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A Guide to Sunken City

May 25, 2009
Jan 20, 2011
csillver wrote:
Nice bit of info, in that regard to getting some people together: Is there a broadcast channel of chat that I am missing? Or should I just stand in the commons home point and shout my quest hoping for a reply...?

actualy sunken city is really easy :D i passed it in 25 minnutes. if you need help you can find me infront of nightside in the vampire realm i am marcus icesword level34. you can also add my friend david dragon castor. hope i can help :)

May 11, 2011
Somebody's probably already mentioned this, but having the Meteor Strike card REALLY helps. I went in with the quest for Marla to find proof of the (Grubb?) and two others went in with me. One of them had the Meteor Strike and we practically flew through the quest. It also doesn't hurt to have a healer with the Unicorn card. I'm a healer and that card came in handy, trust me.

Cassandra Stormbreaker. Life Student.

Apr 01, 2011
This quest was so easy it took like 30 min we had two fire ppl a storm and me a life we flew through it all my friends said it was hard but it was so easy!!!!!

Dec 21, 2010
csillver wrote:
Nice bit of info, in that regard to getting some people together: Is there a broadcast channel of chat that I am missing? Or should I just stand in the commons home point and shout my quest hoping for a reply...?

I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but a way you can talk to your friends is go to your friends list and click on one of your friends. Then it will say menu chat of text chat and then you can say whatever you want to them without anyone else seeing. And if your friends don't reply to you sometimes you can go to a crowded realm and just wait in front of Sunken City and see if someone who also has that quest will help you (granted that may take a long time and I usually only do that at a last resort)

May 27, 2009
Professor Greyrose wrote:
Many of you have mentioned that the Instanced Area known as Sunken City is causing you some troubles. I've put together a few hints and tips to help you get through this area.

1. Group Up! Sunken City and other areas in the Spiral are designed for groups to work together to a common goal. You need to rely on your friends to succeed at these duels. If there's just one of you against the large number of creatures, you're not going to last very long. Team up with your friends or make new friends by offering to join a group.

2. Treasure Cards! Before you head out, make sure you have a good supply of all levels of treasure cards. You never know when that single Humungofrog could mean the difference between moving forward, and having to visit Hilda Brewer for her potions, again.

3. Move at Your Own Pace. Sunken City and other instances like it are unique because the creatures should not respawn behind you. Be careful that no one runs ahead and gets caught, dividing the group between duels. Stick together as a group and you'll be much better off.

4. Four at a Time. Sunken City is meant for four players to explore. If four people stand on the sigils at the entrance, those original four can teleport in and out as needed. If less than four people stand on the sigils at the entrance, friends can teleport in until there are four people total. Once these four people are in, the group is locked. Should a player or players decide not to continue with the adventure, they can remove themselves from the group by logging off or entering a different instance. At that time, the group is open to new members however it is still capped at four people.

5. Healers Never Hurt. Often a dedicated team member from the School of Life can mean a higher win rate for the group. This member of the team keeps an eye on everyone else and stacks his or her deck of cards to maximize the number of heal other cards that appear.

6. Don't Rush. You are not required to complete the Sunken City instance to move forward with Wizard101. If you find you simply cannot get through Sunken City, come back when you are a higher level with more powerful spells. You may find that the area is not as scary as you thought.

7. Have Fun! Sunken City and other Instanced Areas are a different dynamic of Wizard101. They're meant to be hard, and a different type of challenge. Just have fun and enjoy yourself.
Or you could wait until you're a higher level

Mar 28, 2009
Life is also good for fighting grubb but because life does not have all enimies attacks until level 58 the dryad quest is hard :(

Jun 04, 2011
I killed grubb and the arrow thingy pointed to the 'proof' but I couldn't find it. Is this a glitch? I really don't want to do it again...

Jul 25, 2010
i finished this dungeon without too much problems with a lvl 18 fire and life wizards, i soloed it at lvl 25 with my fire

Aug 05, 2009
Jun 16, 2011
Jul 17, 2010
Thanks for the guide it was really helpful can you make a guide for Kensington Park and The Tomb of the Beguiler? Thanks!
Ryan Moonshield lvl 48 Death

Mar 20, 2009
i actually need help with it i need a group to go with me. ive tried before but it didnt work out well :?

Jul 27, 2011
i agree professer team up get really good treasure cards and use the best and most powerful spells and mostly..... just have fun!!! :D

Feb 15, 2009
Thanks, Proffessor Greyrose! Have I mentioned you're my favorite because I'm an ice wizard? SHHH... don't tell the others! Anyway, I have noticed that it is REALLY easy to get caught in unwanted battles there. Could you adjust the enemy sensivity just a bit so we don't get caught 10 seconds after we go in! Thanks!

Aug 10, 2011
I completed Sunken City at level 14 with a level 18 friend.
Now im level 19 tho, But boy did those shields come in handy! i used about... hmm... i would say about 13 shields. ( not kidding )
And alot more.
But from time to time Me or My friend would die...
No worries! i would jusy quickly flee, Buy a potiton, drink it and quickly teleported back ( i guess my friend did that too )

Grubb had 1000 HEALTH!!

People might think im crazy... but to me...? Sunken city is easy.
Make sure to stack-on shields!

Cheryl TrollCaster level 19 soon to be level 20 Pyromancer

Mar 31, 2011
SUnken City isn't much of a difference than other dungeons. I recommend you to have 3 potions.. you'll finish it in a flash! You will need friends, perhaps to take a little break and then still recover your game but most imporant of all.. to be there for you!

I soloed SC.. and regret it. It was hard, took me 2 hours.

Apr 10, 2010
I solo Sunken city with 4 of 6 wizards (2 of them are to low level). I usually forget about Sunken City and the Tomb of the Beguiller until I look at my quest form and check my badges. Out of the 4 wizards I did Sunken city with an average 46 level wizards. Being forgetful is useful some times

6 sabrina's of doomy doom

Jun 02, 2011
Yes i had trouble finding grub in sunking city. my friend was also up to it. i was doing to quests for mooshu and then my friend needed help because he just got up to battle with grub. when i went there i was like yay! :D
im finally getting with this. :D :D :D :D :D :D

ErinWinterWhisper level45 ice

Apr 18, 2009
I still haven't worked up the courage to finish Sunken City (since a terrible incident while I was a still level 25 Death 8) ) , even though 2 of my wizards are Legendary.

Seems like it will be a piece of cake now, would I really need 3 other wizards?

Thanks for this, Professor.

Bailey Icecloud, lvl 52
Calamity Light, lvl 60
Destiny, lvl 60

Aug 07, 2011
A while back I did sunken city with just one other dude and he was a low level. After reading some of the reviews i was scared but turns out its easy, for me none of the monsters pulled me off the sidewalk. But if its too hard for you make sure you have some healing spells in your deck.

Good luck

Nicole FrostHunter level 39, Myth

Aug 18, 2011
Don't stress Sunken City. It isn't that hard.

1 - move with care so you don't waste time on street fights

2 - make sure you go in with full health, mana, and potions

3 - use elixirs to boost your stats if you are low level

4 - since you are fighting things in 3s, spells that damage “all enemies” are very useful - load them if you have them. Get all the clutter out of your deck. If you are solo, don't waste time trying to shield against multiple attackers - you can't - so kill them as fast as you can.

5 - if you are teaming, put the highest health player in first, since that position usually takes the first and most damage.

6 - unless you are using an "all enemies" spell, focus on taking out one foe at a time, starting with the lower heath ones. You want to reduce the number of incoming spells as quickly as you can.

I beat it at level 15 Storm teamed with one level 20 balance wizard, and again solo at level 18. My level 22 Myth / Fire wizard had no problem, nor my friend who is level 24 Life. Just focus, and don’t get discouraged if you die – keep at it, you’ll get it!

Sep 30, 2011
NeoStar wrote:
I want to add a bit of something I have seen:

:Know Your Magical Elements:
Watch the symbols by the Monsters' names, and try using the opposite Element < Myth vs Storm > <Life vs Death> <Ice vs Fire>. The first mobs are all Myth, and Resistant to Myth. Using Storm Magic, especially Kraken and that "Shark" Spell are wise choices. Conjurers would be VERY wise to include the Prism Spell which converts Myth into Storm.

This is something I have found painfully true: If you have four wizards working together, they would impossibly wise to stick to their School's strong points: Myth, Storm, and Fire hammering at the enemies, Life healing everyone, Balance - with its unique assortment of "variable" spells - adjusting the odds in the team's favor, and Ice slowing things down with spells like Freeze. Believe me, it does work! And Treasure Cards only add to the havox.

:Equip For Success:
I am as vain a Player as any, to the point that I will Dye and match what I have on my Wizards to their theme. But Sunken City is no place for that. Gear must be able to give a lot of Resists and Health, with Mana being also a great concern. If you pick up something in a Drop that gives you even a tiny amount of increased defense and / Life, put it on; You will be needing it later. And something few players think about, I've noticed, you want a few Wands dealing different kinds of damage. Minions hate Storms; those Banshee-like ghosts drop from Life damage; and that's only the beginning. It might cost you some Gold; but it will give you an edge later on, in the City and beyond....

:Time Factor:
Sunken City is a survival marathon, period. If you die, you have to start over. If you Quit, you come back at the Nightside Death School. If your intended party goes in before you reach them, .... you are on your own, because you can not Teleport to them! I have tried; I know this to be true. Be ready to spend a good of time conquering this area, because you have few other real choices.

thank you

Daniel DragonSinger (level 21 Conjurer, and still trying...)


I agree with most of this.... except for the first thing.

If you're battling a myth monster, they generally have shields for the opposite school - in this case, a storm shield for -80%.

I did this at level 16 in a group of 3 and I didn't think it was that hard at all.

But yeah really good advice :D

Destiny LifeGem

Jun 14, 2011
lorddoom141 wrote:
csillver wrote:
Nice bit of info, in that regard to getting some people together: Is there a broadcast channel of chat that I am missing? Or should I just stand in the commons home point and shout my quest hoping for a reply...?

That's what I did for about a hour trying to find nightside (still didnt find it :()

I'm not incredibly sure how I got to Nightside, but I think all you have to do is defeat Lord Nightshade or something.

Aug 15, 2011
my friend was once helping me with grubb and grubb dropped a blue cat tug!! no fair!! i was thinking is this real?!? because it was my quest anyways!!?!? then i helped my freind ethan do it but no matter what NO CAT THUG!!! how can i get one!?!