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What world is you're wizard from?

Feb 02, 2011
Mark Drake blade was born a triplit, His brother Taylor Ghost leaf was sent to dragonspyre at a young age and slowly learned life magic, after several years he was killed in the heat of battle. Hether Ash blade his sister was sent to celestia to learn fire magic. She has saved thousands of lives and still has a fear of the monster that killed poor Taylor, the Jabberwoki. Mark, was sent to Marlybone, alone. The cats found him and tought him balance magic and how to survive. He still lives in his familys great shadow, but maybe ending Malistare will give him a chance to step into the sun.

Jun 06, 2011
My wizard owns a house in Krokotopia, the first Oasis. Moved to live in Wizard City, but still visits her homeland.

Jun 20, 2015
Alexandria Dreamcatcher was born in Marleybone.
Her parents were archeologists, but were killed by Krokomummies when she was 7. Ever since then she was living on the streets, until she became a helper in Dr. Von Katzeinsteins' lab.
Alexandria was always amazed by electricity, that's why when she was 16 she applied to Ravenwood and became a Storm wizard.
After a year of staying in the dorms, Alexandria bought herself a Storm House that reminded her of her old home in the lab. She visits Marleybone every few days so she can listen to the sounds of city life and buy some pet snacks for her pet.

Alexandria Dreamcatcher,

Dec 28, 2014
Taylor Swift Level 37 Pryomancer

One NORMAL morning Taylor woke up not believing in wizards
So she Just did her hair short with a flower in it and she wore some clothes
That looked similar to the Rocking' Outfit
She skipped to school with a book in her hand as she went to school
She noticed it looked Different then England's schools so she went in then
She saw a tall pretty lady with orange hair Named Mrs.Falmea So after strangely wandering in a random school
She asked the kind teacher where she was and she answered with a clear Voice WIZARD CITY Then Taylor Replied Wizards Are No such thing now tell me where I really am I do not like jokes miss! The teacher .......TBC TO BE Contuined

Aug 12, 2013
I'm doing this for my friend's wizard Kane LionTamer

Kane LionTamer was the firstborn son of the last emperor and empress of DraponSpyre. Kane had a younger sister called Andrea(my wizard). Kane soon enrolled in Dragonspyre Academy only a few days before the war. After the war started he was injured and his parents were killed. He and his sister escaped and lived in a corner of FireCat Alley in Wizard City. One day he found a fire elf using Fire magic. At first he was scared, but later he was interested to learn Fire. He and his sister both enrolled in Ravenwood Fire school. After many years they grew in excellence becoming the best pyromancers ever. But then Kane met Morganthe. He fell in love with her and joined her in her quest of evil. After accidentally breaking the World door Kane was arrested in Newgate prison. He was released by his sister who taught her the ways of good. Kane is now an excellent pyromancer who also controls death travelled to Khrysalis to defeat Morganthe. But he was sad that he defeated his once true love. After that he spent the rest of his life writing spells for future generations of pyromancers to learn. He was the third best pyromancer in the world.

The End!!!

Mar 25, 2014
Katherine Rainheart Exalted Sorceress

Katherine was born and raised in a castle in Avalon, Caer Lyon. Her father is one of the knights of the round table and her mother is a well respected healer. It wasn't until she received her letter to Ravenwood that she thought it time to venture outside her homeland. Being sorted into the Balance school fit her nicely and her family was overjoyed to have a witch that could master different art forms. Drawing from both the elementals and spirits, balancing them all. Her well rounded nature protects her from the darkness that grows in the spiral, allowing her to keep her wits about her.

As she progressed, she found that she didn't want to settle in just one home and acquired many. From the lands of sand, palaces in the sun, winter covered grounds to the relaxing country side, tending crops and her beloved pets. There is no telling where you'll find Katherine. She could be battling Morganthe, going against the foes of Darkmoor or in the Bazzar looking for new house decorations!

Feb 11, 2010
Emma Darkspear was a fierce warrior raised by the wolves in Mirkholm Keep of Grizzleheim. In her adventure, she remembers to visit now and then.

Jul 06, 2013
Jack Emeraldblood was born is the world of Khrysalis. He was abandoned in the Khonda Forest (for it was before it became a desert) at birth. The burrowers there took him in and taught him the necessary life skills. When he was of age he enrolled in Dragonspyre Academy. When the Dragon Titan attacked he fled to Wizard City to continue his studies in sorcery there. He fought against the Dragon Titan's forces and defeated Malistare. When Jack finally got to relax he learned that a new threat was about, that put his home world in danger. he eagerly raced into battle against the shadow queen.

Jul 28, 2014
Kimberly FrostCloud
Level 38 Thaumaturge.
Kimberly was born in Kensington park, Marleybone. Her parents became head wardens at the prison, and had enough gold to send her to the Wysterian school, but she chose to go to Ravenwood, and studied ice, with her secondary school being death.

Aug 22, 2012
Samantha Angleblossom, wizard, is from Empyrea. Now this probably isn't very common. Samantha wanted to be a wizard, and had heard about Wizard City.She had gotten an enrollment there, and had traveled a long distance to be a balance wizard. She wanted to be a balance wizard because she was very interested in its magic, and it was surprisingly easy for her to learn it!. She hopes to be the best wizard throughout the Spiral, and so far she is a grandmaster sorcerer. Her mother was a well known thaumaturge, but her father had unfortunatley died in a battle. Her father was also a thaumaturge, but when her parents heard she wanted to make her own path, they were proud, so they had supported her as much as they could. But now it is just her mother and her friends who support her. Samantha is proud of herself, and has sworn to avenge her father's death. Samantha has made many friends in Wizard City, and owns many castles, pets, wands, and mounts. She is very happy with her life, and loves going on quests and adventures.

Dec 25, 2009
John Hawkward

Originated from Marleybone (Kensington Park) as a gutter rat. He was saved by the divinity of Bartleby and came to Wizard City as a homeless tramp to train balance magic. He no longer lives in Marleybone, but still posses high influence of Marleybonian culture, like loving tea and cookies. He occasionally goes back to Marleybone to restock his large collection of Top Hats.

Also, he is friends with Zaros.

A cookie to whoever gets the reference.

Jul 21, 2015
Mine is from marleybone which I think is kinda like London. Sherlock bones/Sherlock holmes
Jacueles the scratcher/ Jack The Ripper who originated from London.

Elijah Drake: 26
Elijah Drake: 8
Elijah Drake: 4

May 07, 2014
Ok, idk what I was posting here is my REAL answer:
Keira Lifepetal was born in Last Wood (Khrysalis). Her parents died from the unknown (tragedy it was)
and Keira then lived with a family of Burrowers. They raised her well. She soon was summoned by Merle Ambrose of Wizard City. She was only 10 when she started saving the spiral. She is now hard at work fighting against the Arachna while the cold, dreadful, words of Moragthe haunt her: The mirror will
Break the horn will call, From the shadows I strike and the skies will fall. She has been taught well by Moolinda Wu. Her fave spell is Forest Lord. Soon to be Hungry Caterpillar. She is trying to battle the Shadow, but she may be devoured by her rage before killing morganthe... "Stay vigilant young wizards!"

May 07, 2014
SarcasticSwordman on Nov 28, 2014 wrote:
Aaron RavenBlood Originally had the last name Johnson was Born on earth America. One Day in middle school his teacher Mr.Malistaire took Aaron to talk in the hall and then they disappeared an were never found (as you could imagine Aaron is a Wizard) Little did all the muggles XD know Aaron became the newest student of Malistaire Drakes Death class :)
Reference! I caught it!

Jan 24, 2011
I was raised in America with my family but one day at school at lunch it Sayed over the announcements Michael come down your grandpa is here but grandpa had passed. as I walked in he was just a old man.so he left with his family dumped in Marylebone and some how his best friend Lee got dumped in celesta. now lives with family and lee in Avalon. we all learned magic and brought grandpa back with grandma. whole family.

list of are schools
all are pets are

Jun 09, 2015
jacob shadow don't know how to spell the next word in name. was living in tree village among the the living trees but the place was in ruins from the evil wraiths i took one of there keys and the rest of my friends and parents died escape to darkmoor to live in the grounds protecting myself i defeated a lot of the wraiths by hand and one had a key to wizard city they tried as hard as the could to keep me from going there but i had the speed to escape but i almost got defeated but i made it to the door i put the key in and i went to the book and it gave me life so i was a life wizard in hope to bring my family back BUT before all that happen i had some friends that lived and they did all that stuff with me so that is how we became wizards OH and i forgot my pet spider was lost in that but then i found her but i still had my normal cat whiskers [ which only i can see ] was still with me the whole way

Mar 25, 2014
Rowan Red (Pyromancer)
Rowan was born in Avalon, she is a proud Avalonian, She doesn't reside in Lake Shore anymore due to the effect it had, paleness and depression. She does constantly visit her sisters, Natalie and Llewella. She resides in Wizard City at the moment.

Danielle Drake (Diviner)
Danielle was originally born in Dragonspyre, The Necropolis, but she escaped with her best friend, Emmalee LifeHeart, when they were both 12. She does not reside in Dragonspyre due to hatred of her father. When Emmalee and Danielle arrived in Wizard City, Emmalee started to separate from her old friend which left Danielle alone. She was bullied due to being a Drake.
Tasha Thief (Conjurer)
Tasha was born in Zafaria, she often stole food and clothes or jewellery (due to being poor and hence her nickname, Thief.) Tasha and her family didn't exactly stay in an area of Zafaria for a while, they moved around allot due to poverty. Tasha still resides in Zafaria in a small hut close to the Waterfront and Stone Town, but she still moves around by herself because she still thieves. Tasha's Dad has passed away, and her Mom is married to another man. She has no siblings.

Bailey BlueStone (Theurgist)
Young Bailey was born in Khrysalis and still lives there in the Last Wood. She is friends with many of the mice that reside alongside her. Bailey was born from a very rich family who ruled alongside the king of Khrysalis until they stepped down due to childbirth and a very large family. Bailey has allot of friends and siblings. 5 Sisters: Elena, Maya, Brime, Penelope and Kayla. 7 Brothers: Isaac, Nathan, Reed, Anderson, Gill, Court and Dylan.

Sarah (Thaumaturge)
Sarah was born in Marleybone, she is an orphan and doesn't belong to anyone. Jacques The Scratcher brought her up and nearly corrupted her but Sarah had heard and seen the experienced wizards cast powerful spells. Sarah resides in Marleybone in 221 Barker St. She stays in contact with her cousins who are orphans too.

Oct 13, 2013
Shelby Skyslinger was born and spent most of her younger years in Dragonspyre (leading her to choose Pyromancy when she traveled to Wizard City to learn magic), and liked spending time in the drake hatchery, and now enjoys spending time in Avalon and Marleybone. She occasionally goes back to spend time with her dragon friends.

Shelby Skyslinger 89
3, 4, 8

Sep 23, 2015
My main comes from the Larips. Larips is odd we have ytic Draziw.... Oh shoot I just found out thats the bottom of the spiral...
Well we study ,,, as main forms but I once done a PvP with a pal and let just say he wont be studying for a long time. Our head master is corrupted I was wreck by him and the rest is history.

Jul 10, 2008
Alex Storyweaver
From right in wizard city. Grew up on Unicorn Lane and is good friends with the fairies. Remembers when Malistaire and Slyvia were professors and loved visiting the Life School for the latter to read to him. Chose to become a wizard to find a way to stop Malistaire from further corrupting his homeland by learning how the Death School worked. Has a great respect for Headmaster Ambrose. And aspires to learn all Magic Spells and become Headmaster himself when his quest to calm the Spiral is over. Currently takes up residence in a castle in Marleybone.

Esme Ashblossom
Was walking along the streets of her homeland in a World Without Magic when the Spiral suddenly sparked and reached out to her World and sucked several people into a chaotic Magic Storm. They fell from the sky into different worlds of the Spiral, now charged with Magic. Esme fell right through the roof into Headmaster Ambrose's office in Wizard City! After the excitement of having a person fall through his roof wear off Ambrose determined to let Esme stay at the dormitories and teach her how to use her new Magic. She choose to study the school because it was the most independent of them all and she dearly wished to save the others form her World who were now stranded with her. She agreed to help save the Spiral because it allowed her to travel to places to search for her missing World mates. Whether she will choose to remain in the Spiral or leave for her old home when her journey is over cannot yet be said, because her journey is just beginning...

Jun 21, 2015
Ethan RainWraith was born with his sister Olivia ThunderWraith in celestia before the awakening of the storm titan. They grew up in Stormriven under the tutelage of the son of the storm titan. When the war came a strange person by the name of Ione Virga, who took them to the Arcanum to learn storm magic. They were soon recognized among the scholars as masters in the arts of Divination. However Ione was not a teacher at heart and sent them off to Ravenwood to learn magic from a real teacher: Haleston Balestrom. Haleston immediately recognized their abilities and, with Ambrose's permission to join Ravenwood. But as the beginning of enrollment took place, Malistare appeared and hit Ambrose down. Thus Ethan and Olivia had to fight Malistare alone. This began the storm duo's journey through the spiral and maybe even beyond.....

Feb 13, 2011
(Sorry if this may be a little off topic, since he is both a wizard and a pirate)

Wolf was born in Marleybone sometime ago, who had an interest in dealing massive damage to things the spiral feared. He was imprisoned by Deacon after his parents died while fighting the Armada, and so his career as a wizard and pirate began.
After regaining some footing, he arrived at Wizard City with the help of Merle and Avery to begin learning Storm Magic, and thus his mission to destroy both Morganthe and Kane began. While he is for the most part a wizard, he does do work as a swashbuckler sometimes, considering that both favour a glass cannon playstyle. Though he is currently stronger as a wizard, he enjoys the time he spends with his crew.

Currently, he lives on an island house in a stormy region of Celestia's Floating Land.

Aug 04, 2012
I was raised in Grizzlehiem. I don't know who my parents were. I used storm magic to fend off the countless beasts that attacked me. I wandered through the woods until I found northgaurd. I then heard about wizard city, and went there. I was then enrolled in the storm school.

Dec 13, 2009
Jasmine Bluedust
Jasmine Bluedust actually grew up here on earth! Her parents were originally from Wizard City, but when something bad happened, they went into hiding. When she was 12 Jasmine moved into the dorms in Ravenwood and trained in magic. After the FInal Battle she moved to Grizzleheim/Wintertusk to help them rebuild.

Lenora Ravencaller
After the death of her parents, Lenora was taken in by a family of Dogs, and grew up in Marleybone. Against her family's wishes she enrolled as a wizard at Ravenwood. After loosing Ed on their journey she disappeared for two years, but eventually settled as the and alchemy teacher at Dragonspyre Academy.

Aedan Fireblade
Aedan was furious when is Aunt Dahlia refused to enrol him in Dragonspyre, insisting that he stay at Ravenwood with her, even when all his friends took off for what he considered the 'superior' school. He had grown up in Firecat Alley, but switched to the dorms to spite his Aunt. After the Final Battle he helped to rebuild Dragonspyre Academy, and became headmaster.

Edward Duskshade
growing up as a 'Cave Kid' in Triton Ave. wasn't easy for Ed or his sister Yve, and it was really hard for him to leave her when he enrolled as a wizard at Ravenwood. He was one of the 6 who went after M, but was killed in Dragonspyre on the journey.

Adrian Sandtalon
Adrian grew up on Krokotopia with a family of manders. He had intended on staying in Krok for his training, but his family insisted that he go to Ravenwood instead. He stayed begrudgingly in the dorms until he bought a little sand tent, Where he continues to live today while commuting to Dragonspyre, where he is the Balance teacher and Krokotopia liason.

Rowan Moonstone
Rowan grew up in Ravenwood with her Godmother, Moolinda Wu. She moved into the dorms when she enrolled at age 10(after convincing Ambrose to let her enrol early) and eventually bought the life house that served as a base for the 6 during their journey, and later as her family home.

Aug 04, 2010
Jessica Swiftgem
Tragic backstory time! After being born to a human family who were naval merchants for Marleybonian royalty, Jessica was often brought along on trading trips with her parents. After their ship was hijacked by pirates, Jessica's parents were tossed overboard into shark-infested waters. Jessica was taken and raised by the pirates, and she became a swashbuckler of great talent. When she was finally old enough to take part in a raid, she killed an innocent man and was horrified by what she had one. She fled from Skull Island, in search of redemption. She stumbled across Wizard City and enrolled in Ravenwood School of Magic. There she lived for many years, but was often traveling, for she had finally found some way to use her talent for something good. Eventually she graduated from Ravenwood and settled in her home in a floating island of the spiral that was once a piece of the ocean cliff sides of Wysteria.