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What is Your Wizard 101 Report Card

Jun 10, 2009
Mason Sandtamer level 33 balance wizard.

This is probbaly mine:

Spell Casting A

Paying Attention C-

Deck Organization A+

Pet Training F-

Overall B+

Mason is a great sorcerer who loves to see everything in a different way. Once I started teaching Mason he was a level 24 and had much to learn but now he is very skilled and will even stand up to an Oni!! He loves the move Judgement that I have tought him. He uses it in pretty much every battle!!! I hope I can teach keep teaching Mason until he is a legendary Sorcerer!

Apr 30, 2010
Saffron Ghostheart level 56 life and storm
life storm
spellcasting: A+ B-
paying attention: A
deck organization: A
pet training: A-
strategy: B
nice to classmates: B-
shielding: A+
health: A
healing: A++
Comments: Moolinda Wu: Saffron is a wonderful student but seems to be struggling in Celestia. She is getting the help she needs from other powerful classmates! She is always eager to heal others injured in fights!
Poressor Balestrom: Saffron is a lovely student! She is making great strides in all she does!

Jul 14, 2010
This would be my grade my teacher is Dalea Falmea.

Anthony Ghostward

Adept pyromancer

Deck organization: B-

Strategy: B+

Attacks: A+

Hanging spells: B-

PvP: F+


Dalea Falmea: He is very friendly and is very helpful i duels. Even in the easiest of duels he will join in but i think he needs to concentrate on spells like heckhound but otherwise his spells are amazing.
Halston Balestrom: He shows great concentration in stronger spells like kraken and i think if he were storm he would be an amazing legendary diviner.
Merle Ambrose: He tries hard on quests and if he is defeated he comes straight back and fights again and again till he finishes this quest. He is very helpful with even the stronger friends.

lol i am not a very good student! Level Twenty four Adept Fire Anthony Ghostward

Sep 20, 2010
This will be my future report card, when I will be Level 60, be done all Quests, get all badges and get best Storm Gear.

Halston Balestorm:

Spell Casting: A+
Mark Starhammer is the best in class at casting spells. The spells at our school have only 70% accuracy, but Mark has built a set meant for storm students with balance as secondary school which gives him an amazing accuracy at storm spells of 96%. And by using the spell “Lightning Strike” Mark gets an accuracy of over 100%.

Paying Attention: A+
Mark always listens to what over characters say and he always follows the storyline. Most of the other students just ignore what other characters say.

Deck Organization: A
Mark uses the best deck for storm students: “The Maelstrom Deck”. He combines storm spells, which have amazing power, with life spells in order to heal himself and other wizards, and balance spells in order to increase the power of his attacks. However, he sometimes has problems with deciding how many copies of a spell he should put in his deck.

Pet Training: C+
Mark hasn’t got a pet yet, but he dreams of having a “Sea Dragon”, one of the rarest and best pets said to exist. He is building up Pet Snacks for the day he will train one and even made a list of the best talents and abilities it should have. However, because he doesn’t have one yet, I can only give him a C+ and nothing more.

Overall: B+
Mark is the best student I ever got the pleasure to meet. He did an incredible job in his quest, by defeating Malistaire, getting all the badges possible for a storm student and building a perfect set for students like him. I can’t wait for the day when he will get a pet and will prove once again that he is one of the best students.

Moolinda Wu:

Mark Starhammer is a great student. I am proud that he chose the life school as a tertiary school. When he first came into my class he was sad because he couldn’t heal one of his fellow wizards. That’s when he decided to learn the wonderful magic of life.


I remember the day Mark came to the Krokosphinx. From the minute I saw him I knew he is destined to become one of the best wizards ever.
He did not realize the power of balance until he has defeated Krokopatra and saved Krokotopia, another reason I am proud of him. He came to me asking if I could teach him the magic of balance. I accepted his request and thought him all I could teach him. He built a set destined to wizards that specialize in storm and balance spells. He is a great student.

Niles the Balance Tree:

Mark Starhammer is a very good student. He wanted to improve his spells and asked me to teach him balance spells that increase the power of his spells and spells that make others weak against his spells. I admire him for choosing the balance school as a secondary school.

Jan 04, 2010
pkcahill645 wrote:
I don't really know mine. But here is what i think it'll look like.Oh by the way, my school is balance so i have the Dog and krok teachers.

Paul legend Weaver. Lv 50 Balance Wizard.

Spell casting: A
Paying attention: C+
Deck organization: A+
Quests: A
Pet training: A+ ( Has a Hydra Pet (three heads to feed, lol) )
Overall: A -

Comments: From the Dog: Paul was very wonderful student he learned all the spells very quickly, and had saved wizard city within a day! Oh what a wonder full student.

Comments: From Krok: Ah, yes, paul is a very wonderful student, i remember when he first came to this school, he only knew a quarter if the spell he knows now but he learned quickly and had defeated krokopatra before i knew it. He hardly ever payed attention but was very good. his second school was also ice for a good defense and his third was death, to heal himself while attacking too. He quickly became top of the class, Malistaire is no match for him. I don't mean to brag, but all of my students have been very good, a single one could defeat two myth wizards.

Cyrus: How dare you disrespect my school, i will teach you, you salty old krok!

From me: Hehe, um sorry for starting a war between the myth and balance schools.

(Apparently Cyrus stole my report card, although i really like myth)

mine would be almost exactly like like that lolz even the comments
btw Cyrus i could've beaten your top lvl 60 student at lvl 1 why you ask? Because Balance rules myth druels.

(I hope he didnt read that) lol

Jul 13, 2010
Abigail Rubyspear Level 28 Adept Sorcerer

Spell Casting A+

Paying Attention A+

Deck Organization A+

Pet Training A+

Overall Grade A++++

Message from Balance Teacher Alzared: Abigail's work is amazing! I always expect her to have the answer and she levels up quickly and so does she learn quickly. I was amazed at how quick she got Judgement.

Message from Cyrus Drake: Abigail is excellent at casting as a novice she fooled me for how smart she really was.

Message from pet Sierra the frostcat: I love doing training games with Abby! All of us pets Me Sierra, Nikki the heckhound, duke rufus the spider, annie the piggle , Sam The Ice Mander, and Ben the cyclops We all Love being your Pets Abigail!

Nov 24, 2009
spell casting: a+
deck construction: a+
paying attention f-
pet training: d
clothing choice : a+

notes: this wizard is a very powerfull wizard! he is an amazing deck constructor and he picks out good clothing! he lacks in attention so much of the time e does not know what to do. his pets are lacking to.

gpa: b+

Sep 05, 2010
EvanJadePetal / Evan Life

Accuracy = A
Shields = D
Blades = A
Strength = B
Paying Attention = C
Homework = A
Death = A
Life = A
Myth = B
Balance = A
Fire = C
Storm = D
Ice = B

Comments =

Wu = Evan is a pleasure to have in class, he is very neat / corraperative / and kind. He is a very gifted life / death / and balance wizard ! Perhaps the best ever.

Myth Teacher I Forget His Name = I HATE HIM

Storm = I'm A Frog, Wait What?

Fire = Who Is That?

Death = He is a honor to have in class.

Ice = His other wizard likes ice, now thats a gentlemen! :?\

Balance = How Cute Is That Smiley Face > :P Wait, What?

Anybody Else Who Sees Me =

Jan 21, 2011
name: ashley sandstrider
lvl; 43
schools: main balance 2nd myth

spell casting: a-

pet training f- (i dont really use pets i usually sell them)

style: a+

health: a-

homework: a- (i sometimes dotn do some quests)

independant studies: a

deck orginazation: a

comments: arthur- ahh i remember her as a young girl when i first met her i could feel her passion for balance her ideas and willingness to do as she was told. she caught on to the strategy sorcerers needed quickly vary promising i miss the old chap
alhazard-when young ashley first came to me to learn more advanced spells she was clumbsy and would continuously step on my tail now she is proper and is one of my favorite students
cyrus- oh my i used to refuse to teach her the arts of conjuration but she proved herself but continuously plays pranks with her minotaur they destroyed the towen onece they are good friends no she has learned her last spell from me and is wreaking havoc with earthquake :( (cries)
me- cyrus are you crying
cyrus- no i'm just umm uh chopping onions
me- ok what ever you say proffesor

Apr 20, 2010
here's mine for Ryan Griffinglade (storm)

casting spells: A-
deck organization: A
paying atention: C-
stategy: B+
pet traning: D+
quests: B

comments: Ryan is a strong diviner who has the makings of a legend I think, when he was at a lower level he could of spent a little less time procasenating and a little more time doing his quests. A strong deck and good strategy means most battles won! (would you say so prof. ballstrom?)

Oct 24, 2009
Student: Olivia Hawksheild

Class: Life

Teacher: Moolinda Wu

Spell casting: A

Paying attion: A+

Pet training: B+

Poitons/potion making: A

Crafting: A-

Overall: A

(p.s. i'm glad no just put start a +s)

Jan 09, 2011
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer

heres what i think

spell casting A+
paying attention F- (lol)
deck orginazation b+

pet training A+
overall A-

Jun 30, 2009
ill will use my life

spell casting:A-

healing: A+

pet training:c- (the food keeps going through him because hes the spirit of nature and i let him lose ten times in class lol )

paying attention: B+

Message from teacher: he is a wonderful student and can beat two death wizards ( no offence malorn) but he need to control his pet

Caleb Jade Lvl 20 Life Wizard

Apr 17, 2011
wizard: ice
Spell casting: B- (0.0)
Paying attention: A
Deck organization: B
Quests: C
Pet training: B
Overall: B+
get to class on time:C

Geryrose:Daniel is a good wizard one heath and aways pays attention have takeing storm class needs to work on side quest but it good that all he want to do is save wizard city

Balstorm: help save titron and fact he is ice and want to learn strom

both:try to get on class on time we know your saveing wizard city but try :)

Jun 10, 2009
Here's mine.
Brooke BlueBlood
Level 60 Fire Student
Title: Wintertusk Explorer
Spells: A
Strategy: A
Paying Attention: A-
Deck Organization: A+
Pet Training: A
Overall: A
Comments: never leaves a quest undone, but is slacking at getting grandmaster crafting
Greyrose: ah yes a great student considering she is only level 10
Cyrus: ah she is still just a novice level 40 she still uses humongo frog, she still doesn't get the possibilities of using myth
Falmea: An amazing wonder she has completed every single quest except some crafting, most definitively an asset on any team
Alhazred: Always help the team with blades, and can damage quite well, another must have on a team, as support
Wu: A good student who most of the time puts his friends ahead of her who will come to the rescue when needed. And is quite good at attacking
Dworgyn: feint forever, always great great at attacking, planning, stategy and support an all around AWESOME

Feb 17, 2011
mary green bloom
( life )
lev 30
attke c-

paying atention a+

qutests a

pets a+

wolds b-

heling a+

overall c

moo linda wu (she is doing well . she is very very nice she is the best at ulot of
things)merle( she will do go in mb i will hope for the best

May 09, 2011

Yeah, I'm a death, so here's mine---

Mason D.

Spell Casting -A-
Paying Attention: -B
Deck- A+
Pet Training-C-
Strategy in Combat -A-
Overall: A (or B)

His comment about me: He's a very determined wizard who follows good side questing, and has a good strategy and deck! Just gotta improve his pets, and train them to make them stronger! Overall, he's a good student!

-Mason D -Level 44 Necromancer-

Mar 28, 2009
I'd get an F- on paying attention 8) my team would give me so many blades and feints and traps to kill a boss and i used a wand. A WAND!!!
They got real mad i could tell why were they mad I figured out when a level 4 life used a wand on my last feint and ended up losing but i not mad he didn't know he level 4 :(

Jul 08, 2009
Spell Casting- A

Paying Attention- A+

Deck Organization- B+

Pet training- A+

Overall- A+

Jul 08, 2009
Paying Attention: A+
Spell Casting: A
Strategy: A+
Boost Stacking: A+
Teacher's Pet: A+ (lol )
Pet Training: B+ (Too...Many...Plants... )
Plant Growing: A-
Solo battling: C+
Plural Battling: A+

Comments: Tabitha Spiritsong is a very magnificent student. She casts spells with almost no fail and excels at stacking. However, I find her obsession of sitting in the graveyards singing to the souls very strange...I wonder why she does that. She is a for-certain teacher's pet (in a good way) and a pleasure to have in class.

My reply: It's not an obsession!!! It's how I got my name!

And thank you.

Overall: A+

(I put a sticker on it XD)

Jul 08, 2009
lol...Looks like Cyrus finally decided to hand it to me.

Respect: D-
Civility: F
Myth Arts: D

Comments from Teacher Cysrus Drake-

Miss Tabitha Spiritsong has no respect for me. She often sets those disgusting little bats or spiders running around my class during class time and blends into the shadows to hide. While my students are running wild I'm forced to keep the class calm. The only reason I know it was her was because I saw her walk into the myth clas with a little spider resting on her hand and didn't come out-except for after she terrorized my class. She is useless at the Myth Arts and should be suspended IMMEDIATLY!!!

Wow....Someone needs to take a chill pill...

Jul 08, 2009
I enjoy this, so please excuse me if I post too much. :D

Halston Baelstrom's Report

Spell Casting: B+
Defenses: B-
Boosts: C+
Damage: A

Note: Tabitha is a pleasure to have in class. She always has that spark in her eyes, and she is more than willing to learn! And I have to thank her for my frog-form. That accidental potion spill had a permenant affect on me, and now I have more energy than ever! Although, she needs to stop shocking the myth teacher...

Jun 13, 2010
hmmm I have Lydia and she is super nice

maybe this?

deck oranization: A
spell casting: (i never pass) A+
paying attention: B+
Pvp: D-
Pet training: 3 adult collossus breed pets! A+
Strategy: C+
Quests: B-
Overall: 2.45out of4.33

Jul 10, 2010
Here's mine... ?

Name: Amber Owl
Schools: main; death, secondary; storm
Level: 33
Paying attention: A-
Pet training: F-
Deck organization: B+
spell casting: A-
PvP: F
Respect: A++
strategy : B
Overall: B+

Malestarie: I wish she was on my side...

Jun 16, 2009
Tabi moonflower
orginazation: b-
spell casting: a
quests: b+
paying atttention: f-
being respectful to others: f- (she let her cat loose in class and meant it, she melted the classroom)
strategy: c
overall: c-
comments: even though she melted the classroom, she was still our best student, i don't know how she knew everything though... :?