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What world is you're wizard from?

May 10, 2011
Olivia Rainbowleaf is from Grizzlehelm Northguard. She moved to Wizard City to learn the arts of life.

Feb 16, 2010
waffle world the land of waffles

jack skullbreeze master of fire

Jun 11, 2010
Josh Dragonbreeze came from a world that does not believe in magic. Earth (lame, I know. Just here me out though). One afternoon, he was riding his bike after school when he noticed a white-as-snow owl sitting in the trees above him. The owl whispered his name which scared Josh, so he raced back to his house where an elderly man in long robes was waiting for him. The rest is history. Josh Dragonbreeze currently resides in his large castle in the Wizard City spiral thread. He has become a successful Pyromancer and entrepreneur.
Talon Griffonsword came from the world of Mina Andrea. A world that has not been discovered by modern wizards. His ancestors were elves, and through the years, his elven relatives evolved into taller creatures that could be easily mistaken as humans. He grew up in the shadows of his popular older brothers who attended the prestigious Mina Andrea Academy. He didnt want to be a follower, so when he became a teenager he left his home and traveled to Wizard City where he has become an up-and-coming Balance wizard who hopes to one day become the Balance professor in Krokotopia.
Flint Lifesword was raised in Grizzleheim. He never met his mother and knows nothing of her. His father once attended Ravenwood but later forced himself to forget the school. Flint grew up in a small cabin outside of Northguard and knew nothing of magic. He left home at a young age to live on his own in the wilderness. He then met a crazed man in the forest who told him of Ravenwood. Flint was interested and attended Ravenwood himself. After he graduated, he moved back to Grizzleheim where he ended up like his father, living off the land without magic. He now raises a homeless bear cub and resides in his fathers old cabin. His father's whereabouts are unknown. He returns to Wizard City every few years. He was recently walking about the woods when he came across the crazed man. The man then told him that he had convinced Flint's father to attend Ravenwood many years ago.

Jan 15, 2012
Well my wizard is fire and well I guess a fire wizard is from dragonspyre. I have no clue what area but kingsisle entertainment keep up the good work on this game love it. Also keep creating new things good luck.level 55 savannah thunder

Mar 12, 2013
Sierra Mist stood in line at the registrar's kiosk in Golem Court, taking in the brisk morning air. All around her, a wild variety of new wizards chatted, waited, read, and buzzed with excitement. Soon it was Sierra's turn at the desk.

"Good morning, Sierra," said Master Lincoln. He reached into a scroll rack and pulled out several different colored tightly banded scrolls, and laid them on the counter. "This" - he tapped the red ribboned scroll - "is your study schedule for the first year. And this white scroll is your dorm assignment. And this blue one is your pet claim ticket. And this one" - he picked it up and placed it in front of all the others - "is your reading list. Go to the library and reserve your books quickly, so you will not miss out on books you need. And welcome to Ravenwood, young wizard!"

Sierra scooped up the scrolls and struggled across the Commons with her luggage and armload of scrolls. As there was a long line in front of the library, she sat down on a valise and unrolled the reading list. Wu & Oakheart's Nature Magic, Drake Drake & Drake Field Manual of Spirits and Entities, Fanshawe's Care and Training of Familiars...her eyes began to glaze over as she read the seemingly endless list of tomes, textbooks, and alchemical equipment she would have to rent.

An hour later, weighed down with a dozen or so large volumes, she stood in line to claim her familiar.

"Sorry Miss um, Mist. We are out of Seraphs, Imps, Minstrels, Garden Gnomes, leprechauns, wendigos, unicorns, actually we're out of all Life pets at the moment," the clerk said in one frantic breath. "But we do have um, this starfish and a returned death cyclops."

The cyclops sat huddled in a corner of his cage, arms locked around his knees. His little beady obsidian eyes were fixed on his sandaled granite toes. The stubby starfish had only four arms, a tiny pale fifth one growing in where the other was lost. Sierra's heart melted. "I can't decide..."

Aug 14, 2011
My wizard Jason Fireflame was from the Dragonspyre Academy of magic where he studied Nercomancy. He fleed when the Dragon Titan attacked and he ended up in wizard city where he was taken in as an apprentice to Malistaire. Then Malistaires wife Sylvia died causing Malistaire to lose his mind and try to rule the spiral and put it in ruins just to bring his wife back to life. When Malistaire turned evil Jason was driven out of Wizard City by Merle Ambrose and he fleed to Merle Ambrose's home world of Avalon where he was taken in by King Artorious and joined the Knights of the Silver Rose. He now lives in a tower in Caer Lyon trying to seek revenge for his masters death, King Artorious,

Jan 30, 2013
Jasmine Wildblood's origins are unknown, but her love for reptiles and her way of thinking suggested she is from the Zocalo, in Azteca.

Dec 20, 2010
Richard GoldDust
Level: 46
School(s): Ice, Death, Life, and a little Balance
Lived in Celestia on a remote island with friends. Moved to Wizard City to study the magic arts of Ice, Death, Life, and Balance.

Jun 20, 2013
Sydney Mistheart was born in The Village Of Sorrow and now does not reside there anymore. At first she didn't belive in magic until she got a note from Gamma the Owl and then her parents told her she was a wizard, then she was taken to a magical city filled with wizards, with Merle Ambrose by her side she became a Life student. Healing others made her happy. She now resides in Shoshun Village, Mooshu with her pet Queen Scout by her side :)

May 13, 2011
Tyler NightHunter was believed to be born in Azteca, but was abandoned by his parents when Malastaire came to power. When he grew up, he left Azteca to find his parents. He found a old family friend who told him that his parents were dead. Struck with anger and grief, he traveled to Wizard City to learn magic. Many think he chose death because of his dark and horrible background and personality. But the truth about why he learned Necromancy is that he wanted to learn to summon his parents souls to him so he could talk to them once more. When he did that, his mother told him that Malastaire murdered both his dad and his mom, so he seeked revenge on Malastaire for murdering his parents. When he and his friends came to fight Malastaire, on sight, Tyler left his friends to die to the enemy while he fought Malastaire all by himself without any help. When Tyler was nearly dead, the headmaster came and saved his life. Tyler was forever grateful for HeadMaster's help, and now knows that revenge can lead to self destruction. Tyler now lives peacefully in his Tower located somewhere near Avalon, where he can rest in peace without any distractions, while he tries to bring his parents, back from the dead.

Feb 16, 2010

i also lived in dragonspyre for a while learning to be a warrior to protect my world from the evil pancakes who have risen the zombie muffins

-jack skullbreeze master of fire

Mar 13, 2012
Alura BH on Jun 14, 2013 wrote:
Alura Battleheart's birth place is unknown, but she was living in Dragonspyre as a child along with her younger brother, Luke Dragonfist. She now has a nice, little cottage in the Floating Mountains ( a safe spot where it could not be destoryed) and mastered the art of Fire very well. The strange thing about her is that she was born the same date, and is as old he baby would be who burned down her own house by mistake, and killing her parents. The baby was said to already know well fire magic, and survived. The house was in a forgotten world with a forgotten name ...
And here is how she found Amber, the perfect pet, whom is so easy to love, and Alura's Best Friend

She had returned to Professer Dalia after defeating the boss whom she had to for a Phoenix pet. "Good, now, please follow me into the storage where we keep all he pets to pick your phoenix." Dalia had said.

There were so many Phoenixes, Alura couldn't count them all. Then, she laided her eyes on the future Amber, a dim, sick-looking Phoenix. She went over to the phoenix, and she looked up and looked at Alura with hope. "This one." Alura said. "Oh, that one. She has been sick for days, and we couldn't find a cure." Dalia said. "I'll make her better, I just know it." She said.

"Ok, what would you like to name her?" Alura studied the Phoenix for a bit then suddlenly said, "Amber." Amber seemed to glow a little brighter.

A few weeks and many spoonfuls of medicine later, Amber was the healthiest Phoenix anyone had ever seen. And no one has ever seen a bond so strong, between a girl and her Phoenix.

I love you, Amber! With out the flame, there would be no life, for it is the flame, that helped us survive

~Alura Battleheart, lvl 89 Pyromancer

Feb 08, 2011
Zachary DarkHammer from Northguard Grizzleheim, raised by the bears, still lives in a house in northguard, but still leaves the house for quite a while to explore the worlds of the spiral.

Feb 08, 2011
I also help the bears defend Grizzleheim from ravens, and grendels.

Jun 23, 2009
Wolf Shadow is from Dragonspyre, where he recently left and has traveled the spiral and currently found a place to reside in Zafaria around Stone Town but often takes travels to Avalon, Celestia, Grizzle, Wintertusk and Wizard City for helping people out with anything they might need.

P.S. David SilverHunter has a dress

Mar 02, 2013
zacharyhawkblood was a young boy born in Azteca after seeing some magic he went to wizard city but ladyblackhope stole his dads amulet his was angry after getting back to atzeca he partyed with his family but his father was killed by a celestial monster his rage got to him but he got new friends and lightened up

Aug 28, 2011
Daniel Fireflame was raised in the Pyramid of the Sun in Krokotopia by the Manders. He learned to harness fire when he was sent in a basic wizard outfit (the starter one) to Wizard City. He was dropped off at Ravenwood and was told to go to the Fire School to learn from Dalia Falmea. He became a very trustworthy student as he was in training.

Daniel Ogrebreaker was found by Gobblers when he was 5 and learned little myth magic from them, then was sent to the Myth School to be taught by Cyrus Drake. He still is learning and is comprehending new levels of Myth.

Daniel Soulslinger was teleported to the dark areas of Dragonspyre when the death school was falling. He then learned how to maniupulate small souls, and will learn to control bigger ones, such as a skeletal dragon's, rather than a ghoul's.

Jan 19, 2011
Nobody knows the origins of Justin IronFist, but we do know he has high potential. He was raised in Krokotopia by none other the Balance Instructor, Alhazred, and grew up as a Sorcerer. As he grew older he moved to Grizzlehiem, and learned the way of the Warrior.

Soon, he grew interest in Necromancy. He left Grizzlehiem to go to Dragonspyre, where he was taught by Malistare Drake. After a time, Justin knew what he had done. He had become a monster. A minion of Malistare. He wanted to take back what was rightfully his, so he went to Malistare and declared war.

They fought an epic battle, but Malistare was the victor. Justin was badly injured but still carried on in battle, hence the "name" IronFist and the scars on his arms, back, and face. He left to go to Wizard City to tell Merle Ambrose his story, and Ambrose said he had the potential to end Malistare's reign of terror. So far he has saved multiple worlds in the Spiral, and is on the hunt for Malistare today.

Justin Ironfist, lvl 33

Mar 13, 2012
K I will now do my Balance and Storm;

Alura Rainheart-

Alura (Alura 2 as I like to call her!) is from the world of Tempestra, a stormy world far off in the spiral. Her brother, Matthew LightFlame, (Luke Dragonfist's storm/ My brother's storm) took her to Wizard City, because he was enrolled and Merle Ambrose also invited Alura, to learn storm magic. Alura now runs her own Underwater-themed hotel in her Royal Playhouse, and is now being treated like a slave, and running into battles every 5 seconds in Marleybone, with her good friend, although muted, Kevin Giant.

Brecken Storytalon-

Brecken grew up in Krokotopia, where she was raised as a slave along with her foster parents/caretakers, Ai'ka, a female fire mander, and Der'in, a storm mander. Her parents where killed by Krokopatra, who she seeks revenge on.
Ai'ka and Der'in decied to send Brecken to Wizard City, where she could learn to become a true sorceress. They had taught her some magic, but not much.

She now has a house in Krok, but she is mostly adventure Wizard City, hoping to defeat Krokopatra soon, and get revenge for her parent's death.She vists Ai'ka and Der'in often, and her brother, Noah Windflame, also does the same, seeking revenge and vists often.

\Almost reached the limit, I will do the rest on more posts!

Mar 13, 2012
Now my Life and Myth;

Rachel Dragonheart -

Rachel was born in Dragonspyre, and became a Dragon Tamer at a young age. She then discovered Malistaire's Plan to wake the Dragon Titan for an evil, but very good purpose. She felt bad for Malistaire but she knew she had to stop him. She then went to Wizard City and became a Life Student. She still sees purpose in every living thing, and, like firesight in the book Guardians of Ga'hoole, she can read images in water!

Saffron Frogtamer -
Saffron was born in Azteca, and was a priestess. She told tales and legends to the young dino folk,
then became obessed with these stories and went to Wizard City to learn Myth Magic. She now still returns to
Azteca to tell stories of her adventures

I think I can fit my ice

Krestal Wintergrove -

Krestal was born in Polaris, where she was raised as a polar bear. She then was sent a message from Gamma, the white, Snowy Owl. She had been enrolled into Ravenwood Magical schools! She was excited, and said her goodbyes, packed, and left quickly. She quickly became a great Ice Student, and now continues to live in Polaris, where she plays with the polar bear cubs

Woot finished all of them!! BTW, I deleted Myrna for Krestal

And I have like,719 characters left to go so bye

Apr 11, 2012
Miranda Thundergem's birthplace is unknown, but she was befriended by a stray black-and-white brave hound at the age of 3 in the lonely, littered alleys of Marleybone. A year later, after caring dearly for each other, the two were found by a clothing shopkeeper, who was clearly surprised to find a 4 year-old and a pup fishing bones out of a public trash can.
He kept Miranda and the dog for two months until the two best friends escaped curiously to the Spiral Chamber one block away. They found a Spiral key that a Wizard had dropped and accidently used it to travel to Wizard City. They were found by Moolinda Wu, the Life professor and she raised them, schooling them in the Life arts until a small legion of undead attacked Ravenwood.
Miranda Thundergem and the dog, named Midnight, seemed to know the undead were to arrive, when they're attack took everyone by surprise. The two battled until the undead were beaten senseless, but after that, the two were never seen again. The only proof anyone has that she existed is a glowing thundergem.

Oct 23, 2010
Ryan Thunderhead was born in celestia, and he lived in Stormriven for about 18 years. Luckily, Ravenwood's very own Balestrom accepted him into his classes, just as the Shadows starting infecting all of Celestia. He moved into the dorm, just in time. The Shadows wrecked most of his home world, celestia, and Ryan was super mad. 3 years later, he returned to avenge his homeworld. But with this comes good news and a choice Ryan had to make:vanquish all Shadows, or leave some for the other wizards who are mad about Shadows infecting their home: He did vanquish a ton of shadows, getting stronger over time. But, he left tons of shadows for the other wizards. It was a tough choice considering how angry Ryan was, but he took the high road.

Sorry if it was to long, but that raps it up

Feb 25, 2013
Sorry, redoing mine-

Destiny is originally from Celestia, though she got transported to Earth at such a young age she does not remember it. Currently lives in MooShu, Cave of Solitude.

May 15, 2013
Artur goldenhorn came from mooshu but when he was a baby his family took a vacation to krokotopia wear they were ambushed by fire elementals upon entering the chamber of fire and with the last of his power Artur's dad sent him away to marleybone where Artur was adopted by a family there. But apon hearing what happened to his parents artur wanted revenge. So he went to ravenwood to become a myth wizard and avenge his family

Jun 05, 2013
My character is Kaitlyn Dawnsong and she came from Krokotopia in the Oasis and she has lived there for a long time until she was accepted to Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. She plans on going back to Krokotopia and hooking up with her old friend ( a Krok). She loves Wizard City and especially loves her school, Balance.