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A Guide to Sunken City

Mar 08, 2009
csillver wrote:
Nice bit of info, in that regard to getting some people together: Is there a broadcast channel of chat that I am missing? Or should I just stand in the commons home point and shout my quest hoping for a reply...?

get a lot of friends, then beg each for two minutes each.:P

Oct 23, 2011
bigcbark wrote:
I did Sunken City and I finished and it didnt do anything. :x
me too
keeps showing the arrow for the grub but no grub and so i wasted 2 hours!!!

Mar 11, 2011
plumblossum wrote:
:PSunken City can be done with as little as two people. I helped many people in beta and live get through it.

Before you enter, be sure to make friends with all in your group if you aren't already. This will be helpful if someone must flee to get more mana or health although it is STRONGLY advised to have your potions, mana and health at full force before entering.

You will get pulled in a fight when you first enter the game no matter how far from the street you are. After that, talk to Marla by the tree. She will tell you to go to the tower down the street. Once you defeat that tower, one in your group can go back to her while the others go by the gate. All who enter together will get credit if one talks to her. Once that person finishes talking to Marla, they can teleport to the rest of the group. BEWARE, you will see a lot of ghouls passing in front of the gate so don't go rushing thru the gateway. Once they pass and you get thru, talk to Marla again(she's inside the area you are in now, don't go back outside the gateway) and she will send you to another tower. Defeat the enemies within and then one goes talk to Marla while the rest wait at the final gate. Do as before and have the one teleport to the rest of the group when they finish speaking with Marla. Now you will go to the last tower but you have two battles in the tower instead of one. When you are finished, you will have to talk to Marla one more time before leaving the area. Please note the above was the best case scenario for Sunken City.

One of your group will probably get pulled into a fight whether you or they wished to. UNITY is very important in Sunken City. If one gets pulled in a fight, all shall join to get it over as soon as possible. Also note that the enemies including street ghouls are at least 500 each. Two enemies for one person and one additional enemy for each joined person after that. Good Luck! Sunken City is a tough assignment even for seasoned players. :)

I soloed Sunken City. And I am only level... 70... nevermind.

Dec 07, 2010
why cant my friend enter sunken city they just not there when i'm in with them

Mar 16, 2012
If anybody needs help with sunkencity tell me where to meet you :D i will help since i get bored of my quests and annoyed.....

-Melissa SoulSong
Level 76

May 24, 2012
babymouse21 wrote:
If anybody needs help with sunkencity tell me where to meet you :D i will help since i get bored of my quests and annoyed.....

-Melissa SoulSong
Level 73

I would love some help on this one. I've only managed to get halfway through with someone, before he had to leave.

Richard IceBreath - Level 29

Apr 09, 2012
Im level 51 and forgot all about it! I bet i can solo it with potions. 8)

Mar 17, 2012
Maryanne20 wrote:
Does anyone know where Sunken City and Nightside is actually located?

I can't find it!!

Wizard City Behind the Water Fall in the Commons.
Click The Commons Teleport Button and Look Right You Should see it,
hope this helps!

Mar 16, 2012
rccola85 wrote:
babymouse21 wrote:
If anybody needs help with sunkencity tell me where to meet you :D i will help since i get bored of my quests and annoyed.....

-Melissa SoulSong
Level 73

I would love some help on this one. I've only managed to get halfway through with someone, before he had to leave.

Richard IceBreath - Level 29

Sorry this is so late yea sure just tell me when :D i am level 80 now though :P

Jul 31, 2011
Mar 16, 2012
123123123816 wrote:
Nobody helps me!!!!!!

I would be glad to help you just tell me when what realm what area what time?

Dec 27, 2010
NeoStar wrote:
I want to add a bit of something I have seen:

:Know Your Magical Elements:
Watch the symbols by the Monsters' names, and try using the opposite Element < Myth vs Storm > <Life vs Death> <Ice vs Fire>. The first mobs are all Myth, and Resistant to Myth. Using Storm Magic, especially Kraken and that "Shark" Spell are wise choices. Conjurers would be VERY wise to include the Prism Spell which converts Myth into Storm.

This is something I have found painfully true: If you have four wizards working together, they would impossibly wise to stick to their School's strong points: Myth, Storm, and Fire hammering at the enemies, Life healing everyone, Balance - with its unique assortment of "variable" spells - adjusting the odds in the team's favor, and Ice slowing things down with spells like Freeze. Believe me, it does work! And Treasure Cards only add to the havox.

:Equip For Success:
I am as vain a Player as any, to the point that I will Dye and match what I have on my Wizards to their theme. But Sunken City is no place for that. Gear must be able to give a lot of Resists and Health, with Mana being also a great concern. If you pick up something in a Drop that gives you even a tiny amount of increased defense and / Life, put it on; You will be needing it later. And something few players think about, I've noticed, you want a few Wands dealing different kinds of damage. Minions hate Storms; those Banshee-like ghosts drop from Life damage; and that's only the beginning. It might cost you some Gold; but it will give you an edge later on, in the City and beyond....

:Time Factor:
Sunken City is a survival marathon, period. If you die, you have to start over. If you Quit, you come back at the Nightside Death School. If your intended party goes in before you reach them, .... you are on your own, because you can not Teleport to them! I have tried; I know this to be true. Be ready to spend a good of time conquering this area, because you have few other real choices.

thank you

Daniel DragonSinger (level 21 Conjurer, and still trying...)


or you can take the easy way out like i did. :D all you have to do is find someone on your friends lis who is in grub's tower without a full attack team and you get to skip the entire thing!

May 07, 2011
>.< I'm level 39 Life and my level 38 quest was to do Sunken City and get a book from Grubb I tried solo and I totally failed! >.> so I like waited at the Sunken City Gaunlet which took about an hour to fine somebody because I had no friends online so I completed the sunken city thing with a level 18 fire. At least not as long when I first did Sunken City! >.< Plague Oni time....

Apr 09, 2011
When I tried sunken ciry on an older wizard of mine i found a good combonation of players.

-Life wizards can heal you and help you stay in good shape
-Storm wizards can bash out devastating attacks on enemies
-Balance(myself) wizards can give you charms and wards to protect and power you
-Death wizards can focus on one enemy and continue to keep themselves safe by healing themselves

*Another good thing to do would be to have moderate to high level wizards
*Try to have good armour that can protects you from damage
*Study the area and learn what emeny appears where, this will surely help you.

Hope this helps!!!

Jun 30, 2012
I did sunken city when I was a level 34 and I did this with a other person he was a level 15 and we almost died when the scarecrows and grub

Nov 14, 2010
mikeybear , Sorry, but I beg to differ. I am not trying to judge you on your level on beating sunken city but, sunken city is to easy (that's just an opinion) for me at least it was you see, I found it very difficult when I first got there I beat it level 20. My uncle which showed me the game helped me all that way now i'm in mid celestia I am stating that level 40 is a very high level to beat sunken city I suggest you should have brought at least 2 friends if you are a life you may find it very hard to beat sunken city (mostly because life does not have a lot of life fighting spells) if you are life you should bring 2 friends of anykind of schools *I highly recommend you bring death or fire* I am balance I tried and tried like you but in the end I got it I hope you learned something c:!

Nov 04, 2012
Cynical on Sep 10, 2008 wrote:
Oh how funny....that I find this NOW after spending 2-1/2 hours last night working my way through to Nightshade and finally a win there (at level 24!).

They pull you right off the sidewalks! You cannot get past them...so you end up battling over and over and over.

Then the second to the last battle we did not know to go up the stairs! We were so excited that was a short battle that we went on to the end to find a locked gate. Hmmm. Remember Golem Tower...same idea folks!

So we did this with 3! I think if you could get a group of 4 it would be easier.

Hint: get one person to run to the next step, then everyone else teleport to that person. Splitting up spells disaster in most cases but I think you would be less likely to get pulled into the street....unless that is part of the instance?

Anyone who thinks this game is not challenging enough should just go try the Sunken City!
mo they should go to the ironworks in mb

Feb 24, 2012
I got number 8
8. Be patient most of the time when you enter boom! Mobs right I front of you so just wait

Jan 15, 2013
Me and my girlfriend completed Sunken city both at about lvl 20. We had a tough time, but we did complete it. Used some of our big treasure cards, and shields!! She saved up on pips and used charms with a heal spell in there from time to time, and I cast shields and charms as much as I could till we both had decent pips, then both unloaded spells that did damage to all opponents when we faced Grul. Other bosses kinda same thing, just didn't need as huge of spells at that time.

Travis Sunweave ~ lvl 29 pyromancer
Aulora Moonthorne ~ lvl 29 necromancer (gf)

May 08, 2010
Professor Greyrose on Sep 8, 2008 wrote:
Many of you have mentioned that the instanced dungeon known as Sunken City is causing you some troubles. I've put together a few hints and tips to help you get through this area.

1. Group Up! Sunken City and other areas in the Spiral are designed for groups to work together to a common goal. You need to rely on your friends to succeed at these duels. If there's just one of you against the large number of creatures, you're not going to last very long. Team up with your friends or make new friends by offering to join a group.

2. Treasure Cards! Before you head out, make sure you have a good supply of all levels of treasure cards. You never know when that single Humungofrog could mean the difference between moving forward, and having to visit Hilda Brewer for her potions, again.

3. Move at Your Own Pace. Sunken City and other instances like it are unique because the creatures should not respawn behind you. Be careful that no one runs ahead and gets caught, dividing the group between duels. Stick together as a group and you'll be much better off.

4. Four at a Time. Sunken City is meant for four players to explore. If four people stand on the sigils at the entrance, those original four can teleport in and out as needed. If less than four people stand on the sigils at the entrance, friends can teleport in until there are four people total. Once these four people are in, the group is locked. Should a player or players decide not to continue with the adventure, they can remove themselves from the group by logging off or entering a different instance. At that time, the group is open to new members however it is still capped at four people.

5. Healers Never Hurt. Often a dedicated team member from the School of Life can mean a higher win rate for the group. This member of the team keeps an eye on everyone else and stacks his or her deck of cards to maximize the number of heal other cards that appear.

6. Don't Rush. You are not required to complete the Sunken City instance to move forward with Wizard101. If you find you simply cannot get through Sunken City, come back when you are a higher level with more powerful spells. You may find that the area is not as scary as you thought.

7. Have Fun! Sunken City and other Instanced Areas are a different dynamic of Wizard101. They're meant to be hard, and a different type of challenge. Just have fun and enjoy yourself.
Thanks! well i couldnt solo it at 10 so i tried at about 50 and just spammed nova and won. XD should of listened to you lol.

Aug 25, 2011
GraceStormGem on Dec 31, 2011 wrote:
my friend was once helping me with grubb and grubb dropped a blue cat tug!! no fair!! i was thinking is this real?!? because it was my quest anyways!!?!? then i helped my freind ethan do it but no matter what NO CAT THUG!!! how can i get one!?!

Cool I think you would need to ask and look at her lvl is she higher, lower? Think about It and ask :)

Oct 04, 2009
Let me put it this way, four of us went into sunken city, 2 died and had to pot back, and one almost died when they got pulled ahead of us. A very hard but very fun dungeon

Aug 15, 2012
Hmm.. guess i just got lucky? I went all the through sunken city by myself the first time at level 20 something. I do remember it being a tough one (especially the final duels), however - obviously, one can get through the entire dungeon. If I waited around for help every time I ran into a tough dungeon, I'd still be level 20 something and looking old as Ambrose! I remember losing 7 times to one ugly raven and his crew in Grizzleheim before I figured out what I needed to do in order to beat the ol' buzzard. The lesson I learned from those 8 duels was not to forget what you've learned - fundamentals. If you're carelessly tossing aside cards to get to a few treasure card spells against the higher ranked opponent(s) you're most likely going to run out of cards and be left a sitting duck.

Feb 06, 2011
I went right to this quest and figured, how hard could it be? WELL.....since I had friends there it wasn't so bad, its actually pretty fun when you go with friends, but anyways, if you were doing this solo, why would you get 3 ghosts attacking you! its not like your a grandmaster wizard yet . I suggest that you bring friends and potions to heal you, because there is allot of fighting in it

Apr 26, 2011
Here are some helpful hints:
1.Have these four wizards; Myth, Death, Balance, Life or Storm, Fire, Balance, Life.
(Yes. I understand I put Death even though Grubb is death along with some others. Death still hits pretty good even with a resist.
2.Get a ton of ABSORB treasure cards. They can be found at the BAZAAR
4. Do NOT pick a fight with the street monsters
( They are just as scared as you as you are of them )
5. Wear your battle gear. Battle gear is your clothes that help you out the most.

I hope these tips will help you out!!!