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What is Your Wizard 101 Report Card

Aug 09, 2009
My Wizard 101 report card

Acts Nice to friends: A+

Listens and told to do: B-

Healing(i is not a life XD): = D -

Strength and Magic casting : b+

Fizzles a lot or not a lot : Percentage = 80%

Doing Quests = b+

Deck and Cards= A-

House and Takes care of pets = A+++

Mar 09, 2009
Here is my report card.

Benjamin Rainblade - Balance, Level 39

Spells - A
Listening - A+
Behavior - A+
Pet Training - A
Deck Construction - A-
Teamwork - A+
Solo Combat - A-
Homework - A+

Overall - A

Alhazred's Comments - Benjamin Rainblade is one of my finest students. He casts his spells appropriately, helps others when they need it, behaves in class, and does all his homework. The only minor weaknesses he has are a slight disadvantage alone (especially against Storm creatures) and a lack of complete deck construction mastery. Still, he impresses me to no end.

Moolinda Wu's Comments - Wizard Rainblade has used most of his Training Points for Life spells. However, he stoppped at Seraph. This was just so he could get a little of every type of magic. Very wise, indeed.

Dworgyn's Comments - Oh yes, Mr. Rainblade. He is very wise and courageous, and he risked his life to save Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, and MooShu. He has spent some Training Points on Death spells. I look forward to teaching him Skeletal Pirate, his next Death spell!

Jun 09, 2009
Miranda RubyStone

Mount Training:F-

Deck Build: B

Power of Deck: A

Solo Work:A+

Team Work:A+++

Paying Attention:F-

Quest Work:A+


To poor to pay attention.

Mar 28, 2009
Miguel SoulWraith

Pet Training:B-

Teacher Comments: He is a natural talent who succeeds when he puts his mind to it, which happens rarely. He doesn't pay attention and rarely comes to all his classes every day. His pets listen to him every word but rarely listen to anyone else. He turns in all assignments but only gets good grades in his chosen schools, Death and Storm. Overall a natural wizard, a horrible student.

Oct 10, 2008
The grades are down cause I haven't played for a while

Thomas IceShield
attendance: F
behaviour: A
organization: B+
skill: D-


come see me after class...

Dec 20, 2009
3rd Quarter Report Card

Name: Valdus DeathShade

Rank: Adept Necromancer

Spells: B+

Paperwork: A+

Attitude: A-

Listening: A+

Pet Training: B+

Teamwork: B+

Homework: A+

Strength: A-

Planning: A+

Overall: A


Malorn Ashthorn: Ah, yes. Mr. Deathshade. He is very talented and nice to each other. He was listening carefully when I was teaching him some spells. Although, he scares Novice Life Wizards with a Banshee.

Cyrus Drake: *sigh* Do I really care about a person who doesn't use his Training Points on my spells? Well..... At least he PAYS attention in my class.

Me: Cyrus why you have to be mean?

Moolinda Wu: Valdus is very useful of his spells. He always uses his Training Points on my spells. I only dislike one thing about him......Will ya stop scarin mah students with eh Banshee!?!

Me: Wow Moolinda nice scream.

Moolinda Wu: What did ya say?

Professor Greyrose: Break it up!

Dalia Falmea: *Looks at Moolinda Wu crazy* Moolinda Wu looks like a goat.

Moolinda Wu: WHO JUST SAID THAT!?!

Me: *Points at Falmea.*

Merle Ambrose: Just keep doing a great job Valdus DeathShade!

Gamma: Whhhoooooooo! You have been great a lot of times Valdus. You risked your life by saving Wizard City and Krokotopia. Please be safe in Marleybone! Whhoooooooo!

Valdus DeathShade will be attending Storm school for next quarter.

May 22, 2009
Here is mine.

Name: Christopher Battlehunter
School taken: Fire
Battle techniques: C+
Paying attention: F
Quest running: B+
Training: F
Leveling up: A
Picking the right spells at the right times: A+

My teacher would probably say this: Chris is great at getting quests done quickly and levels up so often he'll be a master in no time but Chris pays almost no attention to anything because he is always so busy he always forgets when he has a training point or needs to come to the school.

May 22, 2009
Here is mine:
Christopher Battlehunter level 35 School of Fire, Life and somewhat Death

Paying attention: F (Whats the fun of paying attention?)
Pet training: A (My pet is a ninja pig)
Spells: B
Battle technique: B
Quests: B (Fast but not the fastest)
Making sure other wizards stay healthy: B
Most common and overall grade: B


Fire teacher: Chris is great in my class but he hates paying attention because he just wants to get stronger instead of listening when I say to do something and he never gets it done till later.

Life teacher: Chris is great but he stopped my class early for more training in death but he is great at making sure him and his friends stay healthy, however he doesn't pay attention.

Death teacher: Chris is a slacker in my class but i know he is capable of alot but just never gets's time for my class. Chris is worthy of the school of death but first he will need to learn more spells.

Christopher's resolutions: I will learn more in Death school but keep dreaming if you think I'm gonna pay more attention.

Dec 18, 2008
Wizard - Jacqueline Skullhammer

school- death

secondary- storm

crafting- C

casting spells- A-

pet training- F ( ghost died)

Paying attention- D-

deck orginizatin- A-

Notes from teacher(Ashthorn)- she was a very good student at times. Except once she cast the goul at life students on Halloween. Well overall she is very independent when battleing monsters or other students. I don't see her much after she tranceferd to the nightside. She was a pleasure to have in the classes.

Notes from teacher( nightside) I must say she is very intelegint student she acheaved the master badge not long ago, when she learned the wraith ( i'm sure malistair would have liked Her). She needs to to see me later when she is readdy to learn scarecrow

Level 42 Jacqueline Skullhammer

Nov 08, 2009
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer
lol I feel the same way cant pay attention either

May 05, 2009
David IceTalon Level 50 Diviner

Spell casting: B+(His Storms fizzle often just like every Diviner)
Paying attention: C+(Pays attention in the Storm classroom none of the others)
Deck organization: A+(His spells are balanced between his Storm, Life, and Fire spells)
Quests: B(He just needs to do the quests a bit faster It would help if he didn't accept so many at one time)
Pet training: B-(His Stormzilla is a bit untame but not so much as the others you see running around)
Overall: A-(Flamea does not like his Stormy nature)

May 17, 2009
Justin HawkHammer

46 (Diviner )

srategey: A
written tests: F--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
strenght: A+
attendancd: B
overall : A-
comments: Exstremely powerful good strategey needs to show up more often rather than at his job for organizing parties.

Oct 03, 2009
David dragonrider's report
Spells: B-
Accuracy: C
use of stats: A+
Cooperation: A++

Comments: Wizard may be talktive but uses pips and spells wisely. he weakens target and fends self before any thing. he uses zero rank spells just to preven loss of mana. His Healing is incredible 11% total. He is amazing when helping teamates when not in PVP. And he keeps his next Spell hidden until used.

Oct 03, 2009
Here is my report based on your format...
David DragonRider's Report


Spell Casting-C
Paying Attention-B+
Deck Organization- A
Pet training- C (Heckhound -aka Shadow- burns other peoplewho come near DAVID,But loyalty brought F to a C)


Comment: All this wizard does is battle with his PET, PVP, and looks for heckhound treasure, but he is helpful and is Great at training wolves...(he might be turning into one by the way he looks)

Jun 27, 2009
Hey, my mom plays this game too, so she gave me my grades. (she's also a teacher too!)

Erin Nightshade, level 22 adept necromancer

spell card collecting: 92% A-

deck organization: 100% A+

strategy: 93% A-

paying attention: 0% F-

getting quests done on time: 78% C+

not working on too many quests at a time: 100% A+

helping others: 59% F+

PvP: 88% B+

housing: 67% D

having a positive attitude: 0% F-

Malorn Ashthorn: She's okay. She helps me a lot by bringing me better spells, but she takes forever on quests.
Dworgyn: She appears to be in no particular hurry. She takes her time, and doesn't rush into things. She doesn't like to look on the bright side of things, though.

Overall grade: 67.7% D

Victoria SpiritBlossom, level 27 adept theurgist

spell card collecting: 96% A

deck organization: 100% A+

strategy: 99% A+

paying attention: 100% A+

getting quests done on time: 100% A+

not working on too may quests at a time: 64% D

helping others: 97% A

PvP: 52% F-

housing: 99% A+

having a positive attitude: 100% A+

Moolinda Wu: She is my star pupil. She always has her work in on time, helps her fellow students, and her strategy is very original. Her only flaw is that she has too much work to do at a time. She grabs every quest she can, and then tries to do it all.

Overall grade: 90.7% A-

Feb 07, 2010
MY Name is duncan deaththorn

I Would have

A+for whoppin bad guy
A+for being handsome
A+for dressing so good
A+on having cool pets
B+for spell deck orginzation
B+ for private study
A+for castle

Overall A+++++

Jan 03, 2009
Adam IronFlame: Grandmaster Conjurer (lvl 50 Myth ^-^)

Spell Casting-- A

Paying Attention-- B

Deck Organization-- B+

Pet Training-- A

Quest Efficiency-- C

Overall-- B+

Comments: (Remember this is Cyrus Drake talking) He has been a well behaved student (as far as students go) but when I sent him out for orthrus at lvl 48 he comes back at lvl 50 (true story) but at least he had shown improvement. Overall it has been *cough cough* a pleasure to have him. *forced smile*

Aug 18, 2009
Master of Life
Tabitha DragonRider
Deck: B
Strategy: A-
Attacks: B+
Healing: A+
PvP: C-
Paying Attention: F+
Helping other wizards:A+++
Behavior: D+

Moolinda Wu: Tabitha is a very kind hearted wizard and loves to join in a duel when others are in need. She is a wonderful student and I know she will be a excellent Grandmaster one of these far away days.
Falmea: Tabitha has shown some intrest in fire and has learned the secret of history in some sorts.
Merle Ambrose: Tabitha showed great power even in her first days at Ravenwood, but she lacks the speed to gain power quickly. She spends most of her time helping others and aiding around the school. Very caring (but so hyper and won't shut up at times...) As always

Oct 04, 2008
Galen Swiftbreeze, Theurgist, Master of Nature,

Spell Casting: A
Teamwork Advancing: A
Behavior: A-
Cooperation: A-
Equipment: B+
House: B
Soloing: B-
Deck Organization: C+
Pays Attention: D+
Helps Friends: D
Crafting: D-
Quests: F/E (for failed effort)
PVP: ?

Atitude: Positive/Neutral
Pet Training: N/A


Moolinda Woo's Comments:
Galen is a very interesting student to have. He is very inconsistent. He will work very hard on certain quests until he gets a "Defeat and Collect" or "Defeat 8 of..." quest, then he goes to the arena and stays there for months. In the arena, he asks people if they'd like to set rules, regardless of how fair they are, thus losing him nearly every battle and getting him his PVP rating of about 300.
Galen never helps his friends unless it also helps him, and uses reverse psychology in getting friends. He is almost always behaved, although sometimes he loses his temper. He could not craft if his life depended on it, and has a small but nice house. His equipment is old style, from before the new items were manufactured, but isn't that good.
Galen's deck is alright, but he always forgets to take out his convert-life-to-deaths. He never reads what residents of the spiral say to him because it takes to long, and cuts them off when they're talking. However, he is always eager to learn, and can't wait until new worlds come to the spiral.

-Report by Moolinda Woo, Life Professor
Reviewed and Approved by Merle Ambrose, Headmaster of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts

Report on Galen Swiftbreeze, Level 48 Theurgist

"Nothing is nothing. Don't pretend it's anything else."

Jul 12, 2009
Devin Griffinstrider


Spell casting- F-
Paying Attention- B+
Quests- A+
Deck Organization- B-
Pet Training- A+
House Decoration- A+
Fizzling- A+
Wandering- A+

Halestone Balestrom
Loves storm, fizzles to much. Needs to work on accurase. Always pays attention to quests and finishes them. Needs to work on defenses but all around a very powerful student. Loves to kill Jade Oni...I'm supprised ol Jade keeps coming back to him whenever summoned. Devin's secondary school is myth, but he dosn't use it much. Cyrus hates him... well thats to bad because he is a great student. That will teach him to underestimate MY storm students.

Nov 25, 2009
Nathan Dawnstalker

School :Storm
Secondairy :Life

Strength:A Balestroms Notes:Loves his Kracken first to get it when training
Heal:C Molinda Wu Notes(usually doesn't heal others but is working on it)
Pet training:B+ Pet trainer notes his Damp Demon loves him!

(Cyrus out of nowhere) He never comes to my class he is always skiping!
(Balesrtrom) Oh I forgot class on time:A-
(Me)Why?And Hey Wu why the grade on healing i have been using Sprite more often?
(Wu)You should call me Molinda Wu!
(Falmea)Hes allways skipping!
(Greyrose)Yes he is!
(Dworgyn)Oh who are you agian?
(Me)I was the one who told you you fell below Ravenwood!
(Fire Wizard)HEY I did
(Falmea)Hey your suposed to be in detention for loosing you firecat pet on Novice Ice Wizards!
(Dworgyn)I hardly remember 5 minutes ago
(Cyrus)He needs to stop breaking into myth convention somuning his water elemental
(Me inturupting)His names Jeff!
(Cyrus)WHO CARES you get detention
(Balestrom)The Final grades Behavior:F- stop scairing younger Novice wizards with your kracken!
(Me)how can I im the smallest wizard in my classes!
(Balestrom)You can now ..........
(Merle Ambrose) uh my turn He is a great Wizard always stops by Overall:Level 26 A

Jan 02, 2009
David Shadowflame First school Fire~ Second school Storm ~ Last school Death

Falmea Report Card

Pet care~ A-
Organization~ B+
Spell Usage~ A++++
Mount Control~ F- - - - - - -
Paying Attention~B-
Does Quests~ A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Strategy~ A-
Overall~ B+
Comments: He is a very great student. He does his quests and returns to me safely :) . I caught him showing off his bat wings and he wore them times when i said not to wear his wings. He needs to pay attention and stop talking to his friends. Oh i forgot he doesn't keep track of his helephant and one time i found it in my closet tearing up my robe. Luckily i had a spare. Overall, he's a very nice student to have.

Proffesor Balestrom Report Card

Pet care~ A-
Organization~ B+
Spell Usage~ A+
Mount Control~ A
Paying Attention~ A+
Does Quests~ A+
Strategy~ A-
Overall~ A
Comments: Oh, he is such a great student! He is so interested in storm magic. Every time i go to the library, i see him in the storm section checking out a book on some of my inventions! He keeps his bat wings in his house and doesn't get them until class is finished! Falmea: Wait, how come he doesn't put on his bat wings in your class! Halston: Well, he's very interested in storm magic, and he makes very good grades! Falmea: ... Halston: Well he's a great student and smart young fellow. He is one of the best in my mid-morning class and takes great care of his text books. He does everything he is told and never asks questions. That is the quality of understanding storm magic.

Malorn and Dworgyn Report cards ( there will be two grades of course )

Pet care~ A+/ A
Organization~ A+/ A+
Spell Usage~ A+/ A+
Mount Control~ A+/ A-
Paying Attention~ A+/ B+
Does Quests~ A+/ A+
Strategy~ A/ A+
Overall~ A+++/ A++
Comments from Malorn: I know he takes great care of his pets because he doesn't allow them near the edge of the hole where the death school was. There was a little open space, so his pets got to roam around. Every time i speak, he calls his pets to listen to the lesson i'm about to teach. After class is over, he goes to Dworgyn for his second lesson on Death magic. His Grades are perfect and he is the top student in my "class." No offense to the other Death students. ( snicker )

Comments from Dworgyn: He is a great student and he takes good care of the almost broken items. It may be cluttered in the Death school, but he manages to learn with no problem. His pets sit around Mortis listening to tales, so i don't worry much about them. He makes very good grades and doesn't brag about anything. Falmea: Well how come i caught him bragging about his wings? Dworgyn: I need proof. Falmea: David, i want to see you in class tomorrow. Me: Ok Professor Falmea. Dworgyn: Anyways, he's a great student and doesn't do sloppy work. He is a smart student, and i'm planning to teach him scarecrow but he needs to finish all his side quests first.

Comments from Headmaster Ambrose: I like him as a student and after i finish my studies on Astral magic, i will teach him some of the spells. I saw him doing one, and it actually worked! He will become a great battler and maybe defeat the threat in Celestia. I wrote too much!

Jan 02, 2009
GreyG wrote:
Here's what mine would be like

Paying attention-B
Deck Organization-B
Training Points-A
Pet Training-C
Mount Training-none
Homework is the same as quests

Teacher Comment:
Classes: Does exceptionally well but tends to doze off and summon the dead for entertainment.
Pets: Need more training as all pets are dangerous and often set schoolgrounds on fire
Quests/Homework: Often finishes quests but sometimes will use others to do work
Spellcasting: Rarely fizzles but often gets distracted and turns classmates into butterflies

Hunter DragonGrove Lv.50 Grandmaster Necromancer

LOL the butterfly part cracked me up!

Dec 26, 2009
steelers1234 wrote:
I want to see what you think your teachers and your grade would be in wizard 101

here is mine

Angel Dark Rider


Spell Casting- A-

Paying Attention- F-

Deck Organization- A+

Pet training- C

Overall- B-

My Teacher would probably say something like: He is very powerful and he loves his element he just need to actually read quests before accepting them and actualy following the story line. All in all very good.

Angel Dark Rider lvl 50 Necromancer

Spell Casting B+
Paying Attention C
Deck Organization A+
Pet Training ?
Overall B

Moolinda would probably say: You are a strong life wizard, my dear, and you are very good at making friends and healing. You need to know what to do and where to go to complete it though. LOL

Grace UnicornHorn

Feb 06, 2010
My name is Kelly PixieEyes, level 23, and my teacher is Professor Wu. My report card is most likely this:

Deck Organization: A

Strategy: B+

Homework: A+

Strength In Dueling: B-

Strength In Healing: A

Pet Training: A+

Attention Given In Class: Don't even get me started!

Notes From Professor Wu:
Kelly is a strong Thuergist who is always excited to go on an adventure. She always does her homework as soon as I assign it. Her healing skills are advancing quickly and efficiantly, as well as her dueling power. Her Pet Training has gotten her very high grades and her Deck Organization is lovely. Kelly's strategy is getting better and better every day. I'm very suprised with her high grades in class, seeing as she is always staring off into space during a lesson. I'm beginning to think she is daydreaming about the far off worlds of the Spiral and how wonderful it would be to explore them. Paying attention to me in class is definitely not one of her best subjects, but her other scores will soon lead her to those far off worlds she dreams about every day.