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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

May 09, 2010
sliver moon wolf on Jan 23, 2015 wrote:
Eh i think this idea would be fun and kl could make a lot of money if they put it in crown shop you buy make you own boss then you get options to give it cheats and you can buy more health for it or make it strong or look cooler when it just walking around you house for show instead of fighting

more and more people are liking it so i think people would be willing to spend a little cash for the ideal
They could actually. I guess staying too close to that main stuff might seem too risky. Might be fun, having a boss wander around. But there is one problem...there would have to be an area big enough for the intruders and the boss to duel in. Them duel circles are huge man

Mar 09, 2014
Lord Hawksmith on Nov 3, 2014 wrote:
Name: Burning Scarecrow
Rank: Rank 6
Says:" I Protect this home for my salvation."
my level: 16
Class: Death
Minion: Cript Walker
Spells: Deathblade, Deathtrap, Lifeshield, Ghoul, Vampire, Gold Skeleton, Wraith, Kraken, Frostcat, Amplify.
When you defeat him: Sorry for the pain, you may enter.

I'm pretty sure your minion is the only reasonable one

Jun 17, 2012
Dakota ShadowForge on Feb 1, 2015 wrote:

I'm pretty sure your minion is the only reasonable one
Yeah, it's not bad at all.

Mar 30, 2009
I may be close to max, but i'll do a perspective of my storm, who is in the level range atleast lol.

Name: King Flameton
Species: Flame Wraith
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Fire
Cheat 1: Every round he will cast an 25% Tower shield. (No dialogue is said when casting this cheat)
Cheat 2: Healing over 500 health will cause him to take all the health over 500, for example. A satyr heals you for lets say, 750. You would be healed 500, while he takes 250. This will also cause him to leave a 30% infection to all players. "Healing? You are weak!"
Cheat 3: Doing damage over 1,000 health to King Flameton will make him cast an 0-pip Fire Helephant, dealing 875 damage on the attacking player. "Lets even out the battle field!"
Cheat 4: Once King Flameton has reached 4,125 health or lower, he will interrupt and summon two "Flame Spirits"
Final cheat, Cheat 5: If King Flameton is killed in one hit, Four "Flame Spirits" will be summoned.
Health: 8,250

Flame Spirits
Species: Fire Elemental
Rank: 6 Elite
Class: Fire
Health: 1,675

Jul 24, 2010
The PvE Master on Jan 22, 2015 wrote:
Well. It's me again. I think I'll begin another series of bosses. And don't worry, they all won't be dragons. :P
Anyways this is boss (1 of 5).

Hunter Wildcatcher Level 81

Narrator: "As you re-enter the house, you shiver as you remember all the horrible events you had to go threw last time you came here. Maybe you can go threw this time without any trouble, but things are never that simple. Sure enough, as you enter the first room, you see a large amount of shadow energy gathered in the middle of the room. As you approach, the shadow takes the form of a dragon. It looks at you, pure hatred in its shadowy eyes."

???: "Do you remember me, Wizard? Back when you thought you had destroyed my body and my core? Well, it turns out that a small amount of my core had survived, and thanks to the shadowy magic, it was able to restore my body. Albeit, not very well, but it's strong enough to defeat your puny little spells. By the way, you may remember how I was called "Elder Dragon" before, but I go by a new name now. My new name is: Dark Dragonoid.

Dark Dragonoid: "Prepare for battle, puny wizard! These are you final hours!"
Narrator: "Dark Dragonoid's shadowy aura grows to massive sizes, as it lets out a mighty and fearing roar, and the battle begins."

Name: Dark Dragonoid
Species: Shadow Dragon
Health: 74'000 (Little Ridiculous)
Spells: Every Rank 5 Death spell. Also has all blades with a death blade in them.
Rank: 15 Boss (Wut?)
School: Death
Resists: 75% resist to all schools. 650 Critical Block. 575 Critical Chance. Immune to Beguile and Stun.

Cheats: #1 He-
Dark Dragonoid: "Be quiet you! I don't need cheats to beat this puny wizard."
Me: "Fine, I was just going to make you awesome, but I guess you don't want to be."
Dark Dragonoid: "....... Actually, give me cheats!"
Me: *Sighs* "Fine. Anyways, he-
Dark Dragonoid: You fool! Don't you see that your out of characters to type?!?!?!"
Me: No I'm- *Checks* Oh. I am. Well, I'll finish this another time. Bye.
*Note*: I meant every Rank 5 AND HIGHER Death spell, not just rank 5.
Me: Anyways.....
Dark Dragonoid: Stop stalling you dope! Get on with it!
Me: Shut up, I'm getting to it!
Me: Gosh, rude. Anyways, here are his cheats:
Cheat #1: Dark Dragonoid begins the battle with a instant 1000 damage Death Ninja Pig with a -45 weakness.
Dark Dragonoid: "That's pretty lame."
Cheat #2: Every 5 rounds, he will cast a unique spell known as the "Death Dragon" which does 785 to
all wizards and heals him back half of the amount he stole.
Dark Dragonoid: "Ooo! I like this one."
Cheat #3: When below half health, Dark Dragonoid will say: "You haven't even seen me at full power!" And the shadowy aura around him grows 4 times its size, making his spells now have 25% more damage.
Dark Dragonoid: "Cheesy, but awesome."
Cheat #4 When below 1000 health, Dark Dragonoid will say: "You are getting on my nerves, time to end this!" And shoots a MASSIVE death beam at you, which your wizard counters with a beam of your own, the color being whatever color your school is. Me:("Sorry for this, but I couldn't resist.") You then must mash the X button to make your beam stronger, and to help it overpower Dark Dragonoid's beam. Different dialogue will happen when you win or lose.
Win: Dark Dragonoid: "No!" This can't be possible! A wizard can't over power me! This can't be happening!" He is then blasted by your beam, and you watch as he disintegrates into a bunch of shadowy energy.
Lose: Dark Dragonoid: "Just as predicted! You are too weak to even be here! Now, time to send you back when you belong!" You watch in horror as his beam overtakes your wizard, and you are immediately knocked out and sent back to Merle Ambrose.
Me: "Anyways that's-"
Dark Dragonoid: "Whoa Whoa Whoa! That's a terrible way to end it!"
Me: "Ok fine, how would YOU end it?"
Dark Dragonoid: "Obviously, even if you win your beam shoots backwards and disintegrates you!"
Me: "That is wrong on so many levels. First off, this is a kids game, I don't think disintegration would be allowed, and-"
Dark Dragonoid: "But I disintegrate when I'm beaten!"
Me: "That's different, your made of shadowy energy, you can easily reform yourself! We are normal wizards, we can't regenerate!"
Dark Dragonoid: "I hate to say it, but your right."
Me: "Of course I am, I'm your creator!"
Dark Dragonoid: "Hey! Stop breaking the fourth wall!"
Me: "Fine! Getting back on topic....."
Anyways, that's the first of five bosses. Sorry it took so long to do this one, but I had other matters I needed to attend to.
Dark Dragonoid: "Sure you did."
Me: "Can't you go bother someone else!?!?!?!"
Dark Dragonoid: "Well, you still have to say what happens after the battle."
Me: *Grumbling* "Fine."
Me: "Anyways, after the battle:"
Narrator: "You see the shadowy energy in the room remain for a moment before imploding and vanishing. Even though the battle is won, you feel like it is far from over."
Me: "There, you happy now?"
Dark Dragonoid: "No".

Jun 19, 2011
Great idea but i was as thinking like two bosses one in life the other in storm. So like when i go into a fight you get two and it would have to be solo so no high lvl wizards wizards help them here are my minions / guards.

. name is i am friendly come with me get a treat to attract wizards. rank idk

. special attack tempest

. health 7,000

. cheats cast a 2,400 damage tempest every few rounds. Just like the one in Avalon expect in

. one

. the same name

.idk rank

.special attack forest lord

. health 8,000

. cheat cast absorb every three rounds.

Nov 18, 2012
Name: oceaneus
School: storm
Class: leviathan
Rank: 7 boss
Health: 5000

Cheat 1:with every incoming attack over 750 heals next round.

Cheat 2: summons rank 5 minion every 5 rounds.

Kane shadowsword grandmaster diviner

Sep 30, 2009
Name: Lord Elvis (named because of my pet firecat who is Lord Elvis)
Species: Firecat
School: Fire
Health #1: 8985
Health #2: 4450
Health #3: 2250
Final Health: 950

Each time he dies, he will automatically appear with lower health. That way the wizard will have no time to heal them self with potions or something.
Cheats: Every time you heal yourself he will take 55%
He also can critical and block critical.

When you approach him he says: "I will guard this place with my life! Be afraid puny wizard!"
Last words: "you fight well. You may pass"

Nov 19, 2014
Name: Fossil of Death
Species: Avenging Fossil
Rank: 7
School: Death
Cheat: each time it's opponent does over 1,500 damage it gets a heal (depending on pips).
Health: 5,500

Jun 08, 2009
Name: Tall Willow
Species: Treant
School: fire
cheat: If you use a blade or ward then he steals them all for himself
if you heal then she summons 3 death minions
Health: 8,000

Feb 29, 2012
Name: Snow Bandit
Species: Snowman
School: Ice
Cheats: Weakness is upon you! (cheat casts weakness every round)
Health: 4000

Dec 20, 2014
Hey, I love that idea, you should also make sure that the people you want over can get in for free, like you can say who has to fight and stuff.
Yeah, that would be pretty nice.
So, here is our epic boss...

Name: Moon Star
Species: That tree lady thing (we don't remember what it was)
School: life
Cheats: healing, strength and weakness cards
Health: max (we don't remember the max)


Mar 02, 2015
My boss is...

Name: Iapetus

Type: Ice Griffon

Rank: 5

Health: 7,900

Yup. The name was random.
-Brook Silverstone

Jan 21, 2014
:D i think i have a easy one

Name: Ana leafy (random )
School: Life
Species: Dryad
Health: 3,500
Cheat: She HELPS YOU??? (what?) what she would do is use a unicorn with epic heal, but... before that she enchants you to help her for one round, wich would heal you and her and the same time, plus after the unicorn she stuns you, so that would be annoying
Cheat activation: health under 1,000

Start: (loud, squeaky voice, kinda like a pixie)Hi! i heard you want to enter this house, but my very nice wizard said to not let you in, so he gave me a idea! (voice lowers to a level like dalia and starts to eco in form of evil) he said to keep you trapped here in battle forever! unless you want to flee like a coward!

During cheat: like i said, trapped here forever! (still with the low and eco voice)

Loose: (loud, squeaky voice) sorry i had to beat you, but my wizard said no!, bye!

Win: (loud, squeaky voice) Congratulations! you may enter!

also, as a prize, she gives you a cookie pet snack! oh and when she gets defeated, she shrinks into the ground (kinda like her spell in reverse) and then after the battle she sprouts back up, but when she sprouts down, she looks happy! and when you loose, she says the dialog and then your in the commons

Isaac GoldHeart lvl 29

Sep 21, 2013
Level: 82
Species:Egyptain god (Balance)
Cheat: When you attack with balance he yells "How dare you attack with my masters school!" And you get a 90% any school trap on you.

I love the house protector idea, wish kingsisle would make it an option for the game.
Ellie Dreamgiver level 82

Nov 24, 2010
dumbug23 on Feb 4, 2014 wrote:
Ever think what would happen if the intruder won? that's why you should make your house guard impossible to overcome.

Home Guardian
School: Sun
Class: Unknown
Rank: 15 Elite Boss
Health: 1000,000
Minions: Home Guardian Clone
Immune to any damage
Deals 1,000,000 damage to everyone every round x2
(Survivors get it again!) x2
Regains 100% health when defeated (Not possible to even kill it!)
Removes all blades from all players every round
Removes all traps placed on it every round
Removes all shields from all players every round
100% pierce
Heals itself for 1,000,000 every round
Casts a -99% shield on itself x4 (not able to steal, pierce, or remove)
Immediately replaces the shields after they have been used
100% critical chance, ignores critical block rating
Casts virulent plague (-65%) every round
Casts smokescreen to all players
Casts weakness (-90%) to everyone every round
Ignores Dispels
Immune to stun, and beguile
Casts balanceblade (+100%) every round (Not able to steal)
Casts Earthquake every round
Taunt or soothe has no effect
Stuns all players every round
Casts doom and gloom any time someone casts a global spell
Backlash has no affect
Casts cleanse charm on itself every round x4
Steals all HoTs
Removes all DoTs on itself
Casts all dispels on everyone every round x4
Casts infection (-90%) to everyone every round x4
Casts mana burn to everyone every round
Casts super nova on the star spell user
Damage spells targeted at it are turned around on all friends

Does this boss in any way, sound defeat able? That's right, it's not.

The point is, that unwanted guests or intruders shouldn't be able to enter unless you can approve of it.

(But great job on the boss, don't you think? )
I think KI might have taken some inspiration from this post, because Malistaire can do the following things mentioned from my original boss who can also do what Shadow Malistaire can do:

1. Regains 100% health upon defeat.

2. Removes universal traps and blades

3. Casts Balanceblade

4. The "earthquake", being the Drake

5. Casts supernova on auras

6. A SUPERIOR amount of pierce

7. AND 100,000 health!

That sounds a LOT like my boss that I made as a joke! Looks like someone does take in ideas!

Good job Kingsisle, I love the challenge.

May 17, 2011
I love this idea my boss would be

Flame Lord ( Elemental)
Heath: max your boss can have
Cheats: starts with seven pips (3 power pis and one normal), If you Cast a single blade it says "you cannot be armed in my master's house and casts a steal charm for zero pips, if you cast a aura he says "the power of the stars have no effect on me" and casts supernova.

May 30, 2013
Name Destroyer of all life
Rank 7
Health 8560
Species Wizard
Notes- spawns 3 sand squid tentacles every 5 rounds
and has a 90% tower shield every 4 rounds
when dies Jabberwock spawns

Feb 23, 2015
Koschei the Revived
Class: Death
Rank: 12
Health: 16,650


Death Blade
Death Ninja Pigs


Whenever a player casts a life spell, Koschei will cast a no pip cost Dr. Von’s Monster against that player and he will declare, “Witness true power over life!”

Whenever a player casts a shield, Koschei will cast a no pip cost Skeletal Dragon against that player and declare, “You cannot prolong the inevitable.”

Resist: 80% to Death
Boost: 30% to Life

Based on an old Russian fairy tale except that Fallon (my wizard) found Koschei’s tormented soul and bound it to a new body as well as to her will so that she would have a formidable warrior to guard her home against invasion. She informed Koschei, "I have given you a chance to atone for your past crimes. Help me protect this world and, together, we may earn you your final rest at last."

Mar 31, 2010
My boss :) (Level 83):

Name: Mythical Cyclops
Species: Cyclops
Rank: 7
Cheat: Will say "I feel stronger already!" after any wizard attacks the boss, he will then put on a +45% Balance Blade
Secondary Cheat (If it's allowed): Casts Humungofrog every time a wizard heals (Base Deals 500 damage), will say "You'll have to try harder than that!"
Health: 7000

Lastly, if you couldn't tell, my main is a level 83 myth

Feb 17, 2012
Name: Stormzilelf
Species: Storm elf
Class: Storm
Health: 10,000
Cheat: Every 2 turns he casts a weakness on everyone one.
Also if spend a round with out attacking you get hit with a sirens that destroys all blades and puts a minus 99 on you.

Dec 22, 2013
How about this guys?

How about Kingsisle makes a feature where if someone wants to port to you at your house you get a message asking if you want to allow it and a "send all away" option in the friends window available only while in your own house?

I think that would be WAY more functional than a guard-boss.

just saying...

Sep 03, 2014
My boss would be like this:

species: dinosaur
health: max (I don't remember max health allowed)
rank: 7

At beginning of battle he says ''You are about to feel the sting of defeat!''
Cheats: Anyone higher than level 70 gets separated from the group and is placed with there own spinysaur boss.
Every time you heal he says ''feeling better now?'' and uses a zero pip spinysaur on the caster.
Every round he casts a 90% tower shield on himself. Every 5 rounds, however he removes the tower shield for one round and uses a zero pip forest lord with base damage of 1000-2000.
Every time you attack him he says ''I thought you came here to hurt me!'' and uses a zero pip satyr on himself.

When you defeat him he says ''It was not you, but me who felt the sting of defeat!''

So yeah, that's my boss. This was meant for high level wizards lol

Lindsey ShadowWhisper lvl 82

Jun 14, 2013
Ooh this sounds fun ;w;

Boss Name: Blue
Species: Sabertooth tiger
Rank: 7
Health: 9,000

If you are a friend with the 'star' highlighted on the friend list (basically like a 'favourite'), then you don't need to fight him.

At the beginning of the battle Blue says, in a deep mocking tone, "Ah; young wizard, who should you think you are, carelessly wandering - and intruding - into my master's home? I'd suggest you left now."
"No? You wish not to? Well then, prepare for your defeat!"

1) Every time you heal Blue will cast a Sabertooth tiger spell (that doesn't use any pips) and say, "The more you heal, the more you lose!"
2) Every second round Blue will cast a 90% tower shield and a 30% blade on himself.
3) Every time you cast a spell that does 1,000 or more damage, Blue will say "Going for the overkill? My health comes back faster than you could drain it!" And casts a satyr spell on himself that does twice as much healing as the original spell.
4) If you attack with a balance spell Blue will cast a smoke screen and say, "Oh No young wizard, balance is too complicated for you to ever learn!"

If you defeat him Blue will drop one random item from the Raven's Hoard Pack and say, "My. Well done young wizard, you were stronger than you seemed. Here, take this reward. I shall tell my master of what strength you possess. Then again, my master is much stronger than you!"

Oct 07, 2013
Name: StormBeast
Species: Kraken
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Storm
Cheat: After death takes half of your health and refills half of his.
Health: 11,000