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Feedback Friday 1-21-11

Dec 14, 2008
May 24, 2009
I would like to see what is that shop in the shopping district that is lit up but u cant go inside of it and i would like to see what barkingham palace looks like in side and i think it would be cool to have a house shop in celestia where buxley turtleton is i really want him to sell house that are under water like were u have to swim around the outside of them and maybe even the inside

Nov 15, 2008
Well I LOVE wizard101!!!!!! But I think I'd like to see more of Wizard City. I am level 45 and in Drganonspyre but I still love Wizard City and all its mysteries!!!! So I would like to see more of Wizard City!!!!! 8) :)
- Nicole FireTamer
School of Life
Level: 45

Aug 09, 2008
The pyramid in Krok has an awful lot of room in the basement. I have always wanted to get down to the foot of that statue and see what kind of badies await me in the dungeons.

Some have mentioned the death gate by nightshades tower. I do want to know what is waiting for me back there. Could it be the very thing that turned Malistare against the spiral. He was a normal teacher until he lost his wife, but what else pushed him over the edge? Will Cyrus find out by investigating the area were his brother spent most of his free time? The death gate?

In the labyrinth there is another statue with an empty path in the center of the lava lake. Do they keep the worst of Dragonspyres criminals back there?

The secret area that used to be on the map in moo shu's ancient village. It was there and now it isn't was it hidden by an evil oni?

There was also a second secret island in Krok. It could be used for something i'm sure.

Apr 23, 2010
I had recently noticed after fighting lord nightshade, I saw a door to the right of stormdrain tower. I would like to see what's inside there. Also, i would like to see the inside of barkingham palace (maybe it could be a new optional dungeon?). I would also like to see those blue candle lit hallways in the wizard city library. Thanks for listenin g to my opinions!

Aug 13, 2010
Personally I'd like to see more houses in Wizard City be explorable, especially the Haunted Cave...Wait, does it even qualify as a cave? I mean, there are houses there...Wouldn't that make it a Haunted 'hood?

But anyway, there are many houses in Cyclops Lane, Firecat Alley, and what have you, that have no lights on upstairs. Maybe it's high time for the realtors at Wizard City to begin taking applications for housing?

Feb 07, 2010
Aug 24, 2009
I wonder if you are gonna make a new world behind the gated mysterious door in ds acedemy and the door left of test of sphers of clesrtia (atlanis) is that door gonna be a new world of the to main questing worlds lie ds and cl i cant wait till the new world after cl its gonna be a blast to quest there with my friends.

Jul 01, 2009
I would like to see what i behind the wizard city library ropes... show everyone why wizard city is an amazing place.
I would also like to see into barkingham palace as falmea said.
Last but certainly not least i would like to see what is behind the door to the left of the trial of the spheres.

Oh and i have an idea for a new world....our very own world...EARTH

We should be able to go to Earth and have missions there. Maybe fight a dark legion of Wizard haters. Maybe even be able to visit the White house, and make the washington monument a tower to play. You can even make the President a secret Lengendary Wizard. That would be absolutley epic!!!!

Yours Truly, Anthony Legendary Pyromancer

Jul 09, 2009
I would like to see the death door behind nightside, it would be cool if we had a questline for in there, like a dungeon for all and I would also like to see barkingham palace

Feb 14, 2009
I'd love to go behind a door and just see a castle that is one of the teacher's homes, and possibly be able to fight them.

Jun 28, 2009
Really! Ii'm intrigue to know whats behind.... I even have some ideas lol

* The two doors down the ramps in Nidavellir. maybe someone give a quest
to open or is a secret place like the smoker quest on marleybone ?

* there is another mortis look like tree on dragon spiral academy and next to it
is door with the death logo too.. i was thinking that they have some relation, but never got a quest to enter to that door, maybe per-haves that tree give a quest to go there and a boss deadly blob creature that attack with acid is waiting .

*the door with the death symbol in Nightshade is dungeon full of zombies and deadly snakes.

Jan 08, 2010

1. The homes of the rich and famous of each world.

2. The legendary "Nottingham" Forest.

3. The famous Marleybone Zoo.

4. The treasure chambers of Krokotopia.

5. The rest of the Jade Palace of Mooshu.

6. What is attached to those great eyes in Dragonspyre and Celestia?

7. The megolithic structures of Grizzleheim.


Roslyn PixieWeaver

Mar 14, 2009
i want to see what's beyond the left door in celestia near buxley. Like professer falmea, i want to see wants behide barkingham palace. does any wizard out there know when the celestia houses will be coming?

from legendary life student,
Sophia Lifeblade :)

Aug 05, 2009
I would like to see over that red banner in the library and the arena and
have a teleporter next to the unicorn way gate where you enter a
wizard's name put in the level and school and you can go to their house.

Aug 09, 2009
I also want to see inside barkingham palace. Me and my friends thought that it was a real place because it was on the compass.

Jul 18, 2010
There is a door in the headmasters office that i would LOVE to see, like maybe in there you duel Merle Ambrose

Dec 22, 2008
graymon97 wrote:
i wanna see behind the death door in the haunted cave it has bother me for like 2 years not knowing what is behind it O.o

I know! It's been bugging me ever since I saw it! I mean, at first I thought it was a secret entrance from Grubb's Dungeon (i forgot the name, sry ). But, I went into the dungeon, and there was no secret stuff! AAARG! Also, Barkingham Palace.

Oh yeah, Prof. Falmea? Sometimes ice is so cold, it can burn the skin. Well, dry ice, but that still counts as ice.....

Jun 12, 2010
I've always wanted to know what's behind the gate at the very end of Haunted Cave, to the right of Stormdrain Tower. It's the one with the death school symbol on it, and i definitely think there should be something back there. So it would make me, and many other people happy if there were a street, or maybe even a dungeon through that gate.

Alex SpiritHunter Level48-Balance

Mar 13, 2009
graymon97 wrote:
i wanna see behind the death door in the haunted cave it has bother me for like 2 years not knowing what is behind it O.o

Same here, but I also want to see the shop across from the house shop in Shooping district. I think that it would be cool to have access to all the houses in WC, even the empty ones, if you are a subscriber.

Sep 11, 2010
I have some ideas for the creators such as they should make another spiral where we must defeat the teachers of each school and defeat the head master. Also the creators should make more lvl such as 70 which is teacher and 80 which is head master ................ plz plz plz think about it :(

Oct 04, 2010
kckool wrote:
Hey, Professor Falmea the things i'd like to see are as you said, barkingham palace in MB, have Dragon cave turn into like two differnt towers like the warehouse and briskbreeze. Also as i said in the 1-19-11 Feedback Friday page, new level cap names for when you increase the level cap, Hero of __(school) Levels 70-79(legendary stays for 60-69), Superhero of __ (school) for levels 80-89, Super ___ (school Proper adjective like diviner) for levels 90-99, And FINALLY, God of __ (school) for level 100, i wouldn't advise going far above that because some players dont have the time to level up past that, i have a few spells for these new level increases but i will post it in a new thread called " New level _8 spells for increased level caps" i will post mine in this form


I hope you like my ideas and continue to make great worlds like CL and DS

Kenneth Frostwalker, Grandmaster Thamaturge

CL cya

P.S. Loving the cold down here Professor Falmea! ^o^


Feel the burn of ICE!

sounds good to me

Dec 07, 2009
I would really like to see the inside of Barkingham Palace and the to doors when you walk down the steps in Nidalevir. Sorry but this has nothing to do with what you want to know but i am tired of noobs coming into my battles and I think when somebody wants to join your battle there should be something that pops up that says ,Do you want this lvl ___Wizard to join your battle?

Jul 12, 2009
i want to see the ds schools still standing and the that gate with the death skull on it by nightshades to

Cass W. 52 Ice

thanumaturges, pryromancers, diviners, conjurers, theurgists, necromancers, and sorcerers unite!

Jul 25, 2009
I would really love to see what's behind that Death gate near Stormdrain tower. I've been wondering since I first saw it in the Haunted Cave.
This is not a where idea, but a who idea. I've been wondering about Ivan SoulSinger in DS. I think that you should tell a bit more about him.

- Scarlet SilverWeaver
Grandmaster Theurgist