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Feedback Friday - 08-06-10

Apr 28, 2010
Professor Falmea, I have a question about the tower called Warehouse. I heard from a friend that he read of a secret boss in there he sadi its called GhostBreeze so i looked it up but it has too little information so i went into Warehouse the page said he was behind a door a few floors from the start so i started then went up to Crab boss and i couldt find the door so i killed him and continued then went two floors up and still no door i was willing to continue but all my teamates left and I died so i went to ask players around and my friends some knew but i did'nt get clear answers. My point is I would like to know which floor is he on, does he cheat? and does he have any valuable drops? If you could answer these questions i would be very grateful.

Feb 02, 2010
well this would be one of the best things you could do to the game right now is add a 7th slot to make another character so people can have a full set :D

Dec 06, 2009
umm i think that there should be a griffin mount!!! :D and a flying carpet mount!!!! :D Does anyone else think this is a good idea?

Jul 24, 2009
(after becoming master crafter)
1. You get a note from Headmaster, he tells you that the Master Crafting teacher would like to see you for experimental work.
2. You visit the Master Crafting teacher and he asks you for new ingredients from all around the spiral (say 20 different ingredients) for his experiment.
3. You produce the ingredients and receive as a reward a new recipe (or perhaps a potion/etc with limited uses) to increase one particular stat on one item of clothing by 1% <stackable/repeatable on same item of clothing>(recipe requires a lot of items to produce).
4. Repeat quest to gain other recipes for other stats such as one for shield, one for power pip chances, one for attack power, etc.

Thomas Soulmender-LvL 50 Life/Fire-Master Crafter.
<yawn> start day - help newbies kill scarecrows in haunted cave - do a little harvesting - craft a few cards - no PvP

May 24, 2009
(the mission is given by Su Lee in Mooshu and you can get it around lvl 40 and is called cowsins)

Su Lee: Oh young wizard I need your help. When I went to visit my cousin Moolinda Wu for lunch. I brought a very importent book with me and it seems I have lost it there. Please go and ask her if i left it there.(100 gold)

Moolinda Wu: Oh dear, it is not here. I am so sorry, please ask her if she droped it on the way back.(100 gold and boots)

Su Lee: Oh maybe she is right. The Imitsu Defouler probably have it, they have stolen things before. Defeat 4 Imitsu Defouler (1000 xp 50 gold)

Su Lee: Thank you so much young wizard. I will never forget this. I also need to thank my cousin. Do you think you can go over there for me and thank her? ( 500 xp 1000 gold)

Moolinda Wu: Oh hello again. Did my cousin have any luck? Oh good. You are here to thank we? Well how consideret, do you think you can deliver a mesage? I just need to to tell hey Your welcome. Thank you again. (500 xp 500 gold)

Su Lee: She has sent another message? Well i am sorry for your extra work young wizard, but thank you again. Have a great day.

Jun 08, 2009
HI! My quest is this:

Headmaster Ambrose gives quest

Step 1: Hello (insert students name) I havent seen you in a while. I would like you to go to Grizzleheim. Talk to the king there!

Step 2: Go to Grizzleheim

Step 3: You enter the throne room and talk to the king bear

Narrator: I havent seen you in a long time! I am glad to see you. Headmaster Ambrose has been telling me about you.

Step 4: Collect reward

REWARD: A large house, a full char items thing, 250 gold, 100 xp

Follow up quest later made 8) 8) :) :-o

Apr 21, 2010
Quests for higher education.
As for wrighting a new quest i'm not all that creative however part of what kept the game exciting for me was being able to get new spells and levle up. I think qests for new spells, where the quest for every one is the same (regardless of school) however when you finish the quest your reward is the spell for your school, as a chalenge the boss, and or his/her/its underlings for the quest can use the new spells. Maby that is why you are doing the quest, there is some one some thing ect. that has learned dangerous powerful spells and you must stop them take the spell/spells and learn them. Mutiple quests with various bosses and new spells would be awesome but they should be chalenging.

Forign exchange student quests.
Another idea i have for new spells is to be able to learn your schools verson of spells from other schools like how fire can use lava shark and firezilla fire spell versions of storm spells. At say for example lvl 40 and 50 you are given quests from each of the other schools professors to learn one of there schools spells but the version for your school.

being able to lvl a character higher would also be great, i've tried to start a new character but redoing all of the quests hasent been all that exciting.

I am also always on the look out for more powerful new equipment

thankyou so much for making it possible for the players to be able to post there ideas. :D

Feb 15, 2009
Here's mine:

1. Cyrus Drake, "Since Malistaire is defeated we need to get the Death school up and make dworgyn the death professor and I need you to go to Malorn Ashthorn for a fluid that can elevate the school.
2. Malorn ashthorn, " If you're saying for the fluid, i don't have it. dworgyn has been shelfing it for 2 years because he hates sunlight.
3.Dworgyn, "You need the fluid? Well I don't hate sunlight but I don't like teaching too much students. Well The Bonekeeper in the ahnic tomb has it. Go speak with him.
4. defeat the bonekeeper
5. The Bonekeeper, " Here is the fluid I didn't know this was elevate fluid.
6. Cyrus Drake, "Good now we can elevate the death school. Here take the spell.

2750 xp
Suprise Minion- Summons a minion of a random school
267 gold

there it is

May 15, 2009
it would be nice if you could get school blades (fire, ice, storm, etc.) treasues from enemies so you could do more damage. you never get them in bazaar or booster pack or anywhere so just thought it would be a good idea. after all it's not exactly the rarest card but it would come in handy for things like damage records.

hope you make possible,
austin rubyflame
fire lvl 50

Feb 22, 2009
a good idea would be to add a quest to ambrose. he says that you should go
talk to the jade champion (must beat the jade oni quest first) and the champion says to go fight the kraken in wizard city and come back afterwards. when your done he says to defeat the jade oni and then talk to
su lee. su lee give you a choice between three cards. the first one is chimera the second is cerebus and the third is a storm hound.

REWARDS:1000 gold, 1 training point and 1 pet(depends on card chosen)

-Wolf DragonCaster-

Jun 19, 2009
Dear Kingisle, i think you should let people abandon quests if they dont want to do it, but not all of them. You should only leave the quests that lead to defeating Malistare at the end. for instance, you have to do the main quests like in FireCat Alley like the ones that lead to Alican Swiftarrow and General Akilles in Cyclops Lane or Harvest Lord and Lord Nightshade in Triton Avenue and Haunted Cave. But players should have the option too abandon side quests. Like the ones in FireCat Alley the guy who has antique items but you need to defeat the magma men and any oher quests. I also think you should do that in every world because i am a grandmaster. Also, you should put some more Expeirience in GrizzleHeim in all the Areas. :D

Jun 13, 2009
Ok here goes. I really dont have a quest but i have alot of suggestions:

1. Please make it where the wizard can fly in the sky on the mounts instead of flying low. Also when in the water they can be more animated and swim.

2. Another suggestion is to make the wizard be able to go into their home and actually lay on the bed and rest and build up health and mana....or sit in the chairs or bar stools.

3 Please lower the amount of crowns to buy clothes, houses, mounts. It is too expensive and I have been on other games and they are not as expensive.

4 Please lower the price for the hatchery. This is WAY to much.

5 The quest in the warehouse for Celestial is way to hard for the kids and grown ups as well. The bosses are too powerfull on the last floor. The fire bug boss keeps healing and shooting out the big meteor/fireball strikes over and over again, making it so difficult to defeat. I have talked to and seen kids that get so discouraged that they cry and do not want to play anymore. Its very frustrating. I have tried 4 or 5 times and they are just to hard. It needs to be a little easier to get to the new world.

6 Last issue, why does the storm cards fizzle soooooooo much. I always know that it will fizzle at least 2 times before the spell works. Very aggravating when you are in a battle.

7. Wish that when you finish quest they actually say your wizard name.

I do really enjoy Wizard 101. I hope you can take some of my suggestions and make it happen. I would be so excited.

May 17, 2009
Here is my idea (note, this quest is only available for level 50 and up wizards)

first, you get the quest from the king of grizzleheim, king: "Greetings young wizard, we all need your assistance, this is of the utmost importance." A traitor is among our ranks, and he is traveling from each world to another." "We need you to seek him out."

second, you go to merle ambrose and ask him if he has seen this traitor. he will say that he hasn't seen him and says you should go talk to zeke since he travels all over the spiral.

third, he says he has seen this traitor, heading to marleybone.

fourth, you arrive in marleybone, and a cutscene appears. it shows sherlock bones investigating a crime scene involving the krokanomicon being stolen. after the cut scene, he suggests you go talk to the emporer in mooshu.

fifth, you go talk to the emporer. he says he has seen him go to the ancient burial grounds. Once you arrive in the burial grounds, you notice that all the enmies on the road are gone, and that there is mysterious, thick fog preventing you to see. You go back to the emporer, and he explains that there is a myth involving that fog. The myth is that when the assistant of the legendary dark angel, kortun ressurects his master, then all worlds shall fall.

sixth, you go deep into the fog (which is a dungeon, you need four people) with the emporer and discover that the grizzleheim traitor is the dark angel's assistant. you get into battle with the angel and the assistant (the angel has 12,000 life and the assistant has 4,000 life), but the emporer gets defeated early in battle, because the angel laid a curse on him. After you defeat them, you have to go talk to the king of grizzleheim.

seventh, you go talk to the king of grizzleheim and he rewards you with 4,000 experience, 1,000 gold, a level 50 robe, which gives 400 life, 5 accuracy, 12 strength and 20 defence to your school and gives your level 48 spell, a level 50 hat, which gives 150 life, 2 accuracy, 8 strength, and 12 defence, for your school, the boots give 150 life, 2 accuracy, 7 strength, and 10 defence for your school.

William Nightshade
Grandmaster Pyromancer

May 21, 2009
the fire goes round and round

1. Talk to flamea, " There is a probloem with fire, the fire globe has been stolen now fire is disapearing." " You need to talk with Lydia Greyrose she will help you." Gold 1000 xp 1100
2. Talk to Lydia Greyrose, " The fire magic is disapearing this is terriable!" But I no what to do first you need to talk to Halston Balestrom." Gold 1, xp 600
3. " Hello young wizard need help with any spells." You tell him about the Fire Globe and fire is diapearing. " My sparks the Fire Globe is stolen!"
" To find out who did this defeat one elemental per each school." Gold 990
Xp 2019
4. Talk to Halston Balstrom, " Great Work Young Wizard did you hear anything what they made." You say no and look sad. " Well this is a theif we need to inform Headmaster Ambrose, Major taleboat and The Grizzlehiem king to keep a look out." Badge: World Traveler
5. When you go by the Fire Pit you see a shadow with a red glowing ball. Chase the shadow to Wizard City Library. 980 Gold XP 3000
6. Talk to Halston Balestrom " Anything happened." You tell him about the mysterious figure that had the Fire Globe. " Wonderful now talk to Flamea." Gold 800 Xp 5500
7. "What happened did you get it." You tell her about the black figure that had the Fire Globe. " Great now go to where you chased him and take this." Flamea gives you a bone key. " It will unlock the area where you chased him."
8. You go into the tower and the black figure is Austin FireCurse. Austin: Well you want this Fire Globe back, never if you do you want it battle me and win.

Austin is ice and has Tower shield, Iceblade, Ice Trap, evil snowman, collosus and Frost Giant. Resist 80% Ice Boost 50% Fire.

8. Austin Turns to ice and you grab the fire globe. Talk to Flamea. 20 gold 8000 XP
9. Flamea: Great Job now ill put it where it should be. 3000 Gold 7000 XP Badge: Savior of Fire Magic

Jun 19, 2009
Dear Kingisle, I am grandmaster Necromancer. Most of my friends who are also grandmasters have the badge Master of Fire or Death or Storm or the other schools. The problem is that every time i check my badge's i never see that title. so if you could see more into that i would really appreciate that.

Jan 12, 2010
Quest Name: Payback....

MotherFlameStrike: Sigh.... it is not that easy being a dragon. My breath has run out of flame. can you please go and get me some fire weed? You must kill 5 horned barbarian.
(bring back fire weed)
MotherFlameStrike: thank you. Now I will need some crystal dust. Many dragons carry them.
(Kill any dragons and collect 3 crystal dust)
MotherFlameStrike: Again! thank you! a thoughtful wizard you are. dont think i did this just for my help young wizard. (x a giant blue crystal forms in front of the dragon x) Take this and hold it up beside the blue ball of energy in the necropolis.
(gets to the necropolis)
The crystal starts to move.... and dissapears.
( go back to mother flame strike)
You return to mother flamestrike seeing that the dragon is glowing gold
MotherFlameStrike: Finally. (a giant wave of flame shoots out from the dragons jaw) Thank you wizard. but there is ONE more thing. and i shall help you. come with me. (the dragon takes you to a room that is dark, the only thing you can see is a devil like creature that is around 3 times taller than you.)
MotherFlameStrike: this is the infinity zone. i shall finally get my revenge! go into battle young wizard, and i shall join you.
(goes into battle and mother flamestrike comes into battle also on your side) (other characters cant port)
Monster you have to face:
Infinity Killer
7,000 health
(after battle)
MotherFlameStrike: Thank you so much wizard. please take this, it is a crystal made of my own flame.
(quest reward: Housing item that is a giant red floating crystal)

FINAL TOTAL GAINED XP: Depends what level you are, but it always levels you up.
FINAL TOTAL COINS: around 10,000

Level 50 Pyromancer

Jul 02, 2009
I would like to see a little less lag. Especially when battle Malistaire. I've also noticed, in pvp, many of the users come in very late due to lag. Thank you, Wizard101 for you thoughtfullness.

~Mason NightBlood, Grandmaster Necromancer

Dec 09, 2008
Snorri Oysterbloom is in need of our assistance once more.

1-Snorri "Well if it isn't my little philosophical prodigee." "I require a small favor of you. Go ask Merle Ambrose if I may borrow his scrolls on magical literature." Narrator "Snorri hands you a list of several titles. You notice the list is slightly longer than you are tall."

2-You goto Merle Ambrose's office.

3-Merle Ambrose-"Ah I see you have brought me a request, young wizard." Narrator-"The Headmaster takes a moment to read over the lenghthy list and seems mildly amused!" Ambrose-"Tell Snorri I no longer possess those scroll and give him my most sincere apologies!"

4-You wander back to Snorri empty-handed.

5-Snorri-"This is very bad news indeed. You see I have been planning to research The Balance Arts for a small task." "If I may bother you for yet another favor, would you collect a few artifacts from the coven intiates for me? I will reward you if you do."

6-You defeat 4 coven initiates.

7-Narrator-"You hand Snorri four glowing artifacts that pulse with unkown energies." Snorri-"Ah this should do nicely. I will be able to harvest their innate magical powers to substitute my own lack of knowledge."

We recieve 150 gold, 1000 experience, and an athame.

Dec 22, 2008
i have heard about celestia and the astral magic (sun, moon, star) so i will make a quest that happens after you defeat malistare and go to celestia. (after you get the key to celestia)

1. Merle Ambrose, "Now that you have the key to Celestia, you must see what the distress call was about.
Narrorator, "Merle hands you the Celestian Key."
Merle Ambrose, "You must explore Celestia. Good luck young wizard, I fear you are going to need it.

New Goal: Explore the Tower

New Goal: Talk to Sylvia Drake

2. Sylvia Drake, "Hello young Wizard. I am sorry Malistare caused so much trouble. He didn't have to take revenge...
Narrorator, "Sylvia saddens her face and looks down."
Sylvia Drake, "Although Malistare went bad. He can be a great ally in helping Celestia. I need you to help because 10 Shadow Weavers took a part of Malistare's Soul. Defeat some Shadow Weavers and then come back once you get Malistare back together.
(New Goal: Defeat 10 Shadow Weavers for Malistare's Soul.)

3. Sylvia Drake, "Ah, you are back. Does that mean...
Narrorator, "You take the pieces of Malistare's Soul and put them in your hands when suddenly, Malistare comes together but he's a ghost.
Malistare Drake, "Thank you young wizard. I'm afraid to say that there is much more ahead of you."

Quest Complete!
350 Gold
Shadow Weaver's Cloak (230 Health, 210 Mana, Gives 1 "Doom and Gloom" card.)
+ 1 Potion
I will create more quests to follow later...

Jul 21, 2010
I thought of a mission thats like a trip around the spiral thing,

Master ambrose: We have important news! Malistaire has put a secret potion
in his henchmen all over the spiral!

Narator: Headmaster ambrose looks nervous as he points out his problem.

Master Ambrose: That potion has toxin, made to spread out all over the spiral! we must act now! go around these three worlds and find them!

Master ambrose: defeat a fire elf here in wizard city, Defeat a flame servant in Krokotopia, and then defeat any deadly scratcher in Marlybone! hurry!

then you defeat them until you find all them. then you report back to Headmaster Ambrose.

Master Ambrose: Thank goodness! You found them!

Narator: Headmaster ambrose looks confused.

Master ambrose: Why would Malistaire do such a thing? hmm I wonder. keep sheaching for clues yound wizard!

Jul 13, 2009
the game is cool but how about a spell that steals or gives you mana.
storm spell that alows you to bolt more than one .
allow us to give house to other wizards, our own that is.
a way to build up spells , like the bolt.
build it up two or three times to hit good .
have bosses drop crowns
not everyone can buy them

May 21, 2009
yapper wrote:
My idea is that after you kill Malistaire, you could be able to make your own spells! You could possibly go into a little creator, and make your card, and depending on your level and school there would be a different damage limit. You could choose some simple movements and attacks, then you would be able to buy it as a treasure card or learn it! This is actually my sis's idea though
yes that would be great to do that but i'd be cheating for example: you make a Chance Destroy card 50% per. and it kills boss and minions instantly. Or like Dungeon minamizer card 90% Kills minions and boss and go to final boss

Dec 10, 2008
there should be more schools so its a more fun to play instade of having storm fire ice balance life myth death why cant there be more to choose from like space or even anyother all im trying to say is there should be more schools.

Jan 17, 2009
Ok here are my few thoughts

Just like One person said earlier - Making our own spells :)

1. MAKE YOUR OWN SPELLS - Have a Million Combinations of SPELLS! Let the Wizards Find out What Spells To learn xD MAKE IT SO HARDER to Make a Spell

Like using all kind of crafting items.. - Makes it so harder to make a new spell. Different School Learns Different Spells - hmm come to think of it - i think you guys have to do lots of work for each spells - hmm - Well If you did it up - with Celestia - Hopefully you guys can make it - GO TO THE END XD! DO YOUR BEST GUYS :) We are here to appriciate your hard work :)

(Whats the fun in doing normal work :) - Do the Hard work - Thats fun xD )


2. It would be nice, When we View other peoples pet stats - it should show PET TALENTS - INSTEAD of AGILITY 100 - this and that (what use is in there - really?

Thx for Listening KI :)

P.S - These ARE VERY GREAT IDEAS xD Just like you made Pet hatchery with millions of combinations -

Dec 12, 2009
just please make more pet rewards that give cards good ones and please raise the level cap soon