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Feedback Friday - 08-06-10

Mar 25, 2010
I know! How about when level 48 players do the task for their school's big spell and the pet they also get a special mount made just for thier school. And of course the people who already have grandmasters still gets the chance to get their special mount. :)

Dec 31, 2008
What i think is the hatching should be 400 and less gold so people dont have to farm for gold all day that would really help. Sincerly BORIS WINTERSINGER GRANDMASTER :-) .

Mar 04, 2009
Here is my quest idea, this quest will be avabilie right after Ambrose gives you the Krokotopia Spiral Key.

My Example:
Quest Title: World Hunter
1. Headmaster Ambrose, “Before you depart to Krokotopia I have one more thing I need you to do here.” “Please go and introduces yourself to Sir Reginald Baxby.”
2. Sir Reginald Baxby, “Oh, hello I see Headmaster Ambrose give you my message! It is nice to finally meet you.” “So I hear you are heading to Krokotopia, but before you go I have a task for you!” “I would like you to go and fight all the boss of Wizard City that I have this list, so that they won’t attack when you leave.”
3. The questing wizard must defeat Lady Blackhope, Prince Alicane Swiftarrow, Kraken, General Akilles, Baron Rotunda and Lord Nightshade then return to Sir Reginald Baxby.
4. Narrator, “Reginald Baxby looks down at you with a big smile on his face.”
5. Sir Reginald Baxby, “Glad to see you made it back with no problem! “So you have won all the fights aginest the list. Here, take this badge and show everyone what you were able to do.”
Reward: 1250 gold, 150Exp, and The Wizard City Hunter Badge

Jul 26, 2009
the creater should put in a school of air and light school and maybe star and do allot of new things in GH. :D

Feb 09, 2009
Ninja0010 wrote:
Here's an idea! How about making some new school based furniture other then just plaques and banners. I have a death house and its really difficult to find anything to furnish the inside with. please think about it ;)

why not get some ghost pets and let them run loose in each room and get some skeleton pirates too.

Feb 14, 2009
Put a request board in each of the commons.
Needs Help with:
Reward: (probably treasure cards)

Block words used as a way to curse by getting past the filter
Have dungeons set up so if someone tries to port in, there is a request saying " So and so's friend (name) wants to port in, then an allow or not button appears. This is for the first person to go into the dungeon (the dungeon owner) who is on the first pad to enter the dungeon.
Have it made so when you try to port to a friend the person you try to port to gets a message saying Your friend ___ wants to port in, allow/decline? Because sometimes you want certain friends to port and others come instead when you dont want them to. Have it to were people have to ask to walk into your battles. Because no matter what realm you always have people walking into your battles then yelling "GET AWAY FROM ME! GET OUT OF MY BATTLE!"

Mar 14, 2010
How about this? I made it earlier-(level 45 and up)

Ambrose asks you to come to his office. Before you get there, something REALLY BAD happens. Like an earthquake. So, he has you search Bartlby, a secret chamber in his house, and an old tower.
Nothing. He has you talk to Boris Tallstaff, and ask him what lurks in the hall way, and if it's evil. He refuses to tell you anything. You tell this to Ambrose. He says he will help you try and destroy the evil in the
library. You meet him inside, and he tells you that you need a silver key to get inside the gate. You fight Spider Patrolsmen until you find it. Ambrose asks you to retrive orders that he saw. You don't have to fight, you just
you just find them. You take them back to him, but they are written in code. You have to fight Scortherik to get a translator. You find that the orders say,"Destroy the prisoners, but leave the leader to me."
You then have to fight Sheriki to get the password to the door. Once you do, you are able to fight Skathirinan(SKA-thi-RE-nun), the main boss. Once you defeat her, you need to talk to Ambrose in the commons.



Search old tower, secret room, and Bartlby.Report
500 xp, 45 gold

Hallway Horrer
Talk to Boris Tallstaff, Talk to Ambrose
525 xp, 40 gold

Evil In The Library
Talk to Ambrose
550 xp, 50 gold

Silver Key
Defeat Spider Patrolman and collect Silver Key, report
850 xp, 100 gold

"Yes, Your Evilness?"
Retrive royal orders, report
900 xp, 125 gold

Defeat Scortherik and collect translator, talk to Ambrose
1250 xp, 200 gold

Password, please?
Defeat Sheriki and collect password
2000 xp, 300 gold. robe

The Final Battle
Defeat Skathirinan, report
2750 xp, 575 gold, dagger, robe


Rank:Myth, rank 7 boss
Guard-Spider guard


Rank:Balance, rank 8 boss
Guard-Spider High guard


Rankeath, rank 9 boss
Guard-Royal Advisor

Feb 12, 2010
I would like it if when learning all of the spells in our primary school, we get the option to duel our teacher for XP, gold, or certain cards & armor.

Example, lv 50, I have recived all storm cards. Balestrom summons me, says "Now that you are a top student of the storm school and have graduated from my class, how about showing me what you have by a duel the storm tower!"

This would go for every school.

I'd also like to add the option to race mounts, and add the mount of a flying carpet. Also to have a pet centaur and a type of pet owl, maybe myth in origin?

Thats all I got.

Feb 06, 2010
Jul 24, 2010
I'd like to be able to choose who we fight in PVP and not wait forever to connect to another oppenant.

I would also like to be able to visit the barkingham-palace in Marley Bone, meet the queen, get some quests from her. Maybe throw a birthday party for Sherlock Bones.

Aug 11, 2009
Aug 24, 2009
hey kingisle i have a suggestion for you... while i am with my friends i port to them i cant catch up to them so i would really appreciate making a follow button and also adding real flying mounts that you can actually 'fly' in the world more than 2 feet. i also have more suggestions and it is being able to be able to class change for gold not crowns. next is trading items. next is friends bank where you can select true friends only or just open to any or just selecting select people

Feb 07, 2010
the mounts are cool, but what if there was a heckhound mount? It make you go 50% faster and cost 10,000 crowns and 90,000 gold. a lot of people like the heckhound and they would love it more as a mount. plz pick my ideal.

Feb 14, 2010
I wish that wizard101 had more realms cause my computer runs SO slow! And this is my favorite game EVER!

isacc dreambreaker,
grandmaster necromancer

Aug 13, 2009

Here is my ideas. (Note: You must be level fifty and complete EVERY QUEST, TOWER, AND DUNGEON. Grizzleheim Required finished. Every sidequest must be finished.)

Step One: Headmaster Ambrose gives you this quest,"Young wizard, I believe you are up to your neck in studies, eh? Mmm, if you may be able to help me, I believe I could ask you a favor. Do you know of the Umbra Queen? Ah, when she was not evil ... she was a necromancer at Ravenwood. I think we need to ... keep an eye on her. She is in the heart of the Great Spyre." Questers recieve a quest saying, 'Locate Great Spyre in Great Spyre'.

Step Two: When you go in to the middle, the narrorator says: 'As you walk up into the fiery rock in the middle of the Great Spyre, you feel a feeling of Malistaire himself. Suddenly, a voice rings through your ears, and Malistaire appears. "What are you doing here? Oh, I believe I owe you an apology. Now, why are you here?"

Step Three: Narrorator: You explain to Malistaire Drake why you are here and you are rewarded 250 gold.

Step Four: Malistaire floats into the ground, and the Umbra Queen comes flying through the ground. Umbra Queen: "I have been waiting for a soul to take! Your's will do just fine!" The quester receives a new quest to defeat the Umbra Queen.

Step Five: Umbra Queen: "This will not be the last time we will meet, wizard! I will seek vengeance!" The Umbra Queen, looking away, disappears into black mist.

Step Six: Talk to Malistaire: "Thank you, for ridding the Spiral of the Umbra Queen's evil reign. I think you should return to Merle now that you have completed the quest. I think Merle wants to learn the tale of you defeating the Umbra Queen." Malistaire smiles dimly and disappears in a trail of skulls. Quester is rewarded 205 Gold.

Step Seven: Narrarator: Malistaire waves his translucent staff and a portal rings around you, and suddenly, you are in Merle's Office, waiting for response.

Step Eight: "Ah, good, good! Before I let you to your studies, I have a package that needs to be delivered. I need you to hurry." Merle hands you package, and you must give it to Edwin Vintry in Marleybone.

Step Nine: Ahah, hurry up, I do not have all day! Just put the box on the weigher and leave me alone, blimey, it is already midnight?" Vintry storms out of his office, leaving a ripped envelope on his desk.

Step Ten: You pick it up, and your reward is inside, and Merle's seal is on it. It is addressed to you, and you take it. There is 500 gold, a robe, a hat, boots, an amulet, a sword, an athame, and a ring.

Apr 20, 2010
What about a school specific quest involving the trees?

The evil of Malistair's minions and followers have begun to corrupt the goodness that composes the Spiral and at some point in our journey [possibly around level 35 or 40, because it would require us to journey to Mooshu] our school Professor calls us and needs us to help restore the essence of magic in the school tree. For example for the Life school:

Step 1:
Moolinda Wu - Young Wizard, I have an urgent matter that requires your immediate aid! Please come see me at once.

Step 2:
You arrive at school.
Moolinda Wu - Young Wizard, someone has stolen the Life Essence [or whatever a suitable term for that might be] from our beloved tree friend, Blossom! Please you must find the Essence and bring it back to restore her!

Step 3:
Travel to Unicorn Way to seek out and defeat the Fairy Queen to find a piece of the Essence [may have to battle the Fairy Queen more than once to recieve the Essence]

Reward: 100 EX, 100 Gold

Step 4:
Travel to Krokotopia and defeat Itennu Sokkwi [in the Grand Arena inside the Krokosphinx] to collect a piece of the Essence.

Reward: 200 EX, 300 Gold

Step 5:
Travel to Marleybone and defeat Freddie Nine Lives [all nine times] [in Chelsea Court] to collect a piece of the Essence.

Reward: 500 EX, 450 Gold

Step 6:
Travel to Grizzleheim and defeat Wildroot [in Webwood, Saverstaad Pass] to collect a piece of the Essence.

Reward: 1000 EX, 450 Gold

Step 7:
Travel to Mooshu and defeat Stonebreaker at Stonebreaker's Fort [in Tatakai Outpost] to collect the final piece of the Essence.

Reward: 1000 EX, 450 Gold

Step 8:
Return to your professor in Ravenwood.
Moolinda Wu - Young Wizard! You have done a very good job! Now take these piece of Essence to our dear friend so she can return to her former self.

Reward: Satyr Treasure Card, 450 Gold

Step 9:
Outside the School, visit Blossom
Narrator - Your bring the Essence under Blossom's brances and they begin to shiver. A wind blows past you toward the Tree, and seems to bring her back to life.
Blossom - Young Wizard, you have done a great deed for me! Thank you so much for restoring me. Here, may this give you power and aid you in your journey.

Reward: A full school specific outfit; Hat, Robes, Boots, 1000 EX and 500 Gold

I think it would be nice to see The Trees included in more storylines! :)
Thanks so much for allowing this opportunity!

Jun 17, 2009
I have an idea that is not related to the topic but i know many wizards who want it. I was thinking that duel grounds should be added to the houses. That way you can duel friends at your house instead of going all the way to unicorn way. If the wizard101 creators do not want to put duel grounds in houses for free then I would we be fine with buying them, but not in crowns. Please consider the idea, i think it would be really cool!

Sep 13, 2009
hoasim99 wrote:
How about create another spot for the 7th character? It would be great if people can experience all different school magic. It pretty crazy that WC have 7 schools but you can only have 6 characters.
thats is a pretty good idea everyone deserves to be able to experience the special abilities that each school brings

May 28, 2010
hi i am a fire and i love this game,but when i cast a dragon it looks pretty bad mostly the eyes if you could fix it up a bit thanks! :)

Dec 17, 2008
1. Ambrose "Oh my it seems we have a problem! The shopping district is over run with Imp's and they are breaking shop items! Can you please the life teacher and ask her how we can run the Imp's out?
2. Moolinda Wu "Oh well of course this is happening. It IS Imp season. Well all you have to do is chase them off by summoning some Heck Hounds, the only thing that they fear in the wood's. Go speak with Falmea to learn how to summon them.
3.Falmea "Well to summon one you must gather some Fire Oil from the Tower Of Molten. You can find the tower in the Plaza Of Conquests in Dragonspyre.
4. When you go to the pool of oil a fire spirit appears. Fire Spirit "You want my Fire Oil? Then take it from me by force!
Fire Spirit Rank 7 Boss Health: 3,000 Fire
5. Falmea "Great, now take the oil and drop it into the fountain in the shopping district"
6. Narrator "You drop the oil in the water and there is a hissing sound as a heckhound appears" Heckhound "IMP'S! What are you doing terrorizing these people! Go back to where you came!" The heckhound breaths fire onto an Imp and it dissapears in a burst of sparkles
7. Ambrose "Thank you for getting rid of those Imp's. They left some riches behind as they fled and i think you deserve them! Here take them Young Wizard!
Reward: 100 gold, Imp's Staff (gives 5 cards that give Life Flash that does 85 damage plus gives one pip, level 35+), life shield home item, and Imp Pet

Thanks :-D

Nov 01, 2008
their is so many little things i would like to address point system in pvp ranked matches i would not mind going up againts grandmaster but to lose so many points at lower level 7 school slot wonderful idea some in game GMs or some police i would help if you need me to i so wish you could pick levels i loved it when mal had 100 grand dungions that were harder to many people cry and it gets put back to easy i hate that i wish you could pick and a looking for group chat would be great veteran rewards for people that have been here for long peorids of time not so much new people KI i think you are doing a good job i just thing we need to fix a few things inorder to keep the game fresh for the new used and the old timers

Feb 20, 2010
:D Here is my idea
1.Talk to Professor GreyRose,"I need two rare things,A necklace of jade, and a ring of roses.Talk to Professor Falmea and see if she knows where one of them are located."
2.Falmea"Yes,I know where""Malistaire and the Gobbler Prince have those items.Go defeat them then go to Professor GreyRose."
3.Defeat Malistaire and The Gobbler Prince and then go to GreyRose.
4."Oh yes!Thank You Wizard!Here is your Reward!!!!"
40000xp 10000gold A shining silver Komono(Furniture).

Apr 03, 2010
Wizard101 i want wizard102 types: earth air water dragon flying and a buch of other suff plz make a new wizard10 :D ok thanks

Feb 09, 2009
Ambrose calls you to his office, "young wizard, as you know malistaire had taken the eye of bartleby. i now know the location. malistaire had hidden it on triton avenue."
narrator: ambrose then tells you of when malistaire stole the eye and where he went afterwards. "i need you to find and bring back bartleby's eye. when we have the eye back, bartleby can tell us the location of celestia."
ambrose reveals that gloria krendell has information for you, "go and ask her for that information"
you go to gloria and she tells of when the gh boat arrived and how it scraped the ground, revealing a small box. before anyone could get it a cat appeared from nowhere and snatched it up. he ran onto triton avenue."
"susie griffonbane claims to have seen a cat run into the building next to her. the doors are sealed shut."
susie says to talk to duncan grimwater. "he says he saw the cat run past him.
talking to duncan "meet me at the door, i have the key and i will let you in."
narrator: you go to the door duncan is there and opens the door. the room is a storage room and there are several cats in there.
"you will never get the eye of bartleby, you cannot beat us." three cats stand and attack you. this is a personal.
after you defeat them, you find the box with bartleby's eye. you run to take the box to ambrose. "at last, now we can locate celestia, take the eye to bartleby."
"go tell ambrose i know the location of celestia and we can go there again."
narrator: you tell ambrose the news and he rewards you, a trident useful only in celestia and some gold.

Dec 18, 2009
i think that there should be a quest that you can get a thousand crowns like you talk to your teacher and they tell you to take something from each tree in ravenwood and then kill 1 rotting fodder and 4 magma man and then talk with your teacher and then you go back to your teacher and they make a thousand crowns out of what you brought them back!!