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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

Jun 17, 2009
Alexander StormCloud, Prodigious Storm Wizard.

Boss Names and Schools: Undying Shadow, ,Umbra Queen,,Grandfather Spider,

Looks: Undying Shadow, A weathered version of Shadow Malistaire, Umbra Queen, Morganthe's Spider Form, Grandfather Spider, Old Cob with spider legs coming out of his back.

Spells: Undying Shadow, Dark Fiend, Shadow Shrike, Bone Dragon, Wraith. Umbra Queen, Natural Spider Attacks, Rusalka's Wrath, Shadow Shrike, Dark Nova, Mana Burn, Storm Blade, Storm Trap. Grandfather Spider, Mana Burn, Power Nova, Gaze Of Fate, Nested Fury.

Health: Undying Shadow, 10,570. Umbra Queen, 15,450. Grandfather Spider, 28,980

All Rank 17.

Cheats: "Your Life Will End!" If you heal, Grandfather Spider will cast Nested Fury.
"I'll take that!" If you cast more than 2 blades on anyone, you get mana burned by Umbra Queen
"My Queen!" If you damage Umbra Queen with more than 3,000 damage, Undying Shadow will Bone Dragon the hitter and wraith everyone else in the battle if there are more people. If there isn't, he will wraith the hitter.
"We are the alliance!" After 10 rounds if no one died yet, They will all turn into a form a shadow and hit with their highest damage spell.

Note: This only goes for people over level 95

Also note: All have 1000 critical block, Immune to stun, and have 900 critical chance.

Jul 21, 2013
Name: Sorting Hat

School: Balance

Weakness: None

Resist: 90% to

Health: 85,000

Mana: 2000

1) On top of resist has a bonus 20% chance to block critical
2) Has an additional 20 defense to each school
3) When health drops below 80% auto heal starts and for every round after restores 0.7% of his health (595)
4) After five rounds of auto heal auto damage starts and for every round after damage to all schools increases by 75 each round
5) When auto damage ends he restores 12% of health (10200)

* Note that this boss has a cheat that allows him to attack 2 times a round (he still gains the regular amount of pips every round)

*PS: Any Harry Potter fans realize what I did?

May 07, 2015
here's a another boss fight from me.I cant help it!

health: 100.000. transformed: 200.000

school:/ (transformed or not)

resist/boost 50% boost to 100% resist to
name: chaosrupted Miranda jade song,

species: wizard

start of duel: ha ha ha ha I'm so powerful I am my own boss! ill NEVER back down!. if you lose? well lets just say you will become the next wizard to fall prisoner to chaos! and if you win? you will become the the chaos defeater!

cheats: 1:at the start she says: I will never give up! and casts: guardian spirit then a fire dragon then weakness.
2: blades? don't try it! when you cast a blade she removes it. 3: if you have a full team she says: chaosrupted wizards! i call you! then 2 more chaorupted wizards appear 1th; name: rylee sparkle eyes.health:50.000 same cheats except for the full team one. 2th sierra mist.health: 50.000 same cheats as rylee.4: i need your health! when shes about to die the minions sacrifice them selves restoring her health back to full. 5: 5 rounds in. she turns into a half non-chaosrupted/chaosrupted wizard. at death: i'm (cough) sorry i was corrupted by a creature i couldn't see here have some rewards. drops chaosrupted gear and the badge chaos defeater and has a 100% chance to drop 100.000 gold. P.S any adventure quest worlds fans will know what i mean by chaosrupted .

way too op or nah?

Miranda jade song level 90 pyromancer

Nov 21, 2011
Name: The Dice
Species: ???
Boost: None
Resist: 75%
Health: 42,000

Speech: It's the lucky dip, Wizard! Let me roll, I shall decide your fate!

Cheats: Every round, will cast Gaze Of Fate on a random wizard. What the next part of the cheat will be is determined on what school the second hit is:

: Will cast a 0 pip Scald with 550 damage per round for 3 rounds.
: Will cast a 0 pip Frost Giant which stuns for 2 rounds instead of the usual 1.
: Will cast a 0 pip Leviathan with 3500 base damage. Targets the wizard with the most health.
: Will use it's natural attack, dealing 650 damage to all enemies and removes all positive buffs (Enfeeble + Shatter. Basically a more precise Earthquake.)
: Will cast a 0 pip Guardian Spirit. Will restore 25% health upon reviving. *Have fun if this turns up!*
: Will cast a 0 pip Scarecrow, with 1500 base damage. Will convert ALL damage to health. Also leaves a -80% infection.

If a dispel is used, The Dice will say: ''One's fate is not so easily changed!" and will remove it, then hit the offending wizard with a 0 pip Hydra or Chimera with the same damage, alternating between the two.

If any spells are used, or any spells that need pips, The Dice will say: "It takes more than a little darkness to blind one's fate!" And will hit the offending wizard with a 0 pip/pip version of Fire From Above.

If any wizard joins late to the duel, The Dice will say: "Your late arrival seals your fate!" And will cast Bad Juju, which instead of damaging The Dice for 300 damage, will damage the wizard for 5000 damage. -90% weakness is applied normally.

If any pet spells *including may casts* are used, The Dice will retaliate by using it's natural attack.

Defeat: Most curious.. It seems you are fated to have entry to this place. Go forward, Wizard. I shall trouble you no more.

Apr 07, 2011
Where will the dueling circle fit?

Oct 30, 2011
He's the weakest enemy in the game.
My boss may not be op
Level 85 death
Level 55 storm
Health: 1
Spells: Only one spell, that's his natural attack that goes to all enemies.
Rank: 1
Cheat: If you attempt to hit him, he swaps his position on the field, if you use an all around spell. He swaps his position to your side, and once the spell is over back to the enemy's side.

Spell animation: He throws his mighty spear at you, dealing a storm dot. that does 1 damage + 1 damage every 0.000001 of a frame. Meaning he can probably do about one million damage per second.

Now, I'm a fair person, you get 3 rounds to kill him. A minion will instantly cheat cast a zero pip absorb that absorbs your hit, after he does this, the minion is instantly defeated, and it goes back to your turn. The absorb he put on the boss literally absorbs your hit and sends it flying back at you. The only way to destroy this is with two pierces. Oh, btw, to pierces takes two turns. Meaning that you have better spent those other two turns trapping and blading.
He's the weakest enemy in the game. He also has no critical rating and block rating.

Example of cheat _ represents playing field
x x x x O x - x x represents players/opponents
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ O represents spell and - represents moving across

Nov 16, 2012
Boss Name: Lord of The Arctic
Species: Ice Kraken
Health: 8,500

1. Every time you cast a blade or trap the kraken will say "Whoever cast a charm shall be harmed" and then he'll use Ice Kraken on the person who cast the blade/charm that does nearly 700 health.
2. If you use a rank 7 spell or higher, he'll spam blizzard 5 consecutive times within one round.
3. Every 10 rounds he'll use pixie
4. Once he dies he'll be revived and he'll have 4,250 health and he'll say "I shall guard my master's home with my life. I shall end you with a strike!" and he'll cast ice colossus spell.

1. Ice Colossus
2. Blizzard
3. Arctic Kraken
4. Snow Barrage (Rare chance of him casting. If casted, it will only use 1-5 pips.)
6. Rebirth (VERY VERY rare chance of occuring)

Dec 31, 2015
i am a 79 here is my idea

creature chimera
name :trihed


cheats:if you put more than four blades he will say: time for an eathquacke! an cast earthquake from his myth head
cheats: if the players heal more than three times he will say: laser time!and the goat head will cast a chimera of which the death head will laser everone
cheats: when the boss is at 2000 his life head will say: free heals! and cast a rebirth wich will heal three times and give three absorbs. he can do this four times.

if a friend comes to you he will get into battle and say i know you,you may pass. and end the battle

Jul 21, 2013
Man on the Moon


Health 20,000

Resist 80%


may casts fire shield -90%
may casts storm shield -90%
may casts ice shield -90%
may casts myth shield -90%
may casts death shield -90%
may casts life shield -90%
may casts balance shield -90%
1) every turn may casts tower shield for -60%
2) every turn may casts balance blade, moon blade, and dragonspear
If a blade is cast automatically casts pierce
If a trap is cast automatically casts pierce
If a spell takes 1000 health or more may casts absorb for the amojnt of damage
***every turn regains 1000 health

May 07, 2015
names: day bringer. night bringer. dream bringer. nightmare bringer.

schools: 1th: 2th: 3th: 4th:

health: day: 20.000 night: 40.000 dream: 60.000 nightmare: 80.000

start of duel: night: hmm since i'm the oldest here I will decide what we should do with this wizard. hmm how about a duel! dream. nightmare. day bringers: lets do it!

cheats: 1: when any of them are attacked day bringer will say: no one hurts my friends! and casts unicorn for 100.000
goodness shines on the nice! if a healing spell is casted day and dream bringers will say: light is best! and day casts elemental blade and dream casts the tri-school blade for on everyone

end of duel: night: you are more powerful than I thought. day: wizards are always like that. dream: its true very true. nightmare: whatever I don't believe that. night: you may pass.... until we meet again!

not op but I thought it would be cool.

Miranda jade song/Katie taylor
level 91 wizard/level 7 witchdoctor

Jul 21, 2013
Ruler of the Underworld


Boost +45% to

Resist -60% to -70% to -100% to

Health 80,000

Stat boosts +30% to , 50% piercing, 460 critical, 10% resist, 15% armor piercing

1) Blades- "Blades will not defeat me!" And turns the blades into a minus whatever damage the blade boosted
2) Traps- "Traps! Ha, they are USELESS!" and turns them into a tower shield
3) Critical- "I don't think so, no critical in my party! And has a 100% chance to block the critical
4) Armor piercing- "Piercing? Really, is that all you got? Well I guess i will increase my armor!" And boosts his armor 5% to

Level 63 wizard
Level 7 wizard

Feb 03, 2010
Sabertooth Tiger and Frostfang Tiger(S & F)

1) On round 1, S will cast a permanent DOT for 400 damage per round
2) If you cast a trap, S will remove it & place a -55% shield on both of them
3) If you cast a , F will cast Rebirth with a 1000 absorb
4) S has 25% pierce
5) Every 3 rounds, they cast Snowball Barrage and Raging Bull
6) Every 2 rounds, they cast their school traps as a version of Windstorm (this cheat takes priority over #5)
7) Every round, starting round 15, they will cast global spells that each do 2500.

Apr 18, 2009
I have so many ideas, my head could burst. But, ill have to deal with doing only one for now. Also, this boss can be done with a team

Corrupted Fang and Sandstorm Fang (C and S)
Type: Grizzleheim wolves
Schools: and
Health: 16450 and 18255
Corrupted Fang Cheats: On the first round, Corrupted Fang puts doom and gloom up and infections you. If you try to weakness him, he says *The dirty can only get cleaner!* and cleanses himself and puts a 30% weakness on you. If you try to do an overtime, he says *DOTs cannot affect wolves!* and does a snow drift that gets rid of three rounds of a DOT.
Spells:Rank 5 to 10

Sandstorm Fang Cheats: On the first round, he does a mass hex and does a bladestorm, both boosting 40%. On the fifth round, he does a nested fury that does 1500 damage to everyone, and it puts a 40% legion shield on both of them. If you blade, he says *Two can play that game!* and he does the blade you did. If you do any aoe attack, he says *I need backup!* and two more wolves that are with 3830 each spawn. They can a spell range of rank 4 to 9. If you kill the balance he says *Take the king's throne* and another storm minion spawns in his place. The same happens with the death.

I hope you guys liked this idea! I will probably make a lot more later on!

Apr 18, 2009
Well, prepare for a boss that is a very easy challenge for high level, but a tough one for low levels.

Name: Key Pong Cheng
Mob Type: Samurai
Health: 8995
Minions: Cheng warriors, one is , one is , and one is . = 1895, =2125, =2,350
Cheats:when you kill the minions, they respawn. No matter how many times you kill them, they respawn, unless you kill the boss. When you kill the boss, he says *Do what i've taught you my warriors* and the balance minion does a 40% balance blade and storm blade, the life does a mass absorb that absorbs 500 damage and the storm does a stormzilla.
Once you kill him, he says (You fight well, young warrior, but we will meet again.)
I hope you like the boss, and now you understand why its easy for you level 110s out there and not so easy for you level 60s.

Feb 03, 2010
It is a big mirror frame, with ornate edges, but the reflective bit has strange swirls on it

1) The mirror has a talent called Stun Reflect, where, 85% of the time, if you stun it, the stun will reflect back at you.
2) On round 1 and on random rounds, it will summon a mirage of your wizard to fight for it. This mirage has your stats, but health, resist, and damage reduced by a quarter. Sometimes this reflection will cast the same spell as you, sometimes it will cast a spell of it's own choosing, but from your deck, but the mirage will never pass.
3) The mirror will cast a -120% shield on itself and will replace it, until you manage to stun it successfully, when it removes its' shield, damages itself for 1450 damage and uses enfeeble on every wizard.

4) At random times, it will cast pierce on all wizards removing 2 charms
5) At random times, it will cast Blacklight, a spell which reflects a purple light onto the mirror, which will then shoot the lights at the wizard, doing 3500 + 5000 shadow damage over 3 rounds

On top of these cheats, it knows all spells, from Judgement to Nested Fury.

It can drop a Blacklight treasure card, which costs 0 pips and 2 pips.

(I've noticed this devolved from home-guarding bosses to just bosses)
((I am A-Okay with this development))

Feb 01, 2016
here is mine ( I'm lvl 73 )

Name: The Balancer
Species: Krokotopian
Rank: 7 Boss
School: Balance
Cheat: says " Time to Balance Things Out ", when you heal yourself, it casts 2 sets of elemental shields and 2 sets of spirit shields, then it casts a random rank 7 school spell
Health: 8,500

Aug 16, 2011
Colin Nightfriend,

Digby and Mark.

Digby: 20000 Hp. Cheats: Eyy don't touch the fro! When you attack him for more then 3k, he will cast Frost Giant. That was so last season: If you cast feint he will cast hungry caterpillar.

Mark: 15000 hp Mark is easily amused and if you cast a weak spell less than 2k he will say: Really?
and cast Leviathan. If you attack for more than 5k he will say:Chill out like Digby here! and cast glowbug squall. Also if you shield he will give Digby and himself 10 shadow pips.

Anyway that's my take on it!

Jul 21, 2013
Rhyme and Reason!!!

Rhyme = 35750 health


  1. For every turn casts tower shield for -80%.
  2. If not killed in 5 rounds says "Wizard you you disappoint me, I shall show you how this battle shall be." Then she casts Ra for 1800 damage and continues this cheat every 4 rounds after.
  3. If not killed by round 10 she says "Wizard you are weak, now is time to blow away shy and meek!" Then casts Rebirth for 25000 with no absorb.
  4. If not killed by round 15 says "Now it is time for this party to end, prepare to die, Ra shall descend!" Then casts Ra for 100,000 damage.

Reason = 95000


  1. "I am sorry I don't put up such a battle. The reason? I think my sister cheats." Then punishes her sister by using Ra for 1600 damage. This cheat happens every time Rhyme cheats.
  2. "Wizard, I am afraid I cannot let you blade. The reason? That makes it easier to kill me!" Then she gets rid of your blade (this works with traps, too.)

Rhyme Defeat Speech: "Very well wizard, I see you have won. Now I think the p-p-arty is don-do-done." *Thud* Rhyme falls to the floor.

Reason Defeat Speech: "Wizard you have done great. Now I think I will fall. Reason? I have been defeated once and for all." *Bang* Reason falls backwards and smashes a glass window. She falls from the third floor of the Rhyme/Reason Mansion and is never heard from again.

Aug 12, 2014
most likely cost crowns and the higher level you are the better the boss the owner of the house forces chose if they have to fight it or not if they lose back to the commons they go and cant return to your house until 12 hours unless you invite them and if they win they gain 10thousand gold and get to is immune to being kicked for 12 hours from your house only

My Wizard is level 110 i would have a boss
Name:Billy's Apprentice

Species:Hammerhead shark

health: 2000

base stats: 75% resist to all schools storm has 300 resist damage is also 50% and he always blocks and criticals 20% chance to shadow pip 100% chance to power pip

max shadow pips: 1

starting pips 3 power pips and 1 shadow pip

mastery of the elemental schools

know spells frost shark,fire shark,storm shark,triton,sirens,tempest,kraken,frost kraken,fire kraken,catch of the day,Rusalka's wraith, levianthan

.Cheats:You Shall Not Pass! activates when you first join battle puts a dispel of every school on you if you use a blade he cast effeeable removing every blade and if you trap he transfers it to you and if you don't hit him 1st round of not hitting him the rage begins he casts a berserk star spell 2nd round of not hitting he sayss, frost shark,flame shark,frost shark,healing current, tempest, catch of the day, triton, frost kraken fire kraken frost kraken
rage continues casts a +50% pierce 3rd turn he says The Rage Consumes Me Casts an enhanced storm shark dealing a thousand damage every time you gain a shadow pip he says You Gained the powers of shadows so have I he then gains one shadow pip when he you kill him he says it's not over yet it spawns 3 small hammeheadsharks one of each elemental school they each have 300 health and have 50 resist to only there school and 25 to rest if you don't kill them all in three turns they say together we are immortal they turn back into main boss but with 1500 health but for everyone you killed will lower his health by 500 and if you kill him again you will win

Mar 03, 2013
Name: Karn Deatheater
Species: Shrouded Being
Rank 16 Boss (Health: 35000) Full mastery of (Resists 60%)
Speech: It's a cold, dark night in this castle, no intruder has ever made it passed me in centuries. I'm an old, ancient being yearning for a fight. You just made my day.
  • On first round, Karn will feint everyone that does 80% with no trap on himself, and then he will randomly hit someone with his natural attack does 3000 damage. "Death is a fragile thing"
  • If any traps are casted on Karn, he transfers it to the caster and casts a winged sorrow for 2000 and -45% damage to all "I think the wings of night would rather see this on you than me"
  • If any blades are casted on Karn, he will remove them and cast a rebirth for 5000 with absorb "To strike a spirit with a blade is futile; I'm versed in the art of healing".
  • Every three rounds, Karn will cast a tower shield for -70% and a leviathan on the wizard with the most health. "The Dark Sea sends its regards"
  • Every 5 rounds, Karn will cast a normal bad juju on a random wizard. "My power does wonders for some, but not for all".

Defeated Speech: This here creature has been bested, or so you thought. It's only the beginning and I never thought I would I have to use my true form to defeat a pest like you. The power of shadow and darkness has kept me alive all these years and it's been to long since I have used my true power. Time for me to drain your life essence.

Round 2 (Rank 16 Boss)
Health 60000(Mastery of )70%
  • All cheats from before are active
  • Every four rounds, Karn will cast a spell for 1000 damage to all, then a deathblade, balanceblade, death trap on all, spirit blade, death astral, and then Khrulhu "I call upon the shadow lords"
  • If a heal is casted, Karn casts a life dispel. "The giver of life must be sapped at its roots"
  • Every 8 rounds, Karn casts a Hades attack spell "The underworld sends its regards"

Defeated Speech: Not even the forces of darkness could stop you. Go on, and leave me be.

Jun 10, 2016
Lvl 110

Name: OP mullinda wuuuuu
Spells: every spell ever
Cheats: If you kill Mulinda you get banned if you die you get banned if you cast a spell you get banned
Says: "byebye"

May 07, 2015

Miranda and sierra!!

Miranda 30.000

<I love a good fight. even though I'm in it. if hit for more than 3.000 at once. she casts saytar>
<traps? ha! not gonna work on me! and removes the trap(s)>
<the song of life must end for you. if not killed on round 15 she casts a 50.000 damage rain of fire>

sierra 60.000

<I cannot let you hurt my friends. sister! if Miranda hits for more than 3.000 she uses dr von's monster on her sister witch heals everyone on your team>

Miranda defeated speech: you are more powerful than me. the song of power is over for me so I'm do-don-done for no-no-now*bang* she falls down the stairs of the song/mist castle

sierra defeated speech: you are like a cliff along the train tracks of life for me. you made me realize what time it is. it is time for me to leave. tell my sister I love her! *CRASH* she falls from the balcony of the song/mist castle and is never heard from again.

what do ya think?

Dec 01, 2012
tebucky11 on Dec 31, 2010 wrote:
I am getting angry that people keep coming to my house and inviting their friends over then they invite their friends and yeah and then when i try to send them away they run into an out of the house so it won't work so i am thinking that before anyone comes to your house they have to fight a boss so here are the rules!

Can't have over 8,995 health
Can't be over rank 7
Has to be your class
Species has to be a species of your class

Cheating rules

If you are level 44 or under you may NOT make a cheating boss


Extra spell
Puts a buff on himself or a weakness on you
Makes you have to kill him again but only this time he has half health
(Level 50+ only can do that cheat and once he used his/her cheat may not do it again)

Here is my boss! ( i am level 53 )

Name: The Dark Wraith
Species: Wraith
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Death
Cheat: Says "You can't kill me!" then makes you kill him again with half health
Health: 8,660
Second Health: 4,330

So there you go hope you like my ideas! reply and make your own follow the rules :-)
Well then I am a lavel 72 Sorcerer and my boss would be

Name: House Judge


Rank: 7 Boss


Cheat: "Judging me, huh? That's M Job!" when you kill him he comes back with half health.

When you heal he cheats : "I declare you guilty for healing!" casts a max Power Pip 3 shadow pip enhanced Judgement. 8,000 base.(has shadow pips)

Every round he uses Ra

Health: 8,995

Jan 16, 2012
I have an exalted death.

Name: Death's Hand
Species: Wraith
Health: 25000
Rank:10 Boss
Spells: All death spells, steal charm, steal ward, enfeeble

Opening Words: Who is this that has wandered into my master's sanctum? I will steal your soul and crush your heart.


"You will be plagued by defeat" Casts virulent plague at the beginning of each round.
"Even the strongest of spirits can't resist the power of death." Beguiles the most powerful wizard in battle for 10 rounds.
"I don't think so!" Whenever a blade or shield is cast he uses steal charm or steal ward.
"You think that will work?" If spirit or elemental blade is cast, he uses enfeeble.
"Right back at you." If not defeated in one hit, he uses the same spell that you used.
"Come to me servants of death." Summons rank 8 wraiths as minions."

Final words: What? How? I cannot be defeated and I won't!

Nov 14, 2013
Name: Christo Pants
Rank 14 Boss
Class: Fire (resists to all schools) 50% but boosts only to balance
HP: 100,000

HP after respawn: 80,000

There are 6 rounds.

Round 1: He says "Beware!" He casts a Weakness of -60% to enemy and +30%.on himself.

Round 2: He says "You have a weak mind!" He then stuns you for 3 rounds and puts a 100% Trap on self.

Round 3:Note: If marked player does not use a rank 5 or higher card then he says "Bah, you are weak!" Casts a 100% Trap on enemy and Earthquakes enemy doing 800 damage + the 100% trap. Hits himself with it doing 100 damage.

Round 4: Free Round

Round 5: Free Round

Round 6: He removes all blades, shields, and Traps from enemy. (Traps on him) saying "Lets Clear the Battlefield, shall we?"

It rotates until battle ends.

For this round You will only be allowed to use spells that are ranked 5 and up or else he will use scarecrow and earthquake.

When he respawns these are his cheats:

2 Rounds of cheats:

1: "Don't use Traps!" (To avoid this don't have any traps on him or else he will cast a 200% Trap on himself and then use the spell that switches traps.

2: "Don't use Auras!" (Don't use auras or he will use the spell that destroys the aura and puts 3 90% shields on himself.

- Using any spell that is rank 8 + will cause him to use beguile and sacrifice the enemy's health to heal himself.

How to defeat? Good luck!

***Reward for defeating: 60,000,000 Crowns, 300,000 Gold, Wand, Athame, Hat, Robe, Boots, Deck***