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What world is you're wizard from?

Dec 11, 2009
Hey! What world is you're wizard from? Rules are:

1. What world?
2. What area of that world?
3. Still residing there or moved?
4. Have fun!
5. Does NOT have to be a world related.
Mine: Amber Nightblossom lived in Celestia, in the Floating Islands. She has moved and does not reside there anymore.


Amber Nightblossom, Level 76 Storm
Kestrel Ashthorn, Level 20 Death.
"Fizzle once, shame on you. Fizzle twice, shame on me."

Jan 01, 2012
Thomas bane came from avalon, brought up in castle avalon. he went to wizard city to take lessons in necromancy, does not reside there but keeps a caliburn teleport tapestry in his home so he can visit anytime.

Mar 05, 2011
Wolf Skullslinger owns a home in Northguard in Grizzlehiem. He specializes in the art of Ice. He helps to keep the place full of snow. Also he has a vacation home in Vestrilund. He has recieved the highest achievements Grizzlehiem has to offer.

Wolf Skullslinger, Thaumaturge by Trade

Feb 07, 2011
oh, this is fun~ going to do this for all my wizards :)

wizard shadowsong's origins are unknown, but she was brought to krokotopia as a baby wizard and has lived there ever since; her accent, however, would lead one to assume that she is originally from somewhere in marleybone or avalon.

(her owner, von, comes from dragonspyre and now lives in azteca's pitch black lake, which she hates)

Apr 27, 2009
My wizard, Nora Ravenward, was begotten in Ravenscar, Grizzleheim. She moved long ago to a secluded island known as Dragon's Fjord where she practices the Ice magic of yore.

Feb 25, 2013
Here are mine (for my 3 main wizards):

Destiny Windgem (diviner):
Destiny's birthplace is unknown- to this day, at least. Currently lives in krokotopia with her adopted family (four sisters and parents). To be specific, they live on the krokosphinx island.

Kiley Frost (thaumaturge):
Originally from Grizzleheim. Moved to Colossus Bovelyard. (She likes to steal candy from the gobblers )

Kaitlyn Ashfire (pyromancer):
It is unknown where she is from, though there are rumors about her being from Dragonspyre. Was sent to Wizard City to learn the art of pyromancy recently.

Hope to see you in the spiral!

Destiny Windgem, level 34 diviner

Kiley Frost, level 5 thaumaturge

Kaitlyn Ashfire, level 5 pyromancer

(I could list the rest, but I don't feel like typing for another 5 minutes)

Jun 20, 2009
Haley DunePetal is from Avalon, Caer Lyon but fled when her house was attacked by goblins and her family murdered and went to Wizard City to learn about the Schools of Ravenwood and to travel the Spiral to learn about Voodoo in Zarifa, she was adopted by a family of seven daughters from a powerful family and has had may adventures in the Spiral.

Mar 12, 2013
Ryan Goldbloom was on a student field trip to the Royal Museum in Marleybone, when a friend asked her what the writing said on an ancient amphora on display. Not one to let slip an opportunity to show off that she could read ancient Greek, she read the writings out loud and suddenly vanished. She found herself standing in Festival Park.

May 03, 2009
Scarlet Hawk is from Dragonspyre, and when Malistaire destroyed her happy home she hid in the Atheneum and moved to Wizard City later on to learn necromancy and finally destroy Malistaire (which she accomplished a LONG time ago.). To this day, she follows Morganthe's tracks because she destroyed her second home, the District of the Stars in Celestia.

If I ever get to making another character, I'll try to post their story here :)

Scarlet Hawk
Promethean Necromancer
"Why? The world may never know."

May 03, 2009
Scarlet Hawk on May 3, 2013 wrote:
Scarlet Hawk is from Dragonspyre, and when Malistaire destroyed her happy home she hid in the Atheneum and moved to Wizard City later on to learn necromancy and finally destroy Malistaire (which she accomplished a LONG time ago.). To this day, she follows Morganthe's tracks because she destroyed her second home, the District of the Stars in Celestia.

If I ever get to making another character, I'll try to post their story here :)

Scarlet Hawk
Promethean Necromancer
"Why? The world may never know."
I made a few new characters so continuing on...

Ryan Strongheart is a child of Zafaria, born in the Stone Town, she was taught to be a merchant, live royally, collect stone block and sandstone, and come to love zoos. Now that Malistaire has wiped her memory clean and thus removing all her wizarding powers, she was to learn them all. Again. As a young life student today, if she ever gets played, she is natural warrior and not to be seen as a lame healer (unless she's healing)

Now Ryan's sister has a different story. Jordan Strongheart was born in Zafaria, but she was interested in something other than healing. She wanted to fight fire with fire. Raised in the Savannah, and born with a warrior's instinct she is not a fire student to mess with (once I get her to level 10).

Amber Rose is a teacher's pet. Born and raised and currently living in the Lake Shore of Avalon, she was favored my Merle Ambrose on sight and has been learning the skills of balance ever since. Merle seems to see that she is ready to fight on her own, but he worries. Is she powerful enough?

That's it for today, folks!

Scarlet Hawk
Promethean Necromancer
Amber Rose (She's my 2nd favorite.)
Novice Sorcerer (Not for long!)
"Why? The world may never know."

Aug 30, 2009
Christo Mythspear was born in Azteca but when the comet appeared he fled to Wizard City to learn about magic of Myth. Later he moved to the Shoshun village in Mooshu for some peace and quiet. He often goes back to his vacation home in Avalon.

Mar 12, 2013
Cheryl Crow is from Jacksonville, Florida.

She and another girl were at church after Wednesday night services one hot and muggy evening.

Just as they were turning out the lights and getting ready to leave, a pickup truck pulled into the church parking lot and several grim-looking men hopped out, carrying gasoline cans and wooden beams. They were going to burn down the little church and plant a burning cross on the front step.

Cheryl and her friend tried to escape through the side door, but one of the men had circled around the side, laying brush and gas-soaked rags next to the door. There was no way they could escape without being seen. So they retreated into the sanctuary and cowered under the altar cloth hoping to avoid being burned.

Meanwhile, the sky took on the color of a week-old bruise and the air stank of ozone and heat. Ball lightning flashed over the parking lot. A figure in a white hood and robe climbed out of the driver's seat of the pickup and leaned against it, instructing the men to raise the wooden cross and light it.

As the men hove the heavy wooden cross upright in the grass, suddenly a searing white beam of lightning transfixed the cross and the men on the lawn. It arced to the pickup and instantly killed the hooded figure. The discharge veritably nailed the men to the earth as it ran to ground through their flesh. Its impact boiled the soggy lawn underneath them, throwing clods of sod three feet into the air around the cross.

Cheryl fainted in terror.

The cross and tinder caught fire, flaring around the little wooden and tar paper church. Within seconds, the building was wrapped in flames.

At that moment the heavens sagged open and unleashed a dense curtain of rain, which ran down the trees and walls of the church in massive torrents and doused the fire.

The church miraculously untouched, the little girl emerged unhurt - but Cheryl disappeared. She woke up in the Ravenwood Infirmary, a new believer in divine(r) providence.

Jul 03, 2012
Rylee SpiritBlood was born in Zafaria, doesn't remember what place, but travels now more than actually lives somewhere.

Rylee SpiritBlood
Level 61
Never give up, without a fight.

Aug 15, 2010
Cass frogbrand: I was born in Azteca in the three points and I soon learned the way of magic and I was told by my family I was born to be fire I got mail saying 'Young wizard you have been invited to dragonspyre academy to learn the ways of the great drakes and the mastery of fire'. When I soon arrived, years later I was a mastery of fire

Jul 24, 2010
Hunter Wildcatcher was found as a young child in Zafaria, and was raised up by the lion families. Their he was taught how to live along with the lions. Then one day his tribe was attacked by the Celestial's, which killed his mother and father, and nearly wiped out his clan. Enraged for the loss of his family, he went to Dworgyn to learn the ways of Death, to take his revenge on the Celestial's that killed his family.

Wolf Battle Giver was born in the depths of DragonSpyre. He was raised by the dragon's to learn the ways of fire magic. As Wolf grew older his ability to summon Pheonix's and Helephants grew better. Eventually he became the Best wizard in DragonSpyre. He was happy, until one day Malistare invaded with his undead army to wage war against the dragon's. Wolf tried his hardest, but in the end he was defeated. Seeing Wolf as a threat, Malistare captured him and erased his memory. Remembering nothing, Wolf wandered around blindlessly, till he found the elder dragon of his clan. The elder reminded him of his life and what had happened. Wolf asked if he could re-learn his magic, but the elder said he didn't have enough time left in the world to teach him, and suggested to go to wizard city. Listening to the elder dragon, he traveled to wizard city to learn from Flamea in the ways of the fire magic. Now starting his training one again, he has made it his goal to find malistare and take him down for the revenge of his family.

Jan 11, 2013
Wolf starbreaker was born on the comet xibalba. it unfortunately crashed into azteca, where he has decded to live in until the game makes a new world.

Jun 18, 2012
Wolf Skullslinger on Apr 30, 2013 wrote:
Wolf Skullslinger owns a home in Northguard in Grizzlehiem. He specializes in the art of Ice. He helps to keep the place full of snow. Also he has a vacation home in Vestrilund. He has recieved the highest achievements Grizzlehiem has to offer.

Wolf Skullslinger, Thaumaturge by Trade
can you help me with grizzleheim plz. I am on the second place there.

Mar 12, 2013
Quinn was born and raised on a small northern native reserve in Canada.

His town was built on the permafrost. The town was now in dire straits. The permafrost had melted, causing building foundations to sag and collapse in the mud. The roads were likewise half covered in mudslides and rubble. The local gas station and supermarket now sat in a foot-deep lake of stagnant muddy water. This was Quinn's first wake-up call to the risk of global climate change.

He realized the problem was greater than any one village or community or country could tackle. He realized that more technology would not come in time to save his family. In short, it would take a miracle.

When he told his grandmother this, she replied sarcastically, "Well, whenever you are ready to find us a miracle worker, we'll get right on it." And so after a long and fruitless petition to the town and province relief funds, he went to the internet in sheer frustration and typed in Miracle Worker. And that's when something truly curious happened, somewhere in those tangled-up tubes.

His screen filled up with listings for thaumaturges, or miracle workers. A listing for Greyrose Consulting seemed legit. Unfortunately, it was in Wizard City, and he had no way of getting there. So he started walking to town. On the way, he noticed a new restaurant, the Midnight Sun Pagoda. He went inside. It looked deserted, so he turned to leave. When he came out, he was in the Commons. As he stood there in the sudden warmth of a WC spring day, someone bumped him from behind.

"Excuse me," said the student, who then scurried away across the campus. Quinn glanced down and caught a glimpse of the student's name badge. Snezana Kunikova, apprentice thaumaturge.

"Hey! You! Wait a minute. Can you tell me where I am? I'm looking to hire a thaumaturge and -"

"You're in Wizard City. Just go up the ramp to Ravenwood and look for the Ice School. Gotta go!" Away she sped in a cloud of snowflakes.

Apr 19, 2012
nathan night rider is from the strong center lands of grizleyhem and now rests on his own flaming island

Jun 06, 2009
I have a full set of 6 characters, but i only play two of them usually.
But here's where they would live:

Alexander FireStone, level 60 pyromancer.
Currently resides in Firecat alley. Also currently regrets this because he lives next door to his teacher, so he can never get away with doing anything that would damage his curfew or grades.

Alexander SunStone, level 69 pyromancer.
Currently resides in the jade palace area of mooshu. He has a small cottage next to the pet shop.

Mar 12, 2013
Cheyenne River lives in Avalon and remembers the day she set out on the path of flame.

She and her wizard friend Cheryl (whose story appears above) were walking in High Road late one night when they were accosted by three hulking Fomori Giants.

"Ahoy look wot we gots 'ere? A pair o' sneak thieves from Ravenwood come to pinch our gold! At 'em, boyos!" growled the first. Two other Fomori moved in from the shadows, one of them tattooed from head to toe with arcane symbols from the Lost Pages.

The nearest one grabbed Cheryl's backpack and yanked it off her back, spilling tomes and reagents and instruments across the cobblestones. Alhazred and Balestrom's Treatise on Elemental Magic went flying over his shoulder and landed in a mud puddle. He drew out Cheryl's Lightning Staff of Dodona and twirled it between his fat fingers. "Now tell me lassie, what were ya goin' ta do with this?" A cruel leer crossed his face and with a flick of his wrist, he snapped the staff into splinters.

The spellwrit Fomori pawed through the backpack and clutched a Katzenstein isopotential barometer in a grubby fist. "Wot's dis for? An' where did ya get it? No lyin', now."

"It's a Katzenstein isopotential barometer," squeaked Cheryl.

"A Katzenjammer whoozywhatsit?" sneered the giant as he waved the instrument in the air with a flourish. The other Fomori hooted with derisive laughter.

Cheyenne winced as she realized what would happen next. The Fomori jabbed a meaty finger between the capacitor plate and the keraunometer and received a nasty, hair-curling shock. The Fomori roared with rage and dashed the delicate, expensive instrument to the ground with a glassy crunch. Cheryl sank down in despair, tears welling up in her eyes.

Cheyenne's mind filled with red fury for her friend's humiliation. "Stop it!" she shouted, and the air between her and the giants suddenly simply caught fire. The hairy giants fled.

Apr 20, 2011
CodyGhostEyes was born in the Chelsea Court, raisen by than good Pops O' Leary. He was pretty good father when Malistaire showed up with his pet, Meowiarty. He enchanted him, so he became evil, and risen a rascal group of rats and cats. Cody decided to move to shelter in Royal Museum, but Sprockets and Bellows made him go outta there... He was starting to learn than unknown Death magic, and whole Marleybone was scared of him. Agony Wraith showed up and kill Cody's Daughter, Jezzebel. Cody ran from Marleybone, and moved in Necropolis to continue studies of death magic.
He joined the Undead Clan, when suddenly Bartleby show up and told Cody that he will be sorry if he joins Undead like Jemini ShadowSong, which is still torched. He remembered what his papa, Pops said him, and said he wants to join a WIZARD CITY SAVIORS clan. Bartleby said "Ok" Cody changed his studies into balance and came to trip in Wizard City. They were just about to come, when Cody noticed a desert world: according to his balance knowledge: Krokotopia. he decided to stand by. He didn't knew that Krokotopia is under the iron boot of Krokopatra, the queen of Tuts. He defeated Krokenkahmen and joined Order Of Fang. He killed her main servant, Krokohotep and her herself. Bartleby picked him up and they came to Wizard City. it was a agony to look wizards screaming deadly scared by spellwrit and scarlet screamers, so he decided to do something. he drove them out. Now Cody is saving MooShu from furious Jade Oni, but on newspaper his was wroten "Cody GhostEyes said that he will be a Spiral Fashion Designer+ Savior of the Spiral" what he does and what he WILL do, read in next part

May 03, 2009
I haven't made this character yet, I'm still planning out my fire, balance, and life characters but I'll do my hopefully next character: Emma Troll.

Emma Troll was a regular child until she received a letter in the mail.

Emma L. Troll,
We have recognized your wizarding skill and request that you join Ravenwood school of Wizarding arts. Please come to the Spiral door in your area at 7 P.M., May 11, 2013. You will be greeted by another wizard. She is a life student and is advanced in her studies, she will help you around until your true powers show your school. You will be guided by your dorm-mate. Good luck in your studies and we hope that you will save the Spiral. I can feel the evil arising.

Headmaster Merle Ambrose

Rereading the notice for her twelfth time, Emma understood. She was a wizard! Letting the paper flutter to the floor, Emma noticed a faint trace. It was going to the door! Swearing that she was mad, she walked away, to the door, following the line to... a tree. Sighing in annoyance, she walked away until she heard a loud like tree bark moving. Turning around slowly, she saw a green glow where the tree used to be.

"Hello!" A high-pitched voice said. Emma felt she was going to choke until the girl stopped hugging her. A petite girl stood in front of Emma with brown hair blending into the tree bark and green eyes that matched that looked like the leaves. "We're friends now, I'm Miranda Ravenfriend! You're Emma Troll right?"

"Yeah. Well uh, let's go?"


So, Emma got the tour and became a student of myth.

I'll do my next character when I get her to initiate.

See ya!

Scarlet Hawk
Amber Rose

Nov 26, 2011
Jasmine FireBlade was born in DragonSpyre, but where is unknown...eventually, she found her way to Wizard City and started to learn fire magic.

Mar 12, 2013
Angel Bear doesn't live anywhere. He's dead, you see.

That said, he attends Ravenwood and studies hard. He is in the top 25% of his Death class and won the Zan'ne Akhtar Award for his senior paper in Balance studies. He is tall, athletic, and popular. But he has a very delicate secret, one that only two other people in all of Wizard City know.

He is a vampire.

As it so happens, Ravenwood has the broadest and most liberal entry requirements of any school of magic. Almost any creature, from any world, is welcome to study at Ravenwood or through the Magic Correspondence Exchange. There are only two hard exceptions.

The first is that no student or former student under sanction at the school for major misconduct or endangerment may carry on studies through the school.

The second is, only chastened undead may attend classes. Vampires, ghouls, and liches are expressly forbidden to enter Ravenwood. (Revenants, and noncorporeal undead such as wraiths shades etc. are fine.)

Bear knowingly submitted a falsified application to the school, and made a favorable impression on the professors in the interviews. The only department which might have detected his condition, was (and still is) without a chair and staffed mainly by grad students with little acuity for the undead. This is how Bear sat across from an oblivious Ashthorn and won a seat in the necromancy lecture hall.

However, it was absentminded old Dworgyn who immediately detected the unusual and unmistakable aura of vampirism around the enthusiastic young man, and he told Ambrose. He also told Ambrose something else he'd learned about Bear.

Bear had the ability to unmake other vampires and chasten them. This is such a vanishingly rare gift that Ambrose, despite the clear evidence that Bear had misrepresented himself, was compelled to enroll the young man instantly. And it is his daily struggle to prevent anyone, especially the spies of Malistaire, from learning of his extraordinary student.