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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

Feb 22, 2009
two to go!
name: great destroyer
race: rank 25 dragon.
health: 950,000
spells: all death spells, plus primordial, and ancient calender
opening: my brother is always defeated easily. that proves that death is stronger than life!!!!
cheat 1: (anytime you summon a minion) "your minion's time is already up!!!" casts dragonblade, followed by death ancient calendar. always results in a one hit ko. this attack is always performed on the minion.
cheat 2: (the first time you get him to or past half health) "my brother isn't the only one who can be reborn!!!" casts rebirth that heals him back to full health. not used again.
cheat 3:(anytime you cast animate) "i can raise the dead as well!" summons either skeletal dragon,skeletal pirate, or black ghost (,, and shadow ) he will not ko your minion.
cheat 4: (anytime an ally hits one quarter of health or lower.) "at last! a suitable host who is dieing!!! casts possession (like beguile, but works for 7 rounds. great destroyer disappears at the time and cannot be damaged. all damage dished out to the opponent during this time period goes to the wizard he possessed.)

death speach: my death is near, but yours shall come at the top. (narrator) the mysterious object in the center of the tower starts glowing, and the path to the top of the tower becomes clear....

Oct 27, 2013
dumbug23 on Feb 4, 2014 wrote:
Ever think what would happen if the intruder won? that's why you should make your house guard impossible to overcome.

Home Guardian
School: Sun
Class: Unknown
Rank: 15 Elite Boss
Health: 1000,000
Minions: Home Guardian Clone
Immune to any damage
Deals 1,000,000 damage to everyone every round x2
(Survivors get it again!) x2
Regains 100% health when defeated (Not possible to even kill it!)
Removes all blades from all players every round
Removes all traps placed on it every round
Removes all shields from all players every round
100% pierce
Heals itself for 1,000,000 every round
Casts a -99% shield on itself x4 (not able to steal, pierce, or remove)
Immediately replaces the shields after they have been used
100% critical chance, ignores critical block rating
Casts virulent plague (-65%) every round
Casts smokescreen to all players
Casts weakness (-90%) to everyone every round
Ignores Dispels
Immune to stun, and beguile
Casts balanceblade (+100%) every round (Not able to steal)
Casts Earthquake every round
Taunt or soothe has no effect
Stuns all players every round
Casts doom and gloom any time someone casts a global spell
Backlash has no affect
Casts cleanse charm on itself every round x4
Steals all HoTs
Removes all DoTs on itself
Casts all dispels on everyone every round x4
Casts infection (-90%) to everyone every round x4
Casts mana burn to everyone every round
Casts super nova on the star spell user
Damage spells targeted at it are turned around on all friends

Does this boss in any way, sound defeat able? That's right, it's not.

The point is, that unwanted guests or intruders shouldn't be able to enter unless you can approve of it.

(But great job on the boss, don't you think? )
ya its impossible i made one with 1,000,000 hp!

name: unknown bandit

school :storm

species: unknown

resist: 95% to

boost: +10%

spells: list too long

health:1 000 000

rank: 16 boss

casts a 0-pip storm lord and does 10000 damage on the second round

-casts a 0-pip satyr when his health gets below 650 000

-casts a 0 pip +250% storm blade

don't have anymore!

it is possible to defeat my boss but impossible to defeat yours

Aug 27, 2012
I am a level 81

Boss name: Necromantic spectre
Creature type: spectre
Rank: 84
Cheats: Keeps summoning minions every 2 rounds (kind of like the boss in tower of the helephant) But when he has all his minions active he casts Dr. Von's monster every round while all his minions are active,unless you kill his minions within 10 turns, if you heal he casts skeletal dragon on you, and finally you cannot atttack him single, or else he will avenging fossil on you.
Saying: You choose! Me and your death, or the minions and weaknesses??
+99% resistance
+ 10% incoming damage
100,000,000,000% critical rating
10000000000000% critical block
When he dies you have to fight his ghost, (20 times stronger)

Well that was all I could think of
Zachary Nightdust

Oct 27, 2013
my bosses: (i have more)

kaitlyn lifeblossom, level 49:

boss: ugher spirit

rank: rank 6 boss

health: 5000

spells: every life spell except: imp and guardian spirit

cheat: when you critical a spell, she will reverse it and does 500 more damage

second cheat:

when you use a heal that heals more than 1500, she will say "ugh, can't take this anymore" then uses a dryad that heals 2500

third cheat:
when you summon a minion more than rank 3, she will kill it and gives her a +500 absorb

forth cheat: when you use a drain spell, she will copy it and deals +50% more damage

fifth cheat: when you use a polymorph, she will gain +25% resist to that type

looks like: seraph

school: life

species: seraph

once you defeat it you gain 10000 exp

sarah emeraldblossom, level 17

boss: changer eglgor

type: storm

species: stormzilla

health: 2800

rank: 4 boss
spells: every spell except storm owl, leviathan, sirens and catilian

looks like: stormzilla

once you kill it you get 5000 exp

Apr 06, 2013
Luke nightthorn,

Boss: Kayle

Rank: 7

Health : 8,100

Cheat: Says '' Hah!'' and then after she says that you take 500 damage over 3 rounds

when you heal she drops your health even lower

species: unknown

Class: Myth

May 03, 2012
My Boss will be...
Name: Glen's Collosus
Species: Flame Collosus
Rank: 13 Boss
Spells:All Fire Spells, Celestial Calender ,Spinysaur, Avenging Fossil, Lord Of Winter, Storm Owl, Sabertooth Tiger, Basilisk, Wooly Mammoth, Sirens, Gnomes, All King Artorius Spells, Dr Von's Monster, Chimera, All Rank 7 and 8 spells, Enhanced Humungofrog, Enhanced Avenging Fossil, Enhanced Satyr.
Health: 40.000.
Second Health: 30.000.
Last Health: 20.000.
Cheat: When you cast a blade or ward, He says " No Time for that!" and he casts a 0-pip Pierce and a 0 pip Avenging Fossil to whoever has a blade or ward on them.
Second Cheat: When he has less than 5.000 health, he casts a 2-pip satyr on himself.
Minion: Dream's Doom.
Class: Death
Species: Pox
Spells: All Death Spells, Mastery of Ice School, Life Shield. Ice shield.
Health. 22.350.
Rank: 11 Elite.
Hope you like my boss and minion! Alex Dreamglen Level 87 Pyromancer .

Sep 03, 2011
First boss: I am lvl 47
Ice Wraith
Rank: 7
Cheat:none atm
Minion: Ice spider
Health: 6,500
Amount: 3

Second boss, lvl 44
Prime judgement
Cheat: none
Minion: Mander warrior
Health: 4,500
Amount: 3

Jan 13, 2013
i know its overrule but why not a little maximum over your little wiz?

beauty queen of nature

Health: 1,000,000
rank: 13
type: overruled pixie queen

chat: Oh hello, if you have gotten through all others, NOT THIS ONE!

known spells: forest lord, enraged forest lord dryad rebirth flowering dryad feint ( feint: 100 to you and absorb 1000 to her) storm lord, levithian stormzilla lifezilla EXTRA UNKNOWN SCHOOLSPELL
beautiful lady of the lake (until the school is noticed, lets say she is a custom school, LIGHT)

cheat 1: Oh you needed this? guess its mine! :D anything that heals over rounds she will steal etc. sprite rebirth. resist 1 to all schools (though it is only a rumor) *snicker*

cheat 2: if you use anything rank one or over she uses king atorius and all her minions spawn blades and the cheat itself (and they stack)

cheat 3: My father is zeus! she spawns zeus and uses enraged forest lord( then heals) if anythings dead it comes alive again. all her minions have 999,999 health they get 5 instead of 4 ppl

cheat 4: I might need this more than you. she steals yer armor yer resist and damage all belong to her now

cheat 5: she despawns for a minute then comes back saying: Beat the gauntlet if you dare! And has a million times more health than she had ( and she had million health) when shes normal for a minute she tries to hold off the monsters by joining you. That's your cheat.

though she is normal, she is weak. so you must heal her allot. ABOUT EVERY ONE ROUND OR SO :D
she says oh I have failed you. she then just laying on the ground ( not exactly dead er... but mostly )
then red wallpaper and red floors show up and then points a sign that says "RUN" the music stops. then you fall into the volid to fight more ... same thing XD.

Jan 13, 2013
tebucky11 on Dec 31, 2010 wrote:
I am getting angry that people keep coming to my house and inviting their friends over then they invite their friends and yeah and then when i try to send them away they run into an out of the house so it won't work so i am thinking that before anyone comes to your house they have to fight a boss so here are the rules!

Can't have over 8,995 health
Can't be over rank 7
Has to be your class
Species has to be a species of your class

Cheating rules

If you are level 44 or under you may NOT make a cheating boss


Extra spell
Puts a buff on himself or a weakness on you
Makes you have to kill him again but only this time he has half health
(Level 50+ only can do that cheat and once he used his/her cheat may not do it again)

Here is my boss! ( i am level 53 )

Name: The Dark Wraith
Species: Wraith
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Death
Cheat: Says "You can't kill me!" then makes you kill him again with half health
Health: 8,660
Second Health: 4,330

So there you go hope you like my ideas! reply and make your own follow the rules :-)
well I did it it might show up sooner or later! ._. I hopeessss

Dec 14, 2013
Name:Skeletal Buccaneer
Cheat:"You can't see me?"
Cause:Attacking without any bonuses including wand attacks
Effect:Skeletal Dragon that does 1,000 per round for 4 rounds
Solution:Don't attack without traps or blades
Cheat:"Explosion is Real"
Cause:Leaving on the dot from the dragon after the 4 rounds
Effect:He detonates the dot and does 35% of your maximum health
Solution:Triaging the dot

If you don't kill him in 25 rounds,he bombs you doing 75% of your maximum health.

But there is a count down on the side 25 down to 0 then detonate and then the countdown will reset

Jul 12, 2012
name: EnderLightning
Species: Fish thing from that underwater place in wizard city
rank/hp: highest of each
beging speach: Leave now or prepare to feel the wrath of the Ender Dragon
spells: all storm spells and unknown spell: "Ender lightning" does 2000 damage to myth and 1500 to all other classes except storm. Storm=1300
end speech 1: You may have deffeted me for now but i will be back another day. (busts into lightning)
cheats: has a 3/10 chance to use your spell against you will a 20% bonus
end speech 2: I will return once again, tell my master im sorry. (you walk away, then he says:) since you deffeted me im not gonna tell you about the stormzilla. you: wait what?

Mar 14, 2012
Name: deadly grimmer
Species: Wraith
Life 8995
Minions life:5000
Cheat: if you hit him he does 95%tower (pierce doesn't work)
and if you kill his minions which have 5000 life he summons more weigh half life
Also if you hurt him over 3000 health he heals,uses juju on you with no damage and also he does a wraith
P.S I forgot but minion school: The balance uses blades storm hits life heals and fire smoke screens
When he is killed he halves his life and uses a avenging fossil and then uses a stun on you. Also no one can come with a team it is a solo boss also no henchmen if you summon a minion he kills it and he uses a dispel on you
No one would kill him and I would tell my friends his weakness that a levy does tons of damage it does 8995 with no blades but it would only work for my friends. And also once you kill him once and for all he summons 4 minions which have 10000 health he same school and regular spams but this time a alarm comes and when one minion dies the boss comes with 1/4 life after killing the minions and him AGAIN he will let you in but then there's a new boss and he puts a doom&gloom and spams life dispels for no pips also no health regenerates until you beat those two bosses

Community Leader
While this would be really cool, there are already options available to restrict your home to specific people.

If you only want your friends (and not friends of friends) to be in your house, you can go to your Privacy Options and restrict your home to only friends. With this enabled, friends of friends will not be able to teleport to your house.

If you don't want anybody to teleport to you, you can appear offline to friends or turn off friend teleports. To do the first one, go to your Advanced Gameplay Options and toggle 'Visible to Friends' to NO. Your friends will think that you are offline as your name will not show up in their online friends menu. To do the latter, go to your Privacy Options.

It would be nice to be able to use a tool to create our own NPCs to place in our house, perhaps even upload models and voice acting (pending approval, of course). I've got a British butler that I'd like to put in my house. That would be awesome.

DuelCircle Organizer. The Slowpoke Sloth is the best.
Jun 17, 2011
actually now that tours are out, there is a button on your friends list that appears when you are in your house and it is a "send away everyone" button. Then, no one else can be in your house. Also in privacy options of your backpack, you can turn limit home to friends on and then only people specifically added by you can be in your house. Then, if that is on, you can turn off teleports in the same tab, and you are the only one in your house.

Hope this helped!

Grace DreamRider

Jun 13, 2012
I would make an giant boss, rank 5. If you heal, he has a cheat that says "Am I too tough for you?" and casts a first rank spell at you. He would have 6 universal resistance and have 3,700 health.

Sep 30, 2009
Name: Lord Windstorm
Species: Stormlord
School: Storm
Spells: Storm hound, Stormzilla, Stormlord (Himself/Natural attack)
Cheats (If i were high enough level)
Cheat 1:
Casts a 0 Pip natural attack if blade or trap.
Cheat 2: Casts a 7 power pip per pip Stormzilla
Rank: 4

Nathan Stormblade
Level 35

Mar 09, 2012
Minion:Triton Ghost (Death)
Rank (Boss):Rank 11 Boss
Rank (Minion):Rank 10 Elite
Cheat (Boss):When you attack him, he blades with 40%, and feints you, then leviathans you. "Back to you!"
Speech (Beginning):So you teleported to my boss? Unacceptable! Once I get through you, my boss will be proud!
Speech (End):You puny wizard, that was just the beginning!
Boss: Angry Swirlmaker (Alone, no Triton Ghost)
Health: 4,130
Cheat: "I am angry!" Every 4 rounds, he casts Storm Owl that does over 3,000 damage.
Speech (End):You got me! Just go to my boss!
Speech (Beginning)(In my throne):You think I am done with you? Wrong! This time, I will make sure you suffer!
Boss: Chaosmaker(Rank 12 Boss)
Minion: 3 Triton Ghosts(Death)
Cheat: Everytime you heal that is not over at least 600 (Sprite or the balance healing spells doesn't count), he will put Rebirth that gives 1,500 and 600 absorb. "Watch and learn!"
Speech (End):You are a powerful wizard. Speak to my boss in his throne.
Me: You have defeated my powerful guardian. Come, we will speak outside.
Me(Outside): I never like intruders in my castle. Come and FEEL MY WRATH!
Boss: Cody Goldhunter (My Name)
Rank:13 Boss
Cheat: If you attack with myth or life spells, he will put a 90% trap on you, then a 100% storm blade, and then put a 50% Balanceblade, and then Storm Owl you.
Speech (End): Fine! You can talk to me, but just don't bother me much.

Aug 06, 2012
Ryan ghost thorn lvl 53
I felt like overdoing it on this one

He is a upgraded version if the lvl 95 storm henchmen
Name: Zella the oatherkeeper
Species:purple khrysalis bug that Stands on two legs and has a scythe
Class: storm
Cheat: says "you think you can beat me!" Whenever you attack for more then 100 damage Then hits you with leviathan for 99% of your health
Second cheat because only the worthy May step in my house: whenever you kill him he says " you can Beat one but what about two!" And splits into 2 with half if his stats in one and half of his stats in the other
Spells: all storm spells!
Third cheat cause why not: you have to attack him every other round or else he uses storm lord
How to remove cheats: dispels do work for storm lord and leviathan, if you hit him with double his health he does not split into 2
Health: 1,000,000,000,000
Secret way to win: you do 9,999,999,999,999% more damage when you use a rank 1 myth spell and he says "you found my weakness" and falls to his knees until you finish him off and this deactivates all his cheats

Except you can only do this Alone and there are no treasure cards allowed
So unless you are myth have fun

Jan 13, 2013
Name: Bordemcai
Health: 6,000

spieces: scarecrow

Only time he out is hall'ween

rank: you think hes 3 (or is he?)

Chat: you finished my brother mordecai, the fun will never end, I think those arms are about to bend!

( which means you cant use wand attacks) I will take those wands, oh will my owner turn these into boner soup! (which means ill sell them :3) I will finish you red eyes, I think you wont be going to bed.
(which make you red eyed and you sometimes can only hit yourself (no pass) oh my owner will laugh you for days in a daze of fun fun candy :D

MY school is cool, but your school is my stool. ( he swaps schools)

I will rule (insert school here) forever!

(means he knows all ____ spells)

I have some friends to defend
(he spawns me and fallon darkflame)

Whenever you shield, he says: this is a bow, a hair bow. then steals it with a cheat

then petalseeker ( a seraph ) comes and only heals

defeated chat: you have won lemme take those side effects back

Not defeated, ha!
Now I got you.
and does a wild bolt (usually does 5,000)

if you survive, you survive, if you don't you don't

Have fun with this one ill tell you my other holiday ones

Jan 13, 2013
My Gauntlet
name: mocha

sister name: cocoa

both have brown and white suits (sleuth outfit) and long hair (brown) ( hades balance wand )

School: balance

knows all balance spells

rank: 5

health: 4,675

chat: We are the avalonian coco sisters! prepare for defeat!

defeated chat: good luck with the others, for they aren't as easy as us.

name: pumkin

type: guard fox

rank: 7

health: 13,340

I have NO IDEA how you've gotten this far , but my master wants some peace, fight me and you keep your life here, lose and fight me your armor is gone, so kid, just go, its not worth it.

defeated: Owe! ok you got this, go see autumn summerstone from more detail.

narrator: shes not there so you "move up"

name: Alicia emeraldhunter

lvl: 55

health: 2,061

chat: ill be nice if you go ...


defeated: oh my. my friend will be not-fun-fun spicy candy world.

name: Victoria Stormcloud

lvl: 55 as well

health: 2,890

chat: autumn is pleasant alone, .)_(. let her be!

defeated: I is gone from this world, meet autumn and her fairy tribe upstairs

Autumn Summerstone

lvl: 34

knows all life spells and all myth spells

health: !,700

fairy leader

Like autumn

other 2 are fairy tribers.

rank 6 and 8909 health .

When ur done you get crowns from 5 gold chest

5 gold each for 10,000 crowns

Aug 19, 2011
Storm Overlord


Rank: 7 Boss

Spieces: Zeus the Skyfather

Health: 7550
Cheating: 1. Every second round summons Water elemental rank 6 with 2500 health.
2. When damaged by single-target spell says: "We are more!", summons two Water elementals and casts Storm lord with 1500 base storm damage.

3. If hit by any sort of trap, charm or stun, casts Plague and Choke

Dying speech: "Be welcome."

Mar 04, 2012
The Necromancer

Rank: 15
Species: wraith
Health: 15,000

Spells:(Death) Deer Knight, Wraith, Scarecrow, Dr.Von's Monster, Avenging fossil, all death traps and blades, and natural attack (100 damage per pip). (Life) Rebirth, stayer, Enraged forest lord, and Gnomes!. (Other) Vengence, Fortify, Bersek, Polymoph coloussus, and shadow shrike.

Critical: 85 Critical block: 250

Minions: Keeper of the house(looks like gohul), House servent ( looks like a ghost), and The Gate keeper ( looks like a version of grubb) all have 12,000 health.

Mar 04, 2012
The Necromancer cont.
Critical: 165 only.
Critical block: 500 to ,,,, and .

Entrance speech: I shall never let you enter my masters house!

Cheats: If you attack him with a rank 8+ spell he says '' how dare you!'' and casts a 0 pip Dr. von's monster on the caster. When the kepper of the house is defeated he says " you will pay for that'' and casts a 0 pip avenging fossil. When the house servent is defeated he says " why do you try?" and casts a 0 pip Enraged forest lord. When the gate keeper is defeated he says " Nooooo!" and casts 2 0 pip rebirths ( the gate keeper doen't come back). Once all of his minions are defeated he says " Feel my full wrath!!" an casts all spells for 6 pips ( except 0 pip or 1-3 pip spells). Once defeated he come back with full heal and says "i'm invinceable" and all minions come back with 100 health.

The Necromancer: I was defeated........... but i will fight you again!!!!!

Narrator: Just then the necromancer dissapers.

Xp: 10000 Gold: 10000
Spells: Deer Knight, Dr. von's monster, and Forest lord cub.
TC: Any polymorth card
Pets: Sea dragon, L'il siren, Dream ghoul, and Ithane specter.

Hope you liked my boss!

Feb 16, 2010
Rank: 7(He should really be like 15)
Creature: Boar
Health: 6,000
Natural Attack: 200 damage per pip plus accuracy decrease buff
1. If you attack and do not have a total or 3 or more damage buffs, he casts a Power Link to all enemies(He get up to 4 healing over times!)
2. Every time he loses 1,000 health overall(so 5,000 health, 4,000 health, 3,000 etc.) He casts A Wyldfire that only affects him
3. If an attack does less than 50 damage, he gets a bit of health that replaces the damage done + 15 health. He also gets a tower shield
4. If you cast a spell that does more than 2,000 damage, he casts fire dragon
5. If the exceeds 1,500 damage, he summons 3 rank 5 minions each with 1,000 health. one gives him damage buffs, another puts shields on him, and another puts accuracy and damage removing things on wizards.

He has a 150 critical block fro all schools except fire, which he has a 400 critical block for.
He has acritical of 600 and a 70% chance of criticaling spells.

He is a tough one.

Feb 16, 2010
My second boss. It's a trio(Like the shark lieutenant in the Chancel). For these, I admit, I'm going outside of the rules.

Race: Shadow creature
School: Shadow
Rank: 12
Health: 9,000
Natural attack: 300 damage with 100 damage and 100 Backlash for every shadow pip.
When you go into battle, it says "I am darkness itself. No light escapes me. I bend the world to my will, and no one shall fill me with light."
With every attack, it says "Rise, creatures of the dark!"

1. After 4 rounds into battle, it says "I forgot to introduce my body guards." It summons a Shadow Shrike, a Shadow Seraph, and a Shadow Sentinel.
2. Every 7 rounds, it says "Darkness is both a state, and a being. Meet the state of darkness." He cannot attack for 3 rounds, but he cannot take ANY damage of any sort during the time.
3. All Backlash is deflected to wizard.