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What is Your Wizard 101 Report Card

May 30, 2009
stradagy A+

strength D+ (I get really low levels to help me and they do better than me)

leveling up B+ (dungeons)

Grade's in places
wizard city AAA++* (so easy)

krokotopia A- (needed some help

marleybone C- (really bad)

mooshu (so far B+)

grizzlehiem N/A

dragonspyre N/A

Things to work on:
Strength your bad at it


Dec 20, 2009
Halston Balstrom

Spell casting A+

Paying Attention A

Deck Organization B++

Pet training A-

Crafting A+

Overall A+

Magnifecent!Amazing!He is a very good student great at everything.His Organization was a Tad off perfect though.He uses things to their fullest extent.He has the best Mander and Dragon both so cute :).

Moolinda Wu

Spell casting B-

Paying attention A++

Deck organization B

Pet training A+

Crafting A-

Overall A-

Pretty good.He is pateint gentle kind at some moments and Dangerous at other moments.This gives him a very nice Rep. in PvP Especialy 3v3.His pets are the most trained pets I have seen.Great Warrior


Home work B-

Quests A++

World staus A- [Mooshu cave of solitude]

Overall everything A+

Ambrose If I had a gold coin every time taylor helped someone I would be rich.I visited his house[designed as a park very nice ]all the pets roaming around amazing.Taylor has proven far in the spiral.I wish him good luck in the future.

Apr 15, 2009
um mine fire will be-

spell casting=C

deck orginzion=D

pet trianing= B

paying attion=A+

happyness (lol)=B+


thats mine my good grades must be i never come in (lol lol lol)

Jul 16, 2009
Here is my W101 report Card: Stephen IceBreeze lvl 32
Teacher: Professor Greyrose

Strategy B+
Strength B
Leveling Up D
(Ice+Death=Bad Idea) (Top two most resist classes)
Andrea SpiritHaven lvl 20
Professor Wu

Strategy A+
Strength A
Leveling Up A
(Very Easy with Life and Storm)

Feb 23, 2009
Elizabeth MistLeaf

Level 35

Paying Attention: C+
Deck Organization: A+
Pet Training: D-
Spell Casting: A-
Quests: A+
Overall: B-

Comments from Professor Greyrose:
This student is absolutely a nuisance. While she does great wonders in learning her spells, in class she is a talker. At Quests, she is great at getting them done. Sadly, her pets are not fed and rarely ever trained. Organizing is no problem for her. Overall, she is a sweet student who may just go far in Wizard City.

Comments from Elizabeth MistLeaf:
I knew I should of gotten Fire school, I bet Falmea would of gave me straight A's.

Feb 17, 2009
Student: Thomas Swifthistle

School: Ice

Level: 50

Casting Spells: B+
Paying Attention: A-
Strategy: C+
Pet Training: A
Organization: B-
Quests: B
PvP: B
Overall: B-

Lydia Greyrose: Thomas Swifthistle was a joy in my class. He was one of the best in paying attention in class. Hi strategy would have been an F but luckily he met another fabulous student Savannah "Savvy" Windweaver and so i raised his grade to a C+. His pet is at ancient and growing. Also even though he was an ice wizard he had a warm heart and helped the low levels achieve their goals. Although he had made some faults he used those mistakes and turned them around and helped other wizards. Maybe when i am gone, Thomas just may be the new professor of ice. Thank you Thomas Swifthistle for choosing ice I am really proud of you.

Jan 02, 2010
paying atention:A-
spell casting:A++

i'm the best student

Travis HawkStone lvl 50

May 24, 2009
Grace Goldenspear

lvl 38 Life
2nd: Balance
spell casting:A-(My fire spell i got from my robe is irritating, 75% fizz average, and hydra isn't as easy as it looks. )

paying attention:B+( I'll admit, i read during class. The history of magic is just SO interesting! )

deck orginazation:A-( I just cant seem to get the right combination of spells! )

pet training:A+( My dragon is blind, so she just curls up in my lap the whole day )


comments:Moolinda Wu: Ah, yes, Grace. I remember her, the little book worm! Always reading about animals and magic. If you ever have an animal-related question, ask her! But even though she reads about magic constantly, she cant seem to get the right spell combination. Maybe if she actually paid attention in class, she would better understand the pattern of attacking, setting charms, and healing. But otherwise, i think she is a very nice student and a pleasure to have in my class. Also, her pet dragon is so sweet! She loves fish, and dosen't let her blindness get in the way of what she does.

Feb 09, 2010
James ThunderFist Primary-Ice, Secondary- Storm
Deck Organization- B+
Will to Master- A+
Health/Mana- A
Hatred toward Cyrus- A++
Paying Attention - D
Intelligence of Game- C-
Pet Training ( Pharoh Krok from Secret Shop ) B-

Lydia Greyrose- He loves his element and works very hard to master it, but he always stares at me. Must think I'm short. He has what it takes to master the element.
Cyrus Drake- Tried to get him expelled, Ambrose wouldn't let me. Jimmy's a little kiss-up to the headmaster.
Dalia Flamilia- Gets a haircut too much. Doesn't show any real interest in fire.
Moolinda Wu- James ThunderFist? Who's that?
Malorn Ashthorn- Always scowls at me. I don't think he believes in my ability. WHY NOT?! I'm just as good as Malistare!!!
Halston Baelstrom- He really likes the element. He tells me it fizzles to much however. I think he really likes me, even though he took my hat and gave it to his pet. Has the potency to become one of the better Diviners at Ravenwood.
Arthur Whethersfield- Saw him once, he wanted to get the triple attack. I told him he needed to train everything else yet. He said "forget it." I've hheard of his heroic deeds in Krokotopia, must admit I didn't think he had it in him.

Jul 02, 2009
My teacher right now is Alhazred. This is my report card!

Accuracy: A-

Damage: B+

Paying Attention: C

Pet Training: A+

Quests: A

Homework: F

Overall: C+

Yeah, so I'm not the best. Least I didn't get an F.

Lauren Jadeflower
Adept Sorcerer
Level 29

Dec 15, 2008
I think this is what i would get.

Jack soulhunter level 50 necromancer

Spell casting B :D

Strategy A :P

Organization F

Attention Z-

Pet training B

Overall grade C+

Jun 16, 2010
Malron Griffintamer


Spell casting-A

Paying attention-A+

Deck organization-C-

Pet training-B+


Teacher comments:

Moolinda Wu: Malorn pays much attention in class and works very hard. He tries to keep his allies alvie as well as possible. His deck skills must get better though. Damage-wise he is at the top of his class.

Halston Balestrom: Malorn has definatly succeded even though he has only learned 2 storm spells. He would have made an excellent storm wizard. Bet his deck must really get better.

Dec 07, 2009
Well here is mine.

Student: James Fireheart
Class: Life
Teacher: Moolinda Whu
Spell acuracy:A-
Deck construction:A+
Spell power: A
HP: A++
Endurance: A++++
Pet training: E-
Current Level: 46
Current home: Life house
Notes: James has quickly become a very promising student. Has endured almost all the worlds alone. Also will almost certainly surpass 3,000 HP by GM. Shows little interest in pet training and asks for help too much. Really just needs to belive in the power of dryad, and satyr (mostly dryad.) James's favorite spell is Centaur which he can make very powerfull (Up to 2,431 on non-Death! On Malistaire nearly 5,000) Attempted to grow forest in the commons. Enjoys and embraces life and spiritual magic. Has been a very good student and I wish him luck on his adventures!

Feb 23, 2009
Elizabeth MistLeaf

Level 41

Paying Attention: B+
Deck Organization: A+
Pet Training: B-
Spell Casting: A-
Quests: A+
Overall: A

Comments from Professor Greyrose:
She has learned much as she leveled up. Elizabeth is a polite, young wizard. Her quests are always done. She's always careful of what she does, as she always plans out what spells she uses, with blades and traps to make a high damage. As again, she now has a higher chance of helping us to save The Spiral.

Comments from Elizabeth MistLeaf:
Thank you, Professor Greyrose. I'm hoping I'll make it far.

May 29, 2010
Joseph RedBlade lvl 48 fire and life

Paying attention D+

Determination A+

Deck organisation B-

Activeness A+++++++++++

Casting B-

Teacher comments- Dalmea Falmea: It's like every day he comes to learn a new spell!, what is up with this kid! Moolinda Wu: He REALLY learns his spells really fast just as Dalmea said. Me: What i have a lot of determination even look at my grade!

May 02, 2009
Spell Casting: A-
Paying Attention: A
Organization: B
Assignments(quests): A+
Pet Training: F-
Overall: B-

Feb 07, 2010
i'm a fire wizard lvl 26 (i know i'm weak so don't call me a noob!)

name:Jeremy Thundervault(i know it doesn't make sense but i just clicked on random)


Spell Casting:A (reason:sometimes fizzles)

Paying Attention:A+

Pet Training:D

Quest Completing:A+

Falmea's notes:Jeremy is good at fire its a good thing he doesn't learn ice he needs to improve pet training and a little of decks.

Dwoyrgon's notes:Jeremy is doing great at the death arts.And he even practices them at his dorm room.I just hope he doesn't run into a life student and gets hugged.Its a good thing he can burn life students' robes.

C .Drake's notes:I can't believe he quit myth and went to my twin brother's school a.k.a death *sigh* I wish he would come back. :(

Headmaster's notes:Its a pleasure to have him in Ravenwood :D.I hope one day he would save the spiral from malistaire.

Feb 22, 2009
mine for elizabeth pearlstone!

attendence: A+

looks: F-

lvl: A

wc: A+

kt: A+

mb: C+

ms: C-

ds: D

getting along with people: A

awsome house: A


Jul 21, 2009
Ryan ashblade
grandmaster Necromancer

Strategy: B+
Spell casting:A
Attention: A+
Deck organization:B
Pet training:D-
assignments: C+
overall: maybe a C

Jun 07, 2009

here is mine

Destiny Lifeblossom


-Spell Casting- C-

Paying Attention- D-

Deck Organization-F

Pet training- B

Overall- B

Moolinda: she is a good student but constindly is talking too much in class. she is very illteleigant but is shy too ask for help. Appently she is a high level for her world and is behind her second school is balance so she has a bit of everything. She is very talkative in class and outside. She just has to start being more organized she has a messy deck the messiest of all. Krok: Ah yes she is a very powerful wizard she could defeat a death boss in Marleybone in seconds. She is tough with tons of health.

Jul 12, 2010
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer

Ronan FireHeart

Master of storm.

Spell casting: A+

Paying attention: A+

Deck organization: D-

Pet Training; F

HomeWork: C+

Storm: A+

Death: B+

Fire: D

Overall: B-


Halston balestrom: Well he needs to work on taming that stormzilla of his, That stormzilla has destroyed my classroom several times. He has learned all I could have taught him. He has been doing some devious pranks to some of the other students. He has been giving other students afros. He has done great in the learning of his spells. He pays attention greatly, I give him a A+ in the storm magics! I hope he continues his training here in wizard city. HOP TO IT!

Dworgyn: Well, his stormzilla pet has been destroying my papers and has wrecked the class room many times! He has learned all a diviner can learn in the necro arts. I wish he would have became a necromancer instead of a diviner. But, I'm a afraid that isn't his personality. He has attempted to learn death prism and failed horribly. I give him a B+ in the necro arts

Falmea Dalema: I wished that he would of learned more in the fire arts. He learned up to only volcanic shield in the fire arts. He has payed much attention to my classes. I give him a D

Mar 14, 2010
Sabrina Mythshard,Fire

Homework:B-. Always does homework, but has some trouble turning it in on time!

Spell Casting:A. A well-accomplished fire wizard, Sabrina has a knack for spells.

Deck Organization:A-. Very good at putting all needed spells into her deck, but often overloads.

PvP:D+. Stinks at PvP itself, but often try's very hard. She always cheers on her friends. :)

Pet Training: F-. Never bothers to train her pet, and only one of her pets has reached teen.

Fighting Strategy:A. Often puts up many, many buffs, asking for help with the buffs. She will usually then attempt to take out the enemy in one hit.

Professor Dalia Falmea- Sabrina is a very bright student who has great potential. She is often hindered by her confidence, or rather, lack of therof. an effective fighter, she eagerly looks forward to learning Fire Dragon.

Professor Lidia Greyrose- Sabrina is a wonderful student, but her training in the magic of ice posed problems, seeing that she was a fire at heart. Sadly, I have not seen her since she learned balefrost, and Moolinda has told me that she wishes she had not learned it.

Professor Moolinda Wu- Young Sabrina is very powerful indeed. She is most accomplished, and is working towards what I belive will be her last life spell. I an sure she will try for more, but I hate to say that I do not think she will be able. :( She would be an excellent life wizard, as she has the enthusiasm, and the want to heal her comrades.

Erica Dawnwalker, life

Homework: A+! Is set on completing her tasks.

Spell Casting: B+. Very good at the casting, but life often fizzles.

Deck Organization:A+. Excellent at finding a balance between not enough, and overload.

PvP:F-. Stinks. End of story.

Pet training:F-. Never bothers to.

Fight Strategy:A. Is very good at strategy, but often overestimates the damage her spell will do.

Moolinda Wu- Erica is a good student, and has enthusiasm. She has a lot of talent and potential. She is a wonderful life wizard. Possibly my best yet! :D

Halston Balestorm She has great potential, and has that spark of lighting in her, making it possible for her to learn. It is as not as strong as her love for life, and her desire to heal, but it is there.

Mar 09, 2009
Benjamin Rainblade - Balance, Level 46

Spells - A+
Listening - A+
Behavior - A+
Pet Training - A+
Deck Construction - A-
Teamwork - A+
Solo Combat - B+
Homework - A+

Overall - A+

Alhazred's Comments - Impressive, indeed. With only two allies at his side, he was able to defeat Malistaire. And now, he wishes to explore the hidden world of Celestia, though its Spiral Key is broken. I wouldn't worry, though - he will keep himself occupied with training.

Halston Balestrom's Comments - Oh, what a wonderful student and hero Rainblade is! He helped me find out that Celestia is still out there and found the key for me. I am currently trying to repair this key so that he can explore Celestia!

Lydia Greyrose's Comments - Benjamin Rainblade, of course! He's doing fine in my class! He's learned more about the ways of Ice in order to improve his knowledge of magic.

Dalia Falmea's Comments - Rainblade...he is definitely getting better and better. I've noticed his special interest in astral magic...and apparently, others have, too. Wonderful!

Merle Ambrose's Comments - Benjamin Rainblade is eager to learn the sacred spells of the sun, moon, and stars. I talked to him about those magics one night while he was watching the stars. I wonder what new things he'll discover...?

Jun 10, 2010
Paul Legendblood

Spell Casting-B+
Paying Attention-A+
Desk Organization-A
Pet Training-A-
Spell Testing-C-
Shopping For Clothes-A-
Training Point Use-B

COMMENTS-Paul is an amazing student but when trying out spells must stop igniting the history book. Also his behavior is outstanding!
He is a wonderful student but must bring fire pets in my classroom because the last fire pet he brought ignited his desk....


Aug 06, 2010
Here's mine:

Destiny Darksinger

Spell Casting: B
Paying Attention: A
Deck Organization: B
Assignments (quests): A
Pet Training: D
Overall: B

Comments: Shows improvement.