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Feedback Friday 1-21-11

Oct 17, 2010
first there are a couple places i want to see
1. in haunted cave there is a like a door by nightshade mabe you could make it to a dungon.
2. take ropes of at library people realy want to go there.
3. in marleybone let us go to barkingham palice.
4. you should make a new outfit by diego that has critical in it
5. at easter make a dungon were like there is a easter bunny that drops diffrent prizes.
6. you should beable to go in the shopping distict place with the lite on.
7. make a hard monster hat drops crowns.

thanks for listening you guys do great

Feb 12, 2010
I've been thinking about this one and so had to do a little family poll in order to come up with just one area. I have sooo many! :D The answer I got back, though, was "Crab Alley" and "the closed off doors in the Crab King's Palace!"
I laughed because it was one I hadn't thought of, but, I agree. Crab Alley. :)

Aug 30, 2010
I would love to see in one of those doors that you can't use to be a second death, life, fire, ice, etc. school, one for each school. Only it is a place dedicated to each school and in the middle will be a huge tree, one we have never seen before who sells different things for that school. Also, the place would have cool new school mounts, you have to be that school to get the mount. There should also be clothes for that school and everything you could ever imagine! 8)

Mar 01, 2009
i think a good idea would be to make the blocked of area in haunted cave a dungeon near night shades tower

Apr 19, 2010
What I really want to see is those two doors in Haunted Cave in Wizard City. Nothing is in there is it's close. Maybe you can make a quest to get in that place.

Apr 06, 2009
In the Shopping District there is this one shop that has the lights on but you can't get in.

Also, I am curious in seeing Barkingham Palace.

The one I am most curious about is the cave in Haunted Cave.

Thank you for listening to our responses! :D

May 12, 2010
Sep 27, 2009
Freshta wrote:

This week, we'd like to talk about unexplored areas in familiar lands. In the worlds of the Spiral that have been discovered, tell us one place that you would be interested to see what's behind a door/space/area that seems like it should be open.

One example, I've heard that some students would be curious to see what the inside of Barkingham Palace looks like. We'd love to hear more, I'm sure there are a lot of curious Wizards out there!

I am most curious about the two massive doors tucked under Nidavellir. The whole area looks like it could be remains of the lost civilization created by the Ice Titans. It's clearly advanced architecture, evidence of a sophisticated civilization. Also, it uses crystals as power sources, which links it to Celestia. It's fascinating ... what is Nidaveller? Who built it? And what secrets are hidden in there still...?

I also would love to see inside one of the humble cottages in Northgard. Perhaps sit down on a wood-carved bench in front of the fire and toss back a tankard of mead with Bjorn Ironclaws.

And finally, I would love to have an expanded foray into Dragonspyre's past. I love the dungeon where you go back in time and see Dragonspyre before the Dragon Titan destroyed it. It would be fun if we could see even more of Dragonspyre's former glory.

Thanks for letting us dream out loud.

Sierra Stormcaller

I agree, before celestia came out i thought they would be some sort of gate to the sunken world, my reasoning being the star and moon symbols outside the doors. As for the past, I think the grand chasm is plenty for dragonspyre, but what about celestia? Celestia was destroyed just like dragonspyre, i wish there was a back in time part of celestia!
-Malorn Ghostrider

Nov 29, 2008
So far in my travels around the Spiral (expect DragonSpyre and Celestia) there has laways been one area I have been wondering about: The closed off cave in Golem Court, It's so mysterious how it's there yet its mocking us by just there, no way in, no way out.

So I hope one fine day (or stormy day, I don't care) in the spiral, that cave will let us explore it

Sep 29, 2010
i want to be able to go to space with a magical space suit and float to different worlds that would be the best! :D :D :D :-) :)

Jan 20, 2010
I would love to enter some places named on page 1 (will try not to repeat any areas that is said already)
but what I didnt see, and want to see is:
The other Schools in DS, DragonSpyre Academy!!!
Gloria Kendell house (olde town) also crafters house and towers there
some houses in GH, just to see some how they look like
walk behind spiral door in gh (know its not exactly a locked up place)
the door left to Trial of Spheres
MANY doors in the necropolis...
the Bridge pedestal in Labyrinth. in the beginning, go past the first boss house thing and you'll see a gap. there's a bridge crystal on the other side, whats that for? (if it is school quest, i only have storm myth ice (60) and life death (50)

Feb 02, 2010
I would like to see whats behind the school doors in dragonspyre academy. Barkingham Palace. And as said before the houses in the commons and both krokotopia and wizard city libaries. Ooh speaking of Krokotopia.. In the Alter of kings place, with professer winthrop.. The door to his lower left has stones in front of it, but im dying to see whats in store for me.

Thank you. Love feed back friday.

Tatiana Sky.

Jun 11, 2009
As well ( mostly everyone wants to see it ) I want to see what behinde the haunted cave door with the death sigh. I think malistare should return. Like he died and fell here and you kill him again. Thats what i would like to see.

Ryanbattlebreaker lvl 58 fire

PS. the libary in wc would be nice to see also ;)

Dec 23, 2010
Dear Professer Falmea,

I, Like you said, would like to se barkingham palace. For Wizard101's newest world (if there is a new one coming) I think it should be something like ancient greece & you can talk to all the gods, like Zeus & Posidon.

Aug 14, 2009
I'd like to see the Myth house in the crown shop with completed construction. The cat says that area is under construction any way, so why not complete it lol. :)

Jan 27, 2009
personally to tell you the truth i really would like to see whats behind the fence in the haunted cave with the death icon on it :P. i would LOVE THAT entirely. however on a side note if Professor Falmea does indeed read this i would love to see a temporary quest that allows you to time travel in wizard city back to a time in which the death school has not yet fallen below the other ones. could be an investigation quest of sorts.

May 22, 2009
I would love to see what is behind the moon and sun doors in Nidavellir (Grizzleheim) The architecture of the room is so amazing, I'd like to see what's behind those two doors. Maybe even a tie-in to celestian magic. That's my #1 spot. But I would also like to see some more secret trainers - maybe training some of the new spells our minions use - in some of the houses in DS, MS, or MB. That would be pretty awesome. I think this is the best Feedback Friday yet, and I hope some of these doors are opened!

Mar 30, 2009
kckool wrote:
Hey, Professor Falmea the things i'd like to see are as you said, barkingham palace in MB, have Dragon cave turn into like two differnt towers like the warehouse and briskbreeze. Also as i said in the 1-19-11 Feedback Friday page, new level cap names for when you increase the level cap, Hero of __(school) Levels 70-79(legendary stays for 60-69), Superhero of __ (school) for levels 80-89, Super ___ (school Proper adjective like diviner) for levels 90-99, And FINALLY, God of __ (school) for level 100, i wouldn't advise going far above that because some players dont have the time to level up past that, i have a few spells for these new level increases but i will post it in a new thread called " New level _8 spells for increased level caps" i will post mine in this form


I hope you like my ideas and continue to make great worlds like CL and DS

Kenneth Frostwalker, Grandmaster Thamaturge

CL cya

P.S. Loving the cold down here Professor Falmea! ^o^


Feel the burn of ICE!

yours is awsome i love it. i am a lvl 54 balance dude in training lol.

Jul 20, 2010
I have always wanted to see barkingham palace and there is a grey door across from the WC housing shop!!! Also Scotland Yard has 2 doors on the sides where do they lead?! And I think each house in colossus boulevard or in unicorn way should be opened and like have some have people with side quests worth tons of xp!

Thx for reading! Grandmaster Ncromancer

Dec 30, 2008
Apr 08, 2010
I love all the suggestions I have read about. I would also like to see what lies beyond the ocean in the Floating Land. Somehow that beach lures me to the water's edge, with something in the distant that calls to me. Not unlike the the wind inside the sea shell. Perhaps its Calypso and her pirates? Or perhaps its a different shore.

It would be really wonderful to have more places to explore, and perhaps discover items or reagents that we so desparately need for some of our crafting quests and gear. And more, some dungeons that present a challenge at all levels like given to us during Halloween.

Often, I go around and look at the decor, such as the museum in Marley, and the Map Room in Krok, and the dungeon (not sure of the name) that has all the relics behind bars in Dragonspyre. Wonderful work!

Aug 21, 2008
Hey, Austin lotuscaster here, and i have an idea. I've been a player ever since the beta testing started, and my friend and i have always wondered what's behind the gate with a death symbol (a.k.a. a skull) in the Haunted Cave next to Lord Nightshade's tower. We think it should lead to another part of wizard city, maybe a pvp zone? Anyway, we'd love it if you would consider doing that, and while your at it, you should know that everyone i've asked (and i've asked quite a few people) likes the old duel arena better than this one. You know, the one that you just walk up and duel, like in the massive fantasy palace. we've got tons of other suggestions, but i guess i'll wait until next time to post those.

Austin lotuscaster

Jun 12, 2010
I agree with every post I've read, but I didn't see anyone post on the one thing that troubled me the most. In Dragonspyre why are there no ghost teachers in the academy? The creators of wizard 101 really missed out here they could have had added higher level spells for players to learn from "Grand Master" teachers. It really would have been nice. Especially since they decided it would be ok to have four on one battles in Grizzleheim with boss level monsters.

May 02, 2009
I would really like to see the door with the fire symbol in the golem tower area. :)

Dec 25, 2009
Alright, So i see everyone basically wants 2 things:

#1: Barkingham palace, one of the people being me.

and #2: the hallways in the wc library.

I definitely want both of these things also. BUT, maybe the book shelves could have some strategy guides or some learnable spells for the wizards. THAT would be pretty cool to. And i definitely think barkingham palace should be made. Its got the door and you get all excited for a new quest and then all of a sudden ya cant go in.. So yeah, those are the too i've seen the most.