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Make your own boss to gaurd your home!

Nov 14, 2010
disclaimer to the ONLY reason he wanted to make this the way to handle your problem which is likely caused by you have inappropriate housing decoration you are trying to hide is go into gameplay options and turn only allow friends into house on. i think KI should take a look at the houses of people with this "problem" rather thier house is reported or not.

Aug 28, 2011
tristan thundersto... on Dec 20, 2013 wrote:
you've gotta be kidding me!!!!! every boss these days is over rank 7!!!!!
This was written back in 2010, when bosses were around rank 7 to 9.

May 02, 2009
i am lvl 95
here is my house guard......
name: Dr.Von's Monster
species: Undead
Rank: 13
health: 15,000
cheat: when he dies he says 'Time for a shadowy fate' and you have to fight him in shadow form
cheat: every 5 rounds he summons a rank 11 elite henchmen
rank2: 15
health2: 20,000
resistance: 80% 20% 10%
boost: 40%

Dec 11, 2011
David DarkDreath on Dec 28, 2013 wrote:
i am lvl 95
here is my house guard......
name: Dr.Von's Monster
species: Undead
Rank: 13
health: 15,000
cheat: when he dies he says 'Time for a shadowy fate' and you have to fight him in shadow form
cheat: every 5 rounds he summons a rank 11 elite henchmen
rank2: 15
health2: 20,000
resistance: 80% 20% 10%
boost: 40%
This is exactly why the creators haven't added this, designing your own boss fight to protect your house? That seems a little strange and the fact that you can make it way too overpowered such as this person above me. His boss is kinda like me saying oh why don't I have a 1,000,000,000 (one billion) health boss at my house so nobody can come, I think it will have power pips with every school and 99% resist to everything and 100 attack and 1,000 critical and block and healing boost and pip chance and pierce. See what I mean? You can make it as overpowered as you want. It would be unstoppable, if they do limit the statistics that this pet could have, it might be a decent idea. Overall it is not reasonable to have a boss guard your house. If they did make this at least have some really overpowered drops. More overpowered than tartarus is what I expect if they make this. Personally I think your pets could guard your house, you would have to battle the pets but your stats go down to half of what they normally are against the pet, they could use the spells they give and the stats you have trained them to get.

Overall having a boss to guard your house isn't reasonable, most people would make it unstoppable. If you really don't want your friends inviting more friends over limit your house to your friends only. Problem solved.

Jun 16, 2013
Name: Doom Bringer.
Species: Brimstone Revanant
Rank: 6 .
Cheats: Every 2 rounds he does a true warrior spell (really strong spell).
Every attack spell that you use does 100 damage to you.
When defeated, he spawns 2 dragons with 1,520 .
When he is half way defeated he gains 5 power pips and does a massive spell (efreet or wooly mammoth).
When defeated, he says "Master finish him off!" and you have to face me.
Doom Bringer gets 100 per round.
Health: 4,000

-Liam Death Vault

Mar 15, 2012
Name: Tux. Worm
Health: 25,000
Cheat 1: Every other turn if you havent attacked He will say: Your to slow! Then he will use mana burn.
Cheat 2: If his health drops below 10,250 he will say OWE THAT HURTS Then use Steal ward until all your shields are gone, then he will use steal charm until all of your blades are gone. Then he will use hydra, and chimera that does 100 each head plus the blade
Cheat 3: if he isnt dead within 5 turns he will say GUINEA PIG! And He will summon a minion of 250 health called guinea pig and then it will use sacrifice that will leave guinea pig with 1 health left and will heal Tux. worm by 1500 health, and then guinea pig will use a ZERO pip fairy that heals it.
When guinea pig dies, Tux worm will say: My guinea pig! And then will use earthquake and summon a copy of himself that has 10 health, with 999 resist and will cast bad juju on you every turn till it is dead aka you have to use ten spells because 999 makes it 1 damage, and there are 4 copies, that will cloak random shields on everyone every other turn! Thats my Cheating boss to guard my home! But if he is killed, he will say I have failed you my master. Then will summon himself again with half health and do all the cheats over. After second battle he will say sorry you are dead and will revive himself with 1000 health and spam jabberwock minions everyturn. If you ever manage to kill him, you will get 60 thousand crowns, and 10 mega snack packs! His chest gives mega snack packs for 100 crowns each!

Dec 26, 2012
Mar 30, 2012
I'm level 33
Boss: Matthew GolemBlade
Species: Golem
Health: 7,500
Type: Life
Says( At the start of the battle): Begone!
Says ( at half health ): Is that the best your school has to offer?
Looks: Like my wizard
Looks ( K.O. ed): Falls apart

Jul 14, 2013
I am Hunter GoldenFlame lvl 27

Boss: DangerFlame
Species: Phoenix
Rank: 4 Elite
Health: 2,000

Dec 19, 2010
I'm level 50 death
Name: Greg
School; Death
Rank: 6
Looks:A dragon made of bones
Can: heal, shield, use all death spells to opponents level,
Says: naaaa, you cant get to my bro's house, just, naaa

Dec 19, 2010
my guy is Malistare times 10 and he cheats by if you use your main school spell it fizzles and then he uses it on you for no pips then uses the spell he picked and gains 4 pips, if you beat him you have to go against the professor of the school opposite to you and that person says, my school is superior and you sadly are un-invited cheat: if you use your main school the teacher laughs and gains health, if they are at full health, then their max health goes up, then if you bet them you main school teacher fights you and says, good job beating the others but i know you cant be your own teacher, cheat: if you use main school your teacher gets prism and takes no damage. if you beat all 3 of them, you have proven your self worthy and get one gold for lols

Oct 16, 2011
Boss: Mordian Tree
Species: Tree
Health: 6345
Rank: 5
Magic: Life
Cheat: When brought down to 2000 health, will spawn 3 minions with 3000 health each.
He we scream: " The spirits of the forest will save me!"
He also heals a ton which will make him annoying.

Oct 16, 2011
dvspaneque on Jan 3, 2011 wrote:
Well, seems kind of complicated to have that in your house because how would your friends get you house without having to do all that. . I think it would be a lot easier to just ban someone from your house for a certain amount of time such as 24 hours. .
Well that takes out all the fun!

Jul 24, 2010
Gosh, even when I say im done making bosses, I just can't stop thinking of new ones! The gauntlet stays the same, except that now they're are two new bosses. The first one is in the room after the father of the ghosts. "Narrator": "You walk into the room, you feel an evil presence that wasn't here before." You see multiple bones laying around on the ground. As you approach the middle of the room, you see a dark evil magic begin to circle you. Soon you see the bones around the room shake and begin to come together. They then form a bone dragon, held together by the dark magic. He then says "I am the Grand Bone Dragon." I was the original owner of this home, but a wizard come in and destroyed my body." I thought I was done for, but Morganthe came and told me that she could give me life, as long as another wizard came into the house. Thanks to you, I can now live again and take down the owner of this house. but first, I will deal with you!"

Name: Bonetail
Rank: 20 Boss
Species: Bone Dragon
Health: 25'500
Spells: All Rank 8 Spells and Higher. Including Shadow Spells. (Also has Satyr and Rebirth.)
Defense: Immune to all schools. 500 Universal Block 250 Critical Chance 40 Death Damage 25 Peirce.
Power Pip Chance: 100 Shadow Pip Chance: 33%

Cheats: #1 Casts a 1'250 base damage Avenging Fossil on the first round, ignoring resist.
Cheat #2 Will summon 2 minions on the second round. Minions have 2'500 health, and they cast tier 6 spells and lower.
Cheat #3 Once his 2 minions are killed, a message will appear saying "Now's your chance! Attack!" If you attack that turn, you will blow his head off, revealing his core, surrounded by dark magic. When his head is gone, all his attacks and defense will drop to 0. However, after 2 turns his head will come back on.

Defeat: "You see the shadow magic surrounding his core vanish, and you watch the dragon die." He then says, "So." "You made have destroyed my core and body, but I will be back!" And then he vanishes.

Jun 22, 2013
Terra Omnis Mundi Creatura

Health 5000


Cheats: summons Terra ward: Health: 2500, , cheats: fairys the boss when ever it losses 1,000 lives

Creature: Blue skeletal forest lord

power pips:

Spells cast:

moon beam
moon kraken
storm owl
forest lord

Jun 22, 2013
it also casts:

Frost giant
king artorius (ice)
king artorius(life)
life trap
ice armour
snow angel
shadow seraph

Jul 24, 2010
Ok, here's the second battle after you fight the other dragons.

"You enter the room where you fought the Elder Dragon." "You shiver as you remember the horrible thoughts." "Suddenly, the room begins to shake and a dark magic appears." "You see a Shadow of the Elder Dragon appear, and it roars." "You again, the shadow says in a menacing voice." "My body and heart may of been destroyed, but now, I am one with the Shadows!" "You've given me unlimited power!" "Now, let me show you what true power looks like!"

Name: The Shadow Dragon.
Species: Shadow Dragon
Health: 60'000
Resist: Immune to Everything. 675 Critical Block 450 Critical Chance. 35% Pierce
Pips: Starts with 7 full Power Pips, and 1 Shadow Pip. Power pip chance: 99.99% Shadow Pip Chance: 45%
Spells: All 3 Shadow Spells and All Tier 8 Spells and higher. (Also Has Rebirth and Satyr.) (Also has shields for all schools.)

Cheats: Cheat #1 There is no way to reduce his resist.
Cheat #2 Every 4 Rounds, he will cast a Shadow Spell. No matter what he does, he will always get +10 Backlash.
Cheat #3 Once his shadow spell is done he will get a base Backlash damage of 5'000. (Extra backlash will be added on if he got more.)
Cheat #4 Once his backlash knocks him down to 30'000 Health, you will get a spell called "Bringer of Light." It can't be discarded. You then use the spell on him. Animation: A yellow ball of light builds power above your head. Once it is fully charged it lunges at the Dragon. It does 100 damage and drops his Defense to -10, meaning he will get a boost for all schools. (The spell also knocks his Max Health to 30'000)
Cheat #5 Once you drop his defense, he will start using shields more often.

Death: "How is this possible?" "Even with unlimited power, A puny wizard defeated me!" "The dragon's shadow begins to disintegrate away." "May you be sent into the shadows!, the dragon says before he completely vanishes." "Then you see the spirit of the dragon explode into a million pieces."

Nov 14, 2010
critical blizzard on Dec 27, 2013 wrote:
disclaimer to the ONLY reason he wanted to make this the way to handle your problem which is likely caused by you have inappropriate housing decoration you are trying to hide is go into gameplay options and turn only allow friends into house on. i think KI should take a look at the houses of people with this "problem" rather thier house is reported or not.
still this.

Mar 07, 2012
I'm level 55. :)

Rank 7
School: Life
Name: Spirit Keeper
Species: Raven
Health: 7000
Resistance: 80% to life
Boosts: 35% to death, 35% to myth
Speech: "You shall make quite a remarkable part in my collection... Come and meet your doom."

Cheats: Interrupt heals himself with a fairy (it's the life version, +420 health) every 3 rounds throughout the whole battle for no pips.
When he has 3500 health left, he'll cast a satyr once for no pips, (card item version, +990 health)
Immune to beguile and stun.

After-speech: "You have... a strong heart... and courage, i'll give you the key to my master's home... you... deserve it, young wizard. You deserve it."

~ Vanessa Rainbowpetal

Jul 15, 2013
Name: Full Moon Centaur
Rank: 7
School: Moon
Health: 8,990
Cheat: "Master Courtney will not be happy!" Then it casts The apollo damage spell and loses 2,780 health
Can Cast:
Moon Shield
Moon trap
Forest Lord
Summon Orphidan Archer Minion
Summon Zeus/Hades (Not in boss form)

Mar 11, 2011
Name:The Flying Crazy
Species:Vampire (The bat thing)
Cheat:Whenever you heal he yells "No! i dont like life get it away from me!" And he uses a dark sprite which does 1000 damage

May 05, 2010
matty960 wrote:
My level: 45
Name: Flame Flyer
Species: Sunbird
Rank: 11 Boss
Class: Fire
Cards: All spells!!
Cheat: Whenever you use any spell except a one-hit kill, Flame Flyer automatically regains full health without taking a turn. Also, any Fire spell cast by you will result in a 10,000 damage Efreet with the weakness at 99% to everyone. Lastly, if you defeat him (which probably won't happen), he will come back with 70,000 health and 3 draconian minions, each with 25,000 health.
Boost: None
Resist: 95% to everything except Ice, and 99% to Ice.
Health: 8,995
You'll never beat my boss!
you cant do that. its overpowering. it's too high strength. choose something within boundary lines.

Oct 20, 2011
Name: Mander House Guardian
Species: Mander (larger type)
Rank: 7
Class: Balance
Health: 7,999
I'm level 40

Jul 24, 2012
Name: TreeThrower
School: Life
Species: Tree

Spells: All life spells including heals up to level 65
Cheats (for when I level up 4 times): Uses a 2 pip saytr.
If you put a weakness or plauge on him he says: You weaken me? Taste stone! Then casts a natures wrath and gets rid of the weak.

Every 4 rounds he casts a natural attack, which deals 300 damage and a random trap.

See ya in the game! -Brooke EmeraldShard, level 40 Theurgist

Jun 24, 2011
in the privacy settings, this is and option to limit home to friends. hope you find that useful,
Wolf Ravenbreath95