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The Chosen Three

This series was written by Sabrina Icebane. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Chosen Three Part 3 by Sabrina Icebane

I sat quietly in the Headmaster’s office. Daniel and I were called an hour ago to meet with him. On the way, we made a friend named Eric Drakegem, who’s a Theurgist.

Daniel seemed as eager as I was to talk to Merle, which was pretty eager. Eric sat next to me, quiet as ever. He was playing with that watch/compass thing Merle gave him.

“What is that?” I whispered into his ear.

He looked at me with an annoyed face. “Didn’t the Headmaster tell you what it was?” He held his wrist out to me so I could look. I examined it closely. There was two buttons: one with two people shaking hands, and another that was a speech bubble.

I gasped. “That’s the Chat Logger thing he was talking about! I should try mine out.” I clicked on the speech bubble button with my index finger and an empty log came up. I was confused. How did I type? There was no keyboard.

I tapped Eric’s shoulder. He turned toward me once more, the annoyed look still on his face. “Uhm, how do you type on this?” I gave him a pleading smile.

“You think up what you say, and it appears on the keyboard. I’ll show you.” He took my wrist in his hand and clicked on the type box.

“Now put in who you wanna whisper to…” He typed in his name. “Now say something to me.”

I started to think of a sentence and it appeared in the type box. I smiled. “That’s awesome! Thanks for showing me.” I pulled Eric into a hug. I looked up and saw a surprised look cross his face, but he hugged me back anyways.

I didn’t notice the Headmaster had sent out his student and called us in until he had to come over and tap my shoulder. I looked up and my eyes widened. I quickly pulled away from Eric and addressed the Headmaster.

“Headmaster Ambrose! Are you ready to see us now?” I asked, my face turning a light shade of pink. I was quite embarrassed that he saw me hugging Eric.

“Yes, Sabrina. It’s time for me to see you. Daniel also needs to come, so wake him up.” He walked into his office and shut the door.

I looked at Daniel and sighed. “Boys… always are falling asleep in public places.”

About two minutes later…

“DANIEL!” I shouted.

Daniel opened his eyes and shielded from the light. “Time already?”

I nodded and pulled him into the office.

We came out half an hour later, smiled both on our faces.

“We’re going to Krokotopia!” Daniel and I chorused.

Eric closed his spellbook and sighed. “Hip hip hooray. Now let’s get going!”

We ran toward the World Door and rushed to the gate. The inside of Bartleby was not what I expected. It had rugs on the ground, and some stairs up to the gate. I thought it would just be all grassy and flowery in here, but I guess I was wrong.

I went up to the panel and selected a world. ‘KROKOTPIA’ it read on the screen, and the door opened revealing a spinning vortex of purple, yellow, and green. I leapt through the portal and came out in a totally different place.

The ground was covered in sand, and a giant orange lizard in a fez hat and robes was walking toward me. “Young wizard! Oh thank you for coming to save us from the evil Malistaire. I thank you many times!” He said, using hand motions for every word.

“Well, I haven’t saved you yet, but okay…” I scratched the back of my head in a nervous gesture. The lizard continued. “Can you please go to the library and talk to Zan’ne? I need some information from him.” I nodded and raced up the sand-covered walkway. There were raised pieces of brick all the way up, so I was tripping the whole time.

When I finally got to the top, another group of wizards pushed open the door from the other side. The door whacked me in the forehead, causing me to stumble back and fall down the whole walkway!


I thought I was going to fall down until I found myself staring up at the ceiling, a pair of arms hoisting me up and stopping my fall.

“Th-thanks.” I stuttered. I’m so glad whoever that was saved me, or else I would’ve been in the hospital by now! The person set me down and stood there.

“You’re welcome, Sabrina.” The person said.

I raised an eyebrow. “You know my name?”

The person nodded. “Of course. I get around.”

“Well, go stalk someone else. I have to go see Zan’ne.” I brushed off my clothes.

“We’ll meet again, Sabrina. I’m sure of it.” Then the person disappeared in a flurry of mist and black magic.

“Who could’ve that been? I sure don’t know any Death wizards…” I sighed.

So many things to figure out, yet so little time.

So little time to know that my life was slowly ticking away like a time bomb.

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