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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

Mar 11, 2012
Haha, since i'm life and garden gnomes protect your garden why not have a gnome to protect my house.

HP- 8,000
Spells- Everything up to rank 9
Cheats- Gets 3 plants to help him, summons a new one every 3 rounds. You can't defeat the plants until you defeat the gnome.
I think the plants should be evil snow peas, elephant ears, and couch potatoes.

~Emma Lotusthorn 83

Mar 11, 2012
Name- Thornedrose
Species- Gnome
Rank- 7
School- Life
Says- "Roses are red, violets are blue, honey is sweet, but not as sweet as you! I can taste you now!"

Emma Lotusthorn 83

Mar 11, 2012
Name- Grave Twister
Species- bone dragon
Rank- 7
School- Death
Says "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your spells will never hurt me."

Jan 27, 2012
This is such a bad idea. You get one person even 10 levels higher than you and your boss is toast. And people would just start making decks ready before they come to your house, or equiping a deck ready to destroy your boss when they teleport. I can only see this working if the boss changed in health, consistantcy of cheats, and rank of spells depending on what level the person who teleported is. Sorry, but I cant see this happening.

Jul 09, 2011
i am level 45
Name: Furious Treant
Species: Treant
Rank: 6 Elite Boss
Cheat: for every shield and blade you have, he gets a tower shield
Health: 6,500

Sean Rainbowhunter lvl 45

Jan 20, 2009
my lvl is 89.

boss: rank 7
School storm.
the cheat would say... YOU DARE TO WEAKEN ME! and he would use earthquake to do 800 damage and remove all positives including shields. he uses it only when being attacked and doing over 1000 damage. another cheat is if you heal he says I can not die when we do the same! and heals with regeneration only when the other person heals.

health: 8,550.
name: storm serpent
looks like: a leviathan only wizards size.

Nov 05, 2011
I am a level 82 Storm wizard

Rank: 7 Boss
Name:Electric Current
Looks Like:Ball of electricity
Cheat: If your attack does less than a one shot kill he says: "Is that all you got? I'll show you my power!" and summons another one of himself.


Ethan ShadowThorn - Storm - Lvl 82

Feb 24, 2013
Name: Shadow Servant
HP: 30,000
Spells: All rank 10 spells, all kinds of blades, and all kinds of traps.
No boost, resists everything by 25%
Cheats, when you use the same spell 3 times he will say "Don't be a spammer!" and uses your spell.
If you heal, he will use a vampire for no pips that does 600 base damage.
Pierces off traps and cleanses off weakness

Drops: Hades Helm of Torment, Hades Cloak of Torment, Bright Wing Boots, an enchanted armament that has proof, defy, death giver, pain giver, and may cast virulence in movepool instead of selfish, alpha and omega ring, blade of the felled titan, amulet of divine influence, rickshaw permanent mount, and frosty stare tiki torch.

Quotes: Before Battle: You will never gain access to Master Gavin's Inner Sanctum. Not on my watch.

After defeat: You have done well. Proceed.

May 29, 2014
sliver moon wolf on Jul 25, 2014 wrote:
have you ever had a person that keep porting back to someone else in a pvp party at you house and you have to keep sending away because you can't fined who they friends with or they keep adding him and there so many people there that he can just add anyone and be like what ever I coming back and ruining the party for ever body else just because I want to that the point of the boss if they battle the boss and lose they have to stay out for a hour or even more so you don't want the boss to be win able
-_- Wow do you have to be so rude to people?
Have you even heard of the send away everyone button?

May 29, 2014
Anonymous510 on Jun 16, 2014 wrote:
Hey I am level 56 and these are the guardians of my castle

Name: Medusa's Lost Serpent Minion names: Malistare's forgotten brothers
Rank: Boss is rank 30, minions are rank 25
School: Serpent is school, school, and school, Minion is school, school, and school
Health: Boss: 50,000 Minion health: 40,000
Spells known: Boss: All , , and spells Minion: All , , and spells
Beginning dialogue: " Oh what do we have here? Sssss, A young wizard would like to confront my massster? Well i think we ssshould duel first, don't you agree? Sssss, only wizards who have ultimate strength may speak with my masster! Let usss duel and tessst your power!!"
Closing dialogue: " Well, well, well, you have defeated me in combat, so I grant you entry to this castle. Farewell young wizard, I will leave my post and heal. However, I shall return soon"
Cheats: If you try to heal, he will cast a catalan spell that does double all the damage that you just healed.
The boss has to do with your level XD

Feb 22, 2009
last one

narrator: you see a strange switch in the middle of the room. is this the switch to open the house gate?
(after switch is used)
???: so you beat the sun warrior, lord of titans, and life and death itself. i am much stronger than any of them. i am shadow itself!
name: tristan darkstone
race: wizard (my usual fighting clothes but colored completely black, yellow, or gray depending on form)
rank: 25
health: 100,000,000
school:, but can switch to or
spells: mastery in , , and (depending on what form you are currently fighting. also casts some in shadow form) note: when fighting form, try to get him to recieve as much backlash damage as possible.
cheat 1: (anytime you cast ) "i told you, i am shadow itself!" randomly becomes one of the schools mentioned above.
cheat 2: (anytime you cast a spell mutated with) "you think i'm vulnerable to light just because i'm darkness?!" spell does 50% damage to him and he retaliates with a sun spell boosted by 50%.
cheat 3: (anytime you summon a minion while fighting form) "now i bring out my ultimate weapons!" summons a rank 19 cyclops, followed immediately with a 60% boosted orthrus.
cheat 4: (after you bring him down to 250,000 hp) "nngh. i need assistance!!" summons a rank 25 wizard.

after you beat him: rrrgh. i failed to guard the sanctum. i guess you can enter the house.

Jun 01, 2014
Level 100 Storm
Name:The Reject Leviathan
Looks Like: A Black and White dark leviathan with a poisonous barb at the end which gives him balance spells and abilities
Spells:All up to Storm owl.And Balance.
Stats:Critical:780:Block:500:Damage:only his two schools 200:Resist:50:Accuracy:95% to every spell except cheat spells:Piercing:38:Healing in 50 healing out 30:
Description:When you want to get into the house he will say "You want to enter then good luck.I have a purpose to do except swim the seas with my brothers as you can see i'm different *zooms in on skin that is black and white* My master Blake will be pleased if i kill you.Now let me stab you with my poisonous Barb and let this be over with*Then he breaths with a storm crackle and the battle beings.

Cheat 1:If you use a healing spell he will say "NO ONE SHALL DARE OFFEND ME" and will cast a Storm Owl with a critical that will hit single that does 4,000 damage or less.
Cheat 2:If you use a rank 8 spell or below he will say "Fool that won't put a dent on me" and cast a Avenging Fossil that will do 900 DOT and it will heal him with 10,000 health.
Cheat 3:If you cast a or he will say "Hiding from me are you..???" And cast 3 minions that have half his health and are is rank and he has a minus 100% tower shield that will reappear ever time you try to hit him and not the minions.But once you kill them the shield will last another round and turn into an absorb which will have 2,000 damage absorbed.

Cheat 4:If you have friends or a minion he will "*THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS* VERSUS ONE HOW CHEAP OF YOU" And will summon three of himself with every single stat.

Cheat 5(Last cheat):If you cast a shield on yourself or a teammate he will say "PSH I CAN BLOCK THAT" and will use a Triton that will ignore the shield completely put take it away and do about 3,000 damage and will put a storm DOT that does 230 every time.

How do you like my guard leviathan????

Jun 29, 2011
My name: Eric ShadowCaster
Level: 65
School: Storm

Boss Name: Lightning Lord
Rank:11 boss(because that is how it is in zafaria
Cheat: (1st entrance) "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" And then takes a quarter if your health from you with a lightning bolt.
(1st death) "NO TRESPASSING" and revives himself with half health
2nd cheat. He casts a blade and darkwind. He also heAls himself using rebirth everytime you heal.
Spells: Life, Astral, and mainly Storm

Nov 16, 2012
Wizard; Wolf Wildsword Level 71
Boss; Volcanic Kraken
Species; Kraken
Rank; 9
Health; 8,000
Cheat; When ever you cast a shield he automagically put a trap on you to switch his next attack to the opposite school.
P.S. I'm to the point where enemies start with more pips so he gets 4 powerpips + 1 pip to begin with.
Have fun with that
The Wolf

Apr 25, 2010
Name: King of the Underworld
Health: 7,000
Cheat:Halfway through he summons skeletal servents with 1,000 health that are rank 3 death
When you beat him he says I have failed my master I am not worthy of my title and you get a Badge called King of The Underworld

Jul 24, 2010
Wow. I haven't made a post here in about 2 years. Since time has gone by, I think I'll make a couple more bosses.
Hunter Wildcatcher Level: 80

Name: Nightshade Doom Bringer.
Species: Wraith
Spells: All Death, Shadow, and Astral spells, and Death, Spiritual, and Colossal Blades.
Health: 23'500
Level: 100
Resistance: 40 Immune to ALL spells. 375% Critical Rating, 500% Critical Block, and Stun and Beguile immune.
Cheat #1: At the beginning of the match, Doom Bringer will say "You will never destroy me....." and makes himself immune to all spells. He will also summon 3 skeletal pirates, all with 7'500 health, and all dispel and weakness like spells.

Cheat #2: After his skeletons have been reduced to ash, Doom Bringer will cheat and attack you with 1 of 4 spells: Death Ninja Pig: 590 damage with a -50% weakness, Frank: 1500 damage and a -15% infection, Avenging Fossil: 2500 damage with a 900 over time, Skeletal Dragon: 790 damage with a 1750 over time.

Cheat #3 At half health, Doom Bringer's hood will come down, showing a skeletal face with black smoke coming out of his eyes. He will then throw his scythe at you, knocking you down to half health. Now, Doom Bringer has 25% resistance to all schools. However, all of his spells now do 75% more damage.

Cheat #4 Once he has 500 or less health left, he will try to explode, taking you with him. You then must unleash all of your power into him, causing him to break apart into a bunch of ashes. If your attack would of killed him, the game makes it so he lives with 1 health.

Beginning: You.... have invaded this house...... your soul.....WILL BE MINE!

Ending: You..... may have defeated me.......but........I will........haunt you....... for the rest......of....... "Text cuts off".

There you go. I don't even know how many bosses I've made so far. XD

Apr 29, 2014
I am lvl 75
Name: Elemental Breather
Health: 11,000
Minion: Astral Minions (3k health)
Species: Hydra
Rank: 12 boss
Class: Balance
Immune to Stun and Beguile
A mantle will stay on every wizard for every round.
Spells: All balance spells and astral spells.
Cheat: If you heal, he says "You think you can live with your healing?" then he casts a -100 doom and gloom.
2nd Cheat: When you don't attack him after 4 rounds he says "If you won't make a move, I will!" and he casts a powerful efreet on you.
3rd Cheat: If you fizzle, he will stun you.

Oct 07, 2010
tebucky11 on Dec 31, 2010 wrote:
I am getting angry that people keep coming to my house and inviting their friends over then they invite their friends and yeah and then when i try to send them away they run into an out of the house so it won't work so i am thinking that before anyone comes to your house they have to fight a boss so here are the rules!

Can't have over 8,995 health
Can't be over rank 7
Has to be your class
Species has to be a species of your class

Cheating rules

If you are level 44 or under you may NOT make a cheating boss


Extra spell
Puts a buff on himself or a weakness on you
Makes you have to kill him again but only this time he has half health
(Level 50+ only can do that cheat and once he used his/her cheat may not do it again)

Here is my boss! ( i am level 53 )

Name: The Dark Wraith
Species: Wraith
Rank: 7 Boss
Class: Death
Cheat: Says "You can't kill me!" then makes you kill him again with half health
Health: 8,660
Second Health: 4,330

So there you go hope you like my ideas! reply and make your own follow the rules :-)
Species:Balance Protector
Cheats:If struck with any balance spells Alhazred teaches it will heal with sprite that heals 500 health for 5 rounds (off round) and if put a weakness or infection Judgement will off round cast a 500 damage scarab for 1 pip.Judgement puts a tower shield and a -70 Infection.
Says:"To do that much damage you have not paid the price for it" when gets attacked the first time for a 4+ pip spell and uses empowerment for 500 rounds

Jan 18, 2014
Good idea btw I am level 22
My boss
Name: Fire defender
Species: Fire elemental
Health 8,000
Rank 5
Says You want to go to this wizards house you have to pass me first
btw can you enable and disable so its open when you want people/wizards to come

Jan 20, 2009
i am Daniel firebreaker lvl 100 storm and my boss is epic.

rank 25

class: storm
type: storm owl
looks like: storm owl wizard size.
he has all spells for storm and a lot of spells from life and fire.
he has life blades and traps and fire and storm.
his cheat is... when you attack him if its not a one hit kill he says. HA. IS THAT YOUR BEST THEN TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE and he evolves and gets all life spells and heals with rebirth.
His second cheat is when you heal he says... WHY DO YOU WASTE TIME DONT YOU KNOW I AM INVINICBLE! and he heals 5 times with regeneration.
his third cheat is when you kill him he goes... YOU HAVENT WON YET! and he summons a minion of zeus and Poseidon and hades but each with 3 thousand health. then if you beat them. you may enter!

health: 25,000

Aug 20, 2012
Boss Name: Great Field Warden
Species: Centaur
Description: Centaur with golden armor color theme instead of standard color.
Rank 7
Health: 2,500
Cheats: 50% Attack Boost for 3 rounds when opponent cast a blade
30% Damage Resist when opponent cast a shield spell

This boss would be programmed to spam spirit armor and sprite while it is blading up for a centaur or seraph spell.
This boss cannot use fairy, satyr, or rebirth.
It also has a 50% chance of power pip.
No incoming or outgoing heal

Feb 21, 2009
Pretty cool idea, but "guard" lol

Sep 21, 2013
Jul 24, 2010
I should really be more active on here. I don't even know how many bosses I've created, and here's another, but with a different character. :P

Wolf Battlegiver Level 77
Hunter Wildcatcher Level 80

Name: The Joker
Species: Joker
Level: 2 Boss
Spells: All Fire, Shadow, and Death spells.
Health: 500????
Resist: -25????? 2 Universal Block, Immune to Beguile and Stun.

Beginning: "You see the Joker juggling three balls, One Red, One Blue, and One Yellow." "He catches them, looks at you, cackles, then the fight begins."

Cheat#1 After you've taken out his 500 health, he will ignite into flames, and will turn into a skeleton. He then says: "Did you really think it was that easy wizard?" "Now I'll show you what I'm made of!

Name: The Fiery Joker
Species: Joker/Skeleton
School: Fire and Death.
Level: 100
Spells: All Fire, Shadow, Death, and Astral spells. Also any spell that has a Fire Blade in it.
Health: 30'150!!!!
Resist: 45 TO ALL SCHOOLS. 575 Critical Chance. 700 Critical Block, Immune to Beguile and Stun. 45 extra damage for Fire and Death spells.

Cheat#2 If you ever cast a fire or death spell, he will say: "You think that's impressive? Watch this!" and then uses either a 2000 base damage Sun Serpent with 700 attack all damage, or a 1000 base damage Avenging Fossil with 1'500 over time damage. Which one he uses depends if you used fire or death.

Cheat#3 If you attack him with anything that does less then 950 damage, he'll say: "That was so weak!" "Try this!" and attacks with a 1500 base damage Efreet with a -95 weakness.

Death: "You watch as the Joker does a strange dance, followed by a loud scream, as he crumbles into ashes." "His Jester hat is all that remains."

So there you go! Finally did a boss that wasn't just Hunter! See you next time for more bosses.

Aug 09, 2013
Name: Flamebones
Species: Skeletal Warrior
Rank: Rank 3 Boss
Class: Fire
Health: 500
Second Health: 495

Seeing you: "I will burn you and keep you as a trophy!"
1st Defeat: "No! Revive me Malistaire!"
After revived: "Haha! Face me again!"
2nd Defeat: "No! I've failed again. You have permanent access now. I've always wanted a servant like you."

Possible drops:

250 Gold


Runed Ruby Wand ( Rare )
Initiate's Robe ( Rare )

Treasure Cards:

Sunbird (Uncommon)
Fire Elf (Common)
Vampire (Rare)
Ghoul (Common)
Balanceblade (Uncommon)
Storm Shark ( Rare )

Pet Snacks:

Gummy Firecat ( Common )