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Feedback Friday - 08-06-10

Jul 25, 2008
well I haven't thought it through as far as the exact dialogue, but Ithink there should be a quest that introduces the player to how to stitch clothing. you would have to defeat one set of monsters to get the first set of clothes, and different ones for the second set. then stitch one set of clothes onto the other. this would be a good wizard city quest so people get familiar with the idea early in the game.

Aug 01, 2009
(1a)Head Master Ambrose:Hello young wizard, we need more desks for our classes we are getting a lot of new students. (1b)Can you go talk to the five crafting teachers and ask if they can lend some reagents so we could add more desks? Rewards: 100 experience for talking to him. (2a)Eudora Tangletree:Oh, you need some reagents to craft desks for the classes sure here you go young wizard. Rewards: 150 experience, 50 gold, mist wood, and deep mushroom. (3a)Wul'yahm:So, more desks are needed at wizard city, here have these hope it helps you make your desks. Rewards:300 experience, 200 gold, stone, and scorpion treasure card. (4a)Felicia Worthington:Ravenwood schools need more desks for their students , ok here are some reagents hope they help. Reward:400 experience, 200 gold, ghoul treasure card, troll treasure card. (5a)Toshio:So, need more desks eh well here you go some reagents use them well and work hard. Rewards:600 experience, 500 gold, storm bat treasure card, lamppost furninture. (6a)Baltharaz Dragonthorn: Soooooo, you need reagents for students why not here you go wizard student. Reward: 1000 experience, 100 gold, broom mount (1 day). (7a)Head Master Ambrose:Good! you got all the items i needed to craft some desks for the classes thank you young wizard for all your help. Reward:100 experince 1000 gold, crabling pet. Please use this as a quest in the game. Thank you for your time to read this idea to make wizard101 even better.

Jun 24, 2009
ok i am furios! is maximuz 36 chase sky stalker and i am just mad at this look i am a grand master and all these people want is liek 50000 xp or 2100 xp and like 100 gold we get the gold now!!!!!! you dont get any gold bonus for being higer level and whats the point the grand masters are gonna do nothing with the xp! no fair for grand masters i think the people who write on here are like lvl 10s with not sub i like the idea with the tower and the bosses and malistair with ambrose and fight with every school teacher that would be awesome and another peny dreadful mission kewl and i am also mad at the way they say o i want all my grand gear! no no no!!!!!!! i had to work hard for my gear that means your all lazy! whats the point! you cant even sell lvl 50 stuff in bazaar only in regular store and it only gives like 400 gold rite now i have 36586 gold and i have nothing to do with it!!!! i am just saying dang! and i love the idea of creat your on pet!!!!! love it at lvl 58 for realz and at lvl 60 we should at least get like on part of gear cause for me ice teh hardest was the athame and hat the hat harder and pet i would like to make a tail of stormzilla body of triton head of hydra all 3 heads and wings like sraph wouldnt that be kewl i am lvl 50 ice i respect on members cause that was my best times when my best friends where on one of them was blaze moon mancer

Jun 10, 2009
Professor Baelstron, "I have dire news for the where abouts of a Celestian Sprial Key. Please come to my office for further information."
Professor Baelstrom, "Ok young wizard, now that you've arrived I shall cut right to the chase. The Spiral Key is in Dragonspyre. I picked up the same source of energy as there was from the . It is in the same location with Vesna Shadowscar. Go ask her for it and return with the key.
Vesna Shadowscar, " Ah, hello young wizard. What can I do for you?"
Vesna Shadowscar, " You say you need the Celestia Spiral Key? Well I don't have such a thing here... You know? Well you will have to take it after you defeat me.
Vesna Shadowscar, " Ok, you've won, here is the key as I have promised."
Professor Baelstrom, " Excellent job indeed young wizard. You now can go to Celestia to save the Spiral Geographical Society friends of mine and possibly defeat the Umbra Queen!"
Vesna with 4,000 health. 3000 xp and 200 gold.

Jul 01, 2009
Scene one: Merle Embrose: "Yound wizard, a long time ago i had a pet dragon that was possessed by malistairs minion. I locked him in an enchanted room just behind that door. (the door to the left covered by books)"
"Now he has awakened and is a threat to all of wizard city and the spiral, you must defeat him"

Narrator: 'Merle Embrose clears the books from the door and gives you the key'

Scene Two:Merle Embroses possesed pet:"You will never stop me"
pet has 15000 life

once you defeat him... "Thank you for freeing me of that evil minion"
narrator: 'the dragon flies away'

talk to merle embrose:
5000xp a hat that gives unlimited pips feel free to change award

thanks hope you like it... Anthony (Peace maker) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Feb 25, 2010
i have an idea how about as you grow your pet and lvl it you will someday be able to ride it like a mount

sinserly Dustin Deathwalker magus necromancer

May 25, 2010
I was thinking of a quest where lord nightshade returns but madder than ever. Must be level 50 or over Step one: Merle Ambrose "sorry to bother you young wizard but I fear that nasty wraith lord nightshade is back. His last known location is in the death tower in nightside. But nightshade will be stronger than you remember. Speak with dworgyn and see what he has seen lately." Step two: dworgyn " yes I saw lord nightshade just a few minutes ago but I couldn't stop him. He is indeed in the death tower. Step three: Lord nightshade (now a fearsome rank 12 boss) "ah, young wizard i will take my revenge on you! You look stronger now, but prepare to come with me to the underworld." you must now fight lord nightshade. Step four: speak to Merle Ambrose, and you will get 15000 xp and 5000 gold plus a DRAKE PET already at epic but takes 72 hours to hatch. Gives 1card at epic. DRAKE ten pips any school. 1200 damage to all enemies and heal 500 to all friends.

Dec 10, 2008
ok get ready!
After you beat malistare , Headmaster ambrose summons you back to the golem tower but a thunderstorm with heavy rain is occuring *hint make the weather change at random*narrator : with a forlorn expression headmaster stares into the clouds .
ambrose: Well done young wizard you have saved the spiral, but something is troubling me. You see Malistare's actions were motivated by his love for his wife in the beginning, love is a great power and must be preserved at all cost.
narrator:ambrose raises his staff high and the great raven ( bartleby's sis) breaks through the storm clouds and lands close by.*show the action awesome*ambrose: young wizard this is the great raven sister of bartleby, she can transcend space and time with her mighty wings. you must go back in time to the point of when malistare and sylvia were the life and death professors. explore wizard city and duel both malistare and sylvia on a friendly basis. use this flask of astral hopes to collect true loves essance!
narrator:ambrose hands you a flask in the shape of a heart, it is ice cold to the touch. Ambrose: hurry young wizard i need this essence to make a powerful potion to put things right. after you acquire the essence you must yet again travel to dragonspire and acquire leaves from all the trees for this task the great raven will assist you again. you must also acquire the leaves of the trees here in WC, and finally you will need a tear from bartleby and the great raven. narrator: you take the flask you feel uneasy about all the task ahead until the great raven sings a melody to calm you as you both take to the skies into a vortex of sparkles and lightning!*show movie* ( the trees give you task 1500xp wc trees 3000xp dragonspyre trees the friendly duel 5000xp (make it a good one) assorted celestia gear drops . after you acqire ingrediants you must travel to the great moodha in mooshu to have it blessed. narrator: the moodha blesses the flask at first it is hot to the touch and shakes violently, but cools fast into a pleasant warm and fuzzy feel, it also begins to sparkle and glow a brillant blue and pink color which makes you giggle. ( bleh )notes: In the past You also find out it was the jealous umbra queen that made sylvia ill to begin with. make all character in the past younger ( in their prime if presently old ) duel umbra queen young so when she sees you again she really gets mad! show the sad scenes of malistare crying over sylvia and his transformation in darkness, the death school sinking etc! the potion restores malistare's good nature and sylvia is brought back to life and the raven carries them to a private island in space a happy ending! final points 10,000 Xp (c'mon leveling beyond 50 is going to be hard let's be honest) 10,000 gold a astral sword or staff 200 damage to all 3 uses with 5% power pips, and a statue of malistare and sylvia happy . shhh from Joseph Mooncloud grandmaster necromancer plz fill in gaps lol :?

Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: Penny the Evil
Given by: Merle Ambrose
The Quest "Krokotopian Invasion":

1. Merle Ambrose, "Morganthe has made her way to Krokotopia but I was too distracted in defeating Diego the Duelmaster, Lady Oriel, Mr. Lincoln, and Milos Barker!
Merle Ambrose, "By now, she has probably mind controlled many Wizards but you can catch up to her! Go now, off to Krokotopia. I'll meet you there.

2. New Goal: Locate The Oasis in Krokotopia

3. Narrorator, "You see the same darkness in Krokotopia as you did in Wizard City.

4. Merle Ambrose, "Hello young wizard. As you can see, Morganthe has been here and might very will still be. Zan'ne was Morganthe's next main target.
Merle Ambrose, "Although Seargent Major Talbot, General Khaba, Hetch Al'dim, and Shalek the Wise, Zan'ne was her main target. I still don't know why.
Merle Ambrose, "Because of Zan'ne's new found strength, he is a real threat to this mission. We must eliminate him before he get's to Marleybone with Morganthe!

5. New Goal: Defeat Zan'ne in The Library in The Oasis in Krokotopia.

6. Zan'ne (mind controlled), "Morganthe will be prevale and she will reward me after I take care of you wizard!"

Zan'ne is from the Balance School and has 8500 Health. His spells are Elemental Shield, Elemental Blade, Elemental Trap, Spirit Shield, Spirit Blade, Spirit Trap, Weakness, Hex, Curse, Feint, Power Play, Hydra, Spectral Blast, Balance Blade, and Life Armor.

7. Zan'ne, "Thank you wizard. Now I am free and I can continue on with my buisness in the Library. Please, go and stop Morganthe now!

8. New Goal: Talk to Merle Ambrose in The Oasis in Krokotopia.

9. Merle Ambrose, "Congratulations young wizard. You defeated Zan'ne. Unfortunately, I could not stop Morganthe once again.
Merle Ambrose, "This seems like a hopeless cause but we can't stop yet! Morganthe made her way to Marleybone so we must stop her! I'll meet you in Reagent's Square."

Quest Complete!
350 Gold
Zan'ne's Robes (Robes - 250 health, 200 mana, gives 1 card - Hydra)

Leads to: Marleybone Royalty

May 31, 2010
Sorry, It would take me a long time to think of a quest, but I would like it if Henchmen could be bought with gold. Or most items could be bought with gold, I have to much money to spend.

Thank you, Blaze (myth and life schools)

Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: Krokotopian Invasion
Given by: Merle Ambrose
The Quest "Marleybone Royalty":

1. Merle Ambrose, "Hello young wizard. Like before, Morganthe has mind controlled most people in Marleybone with one being her main focus. That is your threat.
Merle Ambrose, "It is Abigail Doolitle. Unfortunately, she is being held in Barkingham Palace along with the Queen of Marleybone who is also being mind controlled.
Merle Ambrose, "Go defeat them both. That should give me enough time to get to Moosh... I mean, enough time to free the wizards.

2. New Goal: Defeat Abigail Doolitle in Barkingham Palace in Marleybone
New Goal: Defeat the Queen of Marleybone in Barkingham Palace in Marleybone.

3. Queen of England Tip, "Foolish Wizard! You think you can defeat me in my own dungeon! We'll see who defeats who!"

4. New Goal: Locate Barkingham Palace in Marleybone

Quest Complete!
55 Gold

Leads to: O'Leary Weavers

May 09, 2009
malistare my favorite character is, I think he must have a better minions
for example: he can invoke bosses anothers areas: death oni, Kraysys or stoker.
Malistare is losing fame, needs improvement

another idea is a new rewards:
Silvia Drake portrait
Dark spectrum pet
treasure cards level 48

Apr 09, 2009
I had an idea tonite in pvp to help with the chaining problem. Since earthquake continues to help the chainers, then just change the earthquake spell so it still illiminates all shields and charms except for the stun shields. That should help a lot and still not make the myth wizards angry. Not sure why wizard didn't think of that before.
ProfessorFalmea wrote:
Welcome to the first Feedback Friday! From time to time, we'd like to put out a call for your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on one specific burning question or topic. We'll start things out with the topic. You'll post your feedback in this thread on that subject (and only that subject, please - the rest of the message board is open for you to comment on other topics). It's just that easy!

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

Without further ado, here is the first one - make your own quest! If it were up to you, and you had the whole spiral at your fingertips, what would you do? Here are the rules:
1. Must use existing characters in game.
2. No more than 10 steps long.
3. Each dialogue snippet must be less than a tweet's length (140 characters) and no more than 3 snippets per step.
4. Let us know what sort of loot/experience/gold/etc you'd give as a reward.

1. Falmea, “I’m very hungry today. I brought my lunch to school with me but I forgot an important part – the hot sauce!” “I know that Professor Balestrom has been working on a new super-powered hot sauce designed to be the perfect level of spiciness.” “Can you see if I can borrow a drop or two?”
2. Balestrom, “Oh, that sauce? I had shelved it because I didn’t have enough fire essences.” “I think magma men might have them. If you bring a few back for me, I can continue my work and Professor Falmea can be my first test subject!”
3. The questing wizard must defeat 4 magma men and return to Professor Balestrom.
4. Narrator, “Balestrom takes the essences from you and puts it in a half-full bottle and shakes it around a bit. It seethes and starts to smoke a bit.” Balestrom, “Perfect! Deliver this to Falmea and let me know what she thinks.”
5. Narrator, “You hand the bottle to Professor Falmea. She pours a drop on her lunch and takes a taste and begins to choke and cough.” Falmea, “This is not hot sauce at all! It tastes like rotten eggs." "Could you be a dear and give the Professor the bad news while I get this taste out of my mouth?”
6. Narrator, “You tell Professor Balestrom that his experiment didn’t go as planned.” Balestrom, “Oh dear, oh my. Well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board. Can you take Dalia this gift as an apology?”
7. Falmea, “Oh, he shouldn’t have. One of my firecat’s favorite snacks! Here, why don’t I share some with you since you did my dirty work…”
Reward: 3 Flaming Carrots and 50 gold

I'm sure you can do better! Very much looking forward to reading your handiwork!

Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: Marleybone Royalty
Given by: Autimaticly given when enering Barkingham Palace
The Quest "O'Leary Weavers":

1. New Goal: Talk to Prostpecter Zeke in Barkingham Palace in Marleybone.

2. Prostpector Zeke, "Hey there young wizard. Bet your glad to see good ol' Zeke again. I don't know how's I got her' but I do know it has to do with those O'Leary Weavers.
Prostpector Zeke, "Go fight a couple of dem, see what you find, then bring it back to me. Maybe that will jog up my memory."

3. New Goal: Defeat O'Leary Weavers (O'Leary Weavers have 1500 health. you can decide the spells.) to find something in Barkingham Palace in Marleybone. (70% Chance you will find that something)

4. Narrorator, "You find a robe of one of the O'Leary Weavers and it has some markings on it."

5. New Goal: Talk to Prostpector Zeke in Barkingham Palace in Marleybone.

6. Narrorator, "You show the strange markings to Prostpector Zeke."
Prostpector Zeke, "AHH! Those markings! They were everywhere. Get them out of my head. They were at Tarantula Tower. Please help!

7. New Goal: Locate Tarantula Tower in Barkingham Palace in Marleybone.

8. Prostpector Zeke (mind controlled), "Yer didn't expect to find me her' did ya? Well now it's time for yer doom!

9. New Goal: Defeat Prostpector Zeke in Barkingham Palace in Marleybone.

Prostpector Zeke has 5000 health but has each of the LVL. 42 cards from each school and his school type is Sun (astral magic school).

10. Prostpector Zeke, "Thank ye kind wizard. Now that I am not mind controlled I can tell you where they really are. They are in the Royal Throne Room. Go there, and defeat Abigail along with the Queen of Marleybone once and for all!

Quest Complete!
500 Gold
Stray Cat (Furniture Item)

Leads to: A Mistake

Jan 04, 2010
this is a idea that i came up with!

can you make a world that is called olympis to were it goes by the same story line as clash of the titans. that would be kewl

can you make a new card that is called madusa and were she comes out and looks at someone and she has snakes on her head and turns the eneime to stone to all enimes :P :P :P :P

Jun 11, 2009
Hi there, I have a few suggestions about the pvp. First off, it still is not fair in the points awarded. I dont know how it is calculated, but for example I lost 14 points to someone tonight, then lost 31 to them again immediately after, They had a higher rank both times, so I do not see how this is fair for someone to gain so many points for such an unfairly matched pvp fight in the first place. I also think the crown items would sell better if they were less expensive. 100k is a lot for anything, as is 10k. Even if buying with gold it is still too high, pet hatching is as well. My son and I paid 40k gold for pets that arent even as good as our own school pets.
I would also suggest better filering on the regular text chat, my son asked me yesterday if people were cussing in the game, and why it was allowed that they do so,

Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: O'Leary Weavers
Given by: Prostpector Zeke
The Quest "A Mistake":

1. New Goal: Locate the Royal Throne Room in Barkingham Palace in Marleybone.

2. O'Leary Weavers, "Ha! You really think we would just let you barge in like this? I think not, you'll have to get past us if you want to get to the REAL Royal Throne Room!
O'Leary Weaver, "Oops, I guess I said too much. No matter. It will be of no use to you once we defeat you!"

3. New Goal: Defeat both O'Leary Weavers.

4. New Goal: Locate the Real Royal Throne Room

5. Queen of Marleybone (mind controlled), "Gah! How did you get past my guards and Prostpector Zeke?
Abigail Doolitle (mind controlled), "No matter, me and the Queen of Marleybone will destroy you!"

The Queen of Marleybone has 9000 Health and her school is Myth. Her spells are Myth Blade, Myth Trap, Spirit Trap, Spirit Blade, Storm Shield, Elemental Shield, Weakness, Earthquake, Orthrus, Minatour, and Cyclops.

Abigail Doolitle has 8500 Health and her school and her school is Ice. Her spells are Elemental Shield, Elemental Blade, Elemental Trap, Ice Trap, Ice Blade, Ice Armor, Balance Blade, Frost Giant, Colossus, Ice Wyvern, and Balefrost.

6. Queen of England, "Thank you for saving me. I owe you a great debt."
Abigail Doolitle, "Yes, I thank you as well. Now I can get back to the ball I was in the middle of. You should probably go talk to Merle Ambrose now."

7. New Goal: Talk to Merle Ambrose in Reagent's Square in Marleybone.

8. Merle Ambrose, "Heh, heh, heh. What? You defeated them. Well, um, I suppose we should coninue to Mooshu now because I once again was not able to capture Morganthe.
Merle Ambrose, "Meet me in Jade Palace next to the entrance to the Hametsu Village. I'm afraid I have some more bad new to tell you.

Quest Complete!
1120 Gold
Queen's Ring of Invincibility (Ring - 300 Health, 250 Mana, 1 card - Orthrus)
Abigail's Party Hat (Hat - 250 Health, 200 Mana, 1 card - Colossus)

Leads to: Trouble with Mossback

Mar 25, 2009
I have some ideas that I think would make the game more enjoyable, entaining, and lucrative to KI:
1. Housing:
a. enable the castles to be customized, with addable parts and land so the player can use their imagination and build epic or just more unique places.
b. The School houses are so gigantic not everyone likes that size. A smaller version would be nice. My friend bought a Storm House and it was pathetic seeing it decorated with items form Krokotopia, Mooshu, MB and DS. It looked awful!
c. Have players buy or earn furniture and outdoor items just for their school so their houses look more like their School in color and motif. This would solve problem b.
d. add more interesting furniture items like curtains, lights, knick-knacks, paintings, and more variety in general to again allow for more creativity for kids and adults who enjoy design or showing off their homes for parties.
e.there isn’t enough space to in all banks, attics, shared banks and back packs combined to store items when moving from castle to castle. Added apace in these areas would be ideal.
2. High fizzle rate.
I have an Life Grand, an Ice Grand and working on a Storm Grand. The fizzle rates or far more mathematically off than the cards deem. I used my calculator and my average fizzle rate is about 60% on Storm for all spells. This is very frustrating and I am a older adult. Kids must go nuts over this and get bored with the game more quickly. PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT BECAUSE IT IS FRUSTRATING.
3. Schools like storm have the highest fizzle rate and the weakest gear. I tried using the percentage method for defense, accuracy and strength and I DIED constantly. I finally got more generic clothes to get more health and manna and survive but I do not look like my school PLEASE give the high fizzle schools like Ice, Storm and Fire more health and mana gear and/or much higher defense, accurancy and strength gear.
4. Pets: It would be great that at level 30 or 40 the player could earn or buy a pet designed only for their school and it would have powerful stats worth winning.
3. So many people love to party on this game but when they go there is nothing to do.
a. enable the dorms or houses to have their own music of choice.
b. give the characters a variety of dance moves. The pets have better ones than we do!
c. Sell party packs for games that give prizes (Like the pipe game in the silver chest but make it a competition and the highest score gets a treasure card or similar item; or a grab bag with the same result) or ones that give everyone mounts for an hour or so just at the party; or ones that allow the person to change their appearance for an hour. You can even add a trivial pursuit type game that is only about wizard101 to compete and win a prizes.

Emily Fairyblossom lvl 50
Haley Icesword lvl 50
Haley Thunderrider lvl 34

Feb 14, 2009
Aug/6/2010 2:22 pm Subject: Re:Feedback Friday - 08-06-10


why do you make dragonspyre so hard for wizards we always lose to bosses and its not very fun losing at all maybe make the bosses less harder and less health that would make it more fun and better for all wizards and why make life so weak life wizards only have fifth attack spells you should start making more spells for life


LIFE WIZARDS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 03, 2009
i think a good quest to do is to find out how malestairs wife died, it could be tied to the dragonspyre to the chamber from the past. one of the chambers we can go back to past and see what happened and try to correct what happened and then have a finial quest with that demon, then we could be awarded advancing to next world or to a alternate world where malistair is a happy proffesor
it could be a branch off of an alternate world of what could have happened, different demons and different endings to same quests

i have thought about this for some time and i am so glad you have asked for feed back from players
katherine seastone

Dec 11, 2009
Well here is my quest

Step one- Talk to Merle Ambrose if you passed grizzleheim
Ambrose: Young wizard the land of grizzleheim has been hit by a new certain conflict could you investigate?

Step two- Locate Grizzleheim, Northguard
Locate Grizzleheim, Northguard
Reward: 1428 xp, 350 gold, Wayfinder's Boots

Step three- Talk to Baldur Goldpaws by Prospector Zeke
Baldur Goldpaws: You must help us these weird draconians have been destroying all of our rune magic defeat 5 Draconians in Dragonspyre.

Step four- Go to dragonspyre
Defeat 5 draconians.

Step five- Talk to Baldur Goldpaws
Baldur Goldpaws: Nicely Done i see the Draconians have stopped destroying our rune magic. Now please go and Defeat Lord Nightshade we need his staff of the Deadly.
Reward: 1400 xp, 260 gold, Wolverines Helm

Step six- defeat lord nightshade
Lord nightshade: you have come back to me what do you want?

Step seven- Talk to Baldur Goldpaws
Good good, now go to ravenscar and use the brazier that belonged to the gurtok barrier demon and place the staff in the brazier and summon a wraith there.
Reward:2000 xp, 780 gold, 1+ training point

Step eight- Locate Gurtok Barrier Demon's Den
Narrator: You place lord nightshade's staff in the brazier and suddenly a wraith appears! Wraith: You dare Summon me for what? To DESTROY me!?!
Well you shall be Destroyed!

step nine- Defeat The King Wraith
Defeat The King Wraith (after you defeat him talk to baldur goldpaws)

Step ten- Talk to baldur goldpaws
You have saved us from eternal enslavement from the wraith King we are safe for now...
Reward: 50,000 xp, 5000 gold, 18 Training points, A school pet(Its always a Bear pet that gives a bear card for your school only.), and 20 treasure cards of rank 7 spells of all schools.

That's my quest well the so much xp is for that you have to fight alone and lord nightshade's health is 9,000 and he cheats (his minion is Esrakair Gloomthorn except he has 1,000 health and he doesn't cheat).
And the Wraith king's health is 10,000 he doesn't cheat but he gets 4 pips in two rounds(also he always uses scarecrow and blades and the chance of you dying is 30%). Plus the gold is for that there is no quest helper and nothing will show you on the map so lord nightshade is hidden in haunted cave or dark cave it will randomly pick) :-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8) :x :-P ;) :? ;) ;) :? :-(

Thanks for reading this,
Level 50 fire grand- Nathan Goldenshield

May 31, 2010
I think it would be cool to add a "presteige" or "Hardcore mode"

Such as, when completing the main part of the game, you get to go talk to ambrose, which he will then ask you if you are ready to enter presteige mode. You click Accept or Decline. If you hit accept your wizard will be dropped back to lvl one. You will still have your items, but cannot use them until the lvl needed. When entering the new mode, you will lose all XP and gold. the difficulty will be much harder, but the point if doing presteige is so the player will not get bored, makes the game more difficult, and unlock more special items, pets, more gold, faster XP, and probably new unique cards.

Thanks, Blaze

May 19, 2010

Idea #1:

1) Penny Dreadful: "Oh! Hello Wizard! My pet is in a group talent competition today!" "One of the pet's owners dropped out because his pet is sick." "If you'd like to join our group, please ask Milo Barker in the Pet Pavilion for an entry form."
2) Barker: "You're cutting the entry close, my tardy trainer!" "The other pets are highly trained in the art of dance." "Have your pet score perfectly in the dance game three times and return to me."
3) (Quest title: 'So You Think Your Pet Can Dance') The questing Wizard must play the dance game until completing it perfectly three times.
4) Barker: "Fancier footwork I have NEVER seen!" "Of course, I wasn't really paying attention."
5) Barker: "Now, you will need dance shoes for your pet." "I've heard the spiders in the Grand Arena in the Krokosphinx are quite agile." "See if you can relieve them of a few pairs. Don't worry. They're 'one size fits all'."
6) (Quest title: 'Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Spider?') The questing Wizard must get five pairs of dancing shoes from Ice Weaver spiders in the Grand Arena.
7) Barker: "The shoes are a little sticky from the webbing, but they'll do."
8) Barker: "Congratulations! You have won my approval for entering the competition!" "Take this entry form to Miss Dreadful. She'll add it to the others."
9) (Quest title: 'Will You Accept This Prose?') The questing wizard must take the approved entry form to Penny Dreadful.
10) Penny Dreadful: "You qualified? Excellent!" "I know your pet will be a great addition to our group!"
Reward: Talent Competition poster and 120 gold.

Dec 22, 2008
:D Hello everyone. My idea for a quest is for those who have completed all the quests of Grizzlehiem. The quest is called "One Tin Soldier." After completing all of the other quests, you notice that Drogan ClayFingers has something to say.

1) Drogan, "I hear that you have saved Grizzlehiem from a terrible fate. Thank you great wizard.

But great wealth eludes you. Talk to Imric GloomLight the CryptKeeper if you dare seek out this wealth."

2) Imric, "The great wealth this land holds is not gained solely by strength.

Seek out knowledge held by those in Webwood. Collect 4 pouches of magic dust from the Deep Woods Imps. Then bring it back to me. (Defeat 4 - 8 Deep Woods Imps to collect magic dust.)

3) Imric, "These look fine. Take them to the lake near the home of Herkin in Mirkholm Keep.

Sprinkle the dust in the lake to learn wealth. Then return to me.

4) Go to Lake and sprinkle. Something sparkles on the water. (The word "Wealth" appears on the lake as it is written on the plaque in Helgrind Warren.)

5) Imric, "The greatness of our land is held together by the honor of those who came before us.

Go to Vigrid RoughLand. Bring me six steamy branches from the Decaying BogWalkers. (Defeat 6 - 12 BogWalkers.)

6) Imric takes the branches, quickly breaks them into small pieces, and places them into a leather bag.

Imric, "Hold this close to keep the wood warm. Go to the empty ice cave in Ravenscar. Toss the warm fragments onto the cave wall."

7) Go to ice cave. Throw fragments onto cave wall. (The word "Honor" appears on the wall as it is written on the plaque in Helgrind Warren.)

8 Imric, "Take the knowledge you have learned. Go to Helgrind Warren and read the inscription on the wall. (Write down the last phrase.)

9) Go to the great doors where the sun shines. Enter. State the last phrase from the inscription.

(When you enter the room, you see on the wall the last phrase of the inscription as it is written in Helgrind Warren. You also see that there are 25 pressure plate buttons on the floor. Each plate has a different word. The words are: were, honor, lost, best, is, by, sword, to wealth, cannot, that, what, shield, gold, when, taken, money, easily, where, spirit, be, but, can and, total. The pressure plates must be activated in the correct order. As the words are correctly activated, each word lights up on the wall. If the wrong word is chosen, the words are reset, and the wizard must restart the phrase from the start.)

10) After the inscription is properly stated, Imric appears, "Now you have learned that our greatest wealth comes from honor and knowledge. Continue safely on all your journeys."

Imric gives the wizard a new spell. The spell puts a 50% shield on all allies. It is called Reinforce. It would cost 2 pips to use. It would be a life school spell.

Hope you like my idea! I think it would be so awesome if you turned it into a real quest! Thanks, Autumn RainbowWeaver

Feb 21, 2010
I think hatching should cost a half less.I tried hatching life minotaur with storm hound and it was 90,000 gold .