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Feedback Friday - 08-06-10

May 25, 2009
well i was thinking when your in battle to get a spicific item like a shirt or hat maybe wand, but a friend with you gets it. what do you do? keep trying? NO! maybe you could set up a equipment trading thing 8)

Aug 16, 2009
i really like this idea! :D

braineeakman wrote:
Well, my idea isn't so much a quest as it is a completely new addition to Wizard101. Here's my idea...

Create something (a billboard, book pedestal, etc...) in every town center (the commons, regents square etc...) that allows wizards to team up with other wizards for any of that world's towers and dungeons. It will elimate that whole "waiting around, just hoping someone will walk up that needs this dungeon too" scenario and shave time off questing. Wizards can use it to join/create teams for any particular dungeon/tower for a quest, or just to find other people to farm with!

Here's an example...

I need to do sunken city, but none of my friends are online. what am I to do? just wait around near the sigil hoping someone will run up? no! go to the commons and look in the billboards. From there you can select which dungeon you need, click it then see a whole list of other wizards who need/want to do it too. Then you can create or join a team of wizards who all want to do your dungeon, once the team is full you will all be ported to the sigil and you're ready to go! It a great way to help wizards team up for a common goal! :D

hope you enojoyed my idea!

Valdus DeathWielder- grandmaster necromancer
Willaim StormForge- master diviner
Edward WillowWhisper- master theurgist
William DarkHeart- grandmaster sorcerer
Dakota DarkFlame- journeyman pyromancer

Jun 09, 2010
nadrojcigam wrote:
Well here's my idea,
Step one
Sir Regenold Baxby (in wizard city).......
Jordan of the life school.

Awesome idea Jordan. We really like this one. I hope that they use it. I think that it would be a very interesting. quest to do. You get 4 thumbs up from us!!!!

Marj D.
Level 36
Magus Theurgist

Apr 29, 2010
I would like to be able to be invisible online at times so I can complete my
quests. I have tried putting people on ignore(for just a little while) but when I click dont ignore they dissappear forever and I dont want them gone forever I just want some alone time online. I love doing things with my friends and making new friends but sometimes I just want to work on my quests or shop for my house or clothes.

We need more clothes, I like to change clothes frequently and I need new ones. I would also like to be able to change my hair sometimes. (haha yes im a girl)

Also I would like more house items I have several houses and like to decorate them in the theme of the house and there is not enuf stuff!

I would like more new worlds, a jungle city, a space city, a beach city - I love wizards and want to go on forever!

Apr 19, 2009
Hello Kingsisle, let me just say that i love this game but i have a lvl 31 magus
i'm trying to do arena with it and i'm a captain so far but whenever i lose i lose ALLOT and i mean ALLOT about 25 or 26
and when i win i only gain about 3 or 5 that means i have to win 5 or 7 times more just to fill in that 1 loss, also i ALWAYS go second just because i am balance thats not fair, no offense
all i'm trying to say is can you please fix that, i know balance is very strong and all but how about if we are bladed and everything then a tower shield comes out. and if we lose we lost about the whole rank i'm not trying to be mean, just please fix the arena.

Marcus thunderthief - grandmaster fire, warlord

Sep 22, 2009
it might be neat to have a pox pet with a spell card allowing you to summon a pox minion. balance of course. or better yet, have a school quest to get a pox minion spell of your school. the minion might have a base of about 700 hp and a small resistance to all schools, say...5%. they could cast mainly support spells. a blade of your school, small heals, shields that your school has. ect. no attacks that might mess up your traps.

May 31, 2009
tme103 wrote:
I have a good quest for lvl 25+. It will be called: Spelling the magic

Merle Ambrose, There you are. I need your help. Monster's from all over the spiral came and stole all the school spells. Go to Firecat alley and Cyclops lane and get all the cards from the monsters. Return to me when you got the spells Firecat Fireblade Bloodbat and humungafrog. In old town Narrator, Dark lightning strikes firecat alley and cyclopes lane. When you enter one Malistare, You will not win this time wizard. Narrator, Four Jade oni appear. After battle Proffesser Falmea, Come young wizard I need a favor to ask of you. Narator, you find the four missing cards. Proffesser Falmea, Talk to merle ambrose with the cards in this spiral pad. Merle Ambrose Good Job now all the missing cards will teleport back to us. Go give all the cards back to the teacher's. Merle Ambrose, Good now go to Dragonspyre and defeat the great spiral again but with a different entrance. Go talk to cyrus drake and he will tell you the entrance. Cyrus Drake, The entrance is in the anthenium. The tower of th spial there you will find the great spiral and find the green whisp through out dragonspyre to open it. Then talk with the ghost of sylvia drake in it. Sylvia Drake, Go up the greatspyre to defeat the titan master. Make it quick or he will summon the titan dragon and destroy the spiral. Return to me when your done ( titan master is balance and fire ) Titan master, You fool you wont win. after batlle titan master, HOW HOW CAN THIS BE Sylvia Drake, Go to merle ambrose about this Merle Ambrose, The spiral is saved now return to your normal studies.

Rewards, 50,000 gold, Titan Dragon pet gives one card fire dragon, 50,000 exp and great spiral.

Thank you from
Trevor FireSword Lvl 25 fire apprentice
thats impossible a lvl 25 cant go to ds and thats like way to much gold for a lvl 25 and that xp would be to much for a lvl 25

Feb 23, 2010
reese705 wrote:
why do you make dragonspyre so hard for wizards we always lose to bosses and its not very fun losing at all maybe make the bosses less harder and less health that would make it more fun and better for all wizards and why make life so weak life wizards only have fifth attack spells you should start making more spells for life

Speak for yourself. Personally, I enjoy a challenging fight. If they make it too easy, then there's no satisfaction from beating it. The one area I'd agree with you on is when it comes to Grizzleheim, and that's because the difficulty level is all over the map there. You go from it being too easy to facing 3 or 4 bosses in a single fight. Also, they need to up the experience reward for those quests if they really want to make beating that area worth the effort. Oh, and boost the experience and the quality of the loot drops in sunken city and kensington too. By the time you can beat those areas (unless you always travel in groups of 3 or 4) the experience and loot is a joke. If you're going to make those areas that much more difficult, then the rewards for beating them should be that much better.

As for life, I admit that some more attack spells would be nice, but solo battles are still completely doable. It's just a matter of style. With life you need to understand that you're in for longer battles and set up your deck appropriately. For instance, put in a fair amount of healing and shield spells, your best attack spells, and load up big time on attack boosts. Between life blade, spirit blade, life trap, and spirit trap, you can still put together some nice attacks. Meanwhile, use your shields to avoid too many major hits and use your healing spells to keep your health up. Oh, and make sure you normally use the wand for the school opposite your own...in this case, a death school wand. This way you don't waste your attack boosts when you want to get rid of a tower shield or weakness. The only time you should be using a life magic wand is when you face a death school enemy, and even then only when that enemy is known to cast life shields. I hope these suggestions make things easier for you.

Steven Wyrmbane, Grandmaster Sorcerer
Steven Spiritblade, Grandmaster Theurgist
Steven Deathbringer, Grandmaster Necromancer
Steven Frostblade, Grandmaster Thaumaturge
Steven Firebrand, Grandmaster Pyromancer
Steven Stormrider, Level 48 (for now) Diviner

Jun 20, 2009
I think it would be a good idea that you can buy sets of teleporters that go in your house that take you from one place in your house to another place in your house or to a freind's house.

Dec 28, 2008
i think there should be a book thing like the player vs player joining books, in every world in the center like north guard, the basilica, ect. say i need to do a dungeon but i wont make it alone. what if my friends are online. am i supposed to wait around? no. so in these books you can join or create teams for different dungeons all around the world i am in so i can get on with what i need to. these books wold be a great help to all wizards and i am sure they would all agree with this idea as well, please consider this and i believe i saw one other poster write this but just in case they didn't i am too. so thanks,
cameron storyblade, balance grandmaster
connor skullbreaker, lvl 48 life
mitchell willowblood, storm grandmaster
mitchell nightshade, lvl 9 death

Oct 14, 2009
i have a great idea! when you turn lvl 50 the death tree in the dragonspyre academy has a quest for you, he says "o good, a wizard ( sarcastically speaking and kinda mean like cyrus) as much as i love wizards i have a job that only a wizard could accomplish" "there is an island in krokotopia that has one of my leafs, well not one THE one and only leaf i had but it was stolen many years ago" " but the only way to get on that island is to have the key, need you to go beat gurtok demon and fetch it for me ill give you further instructions when you reuturn" reward 2000 xp 300 gold. tree: "that seems to be the right key we better check go to krokotopia and go on top of the secret shop and turn on the portal" "go to the island and look inside the building for my leaf" (when you go into the building there is a storm mega boss with 15,000 health and a life and death person as guards with 2000 health each) when you return to the tree after beating him he says " thank you wizard i have to admit i underestimated you, here for my doubts" reward:3400 xp and 600 gold PLZ COMMENT ON MY IDEA FALMEA :D

Feb 15, 2009
I have two ideas

My first idea is that you could just battle your friends in ranking so it make it sample or if your helping them rank up.

My second idea is that storm has more healt or that bolting hits more and doesnt fizzle all the time. Plz think about my ideas :D

Nov 19, 2009

I have always been sorry that Bartleby does NOT get his eye back at the end of the story.

I would suggest that SYLVIA talk to Malistaire before they disappear, saying something like:

SYLVIA:"And now my dear, before you join me, let us honor Grandmother Raven and return Bartleby's Eye to him."

MALISTAIRE: "Oh if only I could do so. You have opened MY eyes, my dear, and I wish I could return the eye to our Old Man Tree."

SYLVIA: "But what have you DONE with the eye, my dear?"

MALISTAIRE: "Alas, my wrath caused me to throw the Eye into the maw of the mighty dragon you see on the mountain above us." [NOTE: the dragon whose HUGE eye is blinking at us.]

Sylvia then turns to the wizards who have defeated Malistaire, asking, "Will you risk even more to see that Bartleby's sight is completely restored?"

[Wizards can refuse or accept. If they accept, Syliva (or Cyrus) opens a NEW portal that takes the wizards to a confrontation with the GIGANTIC dragon.]

This confrontation is NOT a dungeon OR tower--NOR DOES THE DRAGON CHEAT. Rather, he lies at the end of a maze (similar to the one on the right of Jotun in GH) in which players must battle a series of trees that LOOK like Bartleby, only made various colors. The maze would have three fighting areas, with the first boss at 4000 points and one minion, the second at 6000 points and 2 minions, the third at 8000 points and three minions. The dragon itself would have 10,000 points but NO minions. Rather, he is able to throw spells at DOUBLE their value because he has the Eye.

The players who win would summon the spirit of Bartleby and we would see the image of the great tree with BOTH his blue eyes shining.

The reward would be a new pet, ONLY available for this quest--a Bartleby pet that can throw rebirth. Gold could be given if you choose, but such a pet would be truly unique and powerful AND WOULD BE GIVEN AS AN ADULT with no training needed.

Apr 22, 2009
I think there should be a new shop like a hair cuttery so that wizards that dont like their hair can change colors of it and a didffert type.I have good wizards and i dont like their hair and wouldnt delete them for nothing so i think it would be cool to have a new shop.

Jun 12, 2008
How about this: a quest after Celestia from Cyrus Drake .Once you finish Celestia you are summoned to the myth school by Cyrus Drake who tells you he has made an amazing discovery. Then he tells you that he has discovered the lost world of the gods you can rename it if you like. it is a world based on anchient greece.

May 26, 2009
My idea is to get more pets on more missions and make more awesome pets with realy strong cards for example:

a kraken, a centaur, and new pets but get them like in krokatopia, wizard city,and mooshu (whoever came up with pets are awesome)

Mar 28, 2009
i was thinking there could be like an invasion open area 2 bases when you get to base it can only use defense spells and many wizards/enemy can help

Mar 18, 2009
i think after you finish ds you should be able to fight merle ambrose and gamma just for training and make it hard

Mar 28, 2009
this is and idea i thought of there should be around 5 more wizard levels and when you get to that you get something that everyone knows hey thats a ultimate wizard like floating or something

Feb 23, 2010
hoasim99 wrote:
How about create another spot for the 7th character? It would be great if people can experience all different school magic. It pretty crazy that WC have 7 schools but you can only have 6 characters.

I couldn't agree more. I'm working on my sixth wizard right now (each is a different school). The only way I can complete the set and do a myth wizard is to delete one of the wizards I put a whole lot of time in making a grandmaster. It's ridiculous to have seven schools and only allow us to make and keep six wizards. I'm not starting a new account and paying for a second subscription just so that I can try out the myth school. There should be no limit to the amount of wizards you can have. I can easily see three more desks not being used in the character selection area, and that could be widened even more. At the very least, open up a seventh slot for a wizard. That would leave us with all six of the desks along the side filled and one wizard standing.

Oct 08, 2009
after final countdown you can talk to Professer Greyrose.

1. She says "Hello young wizard! I have been wondering about the ice titans".
Narrarator: Professer Greyrose hands you an ice shard "Here take this to Collosus Blv. and go to gobbler kings castle and fight him to get essence of ice
after you talk to greyrose "Welcome back young wizard! You have it? Great!
Narrarator: Professer Greyrose mixes them "Here take this to Hakaru Yip
and have him flame it".
"Greetings revered one you need me to flame that? Of course! Oh no! I am out of fire stitches I'll need you to go to the drake hatchery and defeat some flame scavengers and collect flame stitches ". "You're back. Narrarator: Master Yip flames the crystal in to a liquad Here talk to Zeke in the commons to mold it into a knowledge crystal "Well hello dare youndster. You need me to mold that. Sure. Here ya goes. Talk to Greyrose.
"Young wizard you're back. Narrarator: You hand her the crystal. Great! Narrarator: Ms. Greyrose fits the crystal into a stand. Perfect! Did you know the frost giants won the war?!?!?! Over tritons of great power and dragons of ever greater power! Well thank you heres a little something

1500 gold
Ice shard (item)
1 day rental bat wings

Mar 27, 2009
I like the idea about a pedestal with quests that other wizards need help on in every spiral,having the ability to help but not become friends unless requested to avoid going over amount of friends. That would allow higher level wizards the ability to help lower level wizards without any delays on the quests.
You could have extra gold or treasure card or maybe a duel with your favorite teaher.

when you accomplish the quest get a badge.

Apr 04, 2010
Feb 10, 2009
this quest is for only the people that have done EVERY SINGLE QUEST, in the spiral! (except for grizzleheim) in this quest (if not already 50 grandmaster) it will automatically make you grandmaster. the quest is one single thing........ Defeat Every boss (except for grizzleheim) In the spiral, then, you do it again after that you go to your main school teacher and she/he gives you access to the new world! FREAK CITY! (kingsisle i dont really care what you call it this is just what i thought of ) in freak city you can get 10 more levels and have the ability to summon 4 of the most strongest spells, (forgot 8)) and that is my quest! i dont care if you turn me down just a suggestion ByE oh and after you get to FREAK CITY! there are EXTREMLY hard bosses there (some stronger than the 4 brothers and malistaire TOGETHER!!!!!!) so i wouldnt plan on going there till you got MAX everything!

May 20, 2009
A suggestion,
we should be able to make dungeons and have monsters running around but it must not be to cheep or else it would be way to easy to make.