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What world is you're wizard from?

Jan 17, 2010
Michelle Summersong is from the Crystal Grove, Dragonspyre. She lived there as a baby before dragonspyre went corrupt and taken over by the Great Wyrm. She moved away and began an empire.

Aug 11, 2012

Laura Dreamgiver is a rarity in herself, a part-human, part-Seraph. She was raised in the Hedge Maze by Lady Oriel, among the Fairies. Her best friend for all of those years was a gentle Unicorn named Amber, whom Laura has trained to be an impeccable riding Unicorn. However, when Malistaire and his Undead threatened Wizard City, and that horrible skeleton Rattlebones corrupted the Faires, a saddened Laura rushed into Merle Ambrose's office. Naturally, he directed her towards Moolinda Wu's classroom. Having being taught the Song of Creation from a young age, she excelled at Theurgy. With the power of love behind her, Laura soundly destroyed Rattlebones. She proceeded to save the many streets of Wizard City, and finally defeated Lord Nightshade. Lady Oriel, proud of her adopted daughter, gifted Laura Seraph wings (which are concealed under her robes) and a sword, which Laura dubbed Lucem. She has since saved Krokotopia and Marleybone, and can often be found in her dorm taking care of abandoned or abused pets and gardening.

Laura Dreamgiver, Level 31 Master Theurgist

Dec 22, 2009
Shannon Wintercloud is from Azteca. She was brought there as a baby and has lived there ever since. The animals there have adopted her. She recently found out that she was from Grizzleheim. She studies magic.

Dec 26, 2011
Brynn Ice is an wizard who used to live on Collussus Blvd. with her fire step-mom and storm dad. Her dad loved her very much, but her mother hated her after her ice powers emerged. The gobblers came and ate their house, along with her parents, and Brynn wanted to avenge her father's death. She currently resides in a Ravenwood dorm, because her house was destroyed.

Jun 30, 2009
jack skullbreeze on Jul 2, 2013 wrote:
waffle world the land of waffles

jack skullbreeze master of fire
best story

Oct 14, 2012
i do not know but i think maybe celestia or mooshu


Aug 09, 2013
Jacob Bluesword is from Wizard City.

Or, to be more precise, the Dragon's Mouth Cave. (In Golem Court)

He has moved to the wonderful realm of The Blue Sword ( His Castle )

He still lives there.

Jun 13, 2009
Scot ShadowCaster came from the world of mooshu, the jade palace to be exact. He still resides in mooshu. He lives alone as well

Dec 22, 2013
Sierra Deathshade was born in Grizzleheim, specifically in RavenScar. Her parents abandoned her at birth but left her a note saying, "I will always find you." Sierra learned under the magic and incantations of the Ravens, for their magic was beyond the potential of any normal sorcerer. She mainly focused on the darker parts of the Ravens magic and excelled in it. She wanted to gain more power through a school, like Ravenwood. She was accepted very quickly and was put in the Death class in which she flourished in. She was at the top of her class and studies. But soon she had to leave for her powers were needed outside of Wizard City, in Avalon. She was fighting a group of wraiths and was defeated, taken to a tower in the shrouded woods not to be seen by anyone. She awoke to see a woman's pale olive skin face looking down at her with the most wicked of grins anyone had ever seen. The woman said her name was Morganthe and said she had a special interest in Sierra. She offered homage and apprenticeship for Sierra but Sierra quickly refused. She was throne in the the dungeon of the tower and wept and wept with no hope of escaping. But Sierra stopped crying and muttered words of Raven magic and the dungeon she was in busted in to pieces and she escaped the tower. She went back to Ravenwood, with everyone looking at her, for she was staggering and had torn clothing and dirt filled hair. She was quickly taken to Moolinda Wu and Moolinda treated her quickly and Sierra was on her feet again. Sierra is still fighting the wicked evil that slithers throughout the Spiral along with millions of other wizards.

Sep 23, 2014
Ian Stormbreaker and his twin brother Jack were born on Marleybone to traveling parents, an archeologist and an oceanographer. That being said they didn't spend to much time there, often accompanying their parents to dig sites, remote beaches, and scientific conferences and spending time with their father's parents on Cyclops Lane or sailing the remote reaches of the Spiral by merchant boat with their mother's side of the family. When they were eight, the family moved to a remote and stormy island, that had been in the family for generations. Now fourteen, the Stormbreaker twins have enrolled at Ravenwood, unaware of what truly lies beneath their home.

Who are these Diviners? What secrets are buried beneath their island? Does anyone care? Answers to all this and more when and if I get around to finishing my fan fiction.

Dec 26, 2013
Jeffrey Windbreaker's origin is unknown. He was found on Grum Foultooth's doorstep wrapped in a week old copy of the Wizard City Enquirer. It is thought that he was abandoned due to a severe, uncontrollable gastrointestinal disorder. He's now working as a freelance questing mercenary and resides in the Krokotopia suburbs with his wife, two kids and his pet jellyfish Mocha.

Apr 14, 2013
The Town of Caer Lyon
Moved to Ravenwood for magical studies

Oct 28, 2013
Victoria Skullbringer Is from Marleybone, and only a handful of people know where. When Malistaire went on rampage, her mother and father decided that she should learn magic. Now Victoria stays mostly in her dorm, practicing her Death spells.

That's all for now,
Victoria S.

Mar 11, 2011
Jose redhead

He used to live in dragonspyre in the drake hatchery when he was little he loved watching the drakes then when dragonspyre started to fall he was sent to wizard city where he learned magic in ravenwood he currently lives in wizard city in a death house

Feb 12, 2011
Madison Dragonrider lived in Krokotopia as an assistant to an archaeologist in the tomb of storms. She moved into wizard city, fascinated by the magic the wizards could use. Now she's a death wizard with a great understanding of myth spells.

Feb 16, 2013
Ethan ThunderGlade was born in Wizard City, Garden of Hesperides, to be exact! Where Posieden found him and taught him powerful Storm Magic! Then sent him to RavenWood to learn more magic! He now lives in the Acropolis!

Ethan SandGem was born in Krokotopia, where Krokotehp taught him Balance Magic! He was sent to Wizard City when Krokotehp was awakened! He resides in a big castle now!

Mar 13, 2012
Alura BH on Jul 27, 2014 wrote:
*New Updated Versions*

Alura Battleheart - Alura Battleheart grew up in Dragonspyere, but moved to Avalon as a pre-teen. She trained by herself after her parents mysterously dissappered after her 16th birthday. A few days later, she was enrolled in the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. She is currently in Khrysalis (Part 1) and a Promethean Pyromancer.

Brecken Storytalon - Brecken Storytalon grew up in Krokotopia, raised by Mander Slaves after her parents were killed by Kroks. She was kept as a slave also, until she broke free using the little balance magic she learned from her guardians. She excaped to Wizard City, where she was enrolled in Ravenwood. She still hates the Kroks, and is a Grandmaster Sorceress in Celestia.

Savannah Darkbane - She grew up in Mooshu with her half-sister, Destiny Owlblade, she mostly wandered forests alone, once going to the plauge lands. There, she realised that ther was more to death than most people realise. When she mentioned this to her father, he freaked out. ( Her step-mother and father were both life wizards.) She told her step-mother and got the same reaction. She was then treated as the 'weird child' and was never treated like her step-sister, who loved life. When it was time for them both to go to Ravenwood, she was happy to leave. She is now in Marleybone, and an Adept Necormaner.

To Be contuined.....
I'm going to make Alura's story bigger soon. Just wait.

Mar 13, 2012
Alura BH on Oct 20, 2014 wrote:
I'm going to make Alura's story bigger soon. Just wait.
OK! Here's part;
Dragonspyre, Drake Hatchery, Past
It was a peaceful, warm night in Dragonspyre. The leaves on the trees were blowing in the wind, wizards walked along the streets and one couple was holding their newborn in their quiet little house.

"What should we name her?" asked the father.

"I've always liked Alura..." replied the mother.

"Alura's a good name." the father replied. The baby was sleeping, curled up in her mother's arms. She had fiery red hair and emerald green eyes. "I bet she'll be a wonderful fire student at the academy." he added. He kissed the babies' little forehead, then rubbed his hand through his wife's hair.

It was around midnight when the accident happened.

And I need to get off now so I'll finish the rest of this chapter next time.

May 17, 2014

Nicole was the second child of her parents.Her sister was known as Ashley, and she was a fire wizard.Ashley was born in Dragonspyre.Nicole,however,was born in Marleybone, in the main area where all the shops are.When Ashley started to master fire magic, the parents thought that there was no way that Nicole could be a wizard too.But they were very,very wrong.

One usual morning,Nicole's tummy started to hurt and they drove her to the nurse in the town.The nurse semt suprised."There's nothing wrong with her."Nicole was sent home.Her eyes slowly started to glow black.This was usually either a sign of a curse,or a sign of a Death wizard.

Nicole started to cast small death spells while her sister was already learning the Fire elf spell,she felt great having the power.Alas,as she grew older,she drifted away from her powers.She abandoned them,they semt useless to her.Nicole lived a peaceful life with her parents,untill one day Ashley came in all brused and scarred.She told them how she was beaten up badly by a pack of Shadow cats.She couldn't complete her wizard duties for six months, as her leg and arm were also broken.Nicole knew it meant that SHE had to become the family wizard.She burst into tears.but it must be done.

Nicole took a liking to wizardry.She now continues her training all across the globe, still lives in Marleybone with her family but spents 90% of her time fighting monsters,trying to defeat the infamous Maliastere.That's her main goal.For now!

Hometown: Marleybone
Place: Main place
Lives in: Marleybone
Siblings: Ashley RubyBlood (a real character who I reached level 80 on )

Jun 27, 2012
Having a mother from Aquila and a father from Dragonspyre, Justin Nightstone currently lives in a island closely floating around Aquila. And attends Ravenwood under the school of myth....

Aug 23, 2014
jasmine fire breeze, she was born in krokotopia,krokosphinx her dad moved to wysteria when she was 3 her mom died when she attacked akori nirini when jasmine was 7. she was abandoned by her brother luke myth breeze. jasmine started to beg for food, but she never got any food. soon a mander found her cold by the krokosphinx. soon the marleybonians went when she was 11. she soon found luke in chamber of fire,luke was rich, but his confindence got to him he attacked akori nirini when he was 16. jasmine was curious about the order of the fang 2 months later when her brother died. but her dad came back 1 moth later making jasmine live in this new world he found named wizard city so they moved to wizard city, firecat alley. she met her cousin greg storm breeze, a storm wizard. when jasmine was 12 she ranaway from home back to krokotopia. but jasmine did join the fire school she learned 3 spells. firecat,fire elf and fireblade. her foster father was amazed with the spells she learned in wizard city. that's all I will start, soon I will make a part 2 to this writing.

Aug 23, 2014
jasmine fire breeze part 2,so after jasmine came back to krokotopia she saw that her house with 2 manders were starving so she went to shalek the wise the wise to plan how to get back the stolen food,soon akori nirini kidnapped her foster father.jasmine went back to wizard city to learn more fire spells but her father victor death breeze the third. made her not able to go ravenwood for 3 weeks. once that punishment was done she learned 2 more spells. sunbird and fire prism. she came back to krokotopia she was mad she ran to akori chamber Arthur wethersfeild helped her he fought against a flame servent jasmine fought against the fierce nirini Arthur wethersfeild defeated the flameservent easily but akori nirini hurted Arthur. jasmine finished the fierce lizard happily she won saving her mander family. she found a book written by ra the old balance teacher. shalek the wise was a student of ra. ra wrote this,a soldier of balance are ready to protct the magic of balance, it is a magical art made by the slaves of the kroks that suffered until I saved them all you need to trust me to protect you im son of the sun, the king of the sun I hiden this in akori chamber is because he used to study balance he stole suff because he wanted to be rich but a balance wizard trust I the king of the sun ra trust me I try my best to help students that love the mander that was servents to the kroks. thanks for reading this part of jasmine fire breeze ill make a new part soon

Jan 02, 2013
I'm doing one for both of my wizards, Diana and Fiona WinterGarden! (They're sisters)
Fiona and Diana were born here on our earth, in an unknown location. They were brought to Wysteria (My favorite world) as babies. They were raised there until the evil Malistaire started taking over and even turning there own people against them! They were brought to Wizard City, and had there memory wiped. The chose magic schools; Diana picking storm for its high damage, Fiona picking Ice for its high health so she could stay alive longer in battle. Fiona chose Life for her secondary school, knowing that if she was the only one left in battle (Which she likely would be because of her high health ) She could heal her teammates who didn't have such high health. Diana chose Death as her secondary school, so she can heal herself, because of her low health. Diana has been spending most of her time helping wizard city, but when shes not, she's in Dragonspyre, trying to finish her quest. Fiona is most likely at a friends house, or her own house, relaxing and having fun... If not, she is in Azteca trying to prevent the big comet. (I'm pretty sure its a comet! ) When they stumbled upon Wysteria one day, Something felt strangely familiar, like they had been there before. They couldn't ever figure out what, and they have yet to figure out.
~Fiona WinterGarden 83
~Diana WinterGarden 44

Aug 23, 2014
jasmine fire breeze; chapter 7,imprisoning the bears,jsmine found a book by the leader of the bears dovid la en val. the fire is breezing ra legend came to grizzleheim so sad im planning to imprison them tis not is easy but I must figer the ra. ra is a balance in krok but ill send the krokodile to inslaven the manders

Jul 17, 2014
My wizard would come from Grizzleheim Wintertusk.

-Sabrina WinterbladeICE level 23