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A Guide to Sunken City

Oct 09, 2010
No kidding. Sunken City was HARD, even through it was about 10 levels ago when I tried and successfully made it out. In fact, I have NO IDEA how in the world I made it out if my health base was lower than 1,000!?

-Megan Frostcaster, Lvl. 30 Magus

Sep 05, 2010
Thanks for the help. I've actually already completed Sunken City alone but
maybe I can help my friends with it some time?

Nov 07, 2010
guys you need to unlock the death school and get the quest from the girl there.

Nov 23, 2010
Hey if anyone wants to go with me on this quest. Meet me at 4:30(eastern USA)on world Pixie at the sunken city entrence and lets get this anoying quest out of the way! my name is valkoor legendstrider. So someone pease help me! :)

Aug 03, 2010
Oct 08, 2010
Velete wrote:
Sunken City is much easier if you just piggyback your way through the fights e.g some people running ahead and intentionally pulling mobs to tie up the streets around the ground so others can pass up and through, then the players in fights can just flee out and portal to the people who got clear of that street ( stopping for potions or mini games to fill mana if need be ) this method still takes a fair amount of time though:)

I'd recommend against doing Gruls, by the time your leaving wizard city you have a quest to go to Krok which gives more XP just for talking to people in the area, the hour or two you spend in sunken city could have you finished up in the first krok area and 2 levels ahead with MUCH better gear/pet/card/gold drops than anything gruls lair offers.

Only worth doing to possible wipe it off the quest book if that sort of thing annoys you - i wish their was a way to cancel quests from inside the book!

You've got a point because I ended up doing this quest by myself at around lvl 30. But I still think it's kind lf fun just doing those easy old quests.

Oct 17, 2010
I finally found the darn book when I jumped in to help someone else. Hurray! Never know when the prize will find you!

Apr 22, 2010
Do you have to face Grubb? I absolutely CANNOT get past Sunken City. The farrest I ever got was Paulson...

Apr 22, 2010
Someone help me: I am usually on around 1:30-3:00 on greyrose: if full, wraith

Dec 12, 2009
I think that you could also try to find a person in the life school to help you too. That's how I did Sunken City. :)

Aug 18, 2010
it true this place is hard. i was helping my lvl 25 friend when i was lvl 40. and i still went pretty low on health. the only time i did not have trouble was when i got to grubb and mauled him with my triton

Dec 19, 2010
Thank you very much to everyone that put up all the guides! i got the task to go to sunken city but i decided not to do it because it said it was a hour and thirty minute dungeon!? :? i guess when im at a higher level ill gather some friends to do this dungeon.

Dec 19, 2009
Maryanne20 wrote:
Does anyone know where Sunken City and Nightside is actually located?

I can't find it!!

walk thru the waterfall in the commons. if you cant get thru maybe you need to have a certain quest.

Dec 19, 2009
toonenough wrote:
does anyone know how to go in the tree i can't go in there
you need a certain quest

Dec 08, 2010
it took me a full month to figure out sunken city. i can say that it is harder then the ironworks in marleybone!

Dec 23, 2008
Me and a friend had to do sukencity at lvl 40. Plus there no xp. The only thing is that you get good gold. Grubs give a special pet so you want to far him some times

oran dusk breath

lvl 58

Apr 24, 2009
sonnypoo wrote:
Thanks for the tips !
Is there a plan in place for Ken. Park ?

1.Theres one in the marleybone boards.
2.You should have put "Thanks for the tips!" then search for for ken. park in the marleybone page, not post it here.

Caroline SummerBlossom lvl 32 Life ,MarleyBone, Ken.Park

Feb 05, 2010
fireball6883 wrote:
it took me a full month to figure out sunken city. i can say that it is harder then the ironworks in marleybone!

Uh huh sunken city certainly harder than the ironworks but sunken city is no match for big ben.

Nov 12, 2010
Another easy way to beat Sunken City (this works best if you are a Life or Ice Wizard) is to buy some crowns and use them on 3 henchmen every tough battle. that way you can just heal yourself or build up shields while your henchmen do all the attacking. I beat Sunken city this way as a level 8 Theurgist! Grubb was quite difficult though. Had to use a Kraken treasure card.

Apr 26, 2009
i think you don't have to buy henchmen to beat it i beat it by myself as a life wizard(its easier) and i was only between lvl 40 and 50 (i don't remember which lvl i was) without henchmen healers are very helpful i did it one time with a lvl 26 myth and we beat it and i was only like lvl 35 so you really just need friends that are lvl 20 or over

Apr 23, 2009
Foomie wrote:
My sister did Sunken city with her friend. She stayed up till 9.30 at night. She did when she was level 25 and her friend was level 21. I am level 29 and I have not done it. But i'm waiting to get another P.C. or we could get a disk that would make our mac be able to download P.C. games so my sister can help me. And if your level 20 or below I would not do it. :) :-) :D :( :-o 8) :x :P :?

I did this quite easily with my friend. I was lvl 18 or 17 i think, and so was she. :D :) All you mostly need is teamwork, strength, and treasure cards.

May 10, 2010
Sep 27, 2009
Cynical wrote:
Oh how funny....that I find this NOW after spending 2-1/2 hours last night working my way through to Nightshade and finally a win there (at level 24!).

They pull you right off the sidewalks! You cannot get past them...so you end up battling over and over and over.

Then the second to the last battle we did not know to go up the stairs! We were so excited that was a short battle that we went on to the end to find a locked gate. Hmmm. Remember Golem Tower...same idea folks!

So we did this with 3! I think if you could get a group of 4 it would be easier.

Hint: get one person to run to the next step, then everyone else teleport to that person. Splitting up spells disaster in most cases but I think you would be less likely to get pulled into the street....unless that is part of the instance?

Anyone who thinks this game is not challenging enough should just go try the Sunken City!
Its not the game its you sunken city is easy just because you didnt win on your first try doesnt means its extremly hard.

Sep 01, 2009
Life wizards have to complete Sunken City in order to receive our level 38 spell. If you want to complete it in record time, and probably solo, wait until level 38. I soloed it on my legendary life at level 38, on my legendary ice at level 40-ish, and am getting ready to do it once more on my level 38 life. Bring treasure cards, conjure minions or use a few crowns for a nice henchman or two, and be patient.

Erin Ice Weaver, Legendary Ice
Molly, Magus Life
Erin Dawn Weaver, Legendary Life

Apr 18, 2010
lorddoom141 wrote:
csillver wrote:
Nice bit of info, in that regard to getting some people together: Is there a broadcast channel of chat that I am missing? Or should I just stand in the commons home point and shout my quest hoping for a reply...?

That's what I did for about a hour trying to find nightside (still didnt find it :()

I'm a bit late and somebody might have already replied (Or you might have found it yourself!) But after beating Triton Avanue, Cyclopes Lane and Firecat Alley you'll get a Homework from the headmaster to deafete Lord Foulgaze (I think but don't quote me on that, I'm not too sure) in the Haunted Cave. Then he Spoilers drops a key and Ambrose gives you Homework to explore a new area (Along with the optional Homework in Collosus Boulevard) There's Nightshade.