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The Chosen Three

This series was written by Sabrina Icebane. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Chosen Three Part 2 by Sabrina Icebane

David looked up as he heard me approach. He stood up and took my hand and pulled me towards the Myth school. He was about to push the door open when an elderly wizard appeared out of nowhere. “Sabrina, I’m Merle Ambrose. The Headmaster. I need you to come with me. Something bad is happening in Golem Court!” The last thing I saw was David jumping for my hand and grabbing it just before we poofed away.

I landed in darkness with a sudden thud.

I heard hissing and deep voices to my left, and the Headmaster’s husky breathing to my right. I felt David’s hand squeeze mine, and I smiled. I was curious why David jumped for me at the last second. Maybe he liked me? No, no. Not possible. We literally JUST met!

I heard the hissing stop and started hearing books tumbling from the shelves. A small light flickered into the building; a small ray of silver moonlight, illuminating the crystal balls and jewel encrusted book covers. I saw two dragon-like creatures and a tall man dressed in dark robes huddled around something.

Something tickled my nose.

“Oh no…” I whispered.

I covered my mouth and hoped I wouldn’t sneeze. ‘Please don’t, Sabrina! DON’T SNEE-!’ My thought was interrupted by a loud *ACHOO!*

The dragons and the strange man turned around. Merle stood up and cleared his throat.


Malistaire sneered. “Ambrose.”

Merle started again. “You are no longer welcome here! Why have you returned?”

Malistaire smirked. “I’m here to resolve our unfinished business! Is this your latest student? My henchmen will see to your little friend!”

I gasped. “Why do you want to kill me? I barely got here!” I stood up and glared at him.

The Headmaster looked at me, and weakly smiled. “Hurry along, Sabrina! Take this deck of spell cards and defeat those creatures while I tend to Malistaire!”

I nodded and picked up the cards. David grasped my hand and got up.

“You’re not battling alone, Sabrina. I’ll help!” Daniel smiled and continued. “Shall we?” He offered his hand. I smiled and took it. We ran up to the monsters and engaged in battle.

I chose a Firecat card and cast it on the first Draconian. Since the Draconians started first, they got a headstart on me.

“Agh!” I yelled when the Scorpion stung me.

David cast a spell that looked like some kind of snake and said without making eye contact, “Are you hurt Sabrina?”

I replied with a simple ‘no’, but I don’t think he cared anyways.

The duel went by fast. The enemies’ casted ghosts, ghouls, and the occasional Scorpion.

Also, for the first time ever, I got to have a Unicorn heal me! It was amazing. The floor turned to grass and grew flowers, and a Unicorn appeared out of nowhere and touched me with its horn and…

Let’s just say it was an amazing experience.

David cast some small plate with a sword on me to boost my spells, too. It’s called a Balanceblade if I remember correctly…

“Excellent work, Sabrina! Now let me see to Malistaire…” The Headmaster began.

“Another time, Ambrose. I have what I came for.” Malistaire surrounded himself in black dust and teleported away.

Headmaster Ambrose asked if David and I were OK with getting a heavy burden on our shoulders.

“Sure, what is it?” I asked Ambrose, stepping out of the battle circle.

The Headmaster smiled. In his hands he held a mix of a cell phone and a watch, a wand, a spellbook, and a device that looked awfully like a compass.

“W-what’s that stuff?” I asked him.

Merle chuckled and smiled. “The cell phone watch is actually called a ‘Chat Logger’, which is used to talk with your friends when you’re not with them, and for keeping track of your levels. The wand is for spells, the spellbook is for your classes and this device here…” He held up the compass thing, “is a teleportation device.”

My mouth fell open.

“Uhm, isn’t teleportation impossible?” I told him, quite amazed that he even had something as hi-tech as this. Merle shook his head and handed me the items. “They will be of use to you, young Wizard. Now go and see Private Connelly. He is in Unicorn Way. You can get there from the Commons.”

I nodded and took Daniel’s hand. “C’mon, we don’t have time to waste, Daniel! Let’s head off to Unicorn Way!” I started running, and I heard him stumble behind me. I looked back to see if he was keeping up, and sure enough, he was.

I ran past a group of wizards who seemed to be talking about this Pet Pavilion place. They all were females, and they all had these weird looking dog things. The dog things had two heads and were barking like mad when we ran by.

We stopped at the tunnel that said in big letters: UNICORN WAY. A guard was standing next to the gate, keeping close watch on anyone who passed through it or by it. I figured he knew Private Connelly, so I walked up to him.

He looked at me with a blank expression. “How can I help you, miss?”

I smiled and cleared my throat. “The Headmaster requested me to see Private Connelly. Do you know where he is?” “OH! Headmaster Ambrose sent you? Well go right through. Private Connelly should be right on the corner when you walk in.”

I thanked him for the information, and walked through the tunnel.

Unicorn Way was beautiful. Luscious green grass, nicely paved sidewalks, a giant unicorn statue that looked newly carved, it was amazing! (Well the times after that it wasn’t that amazing, ha-ha.)

I started down the path, and saw a guard standing firmly on the corner. “Private Connelly, I presume?” I asked him while I slowly approached him.

He looked down at me and nodded. “I’m Private Connelly, yes. What is it that you need, young Wizard?”

“The Headmaster sent me. Is there anything that you need?” I fished around for my wand in case he asked me to battle something.

He noticed me looking for my wand in my backpack, so he handed me a slip of paper that listed his tasks.

“Ghost Hunters, Saving Private O’Ryan, and Yellow Brick Road, eh? Cool names.” I said. I looked the paper up and down again, and headed off into the street, Daniel running aimlessly behind me.

“You’ve become independent, Sabrina.” Daniel sighed and took out his wand.

I looked back at him and stopped. “No, not really. I just got courage, I guess…” I scratched behind my head like I usually did when I was nervous.

He took a deep breath. “I don’t think you need me following you anymore.”

My eyes widened and I nearly collapsed. “Of course I need you! I don’t even know where to go half the time! And besides…” I paused.

“Besides what?” He said an angry tone obvious in his voice.

“I…I just need you here, okay? You’re like my new best friend, and I wouldn’t be the happiest Ice Wizard around anymore. You’ve got to stay!” I put my hand on his shoulder and smiled. “You’re my buddy.”

The next day…

“Wake up! The Headmaster summoned us a long time ago!” Someone yelled.

I moaned and covered my head with the covers. “Go away, Daniel. Let me sleep…”

“HE SUMMONED US TEN MINUTES AGO! GET UUUP!” Daniel pulled the covers off me, revealing my turquoise pajama set, my wand, and a…

“A dog?!” I yelped. “How did a two headed dog get into my dorm?” I dug my fingers into my hair.

Daniel’s mouth stood agape. “Dude, you have an Orthrus pet? And you’re not even Myth? Did you get this from the Hatchery?” Daniel started yelling so many questions at once.

I took my hands off my head and buried my face into them. “I stole…someone’s dog…”

“Orthrus.” Daniel corrected me.

“WHATEVER!” I screamed. ‘We need to get it back!”

“But it looks like it likes you…” He smiled and picked it up.

“Daniel, get out of my dorm. I need to change so we can get to the Headmaster’s office.” I said, my face turning a deep red color. I felt my hands go cold, and I got off of my bed. “Well? Get out!” I yelled at Daniel.

“What about the dog?” He asked.

“I’ll keep it. Now get out!” I laughed and pushed him out the dorm door.

I was ready three minutes later. I was wearing a new outfit I got from boss drops yesterday. I was wearing the Frostbit Cape, a Frost Shroud, and Boots of the Frost (matchy matchy, eh?). The Orthrus was at my side, and I had my backpack slung on my shoulder.

Daniel looked at me with awe. “You look…”

“Totally awesome? Yeah, I know. Now let’s go.” I began to run toward the Commons tunnel, my newly adopted Orthrus pet following beside me. I’m glad no Wizards noticed an Ice Wizard with a Myth pet running around. But even if they did, they would think it was from the Hatchery.

I spotted a boy coming our way, so I slowed down to a stop. I smiled and said, “Hi there! What do you need?” The boy sneered. “I don’t need anything. I just want to know why you have a Grandmaster pet running around with you.” He crosses his arms and stared at me. His intense stare made me feel as if he were boring a hole into my head.

“I…I…” I stuttered. I couldn’t think of anything to say!

“You stole it didn’t you, little girl.” He smirked and looked at the Orthrus.

I let out a deep sigh and laughed. “You did NOT just call me little girl, did you? Because if you did…” I was going to charge him, but Daniel was one step ahead and held me back.

“You…take that back…!” I struggled against Daniel’s grasp. For his age, which was thirteen, he was stronger than most of the guys I knew back on Earth.

The boy looked at me once more and held out his hand. “Eric Drakegem, Journeyman Theurgist. Nice to meet you.” I stopped struggling against Daniel’s grasp. “You came over here, insulted me, and now you wanna get friendly? Wow, Eric. That’s cool. That’s just cool.”

He nodded and smiled. “I’m headed off to Krokotopia now, so see you guys around.” He started off toward the giant tree named Bartleby.

“Eric!” I called.

He looked back, a surprised expression crossing his face. He walked back over to us and tilted his head. “Come with us. We just finished all of Wizard City yesterday, so we might be going to that place, too.” He smiled and nooded. “Let’s go then,” He said.

Daniel finally let go of me and we headed off to the Headmaster to see what he had in store for us now. I have a future ahead of me. Maybe it’s good. Maybe it’s bad. But we’ll have to save the world before I even decide that…


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