such a wonderful new pet" "Why dont you go to Professor Greyrose to find out who should take care of this new one"
6. At Prof Greyrose "Well isnt that interesting, a brand new pet" "I wonder if you have what it takes to take on this challenge yourself" "Meet me in the ice tower, i will test your strength"
Defeat Prof Greyrose (9000 health, uses all ice spells and uses them smart, also can cast up to 1 minion, and heals up to satyr) this is a 1v1 battle
1500 XP 350 GOLD (rare drops would be nice)
"You are indeed very strong, i think you can handle to take care of this new species" "but make sure Gretta agrees with me"
7. Back at Gretta "So Professor Greyrose thinks you are strong enough to raise it" "I am no so sure if i agree with that" "I want to test you myself"
Defeat Gretta Darkkettle (7000 health, uses all storm spells and uses them smart, can cast up to 1 minion, and heals up to satyr)
1500XP 350 GOLD (very rare ice wyvern pet drop, well in case you have a ice wyvern pet planned)
"you are strong i cant deny it." "however i will raise this one myself, i dont trust your experience with pets enough just yet"

THis is my idea. I was hoping for a ice wyvern pet for a long time now and thats why i incorporated it into my idea :-)

Ty very much for this wonderful opportunity to make our own quest.

Feb 26, 2009
i think there should be new trainers, and merchants around Wizard City. I feel it would fit more into the wizard theme. Kingsile animators doesn't have to make new characters, but more about the charaters that aren't in use. Like Gloria Krendel who could be selling unique pet snacks, or Collosus Boulevard guard who could be selling rare swords for such level wizards as Initiates.

Hope this helps Kingsile.

Mar 20, 2009
1. You walk into the Balance school classroom in krokotopia cause you got a message from Professor Alhazred.
2. Professor Alhazred: "Young Wizard are you ready to learn the next spell in your training?"
3. You reply yes and he continues speak. Professor Alhazred: He tells you to go to the Nidavellir in Grizzleheim and fight all the bosses in Helgrind Warren.
4.You leave the classroom and defeat all the bosses. When you get back to the classroom Professor Alhazred say: Good job young wizard. Next I need you to go to the life death and myth professors and get a amulet from each containing the power from each school.
5. You go to professors Drake, Wu, and Dworgyn and collect all the amulets. When you arrive to Professor Alhazred he tells you to go to Cyclopes Lane, The portal room in Moo shu, and the nightside in wizard city and talk to all the creatures that appear to you.
6. Once you do all of that you head back to Professor Alhazred and he gives you Spirit Dragoon* with an additional 1500 gold.

*(Spirit Dragoon is like hydra just life myth and death hits)

When the power within is finally unleashed a new power is born. Alexander Dragonblood.

Jul 10, 2009
This is just a few suggessions.

1) Since some bosses drop items that can otherwise be bought with crowns.. players should be able to sell the items and gain some crowns.

2) There should be a gold cost for buying back training points

3) Players should be able to go on quests that lets them get the recepie to craft one on the snacks from their school that can be found in a mega snack pack.

4) The price for hatching pets should be reduced

Thank You

Mycin Titanflower (Grandmaster Thaumaturge)
Myrna Titanflower (Initiate Sorcerer)

Sep 22, 2009
i would like to see a quest to find bartleby's missing eye. or maybe travel to ravenscar to visit lady nightstar, bartleby's sister. the quest might lead us to the cave behind the waterfall in the pass we first gain access to. ( i can't spell the name. " savarstaad " or something ) there the grandmother of ravens, lady nightstar is awakened form an eons long sleep when you enter. when you tell her about her brother, the cobwebs on her dark wings are shaken off as she flaps them a bit. then lowers one for you to climb on to her back. then she takes you on a ride accross the skies all the way to ravenwood. she swoops down under the canopy, barely missing a few branches, and scaring you to death. then lands on the ground in front of her brother. ( this should freak a few students out! lolz! ) bartleby does not remember her. because the eye that sees into the past was the one stolen.

after this, lady nightstar either sends you on a quest to gather reagents for a new one, or one into the malistare dungeon one more time to find the missing eye.

Mar 06, 2009
Here is my idea, at level 50 your school prof. calls you to come see him/her. He/She gives you a quest that takes you to Lord Nightshade in wizard city, Krokopatra in krokotopia, Meowiarty in marleybone, the Jade Oni in mooshu, Malistaire in dragonspyre, and the Ravens in Grizzlehiem to collect a fragment of a summoning crystal. after you bring all these back you are awarded with 1000 gold, not sure how much exp. and a mount, not just any mount, a school related mount. for example:

Balance: Salamander mount, (runs on all fours)
Storm: Storm Shark mount, (looks like it swims, like in the storm house)
Ice: Ice Wyvern mount, (slithers)
Fire: Heck Hound mount. (runs like a dog)
Death: A Coffin mount, (looks like the vampire coffin, vampire flaps wings to move)
Myth: Orthrus mount (ride between both heads, runs like the pet)
Life: Centaur mount (runs like the centaur)

Aug 21, 2009
Last year during October Wizard101 came out with Halloween Towers which everyone played over and over and absolutely loved. They had all difficulty levels from low level to high level, you simply choose the tower that suits your level. They were available to all players, even those without subscriptions or crowns. People loved those.

My idea is to use the same towers and change them every month in terms of the creatures and bosses that are in them and their drops. All you would have to do is switch out existant characters for others. If having them in the game all the time would be a problem, then consider having them in about two days every week.

Now you could make simple adventures to be able to enter the easy tower, the medium tower, and the hard tower. To enter the hard tower you would need to beat malistair, to enter the easy tower you would need to beat unicorn way, to get into the medium tower you need to beat krokotopia. This makes it so free people have something to do but can only really get into the easy tower.

Aug 20, 2009
A lot of us like doing and playing in Grizzelhiem . I think we should be able to get Badges there, Like bears, Grendels, Wolves and Birds. Like we do Cats and Rats in Marleybone, and cattle and pigs in Mooshu.

Oct 31, 2008

I was thinking....wouldnt it be sweet if you could pick who you wanna work for?Like for Evil(Malistaire)or good(Ambrose)? And for pvp,you go against the opposite?And srsly,you need to make pvp more fair.I was on my lvl 5 once and she was pitted against like a grand. NOT fair. :x :x

Peace,love,and video games,
Donna,magus necromancer
Autumn Shadowsong,apprentice sorcerer
( friend meh! )

Jan 08, 2010

first the enemie,bosses,and quest etc drops for real i would like and am pretty sure all players would want this is a drop decider for example you defeated malistaire you get a thing you dont really want and find useless you get mad why because you did all that just for some wacky drops my suggestion is for example you get a robe and is myth you dont want a myth robe the drop decider asks you are you satisfied with your drop and it lets you choose to change for a different type of school robe that malistaire drops to another example so you get it you get the crate of chikens(i got this i was really angry after all work for just that)you get to decide if you want to change the crate of chickens for another item get it for example if you get robe you can change to another robe that the boss drops if you get wand you get to choose to change it for another wand that the boss drops and because i now wizard 101 wont let this pass maybe they could charge some gold for it if you want change it pay 500gold thats fair dont it or if you guys want pay 200crowns and change it i find this usefull for people who are not satisfied with their drops or people who are trying to get a certain thing and they keep trying and dont get it is really good idea for me

ok second suggestion this is short thing wizard finder you type a name and it searches that wizard and you can send him a friend request ok next and final thing this is one of my favorites ok well i really like creating stuff and wizard just lets you customize not create i will like to be a new thing that lets you create your own spells this could be a new thing for higher lvls like a place in celestia called card laboratory with this you can use training points to create new spells instead of learning the spells you guys give us with this we can all have amazing yet different spells and it will be more exciting dont you think it will be awesome to be able to have your own style you guys can figure that out and one fo my best ideas is that you can combine your second school with your common school to make new spells for example if you are storm and have your secondary school as death you can perhaps make death and storm spells that can serve for both example lets see spell called death wave it would be like a multiple hit spell that gains 200damage per pip and for death it takes half the most damage you did to an enemie and gives it to all your allies like lets see 1500damage to an enemie all your allies gain 750health if am not wrong that for me would be awesome spell and because its usefull it could cost perhaps 9pips or more another example storm and life let see called bolt of life normal damage is 850 to 1000 and you gain health equal to damage you did now that is good spell it could take lot of pips cause it sounds usefull and i have other great ideas for spells if you wanna hear give me call guys thats it hope you use my ideas

Feb 15, 2009
Quest name is: Stone Rose Garden
(You must complete Prospector Zeke's Stone rose quest in DS before you can accpet this quest, you must also complete "the final countdown" quest to defeat Malistaire.)

1.Prospector Zeke: Ello young wizard, how'r'ya doin' there? I really appreciate all yer help with all of these mystical creatures and roses and what not, I got one final task fer ya, as ya had already known, these roses are turned to stone, petrified, I really need ya to help find a cure fer em'. I heard there's some o' that there life water deep within' a cave here in Dragon Spyre ye'll have to use yer drake to get there so whatcha say youngen?

2.after accepting the quest, you go to the drake in dragonspyre acedemy and ride it to the place before malistaire's dungeon, over to the left of the dungeon is a cave it is solo only

3.you go in the cave, Ghost of malistaire drake: (which looks like a wraith) Aha! It is you again, you defeated me once, but now I have the water of life in my hands I am feeling merciful today so I will give you the option of joining me... WHAT!? how dare you refuse me!? No matter after I deal with you I shall drink this river of life and share it with my beloved Sylvia and together we shall rule the spiral!
You fight malistaire he is the same only he looks like a wraith
Malistaire drake: well done young wizard, you may have won the battle but the war isn't over yet goodbye young wizard Malistaire Drake teleports away
Narrator: You collect the water from the fountain and put it into a small vile
Zeke: Well done young wizard you've recieved the water Prospector Zeke puts the stone roses into pots and uses the water on them. Prospector Zeke: Now what was that there spell Moolinda used on er' plants again? Could ya be a pal and go ask er' for me?

4. You explain to Moolinda Wu what happened
Moolinda Wu: I see young wizard, it was very brave of you to confront Malistaire alone, for that, you deserve to know the spell the spell is "Curano Rivevo Curo" go tell prospector Zeke so he can revive his stone roses

5.you tell prospector zeke the spell Moolinda Wu taught you he uses it on the stone roses
Prospector Zeke: Thank ya youngen' you know I bet this here spell would work on just about anything why dontcha give it a try in battle sometime?

Reward is 1 training point, 3000 Experience and a new spell regardless of your class all wizards recieve a life spell called cure it takes 3 pips and mana and removes 1 negative attacking over time thing.

Dec 31, 2008
Quest starts out with Doctor Purreau in the Pet Pavillion.

"So Wizard I hear that you need to make some gold for your future pet mixing."
You as the wizard agree that this is true...
"Well go visit Sir Reginald Baxby in Golem Court, and I am sure he will find something for you to do."
You run along to Sir Reginald Baxby, and he does indeed have a job for you to do, he has three seperate jobs.
"So young wizard, you wish to make a little gold do ya? Well you run along to the Deck shop Keeper, I hear he has his hands full these days."
So you go to the deck shopkeeper and get a job, after you complete the job (whatever you at KI would decide it to be) You run back to Sir Reginald Baxby, he pays you, and then he gives two other jobs to complete. You complete those jobs, get a badge, and run to Krokotopia and get maybe more than three jobs this time, you complete those get another badge, and move onto Marleybone...etc etc

I just think it would be great to be able to have jobs for making gold rather than having to endlessly farm to make the gold you need. I love the pet pavillion and mixing the pets, but I just wish it would be easier to make the gold, and this could be a way. I also would love to see Sir Reginald Baxby worked into quest.

Jun 17, 2009
How about you make it so you can untrain spells? that would be cool

Noah Angleblood Level 30 Theurgist

Feb 06, 2010
I was wondering if you could make a Black Panther mount and a centaur pet. And maybe a pair of baby pink and blue or gold wings plz. That would be really COOL! 8)

Jan 14, 2010
i have an idea. how about you make spells that you can get from bartebly that are all schools spells? you could make them have i spiral picture for their school and i got an idea for level 42 spell. its called into the past does 200 damage per pip and puts a +30% damage shield on enemies and the enemy goes through a portal and gets attacked by another enemy!

Feb 17, 2009
Each time a wizard levels up a note appears from one of the instructors, ie Cyrus. Reward is a mega snack.

Cyrus: It is time for my lunch and the last student I sent for it hasn't returned. I only hope you can do better. Go to ___ in Triton Ave, he should help you.

Triton Ave: That Cyrus thinks we have a deli here. I can't give you an entire sandwich, but here is some ham. I heard Cyrus likes lettuce, talk to ___ in Firecat Alley for some.

Firecat Alley: Yes we have lettuce, here you go. Everyone knows that a sandwich needs bread. I heard that the Cyclops bake the best bread. You will need to get it there. You will need to see ___ in Cyclops Alley.

Cyclops: Here is the bread you need for your sandwich. Of course a sandwich does not make a lunch. You will need an apple from Unicorn way. Hurry, Cyrus gets cranky when he is hungry.

Unicorn Way: Here is one of our delicious apples for Cyrus. You will also need something for him to drink. You can find some nectar of the gods in Dark Cave.

Dark Cave: This nector will please even Cyrus. Tell him we will put it on his bill.

Cyrus: It's about time you got back. You are the slowest student I have ever seen. And you want to be a wizard? Next time I'll send my grandmother. Oh well, here is a mega snack. Maybe it will at least make your pet faster.

Jan 13, 2009
I say good luck with that! Most posters/players nowadays don't even bother with the well crafted and thought out side quests KI put in place. Note all the I finished game but not a grand yet threads. Those pay really good XP. As a player that does all quests, I can say the ones that make me go back and forth with zero fighting are the most annoying to me. My computer is older and load is slow so.... I dont like them. All that porting destabilizes my computer too and I end up having to log off and reenter. Please trust the game that got you 2 years down the road!

Dec 23, 2008
after you beat ds you should have to fight merle ambrose to see if you are strong enough for celestia.

Jun 28, 2010
i was thinking that you could have way to get more training points mabe in celestia so that there was a way to get all the spells and mabe there could be more quests to get training points
:-o :) :-) :)