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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

Mar 10, 2010
IRISHDAWG75 on Jul 3, 2013 wrote:
Name: Arawn Diancecht

Species: Unknown

Rank: 11 elite

Health: 14,842

School: myth

Cheat: Splits into two bosses each with 7,421 health

Cheat Slogan: "I REALLY don't like shields" then takes your shield or if you heal "how dare you heal in my presence!" and goes back to full health. If you cast a blade he automatically gets three different dragon blades each time.

Power Pip Chance: 90%

Boost: 45%

Resist: 85%

-Celestial Calendar
-Lord of Winter
-Avenging Fossil
-Storm Owl
-Sun Serpent
-keeper of the flame

So all in all you can't kill my boss
Patrick MythThief
We will see about that.

Amber Rainbowstone - - level 63

Sierra Hex - - level 33

Jul 18, 2011
iconey on Feb 18, 2011 wrote:
OK, heres my FUNNY boss

says; I always need knew friends wanna play battle? (a menu appears and you choose a color then you get morphed into a firecat that's the exact color)
Spells:Firecat, Deathcat, Lifecat, Mythcat, Stormcat, Icecat, Stormcat, Balancecat.
Cheat;Name:you broke the rules!;gives Mr.kitty a heal for 30+100 for 3 rounds
Ending speech; Aww...you won, well OK see you again some time *walks through the house door*
price: (to get this boss)50 gold
Animation;Deathcat;graveyard with ravens,Stormcat;appears from a whirlpool and breaths lightning on the foe,Lifecat;in a orchard breaths a life ire on the foe,Icecat;a snowy cave breaths ice shards on the foe,Balancecat;inside Bartleby breaths a beam of purple red and blue on foe.

Please post this and publish it to the game it will lighten people's spirits and make them lol
You are totally right about that last part, an easy boss to lift your spirits and make you laugh. I love it! I am struggling through a dungeon, and I really need something to make me laugh.
Elizabeth Dragonheart

Mar 18, 2012
I do not think this is necessary at all.

You can just turn of your teleporter in your opinions so no one can come. And if you only want your friends to come and no one else, limit your home to friends. Simple.


Nov 26, 2011
Moonlighterz1000 on Sep 10, 2012 wrote:
I will be the boss who guards my own house anywho

Boss: myself (Jasmine FireBlade)
Level: 80
School: Fire
Health: 8500
Resists: 90% to fire, 25% to rest

Opening saying: You want to enter my house? Hmph! I don't think so!

Cheats: If you cast a shield, i remove all shields then use a 0 pip 900 dmg firezilla. You cannot use any spells above 3 pips or you get a 600 dmg blizzard and i get a -90% tower shield. If you cast a dispel on me, i remove it then place 3 random school dispels on you and cast a rebrith. Also if you pass then i cast 700 dmg meteor.

Once i get down to 2000 or below health, 3 minions with 3000 health who are life enter the battle. (Note: they can heal) then if you can kill me:
Hmm you defeated me, proceed to my house.

Minions enter with full power pips and i do too.

My spells: Rain of fire, heckhound, sprite, firezilla, meteor strike, scald, fire dragon, tower shield, ice shield, smoke screen.

Minions spells: Forest lord, rebrith, centaur. The minions cast all cast rebrith same round. They are stun immune, beguile immunne as i am too.

Name: (Me) Jasmine FireBlade
Level: 86
School: Fire
Resists: 95% to fire, 40% to rest
Health: 8800
If you are welcome: "Welcome to my house. Enjoy your visit!"
If unwelcome: "Hmm, you wish to enter my house intruder? Allow me to teach you what it is like to play with fire!"
Cheats: If you cast the same schools twice I say "*insert school* again?" then a 2500 damage meteor shower will attack.
Cheat 2: If you attack with rank 1- 4 spells I will say "You expect me to fall so easily?" then does a fire dragon for 2000 health.
Cheat 3: If you heal I will say "Healing will not save you from FIRE!" and casts a 1000 health satyr to self and a efreet for 1000 damage to you.
If you are defeated: "How was it like playing with fire?"
If you win: "You have not defeated me yet, fool!"
Then comes back for half health.
If you win: "Hmph, so you won. Enter, but I shall come back for my revenge and the flames shall consume you!"
Drops: Staff of Flames, level 86, gives 70 critical block and 30 critical. (fire only) gives 5 resist to fire and 6 130 fire attack cards.
Flaming Cap: Level 86, fire only. Its a hair style that for females has long hair by side that is set on fire, for males its normal hair set on fire. Gives 10 universal resist, 20 crit block, 60 fire crit, 16 fire damage, 6 fire accuracy, 5 incoming heal boost, 300 health.
Flaming Robe: Level 86, fire only. Gives 13 universal resist, 15 crit block, 70 fire crit, 18 fire damage, 4 armor piercing, 350 health, 5 universal accuracy. Its similar to Dailas robe.
Shoes of Flames: Level 86, fire only. Gives 10% universal, 240 health, 16% fire damage, 5 accuracy universal, 5 incoming heal boost, 3 armor piercing.
(Similar drops to other schools, its basically improved WaterWorks gear. Only drop for your school.)
Spells: Tower shield, glacial shield, rain of fire, meteor shower, efreet, weakness, fire dragon, phoenix, colossal, pixie, volcanic shield, heck hound, natural attack (5 pips, 680 damage, shoots fire at you and damages you.)
Re-did it. Have fun beating my boss. MWAHAHAHA.

Aug 14, 2011
My boss is called the ultima boss
Species: constantly changing between kraken leviathan wizard oni
cheat: changing to oni your making me wild kraken i see a hurricane in your future leviathan beware the power of the ocean wizard now its time for ultima's ultimate form you! then he compleatly copys your abilitys and has all of the polymorphs spells

Jun 22, 2012
Ok mine would be
Speices:Small Efreet
Cheats:everyround casts -99 tower shield every two rounds casts 1,000 levy when player heals he says mind sharing? and casts a frankenstein that does half of the daage the heal did and gives full damage back to boss any blades traps or shield are prohibited if you shield trmap or blade heuses earthquake and hits himself to take away trap every time he hits he crits and blocks crits everytime has 50 resist to all schools when hit he uses a 2,000 satyr and every five rounds he uses a weakness and he has 750 pierce making resist useless and he starts with 14 pips when you try a bubble such as sanctuary he uses death bubble that
is minus 95 percent minus from heals and he comes back with half health until it can not be halfed anymore
when finnally defeated you have to face 4 fire minions with 5,000 health. get through this guy!

May 29, 2013
Name: Guard Oni
Class: Balance
Species: Oni
Health: 8,000
Cheat: Whenever a Blade or Shield is used, Guard Oni gets a Balance Blade or Tower Shield that's double the effect of the user's Blade or Shield. Whenever a Trap is used on him, a trap for double the effect is placed on the user of the trap. Try using Feint or Supercharge now!

Cheat 2: when health falls below 4,000, Guard Oni summons 4 Exploding Embers with 1,000 Spirit Armor absorb and 6 tower shields (3 under and 3 over) (the tower shields have 70%) . To those who don't know what those are, They are Fire elementals that only use Meteor Strike, which does 10,000 damage. They have 1,000 health and start with 1 power pip. They can only get a power pip when they have 1 pip. The Exploding Embers are Stun and Beguile Immune and have 95% accuracy instead of

Guard Oni starts with 5 Power Pips and have a 95% chance in getting them. Can't be Stunned or Beguiled, and can use every rank 10 spell. Casts the Healing Tree off turn for 2,000 heal and 700 absorb every 5 turns. If Guard Oni heals back to over 4,000 and falls below it again more Exploding Embers are summoned and every existing Ember gets the 1,000 absorb Spirit Armor and 6 Tower shields (3 over and 3 under the armor)
Gets 2 pips per turn, instead of 1. Only uses rank 4-10 spells and gets 45% Balance Blade every 3 turns that can stack and gets 70% tower shield every 3 turns. Has Universal Mastery, meaning every attack uses Power Pips. Has 50% universal resistance and 85% Life Resistance. Casts 50% Weakness every other turn. Has 100% Outgoing and Incoming healing and Mend is permanently on. has a 75% chance of Criticals

Every time they heal, Guard Oni heals for double. For drains, an off turn Wraith is cast for double the damage of the move
Says "Leave and we will spare you" after every attack
For every Weakness: "You must hit me harder than that!"

This is the Ultimate Boss. Nothing can beat this.

Nov 15, 2008
mabombixos on Jul 19, 2013 wrote:
Dude, you do realize you can just turn of teleports in the privacy section of options? And if you want to have your friends over but not your friends' friends, you can restrict your house to only your friends and yourself. And if you had a boss guarding your house, they could still beat it and break into your house again. So you don't need some crazy boss to guard your house for you.

Hunter Owlheart, Level 47
ahem, if you read about my boss, even if you defeated both forms, you would automatically be sent anyways

matthew wyrmblade lvl 82 balance

Jul 08, 2011
well yeah you should have your own created dungeon boss that would be a good way to start your house and create its stats but i do think it is redonkulus to think of not a good i dea and the dungeon boss cost money not crowns

Jul 05, 2013
FoxFyr on Jan 3, 2011 wrote:
I'll put wannabe intruders through a veritable GAUNTLET of Bosses! Hhhahahaha!

1: Divine Pest
Species: Scorpion
Health: 2500
Rank: 5
Opening words: Ssss! You sssshall sssssuccumb to my ssssting!
Last Words: No... my sssshell hasssss failed... my ssssting... failed... to reach you.

2: Divine Beast
Species: Hydra
Health: 1900 per head (you get to fight each head separately)
Rank: 3
Opening words: It'ssss time to die! Now, what to blassssst you with?
Final words: It wassss... indeed... time... to die...

3: Divine Plague
Species: Locust Swarm
Health: 350
Rank: 3
Cheat: Every round, before the action starts, a -90% Accuracy Charm is cast on every Wizard, Minion, and Henchman in combat.
Opening words: Ha! You ssssseek to harm usssss? Fool! How can you hope to hurt a cloud?
Final words: Blassssst... you...

4: Divine Shaman
Species: Ra
Health: 4550
Rank: 6
Opening words: Your eyes are filled with courage. How pleasing it will be to see that light leave them!
Final words: Sigh... I lose. The final obstacle is through that door behind me. Go.

...I'll tell you the last boss later.
i am brittany dreamwalker death school lvl 17 when i get high lvl i will do a gauntlet i am too lazy too do all the bosses
Heres one

1:Horrible Soul
Species: Lost Soul
Opening Words: I will defeat you, wizard! So there's no choice, plus I would LOVE to see you TRY to defeat me!
Voice: Rattlebones
Final Words: *coughs* Oh... wizard I am defeated. You can go through the door behind meee.......

May 29, 2013
Molly DreamCloud on Jul 22, 2013 wrote:
I do not think this is necessary at all.

You can just turn of your teleporter in your opinions so no one can come. And if you only want your friends to come and no one else, limit your home to friends. Simple.

Don't be a buzzkill
This is for fun factor, not for real seriousness (though the problem is real)

Jun 27, 2013
tebucky11 on Dec 31, 2010 wrote:
I am getting angry that people keep coming to my house and inviting their friends over then they invite their friends and yeah and then when i try to send them away they run into an out of the house so it won't work so i am thinking that before anyone comes to your house they have to fight a boss so here are the rules!

Can't have over 8,995 health
Can't be over rank 7
Has to be your class
Species has to be a species of your class

Cheating rules

If you are level 44 or under you may NOT make a cheating boss


Extra spell
Puts a buff on himself or a weakness on you
Makes you have to kill him again but only this time he has half health
(Level 50+ only can do that cheat and once he used his/her cheat may not do it again)

Here is my boss! ( i am level 53 )

Name: The Dark Wraith
Species: Wraith
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Death
Cheat: Says "You can't kill me!" then makes you kill him again with half health
Health: 8,660
Second Health: 4,330

So there you go hope you like my ideas! reply and make your own follow the rules :-)
I'm Going To Be Serious, This Would Be Great For Wizard101!!!

Jul 04, 2012
Level 50

Name: Life Ghost
School: Life
Species: Ghost
Rank: 7 boss
Cheat: If you cast damage to her, she says "You shall never cast damage to me!" and she gets 1000 health
Health: 8,700

For my balance

Level 30

Name: Scale
Species: Oni
School: Balance
Rank: 6 Boss
Cheat: If you cast a blade or a trap, he says "Hey thats breaking the house rules" and he steals your blade and transfers the trap to you.
Health: 7,500

For my Fire

Level 20

Name: Flame
Species: Fire Elemental
School: Fire
Rank: 6 Boss
Cheat: If you cast ice, he says "Hey no coldness comes around here!" and he automatically casts a spell on you that burns around you and takes away 2000 health

Okay thats it! I would do it for my ice and Death wizards, but i am going on wizard101 right now

Nov 23, 2012
sun demon
sun serpent
rank 7
cheat=if you cast a trap,shield,blade,or spell over rank 5 he gets tower shields that resist 100% and 500

Jul 24, 2010
The PvE Master on May 22, 2013 wrote:
I am going to change my boss once again. Hunter Wildcatcher lvl 71

Name: Charvo the undead. (Servo's brother)

Health: 8'500

Species: Undead Wizard


Spells: Wraith, Scarecrow, Skeletal Dragon, Frank, Avenging fossil, plague, virtue plague, life shield, satyr, death spear, spiritual blades, (only with no blades on, sacrifice), spiritual spear's, bad juju, death ninja pigs, and all the dispels.

Cheats:#1 On the first round he will cast a dispel which effects your school, he will do this every 4 rounds.
#2 If you blade he says, I want that, and takes the blade and turns it into a plus 50% death blade for himself. (If you elemental or spiritual blade they all turn into 50% blades)

3# if you trap he says, "Look at what I can do!" and he changes the trap into a -75% tower shield (if you spiritual trap or elemental trap only 1 will turn into a shield, and if you prism he gets rid of it.)
#4 When he has only 1'500 or less health, he will use a 0 pip satyr on himself, which heals for 1'500 health. (Only does this 1 time.)

Enterance: How dare you enter this home without permission! You've already slain my younger brother?!?!?! YOU WILL PAY!!!!

Death: S-servo, I will be joining you once again. (Fades away)

Note: (This boss is fought after you fight Servo)
The final part of my boss dungeon. Hunter Wildcatcher level 76

Name: The Dark Father.

Species: Undead Wizard.

School: Death

Spells: Skeletal pirate, Wraith, Skeletal Dragon, Frank, Bad Juju, Death Blade, Poison, Spiritual Blades, Spiritual Spears, Death spear, Life shield, Satyr, Rebirth, Death Trap, Curse, Feint, Avenging Fossil, Scarecrow, Tower Shield, and Earthquake.

Health: 7'500

Boost/Resist: 20% Boost to life. 85% Resist to Death. 350% Universal Block. 275% Critical Chance Death.

Cheat #1 On the first round he will cast a -85 tower shield on himself. He will do this every time the shield is destroyed. (Shatter gets rid of it for 3 rounds.)

Cheat #2 If you blade he says: "That is the same blade that defeated my son's, you don't deserve it". And he takes it away and gives him-self a 50 death blade.

Cheat #3 If you trap him he says" "You may think this helps you, but your wrong". And he removes the trap and puts a 85% Feint on you. (If you prism all he does is remove it.)

Cheat #4 When half of his health has been drained, he will start interrupt earthquake every 2 turns.

Cheat #5 If you put on more then 6 blades, he casts an interrupt earthquake.

Cheat #6 When he is down to 2000 health or less, he will cast a 1000 rebirth heal, without the absorb shield.

Speech: "You see no one here. Maybe the bosses are all defeated! Suddenly the room begins to shake, and The Dark Father appears. Dark Father: You. You are the wizard who slayed my son's. You will pay dearly for that!

Death: Well wizard. It seems you have defeated me. Go ahead and see your friend. While i go see some old friends of mine. Narrator: You see ghosts of servo and charvo, as the Dark Father wraps his hands around them as they all disappear. You walk forward and find a note on the ground. It says: "Thank you wizard". You have set me and my son's free. I want you to have this. You suddenly gain a spell called the Dark father. It does 750-900 damage to a single target and gives everyone on your team a balance blade.

Nov 28, 2009
Lvl 62 Myth

Boss: Medusa

Species: Medusa (Wizard Size)

Rank 7 Boss

Health: 8,500

Cards: Myth Blade, Myth Trap, Storm Shield, Humongofrog, Minotaur, Earthquake, Orthrus, Basilisk and Calendar

Cheat: - Every 3 turns she will say '' You wont get in my master's house so easly and she will use a physical attack for 0 pips that deals 1500 myth damage to everyone and stuns them all but doesnt give them stun shield

- Everytime someone heals she will say: '' Healing wont work here'' and will cheat cast earthquake that removes charms and wards but also gives players an -90% infection.

Nov 15, 2008
matthew wyrmblade on Jun 17, 2013 wrote:
I am lvl 82 and my char is matthew wyrmblade

name: ottarian the great wyrm

form: catalan

rnk: 7 boss

cards: all balance spells plus rebirth, satyr, and dryad

cheats: he has life mastery and if you use a storm spell rnk three and up he uses dryad that heals whatever damage was done. also if you use a heal he says "you dare heal you pathetic fool!" and uses cheat judgement that does two thousand damage. and he has 99% resist to balance and if you use a balance move on him he uses two stun shields and a minus 90% damage tower shield. also if you use shift, cooldown, triage, mass triage, snowdrift, or any other move that effects overtime he uses two dispel all charms on you. and lastly, every five turns he says "no matter what you do, i will never prevail!" and uses ra on you. o and i forgot, after you kill him his spirit comes back and he is a catalan ghost with 3/4 health then before and instead of balance he's death and no cheats just 70% tower shield on him every three turns
OK I am changing my boss's deck to my exact deck plus dryad, satyr, and rebirth, and sabertooth when i get it.
(In to lvls! :D i am now lvl 86 almost 87

Nov 29, 2009
Mine would be:

Name:Dr. Von Killer
Rank: 7 Boss
Speech: (At Seek):WHAT? An Intruder! We cant let this Young Wizard intrudes our house!
Spells!: Deathblade
Death Trap
Tower Shield
Dr. Von Monster
Cheats:When you attack him once he will say: Oh you will regret that! and casts a 0 pip Satyr
If you put a shield or blade in self he will say:Oh a ward? Lets get rid of this!
After attack he will cast a 0 pip 50-30 Feint on everyone and a 70% Tower Shield

Thanks for Reading!
David Shadow Wraith LVL 61

Oct 23, 2010
name:death giver
rank:7 boss
species: malistair (looks like malistair)

(1st health)8,995
(2nd health) 4,400
attack spells:all the death spells
says:"i shall destroy you piece by piece"puts 2 death blades on him then 2 poison spells on you
after you beat him once he puts 3 random weakness spells on you

-justin frostbreath lvl 55

Aug 15, 2012
how do you make a boss to guard your home?

Mar 23, 2013
Heres my boss,

Name: Lion's Claw
School: Balance
Rank: 6
Speech: (first sight) My master does not wish to see you.... (defeated) let us hope that you will learn from this...
Health: 3400- 8300
Appearance: The proud lion mount with beads in his mane and without the saddle
Spectral Blast
Balance Blade
Dr. Von Monster and more!
my boss will never cheat!! He is noble!

Maybe you can upgrade your boss as you go though the levels?

Nora LionThorn

Feb 02, 2011
lvl 58
name the life kings servent
he looks like a hydra
has life spells from natures rath to forest loard
first health 10000
second health 1000
speech first who are you and what do you want leave now or die trying
after you defeat him once you can not beat me that easy!
final speech i now shall die thank you young wizard you have shown me pure peace but before you leave i have some thing for you and he gives you a spell to summon his ghost and a pet of him
cheats when you heal he says you can not heal safely and he gives your schools dispel on you
if you attack with a spell rank four or less he takes no damage. beat him just try bet you cant!

the life king.

Nov 24, 2010
I am a little impatient with the way everyone is reacting to home invasions. Everyone, this is MY solution: just click on them, and then SIMPLY CLICK, "SEND AWAY."

Mar 10, 2010
dumbug23 on Aug 7, 2013 wrote:
I am a little impatient with the way everyone is reacting to home invasions. Everyone, this is MY solution: just click on them, and then SIMPLY CLICK, "SEND AWAY."
Well then it isn't as fun...

Sep 09, 2012
Species: a Jaguar from Azteca named Norbert Grapple Tooth
Rank: 12 boss
Cheats: every time you cast critical, he heals with a dryad getting 4,000 health and uses sabertooth tiger.
Health: 29,000
What it says before battle: my master has trained me everything I know. Don't think I wouldn't protect her with my life!
Emma Emeraldsword lvl 52