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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

Jul 06, 2013
How do you make a boss I have the same problems with my friends.

Aug 15, 2012
I really hope they do this, if so I am going to make mine a petit fairy
Name: Titania
species: Fairy
lvl: 80

If you are a friend, "welcome to this home hope you enjoy your stay "
If not a friend. " You are not welcome to this sanctuary, prepare to feel the fury of the wild"

Cheat 1: "sprout guardians" then 2 sapling creature (life) will come out both 3,000 health, Titania will have a 90% tower shield on her constantly while the saplings are there.

Cheat 2: triggered by putting a trap or charm on her, " how dare you use such tactics" she breaks the traps and charms and gnomes the intruder.

Cheat 3: happens every 3 rounds, " Fear the Call of the Wild" hits everyone with a forest lord base pwr 2000, then puts a universal trap on her for 100%

Cheat 4: if you use a draining spell on her, " you think the forest is only about life, you shall see the dark side", scarecrows all intruders with a base power 700

if intruders are defeated, " Guess your great for mulch for this garden..."

If she is defeated, " I failed my master.... oh well, don't touch anything, time to tend to the garden"

Drops: A variety of seeds, pet snacks

Aug 10, 2010
In the privacy options if they add this, there needs to be a "Home boss fight" option. Options are everyone, friends only, non-friends only, and nobody.
Oh well, my boss.

Name: Embra
Class: Fire
Species: The Species that Dalia Falmea is.
Spells: All fire spells except ranks 1 and 2. All life healing spells, all shields, all blades, all traps, and rank 3 of each school.
Entrance message for non-allowed: Hello there. Bring a match to light my candle, and feel the fury of my flames!
Entrance message for allowed: Hello! You are welcome, just don't burn out the fireplace!
Health: 13,000
Cheat 1: If you get her down to 5,000 health, she calmly states: "Flames don't just burn out, if you have a match to re-ignite them!" And then it skips to her turn and she uses a satyr that heals 5,000 health. It then goes back to the original persons turn.
Cheat 2: If you instead skip 5,000 and bring her down to 4,000, she yells: My flames can split apart! And then she loses 300 health and summons mini fire-ball minions, each with 100 HP. They are fire school, and use rank 1-2 spells of fire and death.
Cheat 3: If you defeat her, you see her start to grow into a giant fireball. She screams: "Fires can get biger too!" and she respawns, with 3 malistaire minions (Death, all death/fire spells, 10,000 health) and she has 100,000 health. She repeatedly uses the helephant spell, never fizzles, and uses satyr every 5 rounds.
If you defeat her again, she will summon Morganthe with the max health and Morganthe will kill you in 3 turns.

-G. G. 35

Dec 12, 2011
Ok here is my boss:
I'm lvl 90

Name: Flamemancer
Species: Phoenix
Element: Fire
Spells: All rank 5-10 fire and life spells, infection, and beguile
Health: 10,000 HP
Cheat 1: Says "I'm going to make you my flaming servant" when you cast a minion he will use a beguile on the minion until minion gets defeated.
Cheat 2: Says "Your spells are weak, now face force!" when you do a spell that is less than a 1000 damage.
Cheat 3: When HP is less than 1000, he regains all his HP using rebirth and gets a 1000 damage spirit shield and summons a damage pox and a protection pox (from Dragonspyre) to aid him
Protection Pox HP: 2000
Damage Pox HP: 2000

You will only pass through if you're a friend, otherwise, you're doomed

Jun 07, 2010
Name: the lifewraith

Species: fairy

Lvl: 60

Health: 15,000

May 04, 2013
Name: Fire Man
Species: Sun Serpent
Health: 1 (To throw you off)
Rank: 7
Spells: Frequent use of ice, fire, and storm
Cheat: He goes first. He has 0 pips. He taunts (The spell) you. You'll never beat me! I have the biggest health of all at one! HAHAHA! Then he casts a one pip spell on you. After you defeat him it looks like you win and your about to enter he returns and taunts (The spell) he says YOu thought that i really would challenge you with one health? HA! He has 8,995 and returns with all power pips. he attacks the sun serpent, then cheats and goes again and casts Lord of Winter with 525 damage then storm owl with full damage. Finally it's your turn. Once you attack him, He calls 3 sun bird minions with 8,000 health. Every spell you cast he gains a power pip. Everytime you heal half of it goes to Fire Man.
(He is dressed like a fireman.)

Mar 14, 2013
Name: Elite Guardian
Species: human
Health: 8,900
Rank: 7
Spells: Mix of fire and ice
Cheat: Every time you heal, he will cast a 0 pip absorb on himself. If you try to trap him, he will say "Nice Try!" and cast a feint, but instead of a +30% on him, it will be a tower shield.
After being defeated: Ah, you have defeated me, and in doing so proven yourself worthy to enter my master's place of refuge. Enter, and have respect.

Aug 28, 2011
I have two bosses.

1: Sir Unfair. Fire school. Rank 1. Has 1 health.

CHEATS: If you attack him, he says "Nope." and heals himself for 1 health point, then unleashes a special spell called "Pie" which deals 13,337 damage to all enemies.

2: Flame Colossus. Fire school. Rank 7. 8,750 health.

CHEATS: This boss uses a 50% version of Fire Trap and a 106% version of Fire Blade.

Speech: Aurgh..
Narrator: The colossus melts through ice and then starts talking obnoxious gibberish.

Defeat speech: No, I cannot die here, I will dishonor this house and it's owner! Ah!

I am a level 90 Fire wizard.

Aug 15, 2010
OK, I am making my own boss without the rules.

Name: The Keeper
Rank: 9
Species: Minotaur
Class: Myth
Health: 100,000
Spells: Myth and Death
Cheats: Every healing spell is 10% damage for 3 rounds. All blades lose 15% power. Minotaurs never fizzle!
Best Spell: Celestial Calander
Beginning: I will defend my master with all my strength.
Defeat: I'm sorry, master!

Good luck beating him, bet you won't be able to beat him on your first try, you'd probably need to clear out a lot of weekends to kill him!

Feb 22, 2009
i'm baaack!
name: kronos
race: rank 20 aquilan
health: 900,000
opening: you beat plasmoid striker eh?! you shall never defeat me!
spells: all myth spells+blinding light, summon titan, rebirth, possession
cheat 1: (anytime you cast a stun on him, there is a 50% chance it will affect him) "why stun me when i can stop the rotation of the spiral?!" cast a 150% chance blinding light.
cheat 2: (anytime you summon a minion) "your minion is nothing compared to the titans!!!!" summons a titan of ,,,,,,,,,, or shadow.
cheat 3: (anytime you try to beguile kronos) "hah! you shall be my host!" casts possesion, a beguile spell that works for 7 rounds. kronos disappears at that time and cannot be damaged. all damage recieved goes to the wizard he possessed.
defeat: graaaaaahhh! you banished me to tartarus, but you shall join me after the next fight....

will post again later.

Feb 22, 2009
tebucky11 on Dec 31, 2010 wrote:
I am getting angry that people keep coming to my house and inviting their friends over then they invite their friends and yeah and then when i try to send them away they run into an out of the house so it won't work so i am thinking that before anyone comes to your house they have to fight a boss so here are the rules!

Can't have over 8,995 health
Can't be over rank 7
Has to be your class
Species has to be a species of your class

Cheating rules

If you are level 44 or under you may NOT make a cheating boss


Extra spell
Puts a buff on himself or a weakness on you
Makes you have to kill him again but only this time he has half health
(Level 50+ only can do that cheat and once he used his/her cheat may not do it again)

Here is my boss! ( i am level 53 )

Name: The Dark Wraith
Species: Wraith
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Death
Cheat: Says "You can't kill me!" then makes you kill him again with half health
Health: 8,660
Second Health: 4,330

So there you go hope you like my ideas! reply and make your own follow the rules :-)
you've gotta be kidding me!!!!! every boss these days is over rank 7!!!!!

Aug 30, 2011
Name: ceberus
health:10,000 for each head
CHEATS:1.Every round he will cast a hydra saying You are a CAT!!!!!!!
2. If someone uses a ward or charm,each head will cast a mana burn on each wizard saying Rarw!
3. Summons a dog knight every 20 rounds,saying Rarw!Rarw!
He is the three headed dog from tartarus
Life school level 95also some death spells,and fire spells,and one special myth spell.
Rank:7 boss each for each head
Spells known: life fuel,mana burn,hydra,forest lord, rebirth,Gnomes!,Spinysuar,wraith,scarecrow,fairy,bone dragon,sun serpent,fire elf,fire dragon,rain of fire,and just to annoy people. Guess it.NO! It's earthquake!

Richard SwiftFlame level 95

Aug 03, 2013
i was thinking of this same thing but i know it doesnt really support your idea but how about wizard101 make a boss rock called fountain of many bosses all the bosses of wizard101can be casted that way for wizards who dont wanna farm millions of miles away and wanna just stay at home and do it can be essay its edited to a bundle pvp area that way you just cast it there and you can choose to be on the boss or wizard side

Mar 08, 2013
4 Bosses:,,,, or ,,,'s minion
150k,180k,165k,'s minion 150k
Cheats:smoke screen every turn,legion shield every turn
wild bolt someone at random every turn,donate power a boss at random every turn
blinding light every turn (4 stun shields are added),unicorn every other turn
plague every turn,'s minion also blinding light every turn

Jul 11, 2013
Name: Lord Shadow
Species: WRAITH!!!
Rank: 7 boss
Class: DEATH!!!!!!!
Cheat: HAHAHA! You think you can kill me? I think NOT!
Health: 8242
Second health: 4121

Katilyn Shadow, 53 Necromancer!!!!!!

Feb 22, 2009
name: great restorer
race: rank 20 dragon.
health: 900,500
opening: i'd love to give you eternal life, but i'll have to defeat you instead.
spells: every life spell, ancient calendar, polymorph treant, and primordial (i'm not going to tell you the cheats)
cheat 1: (anytime you cast a prism spell on him) "may i make my own rainbow?" casts a really strong leprechaun that can do boost damage depending on school and ignores resistance.
cheat 2: (once you get him at or past half health) "you forget i'm the restorer of life" casts extremely strong rebirth that always heals him to full health. this cheat is not used again.
cheat 3: (this cheat is random) "my brother arrives!" summons great storybringer, a rank 19 dragon.
cheat 4: (anytime you cast a steal spell) "life is renewed!" casts a life version of ancient calendar that does steal damage.
defeat: i cannot restore my life, but i will not restore yours after your next fight.

Jul 19, 2012
Name: King Treant
Species: Treant
School: Life
Rank:6 boss
Health: 1,100 ( since it is rank 6)
Cheats: says "Trying to kill me eh"
Removes Positives
Removes Negative

-Jason Lifesword level 58

Jul 19, 2012
Another one but without rules!

Name: Star Master
Species: Celestian Reament
Rank: 11
School: Star
Health: 8,100
Cheats: says "A charm... I can deal with it", "A ward...I can deal with it","A trap i can deal with it"
And "You dare hit me!"
Removes Positives
Removes Negatives
Calls minions

Names: Life Healer
Rank: 11 Elite
School: Life
Health: 2,000

-Jason Lifesword level 58

Nov 01, 2013
Name: General Fire Ears
Species: Helephant
Rank 7
Health: 7,200
If i was a Higher level my cheat would be "Your Shields can't protect you!" and he takes away all your charms and Shields.
Artur Stormstalker Lv.30

May 08, 2012
Feb 06, 2013
lvl 60 Valerian Firedust
Bossfight: Rank 7 bossfight
Hp: 8000
Casts: all spells rank 0-5 and uses some auras
Stats: 10% resist to everything, Critical-10% critical block-5% pierce-1% Healing boosts-10% total, and 40% power pip chance.
Cheats: if an incoming attack does more than 450 damage, he heals 400 + his boost and puts a harmless dot on you (20+90 over 3 rounds)
Dialogue: Enter: ...
Defeat: ...
Animation: Enter: Fades in
Exit: Fades out

My response: he is pretty difficult to anyone about lvl 40 or lower I have to be honest.

Jun 25, 2012
i am level 56
name: the sun lord RA
species half man half bird
rank 8 boss
class balance
cheat when you blade he says " blades pitiful wizard" then he uses RA which also destroys your blades and he also stuns
health 8,000

and he has a second cheat when you heal it only gives you 50 and he takes the rest of your heal

Oct 21, 2011
Austin Deathblade Lvl 75
Health: 10,150
Cheat:The best defense is offense. If you shield he will break it and get a +60% Balance blade
Cheat 2: every four rounds he cast cast fortify
Resist 10% to all except death which is 70%
Block rating: 80% global
Critical rating: 30% global
Natural attack: 150damage per pip

Oct 04, 2009
raofbalance on Jan 1, 2011 wrote:
i is level 15
species: ra ( but wizard size)
type: balance
if i was a higher level my cheat would be:

if you use a charm/ward type spell he reverses it
types reverse
balance becomes a random one
tower shield becomes a tower trap
Wow dude you're level 15 you can't use a Ra, maybe like a huge scorpion or something like that just not a Ra.

Aug 10, 2009
I personally think that a rank 7 boss does NOT fit my stats seeing I am a level 72 Life Wizard. Also, 8,995 health is a little low for what I normally can kill easily. So, this is my boss :)

Name: Layla PrismBreaker

School: Life

Rank: 10 Boss

Health: 10,570

Resistance(s): Life 80%
Balance 25%
Fire 25%

Monster Class: Centaur

Spells known: Imp, Entangle, Fortify, Amplify, LifeBlade, DeathShield, SpiritBlade, LifeShield, TowerShield (No spam unless cheat is triggered), Centaur, Forest Lord, and one Gnomes! per wizard. Her "DPP" spell will be 175 per pip. Also, if more than half of her damage is taken, she will use Rebirth.

1. If any class wizard attempts to cast a prism on Layla, she will attack with an enchanted Forest Lord. It will be enchanted with a Monsterous which gives 175% plus damage.

2. If a trap is placed on Layla, she will place a 60% tower shield on herself.

Critical rating: 175 Life
25 Everything Else

Critical Block: 150 Everything

I believe this is a fair boss and that a level 65+ could battle and beat Layla PrismBreaker quite easily. If the guard defending your home idea doesn't pass with the KI Team, then she could be made a boss in a new world, I would not mind. Thanks for your time and condsideration!