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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

Aug 12, 2011
Created by a level 84 wizard
Name: Phoenix Guardian
Species: Phoenix
Rank: Level 6 boss
Cheat: When you cast any spell on him, he says "Feel my fiery wrath!", and he casts a phoenix after the spell on you that also gives a -25 damage that costs 0 pips.
Health: 6,500

Mar 26, 2011
I am a level 51 wizard
Boss Name: Defender Medusa
Species: Medusa
Rank: Level 7 Elite Boss
Health: From life serpent henchman
Cheat: Says "Once we're through heads will roll", hisses and casts a special spell to hit all players, turn all players to stone or "freeze" players for 3 rounds ; when killed head falls off which sinks into the ground, but her body climbs back up and fights again with 3000 health; has life, death, and myth serpent henchmen
Health: 6000 then 3000

Mar 30, 2009
Name: Maretes the Sorcerer
Species: Polar bear

Rank: 15
Health: 15,650


-30% resistance to ALL schools except fire

- 65% resistance to fire

  • Cheat 1: Casting a blade of any school will cause him to interrupt-cast a 40% version of fireblade. and a -30% version of weakness on the player that casted the blade.
  • Cheat 2: Starting on Round 1, Maretes will cast a 0-pip, 30% version of fuel, every 4 rounds on the most "intimidating" player. (Player with the most blades, etc.)
  • Cheat 3: Every three rounds, Maretes will cast a 550 damage version of Brimstone Revenant on the same player that the fuel was casted on.
  • Cheat 4: Once Maretes has reached under 50% health, he will summon 1 Fire Elemental minion every 2 rounds.

Fire Elemental

Name: Scorched Flame
Species:Fire elemental

Rank: 15 Elite
Health: 1,950

- Uses the following spells:

Fireblade (20% version)
Power Link (150 + 650 damage and 100 + 600 over 3 rounds)
Legion shield

Took me a while to come up with this! If you look on previous pages, you can see that this is my third boss i've created on this forum! From over 3 years ago, haha! Crazy how time flies. Anyways, tell me what you think!

May 07, 2015
sun girl1122 on Feb 16, 2016 wrote:
level 81

name: shadow dragon lord

school: (again. of course)

species: dragon (of course)


cheats: 1:if you summon a henchmen he says: you need help? so do i then! and summons 3 mini dragons with 1000 health each. 2:if you use any or spells he says:your spells WONT work on me! 3: if the owner of the house comes in during the duel he says: well? should i keep killing them or not? then 2 buttons come up yes or no if no he says: your lucky. then flys away ending the duel if yes he says: hooray for me! i get to keep killing you! then uses a stun. a fire dragon or rebirth. its a 50:50:50 chance for him to use any of the three. 4: if he's not killed in 20 rounds he says: ugh.. this is taking too long! im going to end this now! and uses a 10.000 shadow fire dragon

at death: how? how did you kill me? no! this is not doable! i will kill you! then a npc owner says: no no no they won the duel fair and square give them there rewards. they deserve it. then he says: fine. take your reward you win.... for now! then flys away to his cave. you get the rewards out of a gold chest P.S the chest wont come up until he flys away

how do you like my boss? to op?
make that level 85 lol

May 31, 2009
I am Level 87
Name: Frozen protecter
Rank: 7
Species: Abominable Colossus (gigantic)
Class: Ice
Health: 8,995
Cheat: When about to die, says "I'M NOT GOING DOWN THAT EASY!!!" and re-heals himself fully. When wizard casts weaken spell, He says, "Do you want one?" and gives a 90% weaken spell.
Does Ice spells from 7-10 pips

Jul 21, 2013
Name: Enraged Medusa
Creature Type: Medusa
School: Myth
Health: 1000
Dialogue: "How dare you invade my master's home? You will not be tolerated! TO BATTLE!"
Cheat 1: Has a 200% resist to
Cheat 2: Has a +150 boost to
Cheat 3: When health is at 500 cast a -100% shield to all types of damage and heals with satyr
Cheat 4: When all shields are used up casts a unique version of absorb and absorbs 1000
Cheat 5: When health reaches below 100 Medusa interrupt casts another absorb 550
Cheat 6: When absorb shield is broken casts rebirth which heals 1000 and gives a 1000 absorb shield
Cheat 7: When less than 200 health any spells over 5 pips makes her say "Zeus has taught me well . . . YOU HESITATE TOO TOO MUCH!" and casts a cheat absorb 375
Cheat 8: If a wizard removes/cloaks any positives Medusa says "How dare you!" and gets rid of all positives on all other wizards
When you defeat Medusa -- if you can -- level 110+ gear is dropped and you have gained permission to enter my house!

*Connor LegendBane Level 45 *

Feb 12, 2016
My Guardian:

Name: Galanoth
Species: Dragonspyrian Dracon
Health: 8,000
Stats: 40% Resist 70% and Resist
50% Damage and Accuracy
Spells He Can Use:
Bad Juju
Sun Serpent
Balance Blade
Fire Blade

Cheats: (He Drops: 1 Choice Mastery Amulet, 2500 Gold, and 1 Mega Snack)
If you prism/trap him:
"Nobody may trap me!"
He casts Shadow Shrike
If you heal over 700 health at one time:
"Watch me crush you into Oblivion!"
He casts Doom and Gloom
When you defeat him:
"Master, I have failed you. Please do not be upset with me.
Visitor, you may pass...."

May 23, 2009
Name:Levi (Lev-ee)
Species: Leviathan

Resist 80% to
Boost 35% to

Cheats: "Copier!" If attacked with a spell (even with convert) and not killed with it, he will cast a normal Leviathan spell.
If any shield is placed, he will say "Scared of my attacks?" He then will remove your shield and cast a normal Leviathan spell
"Hope you can swim!" On the 2nd round of the battle he will cast a Darkwind
"I shall not drown!" Once killed you must fight him again.

"Learn your lesson!" When the 2nd battle starts he will cast a normal Leviathan spell followed by stun.
"Be that way..." If a minion is summoned, he will interrupt the battle and 3 mini leviathans that are , with 1000 health each, will join the battle.
Note: On the 2nd battle, he will only have 25% of the health he had the 1st time you fought him.
All the cheats that he had the first time you fought him are not in the second time you fight him.

Sep 17, 2012
Name: Wildfire Oni
Species: Helephant
Rank: 7 Boss
School: Fire
Health: 8,000
Cheat 1: Use Ice damage spell and he will shout "Nothing can quench me!", cast Spirit Armor, and then cast Ice Shield the following turn
Cheat 2: Once defeated, he will shout "You cannot quench me! I burn forever!" and regain 3,000 health

Feb 06, 2010
(Main is lv.88Storm) Boss for lv.110 Storm

Name: Thor Stormcraft
Species: Storm Lord
Cheat: 1) "You kid, Such play is for children." Trigger: Anyone joining after first round. Effect: Stun and 10% Windstorm.
2) "Try to ground me will you? I think not." Trigger: Myth Damage. Effect: Summon Rank:3 Storm Elemental.
Health: 6,950
Minion Name: Flowing Currant
Minion Species: Water Elemental
Minion Cheat: When summoned, Cast Healing Currant on Thor Stormcraft for 1,500Healing.
Minion Health: 1,500

Feb 26, 2009
Hello there. Goodbye there.
Name: True warrior of the 3 spirals
Rank: 15
Species: Samurai
Minion: None
Cards: All
Starting pips: Max PP
Cheats: Storyline
(The Meaning): My boss has a storyline of which he will say dialogue every time you attack him but will take 0 damage each turn in till the story is complete which is the reason for 1 health. He cheats after every dialogue and passes if you don't attack.
Line 1: Listen here this is my palace to guard! Cheat 1: Lost soul (100% hit rate) (50 dam)
Line 2: There's plenty more where that came from! Cheat 2: Lightning bats (100% Hit rate) (5% Crit) (100 dam)
Line 3: You better hope you don't survive this attack! Cheat 3: Wild Bolt (5% 50dam, 30% 300dam, 50% 500dam,
15% chance to miss)
Line 4:Hmph.. The true battle begins! Cheat 4: Rainbow aura (+30% dam) (300 turns)
Line 5: You don't remember do you, [insert wizard name here] Cheat 5: Explosion which kills your wizard (40,000 damage) (100% hit) (100% crit)

To be or not to be
We shall find out
When the owner

Apr 29, 2012
I love that I'm level 110 but my boss would be level 90 at least and would be life would have high reistance to life therefor harder for life wizards. Name would be Kayla
Green she would be like a beautiful wizard everyone would think she is just an average wizard like us but her health would be at least 9000 since she would level 90 easier then most level 90 bosses but I understand that death boost against life so she would have a high reistance towards death as well. She would draw attention by talking to you and she would lure you in.

May 07, 2015
I know this is my fourth boss but hey this is fun! P.S this is two bosses in one duel

names: princess anna and queen elsa

dialogue: elsa says: hello there wizard me and my sister like new people right anna then anna says: oh yes we do but we cant be your friends because someone called the rat put a shadow spell on the both of us and then elsa says: that's right but if you defeat us we will be free of the spell so to battle! wizard!

health: 100.000 for both
schools: for elsa and for anna

species: both human

cheats: 1 at the start of the duel elsa will say: we stand with in the snow! and cast icewind or whatever that ice global spell is called then anna says: no! its to cold and 2 if there not defeated in 50 rounds or less they say: shadow... overpowering... us.... and anna casts a 100 damage sand storm and then elsa casts a 100.000 damage snow angel

Jul 21, 2013
Name: Zeus The Skylord Shadow


Health: 65,000

1) If you cast a blade Zeus interrupt casts Shift and takes them
2) If you cast a shield Zeus interrupt casts Legion Shield
3) When health drops below 20%, all shadow magic is amped by 150%
4) If you use a spell that is over 7 pips Zeus says "you hesitate to much" and casts Shadow Minotaur (55 shadow damage and 655 shadow damage
5) If you cast a shadow spell Zeus casts Back Fire and backslash increases by 10% for 3 turns

Boost/Resist: 5% boost to 10% boost to 15% boost to / 99% resist

1) Has a 100% shadow amp at start
2) has an additional 100% armor piercing
3) has 250 critical rating

Spells Known: Shadow Minotaur, Legion Shield, Shift, Back Fire, Shadow Armor ( absorb 200 damage per pip,) Shadow Spear, Shadow Blade, Shadow Trap, Shadow Humungo Frog, Shadow Orthrus, Shadow Cyclops

Jul 21, 2013
  • Name: The Master of Life Myth and Death
  • Rank: 7

  • Health: 750,000
  • Mana: 9,999

  • Resist: 80% 80% 80%
  • Boost: 80% 80% 80%

  • Cheat 1: When health drops below half (375,000) casts an enhanced Guardian Spirit (20% back)
  • Cheat 2: If any sustained damage spells are cast, automatically casts Triage and heals 1
  • Cheat 3: When health is below 10,000 casts Mana Shield and instead of dropping mana drops down until he has none left (then he gets easy!)

When defeated, has a 1% chance to drop 1,000,000 gold 10% chance to drop 100,000 gold 100% chance to drop 10,000 gold, also has 1% chance to drop most powerful gear in the game for your wizard (health/critical/damage boost/piercing/power pips/shadow pips)

If you beat this boss, you can enter my house for as long as you want and are forever worthy!

Aug 14, 2013
i really hate it when people port in and use the one-time duels. they call in their friends and the duels are wasted. i worked hard for that but apparently, nobody cares. i forget to turn off my ports and shouldn't have to. has anyone encountered this?

Jul 21, 2013
Master of the Spiral

  • Level 110
  • School

  • Boost: 1%
  • Resist: 100%
  • Has a +99% armor piercing

  • Health: 999,999
  • Mana: 9,999

Cheats: None

*drops no gear no gold and no experience points*
*when defeated you can enter my house*

Oct 09, 2012
Name: The Undying Curse
Species: Looks like Yaxche boss from Azteca
Rank 7 Boss
Class: Death

Says, "Your Power Shall Weaken!" if you use a global spell like sanctuary or balefrost, he uses the global spell doom and gloom. His other cheat is when he says, "A Curse Never Fades Away!" And he comes back to life. After the second time dying he says, "How Dare You Do This To Me! The Curse Has Now Been Strengthened!" and he comes back to life with even more health. One more cheat is when he says, "Begone Minion!" If you summon a minion, he destroys the minion instantly and uses the spell Wraith on you.

Normal Health: 8,000
Second Health: 4,000
Final Health: 8,995

Mar 06, 2015
we need a boss for are houses plz oh plz let us do it

Apr 14, 2014
Level 43 (wow so close)
Name: Colosso
Type: Colossus
School: Ice
Health: 8000

-higher level-
Cheat (once I'm lvl 44)
Everyone you attack him DIRECTLY:

1st Statement: "HOW DARE YOU, PUNY MORTAL"

Summons up a Frost Giant (that is the name right?) Which deals 2000 damage and stuns you

After Defeat: "*Sigh* I have never thought of being defeated... here is the key to the hall of awesomeness. Enjoy"

Cassandra SilverDust

Apr 11, 2016
dvspaneque on Jan 3, 2011 wrote:
Well, seems kind of complicated to have that in your house because how would your friends get you house without having to do all that. . I think it would be a lot easier to just ban someone from your house for a certain amount of time such as 24 hours. .
This seems way more plausible than having people fight a boss. Personally, I'd find it troublesome to port to someones house and automatically be subjected into a fight just because I'd like to explore and admire the beauty of a in-game home! That's ridiculous! It almost sounds like you're wanting people to earn their way into your castle. It seem very unorthodox's and troubling. If you wish keeping your friends friends out of your house, simply limit your home to friends only. Furthermore, if you do not want anyone in your house, then before porting to your home, make sure you have teleports off to prevent uninvited friends over. Dvspaneque, I agree with this. It would be helpful to ban people from your house either permanently or for a day at the least. If they are to incorporate any extra formalities pertaining to housing, it should be this!

Though, I'll admit, I can appreciate the idea of having monsters in your house for role play purposes with friends and such.

Jul 21, 2013
Rasputin the Undying

Level 110

Health 9,999,999
Mana 1,000,000

Boosts 100% to
Resist 100% to

1) Has additional 100%
2) Has 1,000 critical rating to shadow spells

Cheats (none)

*please know that 8 wizards can participate in this battle at the same time*
*this is the hardest boss in the game*
*drops 450,000 gold and special armor piercing and critical gems (15% armor piercing) & (50 critical rating)*
*if you beat him (if you can!) you have gained permission to enter my house and are welcome to fight a rematch* *with him at any time for additional loot*

May 07, 2015
The Weather Man on Apr 14, 2016 wrote:
Rasputin the Undying

Level 110

Health 9,999,999
Mana 1,000,000

Boosts 100% to
Resist 100% to

1) Has additional 100%
2) Has 1,000 critical rating to shadow spells

Cheats (none)

*please know that 8 wizards can participate in this battle at the same time*
*this is the hardest boss in the game*
*drops 450,000 gold and special armor piercing and critical gems (15% armor piercing) & (50 critical rating)*
*if you beat him (if you can!) you have gained permission to enter my house and are welcome to fight a rematch* *with him at any time for additional loot*
ha no one can defeat that!

Mar 08, 2013
I think it would be cool to have a Judgement boss.

General Info:
Name: Wrath of Balance
Species: Judgement
Rank 7

Health: 2,800 (symbolizing max pip critical judgement) + Your Health
40% resist to , immune to
25% critical , 50% critical
Immune to critical and stun
Power Pips: Your Power Pip %

"I must balance this battle!"
When you place a positive ward or charm, the boss casts the same one on themselves
"No enhancements allowed!"
When you place a blade on yourself which is +45% or more, the boss destroys it
"Take your time!"
If you heal yourself, the boss casts a DoT that deals 300 damage each round for 3 rounds
"You want a minion? Then I will use one as well!
If you send a minion into battle, then the boss will spawn a random school enemy to fight with them.

I think it's good.

Apr 10, 2013
Honestly, this is a fun idea, but there should be one small edit when making you boss. To "verify" your boss, you have to be able to beat him solo, because all these lv15 people saying they will make bosses with like 9,000 health is just odd considering their own level. As a lv68 this would be my boss:

General Info:
Name: Leviathan
Species: Leviathan
Rank: 11

Health: 10,000
Resist: 75%
Critical: 25%
Immune to stun
Power pips: 50% chance

"Blades cannot be seen in the light" & "Traps cannot be seen in the light"
This cheat is a repeating process during the entire battle. At the beginning of the battle, he will announce the blades cheat, and for 3 turn you will be able to put blades on yourself, but any traps placed on him will automatically be removed. Vice versa, after 3 turn you will only be able to put traps on him, until another 3 turns passes. (This is a real cheat front the final waterworks boss)
"I will never surrender!"
When he is below 5,000 health his critical increase to 50% chance, and he gets a 25% resist on all schools. (Not including his own type, storm)

But to answer your question, I don't believe this is the way to fix your problems with other people coming into your home. I think ther should be privacy options, like only friends can enter, or the ability to kick everyone out whenever. But it was actually a lot of fun coming up with this boss!

Justin GoldenStone, lv68