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~balance school club~

Jun 18, 2009
Hello! I am Scarlet Willow Master Sorcerer (level 41)! My 2nd school is life and my third school is storm (plus i have a myth card or two). I think of Sandstorm as a cat in the book Warriors and my least favorite school is Fire (I have nothing against fire it is just there are too many Pyromancers in Wizard101.) My favorite spell of all is definately Super Nova (even though I don't have it yet) I used to think having a krok as a teacher would be harsh, as most kroks are, but turns out he was wise and gentile with the proper balance. I still miss Arthur my former teacher, but I did get to speak to him when I summoned some ninja pigs for my spectral minion spell. Hope to see all you fellow Sorcerers around :)

"Sorcerers can do anything with just the right balance..."

Apr 18, 2009
HondaAccord59 wrote:

I don't know about balance... I make 4 major points Attack Spells, Health, Sheilds, and Boosts.

BAD- The weakest school(What is the strongest spell seriously?).

BAD- Too Many Sheilds (Now you have only 4 attack spells I know!)

GOOD- Alot of sheilds.

BAD- Boost to three schools.

3/4 75% Bad but, 25% Good

Overall- BAD By 50%...

uh duh look at the new cards!

powernova and judgement

Nicholas Soulmender:
may the sand be with you!
lvl 31 balance wizard

Oct 24, 2009
Hi my main and first wizard is of the balance
my 2nd class is life

well given some thought to all of the other classes
life you can heal
tho save your training point till you can get the unicorn
that does a heal all and brings people back I think

I also tend to use the shared bank
if i got other items for another magic class
I put it in there so my other wizards can wear them

Jul 19, 2009
Hey, I am Paul Legend Weaver. I am a lvl 50 Sorcerer. BALANCE IS THE BEST!!! We got a lot of shields, boosts, heals, etc. Well, my secondary school is death, and my tertiary school is ice. I am great in pvp. I can never get to commander though... If ya wanna meet me, meet me on 2/4/10 at 4:30pm in the arena meet me in Wu realm area 1. we can pvp together, but you MUST be lvl 28 or higher If you don't see me then, then meet me the next day at the same place at 4:45.

Feb 01, 2010
Ok so I am new lol. I have been playing wow for a while now and needed a break. My kids play this game so I decided to join them and I must say I really enjoy the time spent.
I am level 16 Balance/Fire Sorcerer and I am not sure. I love the balance, just not sure that fire is the best. I am still not sure.
I would like to know if and if so at what level we get our minion and how?
OH yeh my name is Scarlet SpiritStaff!

Go Balance!!!

PS I made 2 other balance classes... This one is my highest!

Mar 02, 2009
I don't care what the other schools say, balance rules! A helpful tip for when you are dueling, just ward and blade alot, it makes them get really angry and do reckless things. :D

Jun 01, 2009
Hello! Ronan Spellheart here! Level 24 Balance Wiz! Just came to say blance rules!!! As you know i am lvl 24 and that is one away from level 25! HYDRA SPELL!!! any way i need 2,000 more experience and i see that the yardbird quest in Griz. is that much experience, so if some one could help me out, that would be great!

'''~**BALANCE RULES**~''' Ronan SpellHeart

Sep 01, 2008
I think balance rocks! All the outher schools aren't for me.
sure,balane is not the strongestbut it has lots of
helpful spells.balanceis the best!It seems
like no one cares about balance.[not balance wizard]
BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 25, 2009
Hi everyone ! I love my Balance Grand/Warlord I also have a Storm Grand/Warlord. I f you ask me to duel please ask me to use my Balance PLEASE

Dec 13, 2009
Hello my name is Mathew Daygem and I have 2 things to say
1. is that I think Balance is a very good school, and life is the best 2nd school becouse you can heal your self
2.is a qustion cause I dont know were the Balace school in trytopia and i need help finding it.
-Mathew Daygem, level #13 ( balace is first, 2nd is life)

Jan 18, 2010
Hey guys! This is Savannah Jadeheart, Journeyman Sorcerer! I'm at level 17 and in KT. I am in Balestorm or Ambrose and sometimes others to help my friends. I love my card Sandstorm. When ever I use it, my enemies have only, like 20 health points left. Everybody says nice card when I use it. But I need some help, fellow sorcerers. What should be my 2nd and 3rd school? Storm is strong, but fizzles too much. Life isn't strong enough. I want a school that's power, but doesn't fizzle. Thanks guys! Go BALANCE!!!!!

Mar 01, 2009
Hello! This is Jeffrey Mythbreaker lv. 50 Balance. May I suggest that a good secondary school for us is Death. For 2 reasons:
1) With Feint (Death-next damage trap spell), our Judgement spell can do 9940 damage. My highest with 3 blades (20, 25, 30), Feint at 70% and the 30% trap, and 35% boost from clothing. unresisted and unboosted from monsters

2) More importantly...many of the Balance monsters you face in the Spiral will receive boosted damage from Death spells. Case in point: I had a full power pip, 125 per pip Judgement with only a couple blades do 532 damage to a Balance boss monster in Helgrind Warren instance. Choose Death over Life.......as a secondary school only! You can get some healing too with Death and that doesn't hurt.

I originally had Myth as secondary and it was fun using the AOE spells, but not very useful.

May 16, 2009
I'm a lvl 29 balance warlord and i have the full commander gear :D. I am still working on my warlord pet though :(

Jul 13, 2009

Hello all you sorcerers out there! I am Garrett Duskward, master sorcerer. I am level fourty-three. I think hydras are so cool. My secondary class is myth. I have a hidden history in myth. I had a myth wizard before but I thought balance was more of my personality, so I deleted Isaac Sandleaf (my myth guy) and made Garrett Duskward. I know I didn't have to delete him but I did anyway. My third magic school is storm. Balance is great! So is fire, ice, storm, myth, life, and death!


Oct 28, 2009
legobuilder07 wrote:

Balance is great! So is fire, ice, storm, myth, life, and death!


So you're saying all the schools rock?
I thought this was the BALANCE school club!

Oct 28, 2009
I am a level 22 Balance Wizard. My secondary school is Death. Balance and Death go great together because they both have an 85% hit rate. Death also comes with Feint. Feint + Hex + Balanceblade = A LOT of damage!

Oct 10, 2009
i love balance but i am a level 40 life balance is second class because i love healing my friends and have balance in the fizzles and damage. GO BALANCE! :)

Feb 20, 2009
hi everyone! i am Steaven Anvilwalker. i am lvl 12 right now and just stated krok (i need help plz). my main school is balance second death and third storm (USE PRESISION SPELL WITH STORM! (it is your first balance quest)) BALANCE ROCKS! and this is why: fire- does damage over time and NOT over one turn and is kind of weak. storm- fizzles way to much and does not offer enough damage spells. ice- does little damage. life- does not have enough attacking cards. death- also does not do enough damage. myth- slightly small amount of damage.


May 21, 2010
-Noah Lifegiver (level 11 Novice Sorcerer)

Balance is just WAY more than awesome... so awesome i don't think im going secondary! i think my favorite balance spell would be locust swarm; try using it on bosses! expect for Malistaire... :o

p.s. DEATH SUCKS!!!!

Sep 01, 2008
I think balance is the best school because its all the schools!!!!
Also i am a lv 48 and i just got the super nova!!!!!!Its one of the best
balance spells out there.The downer is that i think that balance
gets no respect! i think this is because our our sign is not at the
library and its not in front of th world tree.Not only that but we
have no tower and they dont talk much about us. outher than
that balance is the BEST. :) :) :) :) :)

Jan 03, 2010
pckls wrote:
I forgot to introduce myself...

Salutations fellow balance students!

My secondary is death and third is life, i realized that they were good choices because balance monsters get more damage from death and life and i can heal much. Im in mooshu and trying to finish as many quests as i can to gain fast levels. I did the math and i realized that until dragonspyre comes out, i can only get to satyr in my third school after getting to level 50 but that is good enough for me. Judgement is my favorite spell and is very useful to finish those weak mosters quickly and stock up damage to cause some major damage. I choose the equipment i wear depending on how much mana and health boost it gives so i have more health and mana then most of my friends. I rely on my friends a lot to help with my difficult quest and they are very nice and helpful, they never ask for anything in return though, if they did i would surely help, my bro asks for help a lot too in marleybone but he always catches me at a bad time. Im on most of the day in mooshu, ambrose realm, im in the cave of solitude right now.

Luke FireBringer, level 39

Me too I'm balance my second school is death and third is life
my favorite spell is judgement too although i didn't get it yet...

Cody, level 14

Sep 21, 2009
Rhemas wrote:
I have tried Myth, absolutely hate the teacher-reminds me of a certain potions master in hogwarts...

THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT! Too bad Cyrus doesn't associate with Malistare (but he is his brother). I think that Cyrus should kill Merle in the new world, and take over as headmaster. Now that would be funny!

Balance rules!

Apr 01, 2009
I'm Angela Dreamcatcher, and I got characters in every school except Ice and Storm, all grandmasters. But Balance, is, of course, the best. school. ever.

It might not be fair, but there is no shields for balance. You can use a tower shield, but you can just take them down with wand blasts, or buff up your spell to increase damage. With all the elemental attacks and different shields, there's hardly a way around balance! Drop the wands, you're already defeated. Balance. Is. Awesome. 8)

May 08, 2010
hi my name shelby hawk heart school ballance secondary school life
life history is with lady blackhope fire history in ith the elf boss storm history with the pumpkin guy boss death history with lord night shade myth history with the cyclops bodd the one that you need a passto fight with and thats all i know about the histories p.s. BALANCE ROCKS BANLANCE #1

Dec 09, 2008
I've noticed that balance is much easier to start out with than myth, and I've noticed that sandstorm and krokotillian are really useful spells to cast for my conjurer when facing myth monsters. That makes me think, I thought that I was in the right school with my Myth wizard, but now I'm wondering if I should've been balance from the very start. It's not like I can stop using my conjurer and start using my sorcerer as my main wizard, because my conjurer is over half way through Mooshu and my sorcerer is back in Triton Avenue. I just wish that I could pick up sorcery with my conjurer as a dual class kind of thing, because that would be awesome to be able to get both sets of spells for free and be able to get special myth-balance spells that work as a combonation between the two.