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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

Feb 21, 2016
battle 1
the brain: health 1000 rank 5 elite school storm
the eye: health 2000 rank 5 elite school life
the nose: health 3000 rank 6 elite school death
the mouth: health 10000 rank 8 elite school fire and shadow and balance
cheats: I speak to you: you get beguiled. i smell you: a green scent goes around and poisons you. i see you: the eye comes out on the field and squirts you with eye juice. i know you: the brain makes you confused.
drops the brains head gear the eyes pet the noses boots the mouth's speech
battle 2
The Face: health 80000 storm life death fire shadow balance
the soul: health 20000 storm and myth and life
the moon: health 90000 shadow moon and storm and death
the sun: health 60000 school sun and fire
cheats: i see hear and know and speak to you i know your weakness. uses ice dragon and fire dragon put together to make the ultimate dragon
your soul is mine hahaha: uses soul steal
the moon is with me: the moon is summoned
the sun is coming up: the sun is summoned
drops the faces oblivion. the pet of a thousand storms. the book of knowledge. the book of Thoth. the souless dummy. the facless mans mask. the eaten mess hall teleporter. room for everyone: basically like a soical hub where there are servers and there you can chat to people. the training room: a teleporter to a training room with bosses that cheat basically a place to train

Jun 28, 2013
Do bosses for your home exist? They sound really cool.

Nov 22, 2015
This topic is still going after 8 years, lol. Crazy.

Jan 12, 2015
Here is mine (just reminding you all this is meant as a joke I will post the real one in this too)

Name: The Deadly Eater

Species: Gobbler

School: because his breath makes you want to die, he also has mastery for


Health: 200,000

Cheats: No you! (If a wizard uses any blades he will swap it out with a 90% weakness)
What a baby! (If a wizard uses an aura he will freak out and leave the fight)
Barney is a dinosaur from Barney is a dinosaur! (If a wizard blinks he will summon a barney)
HI MOM! (He will spam leviathans for the next couple rounds)
Am I related to an Alphoi? (He will summon 2 Alphois with 100,000 health)

If defeated he will drop 10 pets

Time to get to the real boss!

Name: Guardian of the Gate
Species: Elemental
Health: 50,000
Resists: 50% everything
School: Storm and Life
Says: Welcome to my home, you must prove yourself to me before you come in!
Cheats: Welcome to my ruler's abode! (on the first turn he will cast a doom and gloom aura) If he heals though it will not be affected
Bah! I thought you were going to be a challenge! (If you do not hit him every round he will cast a tempest which does 500 damage)
You dare blade? (If any wizard uses a blade he will summon a clone of him but with 2000 health)
I will not die to a puny wizard! (If he gets below half health he will heal with a pixie every round)

When defeated he will say: NOOOOOO i'm sorry i failed you my master.

He will drop 2 mega snacks, any perm mount, and a pet

Oct 14, 2014
Celestial Helephants.

- Mastery of Fire, Life, and Storm. Weak to ice by 30%
- Mastery of Myth, Ice, and Death. Weak to fire by 30%
- Mastery of Balance. Weak to spirit schools by 20%
- Mastery if shadow. Resists all by 30%

Opening statement: “You trespass upon our masters sacred land? Then prepare to face the power he has given us!”

- “Be blinded by my masters radiance!”: Casts a -50% smokescreen every three or rounds, and if any wizard still has one on them, he will cheat cast Grand Phoenix on whoever has it.

- “your attacks sting of life!”: If a wizard hits any of them with an attack that deals less than 1,000 damage, he will cheat cast rebirth. (If they harm themselves with dark pact, this will not activate.)

- “our master pulled us from the dark, can you do it yourself?”: Also casts a -50% smokescreen, except every four rounds. If any wizard still has them, he will cheat cast mass infection

- “let’s see what you are made of!”: every six turns he will polymorph into a random wizard, in doing so he will then say “Your hand is also my hand now!” When he firsts polymorphs into you, he will discard your entire hand. The polymorph lasts five turns, and he has the same stats as you, but will retain his main weakness.

- “We have a light to follow, what of you?”: - Also casts a -50% smokescreen, except two four rounds. If any wizard still has them, he will cheat cast a tc weakness on every wizard, except his allies.

- “We whittle you down!”: Every ten turns, he will cheat cast mass 100% feint on all wizards, and give his allies a 50% mass balance blade.

- “Our master dipped us in shadow, and gave us a path of light!”: every seven turns, he will disperse his power pips evenly between his allies, if he has an odd number of pips, he will give them an even amount.

- you cannot hope to beat me!”: After eleven turns, he will cheat cast both shadow shrike and dark fiend. In this case he will always try to please the dark fiend.