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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

May 30, 2015
tmann11 on Dec 31, 2010 wrote:
level 52
Name: Storm Lords Serpent
Species: Leviathan
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Storm
Cheat: when you use a heal, he says, " healing enrages me, FEEL MY WRATH!" then he leviathan's which does 2,200 damage and stuns you
Health: 7,520
How do you craft them i am confused

May 30, 2015
Wait how do you get/craft these im confused??? :P

Mar 03, 2013
Ok let me see if I can be creative.
Name: Kajani DeathBringer Rank 15 Boss (Also has mastery of and ability to use magic)

Health: 28,550

Class: Undead

Minions: Thrall of Kajani Rank 14 Elite, Thrall of Kajani Rank 14 Elite, Thrall of Kajani Rank 14(All minions can use magic)
Class: Undead
Health: 6000 each
Speech: I am Kajani DeathBringer, and I guard the home of my master. You are a tresspasser and tresspassers must be destroyed as my master wills it.

Upon first entering the duel circle, Kajani will say, you are not welcome here tresspasser, and he will mana burn.

Next turn he will say, help your master, and will summon his three minions

If a wizard casts a blade, Kajani will say, charming you may be, but the ice titan will always be more, and removes it and hits you with frost giant. (pets count too)

If a wizard heals, Kajani will say, I've sen enough healing from you and will cast a -75 infection on the caster.

If a wizard casts a global spell, Kajani will say, I think a gloomy setting fits me and will cast doom and gloom.

If a wizard casts a feint on Kajani, he will say, I think this would look better on you.

If the storm minion is alive and a wizard attacks any enemy, he will sayh, you like giving pain, then take some and will leviathan the wiz.

If a wizard does a DOT spell, the life minion will triage.

If all of Kajani's minions die, he will say, I must go all out and cast a series of spells. He will virulence, then feint all wizards, balance and deathblade himself and casts Call of Khrulhu.

If 5 turns pass after Kajani's minions die, he will say, why don't you just leave already and he will cast a series of spells again. This time it will be ice and balanceblade, feints on all and then snow angel.

Every 2 turns after that, Kajani will say leave now and will deer knight.

Defeat Speech: You have bested me tresspasser, invade my masters home with your germs and filth and leave me be.

Hope you guys like it.

PatrickNightShade Lvl 100

Mar 03, 2013
I have one for my fire wiz.
Name: Serpant of the Sun
Rank: Rank 15 Boss(Has full mastery of , , and and uses astrals and)
Class: Sun Serpant
Minions:(5000 each)Right Wing of the Serpant Rank 15 Elite, and Left Wing of the Serpant Rank 15 Elite
Speech: I am the Serpant of the Sun, guardian to this Castle. You wish to invade my masters home, you must get by me. Good luck with that ha ha.
Upon arrival, the serpant will say, feel the rays of the sun and cast his natural attack for zero pips for 2000 damage.
If a blade is cast, the serpant will say, only my master is charming and he will remove blade and cast a zero pip efreet for 1800 damage with a -95 weakness.
If a trap or prism is cast, the serpant will say, if the worlds of the spiral align with the sun, you can trap and will cast a celestial calender for 2000 damage but you will keep the trap.
If a wizard heals, the serpant will say, my cousin the owl would love to see you heal and will cast a storm owl for 3000 damage.
Starting on the second round, the Serpant will cast a 90 tower shield with a sun spell and will keep casting it until his minions are dead.
If a wizard casts a spell, the serpant will say, the sun is the biggest star of the spiral, we don't need more and will cast a supernova and remove aura.
If a wizard attacks the serpant, he will say, I'll destroy you for that and will cast a sun serpant for 3000 damage
If all minions are dead, the serpant will say, the sun will never die out as long as there is shadow and casts a series of spells every four rounds and will be a fire and balanceblade. Azteca fire astral. A wyldfire and then fire from above.
Four more turns he will storm global, stormblade, balanceblade, astral storm, and glowbug.
Four more turns he will myth bubble, myth and balanceblade, myth astral and then mystic colossus.
This will repeat over and over.
Defeat Speech: I underestimated you, I am beat, go and invade my master, may the sun burn you to ash.

May 30, 2015
How do you get or make these I need to know!!

Mar 31, 2009
lvl 100 balance wizard

rank 15 boss rank 14 elite rank 14 elite rank 14

health: 50000 health: 30000 health: 27500 health: 32500

immunitys: stun beugile balance boost: and 20% boost: and 20% boost:

boost; fire ice and storm 16% resist: and 10% resist: and 20% resist:

cheats: thats quite a handful there, when you
have over 4 pips he casts mana burn. i am not
sure if you can handle the blade like i can, casts
steal charm when you cast a blade. that isn't nice,
when you cast a damage spell he casts a better
version of earthquake. shields are for the deliquent,
casting a shield cause him to cast a scarecrow. my
best bud!, when you kill a minion he casts rebirth

Feb 26, 2009
tspear7341 on Aug 19, 2015 wrote:
How do you get or make these I need to know!!
You cant you just make one up!

Jan 27, 2011
Here is mine:

Level 59
Gurtok Flamemaster
Species: Helephant
Rank 7 boss
Class: Fire
Health: 8,650

1st Cheat:
When you attack him with an attack under 1,000, He says "I am the master of fire!" And cheat casts wildfire and a plus 45% fire blade, then the next turn he cheat casts Efreet.

2nd Cheat: If you attack him with a fire or storm spell, he says "No blizzard or storm can vanquish me!" And cheat casts a monstrous buffed meteor strike.

3rd Cheat. when he gets down to below 1,000 health or gets killed, he says "Ha Ha! Death cannot tear me from this world!" And comes back in a ghost version of him with half his health. So if you can't do the math His second health is 4,325.

I know he seems kind of too OP, but come on, it's fire!

Austin Fire OUT!

Apr 12, 2010
how do you create a boss to guard your home i can never find where you make it.

Jul 20, 2013
I think this is a great idea, I hope they actually do that

Nov 16, 2013
I'm level 46 and this is the boss
species:frost giant
Spells:pixie ,colossus,ice wyvern,iceblade,balefrost,frozen armor,snow serpent,ice trap and frost bite

Cheat:whenever opponent casts a blade he says "your magic is weak" and their blade explodes.
Cheat 2:whenever the opponent deals over 600 damage he casts a five pip frozen armor for their next attack.

Dec 22, 2013
5 years ago TODAY this post was made. And it still hasn't happened. I'll be waiting lol.

Jun 20, 2012
Well here i go again.

Name:Avalonian Duelist
Dialouge:I know your every move and how to counter it.May the duel start!
If the boss casts a attack he says"Support me!"And minions cast the equivelant spells/attacks.For example if he cast fire dragon, the casts rebirth, the casts power nova, and the casts frost giant.If a single hit spell is cast they will also attack that person.

If an attack is cast he say "Counter attack!" and casts his school equivalent.Same thing as the last cheat if a death casts scarecrow he casts fire dragon.

If a ward/charm is cast he will say "Weapon cast!"and cast the school equivalent again if a deathtrap/blade is cast,he will cast a fireblade/trap.Even with traps like super charge.Also they will be the same percentage if a 50% death blade is cast he casts a 50% fire blade on himself.

If he dies first whatever minion is next in battle he/she will take over those cheats.

If a king artorious is cast he will say "You have the power of the king? I kneel before you!" and is stunned for 2 rounds.

Probaly my toughest one so far!

Dec 22, 2013
Sierra Deathshade on Aug 24, 2015 wrote:
5 years ago TODAY this post was made. And it still hasn't happened. I'll be waiting lol.
Whoops, nope. Wrong date. Hehe.

Feb 20, 2011
Name: Deep Forest Spirit
Species: Forest Lord
Health: 6,300
Minions: (Songstress/ Seraph/ / 3,150 health/ No cheats)
Dialogue: "The winds of the forest told me you were coming. Therefore, I have prepared your doom."

-If player cast a heal, Deep Forest Spirit will cast 1 life dispel & 1 death dispel on the caster. ("You have to toughen up to survive in the wild!")

-If player uses any type of shield (exception of stun shield), Deep Forest Spirit will cast Earthquake. ("Shields are annoying, lets make this fair!")

-If player casts anything with taunts, Deep Forest Spirit will cast curse on all players followed by a chance of either Meteor shower, Blizzard, or Humongofrog. ("I am not intimidated by your taunts!")

-If player stuns Deep Forest Spirit, Deep Forest Spirit will cast feint on all characters, followed by forest lord. ("I will not sleep without a fight!"

Jan 20, 2015
My fix and this is what I do

Go to your home tab in your inventory, where your homes are listed and before you leave, unequip your home and it will send anyone to your down. I have haters because I do this but it avoids any potential drama. I also leave my dorm room for JUNK only.

I saw this post has been around for a very long time so why has it not been DEALT WITH Kingsisle.

Jul 06, 2013
Okay a level 76 sorcerer going to take a stab at this.

Name: Protector of Balance
Species: Ra
School: Take a guess
Health: 11,000 (I know this is against the original rules, but i am just making it what i am currently facing)
Speech: Balance is an art that stays true to itself. I see that you can not uphold this. You will pay for plaguing this land!

1) On the third round he will summon three Scarab Minions with 3,000 health each.

2) If a player casts a blade other than bladestorm, balance blade, or dragon blade he will cast an interrupt earthquake and cast a +70% balance blade on himself.

3) If you heal with something other than a helping hands or availing hands he will cast a mass infection that does -90%

4) If he or his minions are hit with an attack all spell he will re-summon his minions and cast a -90% legion shield

5) If you cast a school specific trap he will remove the trap and put a +70% hex on the caster

6) Every 10 rounds he will cast an interrupt power nova that does 2,500 damage

7) If you put an unbalance on him he will cast a cleanse then continue with his original spell (or power nova)

8) If you kill him with an attack all spell he will revive with full health and the battle will continue

No need to write an end speech because you won't beat him

May 08, 2010
Level 88 Arch taking a shot at this as well
Name : Boris BalanceBlood
Species : Judgement
First Speech : Balance is the force that has created this world, outlander. You are not worthy of being in my presence, Leave or be punished at once!
Rank : 11
Health : 14,000 (Against rules, but Many creates at my level have 20k)
Cheats : At the First round he casts a 1000 Hit judgement and then says " You have little time to strike before ultimate judgement comes!" He then casts a Sabertooth that has 2000 health and 70% Resist to all schools except for spirit schools (He can also only blade and shield)
Cheat 2 : If you don't hit him every round he casts a random spectral that can do 1000, 1200, or 1600 with 90% Chance of critical
Cheat 3 "Ultimate Judgement" On the fifth round, and every ten rounds after, he casts a 6000 Damage judgement to everyone on the field and then says "The Forces of Balance Are upon you, Quit Fighting and flee!"
Cheat 4 : If you heal he casts a mega infection, and if it's a dot he uses triage or shift, the thing that gives the other the dot/
Cheat 5 : If he gets ANY Shield (Rebirth, tower, etc)
He says "Thanks for the protection!" And Steals the shield and casts a 50% Blade on himself
If you use any astral he uses the aura destroyer thing.
If get over 12 pips, he uses mana burn and says "Too much power for you!"
Final Cheat : If you ever use a Swap Half to Health card, He uses a 4000 damage wraith on his sabertooth minions, if theirs no minions, he uses a 5000 heal sacrifice.
After Defeat
Oh, Shame, Balance being defeated by a mere mortal! You will pay!

Jul 21, 2015
Boss name: Sir. Darkness, minions Sir. Living, Sir. Light
Boss cheat: Darkness chain, puts doom and gloom, uses, scarecrow, and wraith on healer
Activate by: Healing
Pips to start with:5 and 1Pip
Ranks: Rank 10 Boss, Rank 8 Elite, and Rank 5

By: Elijah Drake

May 07, 2015
level 54 name miranda jade song (my wizards name) specises wizard school health 8 .952 dialoge like you can defeat me hahahaha cheats if a wizard uses a ice spell on her she will say the fire will consume you! and will use a ereeft on the caster of the ice spell and will use a satar that will take 1000 from the wizard or wizards and will heal 10000 on her ok im done

Jun 10, 2012
Hi, I'm an exalted balance, and I just found this, I wat to do this badly so ok.
For 80+
Name:Karma Wyrd
Rank: 16 Boss
Pips: 10 Power Pips 1 Shadow pip
Weakness: 70%
Weakness 2: 90%
Resistance: 99%
Cheat 1: If you cast an aura, he says "You are not Celestian!" and breaks it with Supernova
Cheat 2: If you heal he casts Rebirth, if you are not life and says "Long live the king!"
Cheat 3: If you cast a Tower Shield he uses a 1000 damage natural attack
Cheat 4: If you use an attack all spell, he uses Deer Knight, he says "Knights ATTACK!"
Drops: Rank Nine Pet Snacks, All Gear in the game is possible, 10-17 gold, 2000-6000 Exp, All Loremaster Spells
Spells: Supernova, Judgement, Samoorai, Loremaster, Gaze of Fate, Ra, Chimera, Hydra

60+ Differences
No Cheat 4
No Gaze of Fate
Health: 35,000

40+ Differences
No Gaze of Fate, Ra, Chimera
No Cheat 3 or 4
Health: 10,000

1+ Differences
No Gaze of Fate, Ra, Chimera, Hydra
Scarab, Scorpion, Locust Swarm, Sand Storm
No Cheat 1,3,4

May 07, 2015
level 54 name the doctor model human class speech what! a wizard in my masters home dont worry this will be over soon muhahahahahahahahahahaha cheats 1 at the start the doctor will say rose! i need you! and rose tyler class cheats for the doctor 2 when a myth spell is casted he will say ha your litte spells wont take me down

Jul 24, 2010
The PvE Master on Jun 26, 2015 wrote:
Me: Al-
Dark Dragonoid: Don't even bother finishing that sentence. Just do what you've come to do.
Me: Wow. Didn't call me an idiot or anything. You must be slipping.
Dark Dragonoid: Just go.

Cheat #1: At the start of the battle, The Guardian will say something different depending on your school. Every spell he casts here is just base damage.

Fire: "You should really know not to play with fire". and casts Abominable Weaver.
Ice: "You really need to chill out." and casts Fire from Above.
Storm: "Thunder and Lightning are mine to control now!" and casts Mystic Colossus.
Myth: "Legends won't save you now." and casts Glowbug Squall.
Life: "Healing won't help you this time." and casts Call of Khrulhu.
Death: "Your life stealing is useless against me!" and casts Hungry Caterpillar.
Balance: "The balance of the world is meaningless!" and casts Gaze of Fate.
Dark Dragonoid: Nefarious much? (References, more yay!)

Me: And that's it for his cheats!
Dark Dragonoid: Wait, WHAT?!!
Me: Yeah. He didn't want anything else.
Dark Dragonoid: What do you mean he didn't want anything else?!?!?!
???: I didn't want anything else. It's as simple as that.
Dark Dragonoid: Guardian? Your here to?!?!
Guardian: Of course.
Dark Dragonoid: Bu- Bu- But why?!
Guardian: Because. I want to help out with this "boss making".
Dark Dragonoid: You can't! I'm already here!!!!
Guardian: Haven't you heard of a thing called "sharing'?
Dark Dragonoid: You little-
Me: Both of you! Shut your faces! You can both be here.
Guardian: See? Master agrees.
Dark Dragonoid: Master can punch himself in the face for all I care.
Me: What am I going to do with you two.......

And there you go! There's is my second of the five bosses. Now I just need to think of the last three, but I'll have some help from Dragonoid and Guardian. I don't know how much help they'll be, but hey. The more the merrier.
DD: So Guardian, the fool is gone for now, shall we take over this "boss making"?
G: You know I have more honor than that, Dragonoid.
DD: Your no fun. I'm going to do it anyways.
G: Master isn't going to like that.
DD: Who cares what he thinks! He's just a noob!
G: Alright. But don't say I didn't worn you.
DD: Sure.
N: After the battle with the Guardian, you enter the next room. A chilling presence fills your body as a MASSIVE dragon awaits in the middle of the room.
???: Are you here to destroy me? Or are you simply trying to get to Master? Doesn't matter. I will not let you go beyond me. This will be your final resting place!
N: The dragon's eyes glow icy blue, and a icy aura surrounds the dragon. The battle has begun.

Name: Avalanchula
Health: 125'000
Rank: 20 Boss
Species: Ice Dragon
Pips: 7 Power Pips and 1 Shadow Pip. 100% Power Pip Chance. 45% Shadow Pip Chance.
Class: Ice
Spells: All Ice Spells Rank 5 and Higher. Also has every blade that has an Ice Blade in it. Also has every shadow spell.

DD: So, how do you think of it so far Guardian?
G: Meh. I don't think that-
DD: -master would like this. Geez, your easier to predict than a book.
G: That was low, even for you.
DD: Just shut up and let me finish this.

Cheat #1: All of Avalanchula's blades have a 55% attack boost. And they stack.
Cheat #2: At the beginning of the battle, Avalanchula will say: "I will freeze the blood in your veins!" And casts a Frostbite with 1000 base damage and 2000 overtime damage.
Cheat #3: At half health Avalanchula will say: "Your spells only make me stronger!" Now, any attack below 1'500 damage HEALS him instead of damaging him.
Cheat #4: One he has been reduced to zero health, he will say: "If I must fall to you, I will take all that I can from you!" He then hits you with an icy beam and reduces your health to one before he dies.

DD: Well, I'm low on characters. Shoot.
G: Master isn't going to be happy.
DD: Oh shut up, who's going to tell him?
Avalanchula: Me.

Dec 10, 2012
Name: Defense A-Tron 4000
Species: Clanker bot
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Storm
Cheat: always has a resist 90% tower shield on, when destroyed he says " you can not break my defenses" then puts up another one
Health: 6,952

Jun 01, 2012
Level 91 balance wizard, check this out

Name: The Beast

Type: Forest lord (Tan fur)

Heath: 10,000
Resist: 90% balance, 10% fire, ice, storm, life, myth, death
Piercing: 30% to all
Damage: 75% balance damage
100% power pips
350 critical rating
250 critical block
Has all the balance spells up to level 90 plus tower shield (not including king artorious)

Speech: "My master allows me to eat any trespassers, so I'm going to have a wonderful snack!"

Cheats: At the first round he says, "I'd like you to meet my friend!" and summons a rat thief (Fire, 5000 health, resists 50% to all)
When you cast any positive charm or ward the rat thief says, "MINE!"
The rat thief only casts efreet, smoke screen, and choke.
Once the rat thief is dead The Best will say, "MY FRIEND IS GONE! YOU WILL PAY!" and casts a 0 pip version of sabertooth dealing 3000 damage once every 5 rounds.
Any healing will result in and uncontrollable sacrifice dealing the amount of damage it healed and healing The Beast.
Maycast pet talents don't activate any cheats.