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What is Your Wizard 101 Report Card

Feb 22, 2009


Spell Casting- A- (always fizzes on the first try for some reason)

Paying Attention- B+

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- have never onced even tried to train my pet, so F--------

Overall- B+

Jul 11, 2009
My wizard report

casting spells without fizzling: B+

helpful: A

healing: B

strength: A++

teamwork: A

bravery: A

pet training: B

intelligence: A

paying attention: B+


behavior outside of school: B-


Alhazred- Jesse is one of my greatest students of all time, he has great power, helpful,friendly, ( evil in arena ) brave, charming, smart, great strategy. I bet every teacher would have liked him for a student. The first time i saw him come down the ladder into my class room i thought and i knew he was gonna be the best sorcerer to live.

Jun 26, 2009
Sloan Windthistle
Grandmaster Conjurer

Paying Attention- B
Deck Organization- B
Strategy- A
Quests- C-
Pet Training- B-
Casting Spells- A-


Sloan has just become a grand and is working on his quests a little more often. He needs to train his pets a little more now though. Sloan he also has to pay more attention to his quest instead of talking to his friends.
His deck needs to be more organized so he doesn't have to discard so many of his cards to get the spell he needs. Work harder young wizard to improve your grades.

-Cyrus Drake

Sep 25, 2010
this sounds kind of cool. hope my parents dont see this! ok here is my death grand:

Amber Nightwraith

first school: death ( )
second school: life

spellcasting: A+

paying attention: A++

being sarcastic(now how did that get there?): A+++

training pets: C+

Pvp: F-

Quests: A

strategy: B+

healing: A

crafting: C+

deck organization: C+

willingness to learn: A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

homework: B+


Ashthorn: Ah, amber! havent seen her in awhile. guess she's been busy learning about the death school. x laughs x yea she was always asking questions about it. she's a smarty but willing to learn and a total bookworm! maybe thats why she's not to good at pvp and deck organization.

Dworgyn: Yes, amber has always been top student in my classes. she really knows how to cast spells. i still wonder if that was her casting wraiths and banshees all over the place. x amber x hehehe....

x dworgyn x anyway... she really understands death. i believe 100% in her. i think she could be one of the best necromancers of all time!

Moolinda: amber nightwraith! she is a good secondary life student. even though she is death she loves life. i think its because its the opposite of death. she loves the vibrantness of life and loves to heal others when she can. she would've made a great theurgist, but she makes an even better necromancer. everyone pls try to understand life and death like amber can .

Sep 01, 2009
Malvin LifeDreamer

Healing- B+
Spellcasting- A*
deck organisation - A*******
Remembering to equip deck- F--------------

Second school


attack - A+
Fizzles- B- ( good still fizzles)



Malvin is a peasure to teach the way he perserveres and never gives up is amazing. He has many helpful friends including 2 felow life's
Olivia Shadow Fist
Sophia Spirit Fountain
Writing this report has been a pleasure
got to go someones trying to cast rebirth at level 1!


Eh who? O him yes he comes and goes but he has been a pleasure anyway he never sets things on fire
He always comes for a run for me in the mornings and picks up my shampoo!

Anyway more lvl 1's casting dragon this isnt gonna be pretty!

Keep it up Malvin!

Moolinda Wu
Dalia Falmea


Malvin LifeDreamer

Jul 04, 2010
I think I would have high grades with marks against me for not playing well others, just a select few. lol.

Mar 13, 2010
Casting spells: A-
Paying attention: B-
Strategy: B
Strength: A
Pet Training: C+
Other: A+

Hehehe :D :D :D

Morgan LifeGem lvl 50
Life wizard :)

Dec 27, 2008
Here's Mine

Spell Casting: A-

Paying attention: A+

Deck Organization: A

Pet Training: D-

Homework (Quests): A+

(Moolinda Wu) Kelly--Jen Jen is a great student! She does everything i tell her to do, except training her pet . (Ice Teacher)All though her other wizard Jenna MoonStone needs to show up to class because she never shows up I don't even have a report card for her! Look she doesn't even know my name. She just wrote "Ice Wizard"! :(
(Jen Jen) Sorry, Ice teacher! :? Well, that's all for now. See you in the spiral
-Jen Jen (Kelly RubyEyes)
Lvl47 Master Life

May 27, 2009
here is my grade ( I hope dalea falmea agrees )


Benjamin fireflame

accuracy: A+
damage: A-
strategy: B-
pet training:B+


Jun 11, 2010
im a fire wizard, level 20 ,name ian drakeglen this is my report card strategy A+ deck organzation A+ paying attentionA+respectA+nicnessA+pet traningA+deck constructionA+desk cleannessC-tardy D-socilazationC+homworkA-questsA+funnyA- notes fire teacher :-)ian hes a very nice and charming student.HES A GREAT PYROMANCER :D AND let me tell you he can crack up some mean jokes :D :D :D :D.he needs to stop talking in class though .liana goldheart likes ian .dont tell ian i wasnt sopouse tohe has a great future i just know it so do the other teachers.ian and iana are my best students he doesnt back down on you.hes a little mischovous.but hes great.


Dec 13, 2008
Zachary Nightcloud:

Paying Attention: A-
Accuracy: D
Participation: B+
Power: A-
Pet Training: B+
Helpful in PVP: F-

Comments from Halston Balestrom: Egads! Finally got his pet to Adult!!! needs to help others in PVP, and needs to work on accuracy! Other than that, a pleasure to teach!!!!!

Sep 30, 2010
Spellcasting: B
John Ashblade has powerful spells, but he spends most turns using blades and traps, making even small battles long.

Accuracy: D
Even for a pyromancer, John Ashblade fizzles all the time.

Strategy: B
John Ashblade does not have bad strategy.

Quests: E
Mr. Ashblade takes a very long time to complete quests, and not until level 35 did he complete all his wizard city quests.

Paying Attention: F- -
Mr. Ashblade has serious ADHD and never listens to anything the teachers say.

Pet Training: A+
John Ashblade is friendly to his animals and has trained his storm serpent all the way to ancient.

Overall: B

Sep 30, 2010
Oh, and if i do my storm wizard:

Paying Attention: F - -

Accuracy: F - -

Spellcasting/Damage: A + +

Pet Training: F - -

Quests: F -

Deck Organization: F -

Strategy: F -

Overall: F -

Comments: John Ashblade (same name yes) is a complete failure! I don't like naysayers, but I never once believed he would amount to anything! However, he did somehow manage to fight malistaire, and he was still better than those myth wizards.

Feb 22, 2009
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer

ICE, Caleb Walker lvl 50

Spell Casting- A

Paying Attention- F

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- F

Overall- C-

My teacher would most likely say that I am a hard headed student that's always ready to learn something new and go on any quest no matter the risk, except my poor pet needs attention and I need to read the story line before I accept it (same)

*sigh* :P

Apr 29, 2010

Gilroy SkullGiver

accuracy: B+ (fizzles sometimes)
damage: A
strategy: A
deck: A
pet training: D+ (trains a little)
Pays attention to class and is cooperative to
spell trainings.

overall averadge: A-

Aug 13, 2010
Well my teacher is Professor Greyrose. She's very nice, but I lack my homework.

Blake Iceheart Level 29 Thaumaturge (Ice School...Duh)

Spell Casting-B+

Paying Attention-D-


Pet Training-F+

Deck Organization-B+


She would probably say:-Oh what a good grade. C is better than F! I want you to improve a little next semester! Understand? Good! Now I'll bake you some cookies and get you some milk! *Floats Away Humming*

Jul 21, 2009
Ryan Ashblade
Grandmaster Necromancer

Spell casting- A-
Paying attention- D+
Deck organization- A+++
Pet training- D
Assignments- B-

Overall-(IDK how to calculate that)

Teacher comments-
(If malistare was alive he'd say this)
Ah yes, Ryan is such a good student. But he must learn to pay more attention! Aside from that, he does a good job of staying on storyline quests and has a good strategy of waiting for friends to ask for help. Ryan fizzles very very little and has a great power pip %. Maybe, just maybe he will help me to carry out my evil plan! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

My comments- Uh, not happinin' dude.

Mar 19, 2009
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer

Tyler LifeCaller


Spell Casting: A-

Paying attension: B+

Deck organization: A-

Pet Training: A-

Overall: A-

Tyler LifeCaller Level 50 Pyromancer

May 28, 2009
Paying attention: A+

Always listen to what i say. If he miss a word, he will tell me to tell again.

Deck construction: B- Normal, but sometime very good.

Friendship: A Like friends, he always do helping.

House: A+ A very good house desiner. Cool houses.

Color: C+ Like yellow for myth but not really wear royal blues. And sometime orange..?

Language: A He study good for language. Talk very much and know lots of words.

Battles: B+ Sometime clicks on the wrong spell. Need more patience.

Overall: A-

I guess he is a pretty good student. Wish he could get more "Myth"cal. Learn the legendary spell of Medusa! I am waiting for you to learn that!

Aug 17, 2010
Myrna Dragon - Level 36 Magus Thaumaturge
Secondary School ~ Balance

Homework: Ice A+ ~ Balance A+

Pet Training: A

Deck Organization: Ice B ~ Balance C

Attention Given In Class: Ice B+ ~ Balance C-

Strength In Dueling: B-

Strength In Healing: B

Fizzling: Ice B- ~ Balance C-

Overall Grade: Ice A ~ Balance B-


Professor Greyrose: Myrna Dragon? She is a wonderful ice student; always ready for her new spells. She has a fascinating interest in ice magic and pays attention most of the time in class. Although she did let her pet dragon loose in class once; on purpose I might add! But everything turned out alright, and everyone had a good laugh. Myrna does have a tendency to take on too much at one time and become flustered. But somehow she always turns her homework in on time. Overall she is a stunning ice student!

Professor Wethersfield: I was very glad to hear the Myrna had an interest in balance as a second school option! She has a little trouble paying attention, but she seems to want to learn.

Alhazred: Myrna Dragon is quite a nice student. She does have a harder time paying attention in class. She is always looking out the window at the Krokosphinx, and she has a tendency to daydream. She always turns her homework in on time and definitely has an interest in balance. So far, she has been struggling a little at the fact that her fizzle rate is quite high, but she is making progress. She has potential for becoming a partial sorcerer.

Oct 09, 2010
Megan Frostcaster's report card...

Spells: A

HEAL spells: C+

Pets: D

Paying attention: D-

Fizzle: B+

Deck organization: A-

Moolinda Wu: A charming student indeed. Through, for some reason her spells fizzle and she barely gets any heal spells. Oh and, her deck is too small.

Jul 21, 2010

deck construction- A

quest completion- A+

use of shields- F

use oftraps- B+

win loss ratio- A

overall A- or B+ lol

May 16, 2009
Wizard: Joseph StormSword Level 33 Title: MasterMind

School: storm

Paying Attention- A
Spell casting- C+
Strategy- D
Homework- C
Questing- B-
Power- B
Fizzle Rate(grading is backwards here)- F(good)
Protection- C
Pet Training(storm only)- D+
PvP- F
Deck- B

Secondary school: Death

Paying attention- C
Spell casting- B
Strategy- D+
Homework- B-
Questing- A
Power- C+
Fizzle Rate- D
Healing- B
Deck- B+

Teacher comments:
Storm: Helps lower students but declines help requests for low lvl bosses.
Sometimes trains pet, likes to joke around a little during class. Needs to learn better protection spells, likes to use Brute force as strategy.Needs to work on PvP.
Death:Ignores other students, tests their tolerance of fear, Spell casting is fine, strategy is terrible, uses death spells when in an emergency, power needs a little work, sometimes fizzles.

Student comments:

Sep 20, 2009
Here is my Balance Report Card.....................

Intllect- A+

Power- A

Paying Attention- B

Deck Organization- A+

Pet Training- B-

Attendace- A

Spell Gain (quests)- A

Peace and Balance (aura)- A+

Overall- A

My teacher is very old but wise, believes in peace and happiness, and loves hot days. Thank You Alhazred and Auther Wethersfield!
William Shakespeare-"Eye of Newt, and Toe of Frog, Wool of Bat, and Tongue of Dog"

Sep 20, 2009
:) :) :)
I already posted one but it hasn't showed up yet so i am posting another

Intellect- A++

Strategy- A

Deck Orginization- A+

Paying Attention- A-

Attendace- A-

Pet Training- B (Me: You dropped your sword again Buddy (Jade Oni)????)
(Buddy: Honk!!!! (elephant noises)

Homework- A

Balance- A+++
Storm- A
Ice- A
Fire- A-
Life- A+
Death- A+
Myth- A- ( i was doing fine but Professor Drake had to minus my points :( :( )

Author Wethersfield, Balance Assistant: Ryan Lotusgarden is doing a smashing job! He has completed the beginners part of Balance and saved Wizard City in only a few days! Truly one of my best students! His attention though is lacking a few points. But still Jolly Good lad!

Professor Alhazred, Balance Teacher: Ah yesssss. Ryan Lotusgarden is doing a fine job of keeping balance. His Intellect and many other skills are much above my expectations. But he lacks pet training as his Jade Oni Pet always drops his sword in class. He also sometimes talks to much and not paying attention but he is doing well. He is truly one of my best few pupils. He could take on Myth Wizards any day!

Cyrus Drake: You wrinkly old krok! *sneers* He couldn't even defeat a mindless troll let alone one of my pupils! Even my weakest students could take on Death!

Dworgyn: How dare you! Beware my powers Cyrus! They are beyong those of any of your puny wizards! My Death Wizards shall over throw you with only 1 Wraith! And only 1 banshee could take down a Forest Lord!

Moolinda Woo: My My! Such harsh words. I don't mean to be hasty or rude but i am sure my wonderful intelligent therugists could easily take down a banshee. We don't need so much rucuss!

Lydia Greyrose: Of course Moolinda. They always fight over who's more powerful. But i don't mean to brag but my Frost Giants and my Thaumaturges might easily take down some dragons.......

Madame Dalia Falmea: O Lydia! You have such a humor! *smile* I know Ice is a very powerful magic but come on. Some Frost Giants taking on my dragons????? I think not! Even my Sunbird can take down a Kraken!

Halestrom Baleston: Ahhhahahahahhah! Such imagination you have Dalia! You would make a wonderful Diviner or even an inventor! Ahhahah! A sunbird taking down a Kraken hahahh! Dalia, Dalia my friend we all know the Tritons went to slumber to make peace not because they were cowards. A single Storm Shark could take down a sunbird! Ahahah!

Alhazred: Alright, Alright. Enough roughousing. It does not matter. Let's just mind our own buisness and go back to work.

Other teachers: Alright.

Srry for all the fighting going on! Hope you liked it!