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What is Your Wizard 101 Report Card

Mar 07, 2009
Steven redflame's report card (me!!) :P
Fire spells quest (a.ka spell quests) A
Mount Training: B+
Deck Organizer: C
Pet training: A++

Note from the teachers:

Ms. Wu: Steven is an excellent student. He ALWAYS heals
the low levels with satyr, and he always stays after class to
help me grade. But his main school is fire.

Ms. Falema: He is one of the best Pyromancer Grandmasters I've seen.
But sometimes he says "A heckhound ate his homework" and also, He keeps
scaring the novice ice school wizards with Helephant, still he is great! :-)

Mr.Drake: *sigh* Do I look like I care about a fire grandmaster?
Everyday I see him burn Novice Ice school wizards and the only two myth spells he has is troll and bloodbat, but he does OK.

Oct 08, 2009
Luke SpellBreaker


Deckbuilding: A-

Strategy: A+

Accuracy: B

Paying Attention: D-

Comments: Doesn't pay attention in class but is otherwise very well-suited for Conjuration.

Overall: B

Oct 24, 2008
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer
Speling casting: A +
Paying attention: A +
Deck organization: C -
Pet training: B +
Overall: A +

This is what My fire teach would say: She is very wise and she is always kind to everyone around her and she is great at casting spells and she has never talked back in class. she is doing exellent in wizard101 Academy
A + !!!!!!!!!!! and for my other other character her grades would be the same and her life teacher would say some thing like this: she is a very peaceful girl and she is very friendly. I think she should give more effort though. Her grade is B -!!!!!

The first character that was graded was Vanessa blueriver lvl 50 and the second is jacqueline rose whisper level 20.

Jun 11, 2009
Jared Stormblade

lvl 50 diviner

overall: B+

attacking: B+

fizzling: D- (not entirley my fault thanks to 70% accuracy!)

pets: B- (i sell pets A LOT!)

strategy: A-

determination: B+

deck making: A

teacher(halstom balstrom)comments:

if only jared would pay attention in class and stop fizzling he would be a great diviner.

Mar 17, 2009
This is my report card yo ( for chase dreamthief lvl 50 myth

use of spells: A+

use of NEW spells: A-

Attention: F--------------

Stradegy: B

making cyrus drake mad: A+++

making cyrus drake happy: F

Homework skills: B=

Overall score: A-

Comments from Cyrus Drake:
Overall great student only thing he needs to work on is his attention spand and making me so mad

Comments from Dalie Falmea:
Wonderful student and can not wait to see more from him next marking period

Jul 03, 2009
my teacher is cyrus drake and this is my reportcard;. organization=B acuracy= B- good lisner=A minnon summoning = A spell pick up=B comments; cyrus says i am a pleasure to have in class and it was an intresting experience training me and he hopes more students like me sign up for the myth school

Feb 01, 2009
Andrew MistStaff

Spell Casting: B
Paying Attention: B
Deck Organisation: A
Assignments (quests): A-
Pet Training: A
Overall: B

Comments-He is very carefull in chosing quests. He looks before accepting. He loves to interact with pets. He is good at fighting. He hardly ever fizzles. He can some times leave out important cards in his deck.

Jun 07, 2009
i will use my lvl 46 death Alexander Frostblade

Spell Casting-A-

Paying Attention-F-

Deck Organization-C

Pet Training-B+

Comments:He is a very good student but he needs to pay attention.

Mar 08, 2009
Charles Frostshield. Primary: Ice. Secondary: Life
Strategy: B
Spellcasting: A
Deck Organization: A-
Paying attention: A+
Pet Training: B+
Homework: A
Overall: A
Lydia Greyrose: Charles is simply one of the brightest students I have ever taught! He will, with no doubt, save Wizard City! He has been such a pleasure to teach!
Moolinda Wu: Charles understands the study of Life more than some of my students that have Life as their primary! He asks lots of questions, and always pays attention. He is a wonderful student!
Merle Ambrose: Don't tell anyone, but this boy is my favorite student! Without him, Wizard City would be doomed! Get ready Malistaire, this boy will kick your tail!

Jun 22, 2009
Saiflu786 wrote:
Steven redflame's report card (me!!) :P
Fire spells quest (a.ka spell quests) A
Mount Training: B+
Deck Organizer: C
Pet training: A++

Note from the teachers:

Ms. Wu: Steven is an excellent student. He ALWAYS heals
the low levels with satyr, and he always stays after class to
help me grade. But his main school is fire.

Ms. Falema: He is one of the best Pyromancer Grandmasters I've seen.
But sometimes he says "A heckhound ate his homework" and also, He keeps
scaring the novice ice school wizards with Helephant, still he is great! :-)

Mr.Drake: *sigh* Do I look like I care about a fire grandmaster?
Everyday I see him burn Novice Ice school wizards and the only two myth spells he has is troll and bloodbat, but he does OK.

dear whoever you are sorry but i dont care what your name is i bet you i could beat you any day i am ice not a grandmaster but i have won a three on three battle at pvp against 3 grandmasterss for storm and won

and for report card

Pet Trainig:A+++
reasons why as said by my teacher: he spends too much time with his ninja pigs no wonder they look so fat
spell chance:barely fizzles so A+
reason as said by teacher: he makes to many shields
reason: he barely has any attacks

Apr 02, 2009
Dylan ShadowTallon


Spell Casting - B-

Paying Attention - C+

Deck Organization - A-

Pet Training - A+

Overall - A ( Would've been a B- but I helped the profeser clean out his garage last weekend )

Aug 26, 2009
Luke Rider:level 27 death.

pet care:D[he peed on my shoe!]
deck org.:A

comments:luke luke would rather be defeated in battle than risk a friend.I wouldn't :P.luke:hey!!!

Jun 30, 2009
Samantha Dawnstaff lvl 21 theurgist (life)

Class- Life

Attention- B
Deck- A-
Pets- A++++++++++++
Papers/essays- A+++++
Quests- B++
Spell book- A
Responsibilities- A
Responses- A-
Overall- A-

Moolinda Wu- Samantha is charming, and powerful in so many ways. She sometimes loses track of her spells. I love her ability to respond, and write her wizard essays. She is simply AMAZING! Thank you to her parents...
Overall she is always ready to train... I get tired!!!!!! and just as her friend natalie moonblade has said... *sigh*

Sep 01, 2009
Patrick Deathbane-School~ Storm/fire/death
Level~ 48
progress report

Storm spells- all/A+
Defense~ d

Teachers comment-
Patrick has been excelling in storm so quickly it seemed a day ago he was level one. Now he is level 48, he is a very good student for helping others and giving those who need storm spells treasure cards. Keep working on releasing you thunder shocks (inner thunder)

Jul 12, 2009
Hi im Jenna Shadowdreamer

Homework (Quests) C-
Paying Attention A-
Pet Training B+
Deck B-
Strategy A-
Attacks A
Healing A-
Overall B+

Dworgan- She is a very promising student. Her only problem is she falls in love easily so is distracted. But when she sets her mind to do something, she will do it. She pays attention in class and loved playing with her Dark Fairy and and Skelital Pirate. She is much like a death student should be.Balestrum- Jenna loved the zip zap and oceon spray of Storm Magic. I say she will defeat great wizards one day, and maybe even be headmaster. She dreams of Becomeing the queen of the spiral (or marleybone, she loves the night there) and i think she will succeed.

Jenna- I love my classes and hope i will become a great wizard.

Dec 22, 2008
Seth griffin ward

homework- A+
pet training-A++
mount traning-A+++++

comments- from moolinda wu seth is a great student who has beat ds and know his way around the spiral

May 30, 2009
mine would be
paying atention-c
fighting skills-A
:D 8 abbeygail spiret spear :) XD my report card rocks!!

May 22, 2009
report card for jason anvivilblade


spell casting C+
paying attention C-
deck organization B+
pet training C
history A-
crafting/bioligy F+
not fizzling D-
krokillian (thats like spanish) F
cyrus plz turn in your homework
familea he still needs to pay for what he broke and needs to turn in homework
merlin great personilality but needs to actually turn in homework (never turned in 20
overrall(- the homework stuff)D

Jun 11, 2009

Effort: A+

Spell casting: A-

Group cooperation: B-

attitude: B+

Skill level: Moderate to high- A-

Lvl: Magus-38

Organization- S


Effort: D+

Spell casting: C-

Group cooperation: B-

Attitude: B+

Skill level: Extremly low to low: D-

Lvl- Apprentice lvl 8

organization- N


Effort: A+

Spell casting: A-

Group cooperation: B-

attitude: B-

Skill level: Moderate to High- A-


OK this for only one character Elizabeth thundersword in all the magic class she's ever had. Fire is really low grades because I stopped learning that at lvl 8.

Jun 11, 2009
chatter2000 wrote:
well, i do a lot of weird things so my report card has a lot of items from Flamiliea.

Spell casting: B-
Pet training: A+ (I kept my pet ever sense three months ago and its easy to train a dragon!)
Paying attention: D- (i dont like to listen to quests!)
Responsibility: C+
Behavior: B+
# of spells: D (I have all but one fire and life spell)
Health: B+ (over 2000)
Taking things serious: D+
Getting all the quests he he can so far: A+
fire killing: D-
Shielding: F-
Healing: A+
Bladeing: B+
Deck organization: A+

NOTES: Richard is a joyful student anxious to learn new spells. He goes beyond what I expect! He never shields anybody but heals a lot! He just has one problem: He likes to burn stuff! He has burnt Professor Drake while he was sleeping and Drake thought it was smoke and little ticks were making fire on his skin! He uses the fire powers more than ways I have imagined! Pranks, campfires to roast marshmallows and weenies, WOW! He thinks that one little boss he can burn like toast! he does need to learn what the powers of fire are really used for. He even made my hair like it is now! He put it on fire but I controlled it to make it sway back and forth slowly. he is a nice stylist!
It's not familia it's falmea lol

May 09, 2009
Willaim Wind dreamer level 40 ice

strategy A+
fizzling B
paying attention Z-
pet training A
spell power A+++
turning pies, jellybeans, hot dogs, ect. into veggies? A++

teacher notes:

greyrose: he does a great job with spell power, but only because he scribbled on his ice wyvern card by accident, making it turn the enemy into an ice cube and it does 615 damage every round and the enemy cant attack because he's still stuck in the ice cube.He accidently turned all the food the gobblers had into veggies.They didnt have enough gold to buy more, so for TWO WEEKS they had to eat veggies.

balestrom: good at storm and all but ... START PAYING ATTENTION!!!!

cyrus drake:Hey Balestrom its MY job to yell at students!

balestrom:oh yeah ... HA! storm boosts on myth!

cyrus drake: so? myth boosts on storm to...

balestrom well I just happen to have triton in my hand...

me: break it up! and stop signing my report card! its not done yet and your wasting paper!

defeating enemys AA
losing against enemys F-
aproximat speed of learning spells 0.000001 seconds
fleeing D-
healing B-

more teacher notes:

Greyrose: I hope that crazy cyrus drake and that silly balestrom dont write here.

Balestrom: WHAT!!!!

Cyrus Drake: WHAT!!!!

Jul 17, 2009
Name: Corwin ShadowCrafter
Level: 36
School: Ice
Professor: GreyRose, Lydia


Spell Casting: B+
Paying attention: A
Quest: B+
Deck organization: C -
Strategy: A-
Pet training: B-
Crafting: B
PvP: F-
Timeliness: B+
Overall: B+

GreyRose: A very ambitious and eager student. Possibly a little too much for his own good (he has spells from every school). He is good at doing his quests, and is never afraid to ask for help, and is quick to help anyone who calls for help. He is also very wise in the strenghts and weaknesses of other schools when it comes to fighting monsters.
Baelstrom: Ah yes, younger master ShadowCrafter. He seems to love the elements. He has so many spells from Storm and uses them to great extent. He seems to know well that Storm is the foil to Ice.
Drake: *Sigh* He's nothing special at all. Just another whiny kid we all have to put up with. Oh goody...

It looks like Drake has been stealing people's report cards again.

Oct 12, 2009
my report card
alura starglade
level 13 diviner

strength: A
tactics: B+
deck building:A
secondary choice:A-
pet training:n/a

professer balestrom's comment's: Alura is a very fine student who is one of my strongest students, but often is defeated in battle due to failure to equip the best choices to boost her life points. She often fights solo which doesn't work out against stronger enimies or multiple foes. Her pvp statis is low because she almost always fighting grandmasters and dying within at least 3 turns. I couldn't grade her on pet training because she doesn't own a pet.
Halston Balestrom

Dec 20, 2009
Valdus DeathShade

Class: Death

Position: Journeyman


Spell Casting: B+ Comments: Nice Job! Malorn :)

Paying Attention: YOU FAIL!!!! Comments: YOU FAIL! Malorn and Dworgyn

Deck Organization: A+ Comments: Wow I see all the cards carefully organized! Dworgyn :D

Pet Training: C- Comments: You are supposed to make it die. Malorn :(

Paperwork: B- Comments: Needs better ripping. Dworgyn

Mar 23, 2009
Wizard's Name: Caroline Spellbloom
School: Fire Professer: Dalia Falmea

Spell Casting: B+

Paying Attention: A+

Deck Organization: A+

Pet Training: B-

Overall: B+

Comments from Falmea: She is a wonderful student, paying close attention in my class. She has very neat handwriting, and she has answered her test questions wonderfully. Though her pet dragon is not well trained, and she keeps fizzling in important fights with enemies. Keep up the good work and try to improve!