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What is Your Wizard 101 Report Card

Feb 06, 2010
This is the report card for my Myth character, Suri LightHaven. She's a level 13 Wizard.

Homework: A+

Pet Training: B

Deck Organization: A-

Attention Given In Class: B-

Strength In Dueling: A

Strength In Healing: B

Overall Grade: A-


Professor Drake: Suri has been turning her homework in on time since the beginning of the year, although she could work on paying attention to me in class. I would have given her at least a B+ in Pet Training if her Dragon hadn't set my desk on fire. Not too bad... I guess. *Sigh*

Professor Falmea: She has shown excellent progress in her classes with me and her dueling skills are outstanding. Her Pet Training is very well done, even though her Dragon did burn Drake's desk. *Smiles* Suri is a very talented Wizard.

Professor Greyrose: Ice Magic isn't one of Suri's strongest subjects, but she is still a very good student in class. She shows the makings of a fine young Wizard.

Professor Balestrom: She is never coming near my school again, never! *Puts on a horrified face as he remembers what happened on your first day* Never again. I can't believe she did that on purpose!

Professor Wu: What a wonderful young Wizard. I can see that little spark of Life inside Suri while she trains in the healing arts. It's a joy to have her in class.

Professor Wethersfield: Suri is a nice Wizard. She always jumps in whenever a fellow Wizard needs help. Balance Magic is one of her best subjects. Wonderful!

Malorn Ashthorn: Suri? Suri Lighthaven? Oh, man. No, no, no! I am not going down that dark road again. She's pretty good at Death Magic, but the things she does using that knowledge... She scared me with a Ghoul so bad when I met her, I almost jumped down into the chasm where the Death school once was! *Shiver*

Feb 06, 2010
Mazer000 wrote:
3rd Quarter Report Card

Name: Valdus DeathShade

Rank: Adept Necromancer

Spells: B+

Paperwork: A+

Attitude: A-

Listening: A+

Pet Training: B+

Teamwork: B+

Homework: A+

Strength: A-

Planning: A+

Overall: A


Malorn Ashthorn: Ah, yes. Mr. Deathshade. He is very talented and nice to each other. He was listening carefully when I was teaching him some spells. Although, he scares Novice Life Wizards with a Banshee.

Cyrus Drake: *sigh* Do I really care about a person who doesn't use his Training Points on my spells? Well..... At least he PAYS attention in my class.

Me: Cyrus why you have to be mean?

Moolinda Wu: Valdus is very useful of his spells. He always uses his Training Points on my spells. I only dislike one thing about him......Will ya stop scarin mah students with eh Banshee!?!

Me: Wow Moolinda nice scream.

Moolinda Wu: What did ya say?

Professor Greyrose: Break it up!

Dalia Falmea: *Looks at Moolinda Wu crazy* Moolinda Wu looks like a goat.

Moolinda Wu: WHO JUST SAID THAT!?!

Me: *Points at Falmea.*

Merle Ambrose: Just keep doing a great job Valdus DeathShade!

Gamma: Whhhoooooooo! You have been great a lot of times Valdus. You risked your life by saving Wizard City and Krokotopia. Please be safe in Marleybone! Whhoooooooo!

Valdus DeathShade will be attending Storm school for next quarter.
LOL. This had me laughing since Moolinda's first scream down to you pointing at Falmea. Hilarious!

Jan 02, 2009
-Duncan Nightshade, level 50 necromancer-

Paying Attention: A+
Deck Organisation: A+
Assignments (quests): A+
Pet Training: F
Overall: B
Crafting: F
Stitching: D+

Comment (Dworgyn): He is a good old Wizard, does all of his side quests, yes. Needs some work on crafting, he does. He has too many pets and can't feed them all. But he has all those level 50 grrandmaster clothes for his school. He needs some work on stitching, too. He stitched clothes accidentally so a bad hat with only health as its 'quality' and good hat with defense and things like that as 'appearance'.

Jun 08, 2009
May 25, 2009
getting an actual Wizard report card would be totally awesome. Mine would probably be A in everthing cause ... My character William goldenflame is totally smart,cunning,but has a short temper.

Jan 12, 2010
Kestrel Firegem, Life

Spell Casting: C
MW: Nice technique!
HB: Fizzles too often.

Paying Attention: B
MW: Is good at staying on-task.
HB: Needs to pay more attention to enemy defences.

Strategy: A-
MW: Needs improvement in pip conservation - she always runs low at critical moments.
HB: Is good at spotting the weakest opponent and eliminating that one first.

Deck Organization: B-
MW: Has separate decks for ordinary combat, combat with enemies resistant to her primary school, and combat with enemies resistant to her secondary school.
HB: Yes, but she burns more treasure cards than necessary - perhaps more attack cards and less healing would be an improvement?
MW: There's no such thing as too much healing....

Assignments (homework/quests): A-
MW: Completes main quests in a timely manner, as well as extra credit (side quests).
MA: It has come to my attention that Kestrel has been neglecting her diplomatic mission in Grizzleheim. Disciplinary actions may be necessary.
MW: I was not aware of that!

Pet training: A-
MW: Her pets are very good at staying quietly inside their carriers when they are not being exercised.
HB: *ahem* Not precisely true - her pets tend to wander away and attract enemies in dangerous areas.

Cooperation with Peers: B
HB: Is very good about helping friends and fellow students out of rough spots.
MW: Unfortunately, she has an appalling habit of attempting to solo dangerous areas alone! Granted, she usually succeeds - but Life students are Team players!
HB: My dear Moolinda, that is the virtue of the School of Storm! Soloing is an entirely viable option for students who have Storm as their primary or secondary school. Besides, as a night student, she often has difficulties finding fellow adventurers who are working on the same quest.

Overall: B
Moolinda Wu: An absolute joy in class! She seems to understand the essence of Life very well.
Halson Baelstrom: Kestrel seems to think that Storm is for hitting opponents with as much damage as possible. Granted, this is a major advantage of my School, but damage is not the end-all and be-all of Storm!

Nov 25, 2009
Destiny Dragoncoin:

Casting spells: B+
Paying attention in class: A-
Doing quests: D-
Defeating enemys: B+

Greyrose: "Even though Ice is her secondary school, she does very well and is a good sport when defeated in battle. However, she needs to work harder on quests. I remember when she first came to the school. She was quiet and didnt know her way around very well. Now she runs around buying things to put in her houses. I wish she spent that much time on her homework."

Ambrose: "Destiny is an interesting girl. I heard that she sometimes fights out of the arena in pretend battles against her friends. She told me that she would like her new spell to be tought in the school. I think it was called an Epic Ten Headed Wyvern of Doom. Oh my! I dont believe it would be safe to teach that. She is one of my favorite students."

Destiny Dragoncoin: Before anyone gets mad at the headmaster for picking farvorites, I would like to point out that he says that to everyone.

Return harsh words with kindness, and be at peace.

Aug 30, 2008
well i base this on my usual grades and my max damage is high alone so here goes

spell casting-A+ (alone with no help i can hit 8000 with help from friends it elevates 12000 to 25000)
deck construction-B+
paying attention-B
pet training- B-(i pick favorites sir henry my normal pet dragon my first pet my most loved pet ever!)
field work-A

overall grade A (i based this on my real life features so intelligence attention studying and strategy are based on real life and everything else on my max damage alone and my level )

dustin battle bright level 50

Nov 08, 2009
Report Card for Tavia Drake, my new Myth wizard :D Level 6

Casting: B-
Strategy: A
Deck organization: A
Attendance: A
Behavior: F-

Casting: A
Strategy: B
Deck organization: B
Attendance: B
Behavior: A

Pet training: B
Mount Training: None

Professor notes:
Cyrus: At first, I thought she would utterly fail. She picked up her spells as fast as she could, and fought hard. She's also the only student who smiles in my classes. Rumors are also spreading that she defeated a level 16 Thaumaturge when she was still level 5. Obviously another LIE. She tells lies all the time in my class. She claims that she actually enjoys my classes, for one, and two: She got the leaves from the truffula tree that have a striking resemblance to Ivan's... Lucky lucky guess to see through my test! And she never pays attention.

Me: Cyrus I do not lie! And the truffula leaves is part of your little trick to make me feel like a fail. And I DO like classes and I pay attention very well!

Cyrus: Adding backtalking to your list of behavior issues, hmm?

Me: :? Hmph!

Malorn: Oh yeah she has no problems whatsoever and she's taking to Death like it was her school of focus.

~ Tavia Drake, level 6 Conjurer
Sisters - Sestiva Drake and Victoria Drake (DeathGrove)

Dec 14, 2009

Robert nightrunner
paying atention-C
leveling rate-A
overall grade-B+
comments: a great student,and takes advantage of minions,boosts,has good control over health.

Jun 26, 2009
Luke Griffenspear


Deck : A+
Helping Others:A+
Socializing: A+
Pet: C

Falmeas Comments: Luke? Why he is one of my extra Talented students!
He already has beaten the dark lord and saved my hometown. He is also one of my favorites. He does need to stop being so reckless and helping others without knowing what he is up against.

Moolinda's comments: What a marvelous student! He uses his training points often here and just learned centaur. He is very fun spirited too.

Dworyns comments: Him? He is very impressive. I am a little dissapointed in him for stopping at feint but... He is pretty much a standard student in death magic.

Proffesser Greyrose:ARGGGHHHHHHHH! Luke is constantly toasting my students. He does respect my Grandmasters but he is very annoying sometimes. But he did mention he wanted to learn tower shield so i guess I'll call off that evil snowman with a baseball that i was going to send to him.

Merle: ahh Luke. Now THERES a fine young wizard. if only we had a army of him

Jun 08, 2009
spell casting: A+++++++++++
quest doing: B
pet training A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
strategy: A++++++++++++++++

over all: A+++++++

(notes): Falmea: I find i hard to believe that Chase's pet in only one month and fourteen days old. It's so well trained. he can do this........this.......this i don't know well he can create a sphere of fire encasing his foe and lifting up into the air and then KABOOM One time a rotting fodder laded at my door step to my classroom.

May 05, 2009
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer
Spell Casting A+ Paying Attention A+ Deck Organization A+ Pet Training F- (I was at someones house and my pig went on the table ) Overall B+

Jan 26, 2009
bobbyman145 wrote:
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer
Spell Casting A+ Paying Attention A+ Deck Organization A+ Pet Training F- (I was at someones house and my pig went on the table ) Overall B+

Here is the report card for Scarlet Griffinrider, Level 39 Life Wizard.
Spell Casting: A
Paying Attention: A- (I usually don't like skipping what people say for quests
Deck Organazation: B+
Pet Training: A (I've had my piggle, Leo, for a while and my mount is well behaved)

Comments: Scarlet pays attention well, but I STILL remember that time Scarlet cast that Vampire and everyone went crazy. Overall, she's better than her brother!

Nov 06, 2008
Taylor LifeDreamer
Level 36
Ice Wizard

Spell Casting- B

Paying Attention- D

Deck Organization- B+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: she is true to her school and loves to play, but needs to pay attention and get on task!

May 15, 2009
Spell Casting: A+
Paying Attention: A+
Organization: A
Assignments(quests):A++ <- i do a heck of a lot of quests
Pet Training: B
Overall: A-

lol i am not boasting either
i treat every card like it were a piece of art
handled with care
choosing the right at each time i need
"because true art"
(as said by deidara)
"is like an explosion!"

there is the weak and there is the strong
but only the cunning shall survive
Samuel dragonsword, master of storm

Jul 15, 2009
Accuracy:f=1%(for all schools)

Strength:A+=14% for life and all other schools are 4%

Shields:A+=10% for life and all other schools are 4%

Ranking:D=magus or private

Pet training:B+=fond, but I get a bit crazy with the death ones.

Homework Status: A=a bit iffy. My Hotzilla ate a candle a burped up the stick, which got all over my homework . Sorry Moolanda!

Sratagy:B=well, but I almost got my friend killed when I told them to distract the pigs.

Quest Status:A=I've been getting them done but they're a pain. I have lots of quests left and had one speed spurt for a day of two.

Deck Organization:Pretty good, but I keep having to switch cards in and out.

Dec 12, 2008
My wizard101 report card

Jack Jade
Level 29

Casting spells- C

Paying attention-A

Strategy- C

Pet training-A+

Deck organization- C


Overall- A

What the teacher says; Jack is a great wizard who is very helpful and his pets are very smart from his training. And he is very good at paying attention but he need to get higher with his quests.

Mar 07, 2009
james soulsinger

Spell Casting- b+

Paying Attention- f-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- D(my wraith is a little crazy)

Overall- c

dworgon- he is very crazy and respectuful to the art of necromancy, but yet controls his art of necromancy badly, his wriath has tried to cut my nose off before, but over all he is good at necromancy, but would do better, if ACTULLY PAID ATTENION!!!! over all he is doing fine, i guess....

Oct 26, 2009
I am Patrick Hawktamer lvl 48 of balance and this my wizard report card
Deck Organazation: A+
Homework (quest from teacher) : A+
Pet Training: A+ (I have a hydra and i use it a lot)
Enhanting other people's spells: A+
Paying Attention: A+
Speed lvling up: A+
Healing: A+

Comments (Dog): Patrick is an exetremaly good student and is contuning to help others. In fact he is the best student i have ever had. I am thinking he might become headmaster of wizard city. He has helped everyone in wizard city and is helping everyone in krokatopia.

More Comments (Krok) : Patrick, my favorite student of all. He puts the team in teamwork. I remember the first day i saw him. It seems like yesterday he was a novice, now he is almost a grandmaster. He is helping my world (side quests) to become like wizard city. He has saved us all from malistare and will become the hero of evryone. Keep up the good work

Me: WOW! I got straight A's and great comments

May 18, 2009
Spell casting: A

Deck construction: A-

Pet training: A+

Paying attention: C-

Report on the famous Grubb of Sunken City: B

Quests: A-

Report on Frost giants: A

Notes: Nice Report on Frost Giants!

Dec 11, 2008
Student: Isaac Iceflame
Rank: Master Necromancer

Quests: C

Strategy: A-

Spellcasting: A-

Paying Attention: C+

Deck Organization: B

Pet Training: A+

Overall: B+


"This kid scares me. When he first walked up to me, he had a strange look in his eye, like he was destined to change the Spiral.. I almost wanted to turn him away from Necromancy, but that's kinda against my code, ya see? Better keep an eye on him, or else we gonna have another Malistaire on our hands..." -Malorn Ashthorn

"Overall, Isaac is a perfect student; Well mannered, listens well, and has a love for learning.. If it weren't for the fact that he IS all of these things. He seems to consider himself some sort of mastermind. He's cold, calculating and relentless towards his enemies... But to other students, he's a perfect gentelman! I cannot help but wonder if he's fighting Malistaire, simply to take his place.." -Dworgyn

Dec 15, 2008
Daniel Stormstaff
(storm of course)
level 43

Casting- A-
Paying attention- B+
Strategy- A
Pet Training- C+
Organization- B
Quests- C

Overall- B+

Feb 15, 2010

Casting B+
Card organization F-
Paying attentionE-
Pet Training F-
Report: Blaze has to learn the difference between acept and decline AND he has to read the quest before he does them

Jun 20, 2009
Here is my report card from Prof. Greyrose:
Attention: A-
Strategy: A+
Accuracy: B+
Max. Health and Mana: Very high above average
Spell damage: highest spell does 500 8)
Pet care: A+
Overall Grade: A+
Comments: Julia has finished Wizard City and Krokotopia with haste. With about 1,500 health and about 120 mana, she can solo easily. She treats all of her pets with equal care and has six of them! Every two days, she checks on Dalia Falmea, her secondary school teacher, and I to see what the next spell that she will learn is. She fizzles quite a few times, but always gets the spell after two tries. When there is a positive ward on an enemy, she gets rid of it by doing a minor shard or a low damage spell. She is speeding through Marleybone, and she will definitely defeat Malistare within two month's time. She pays much more attention than her friend Sabrina from school of Storm (take that Balestrom!).
Balestrom: Aw come on Sabrina is on Level 10, Julia is on Level 25.
Wu: Oh face it, the dear has more spells than your top student Cyrus
Drake: My student is on a very high level!
Ashthorn: Julia always checks in on my spells, even though she has none
Me: I just like seeing the hit points
Ashthorn: Yes, of course