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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Nov 11, 2009
Garrett15141 wrote:
Thechaosmagician wrote:
the 10 ways u KNOW u been playing too much

10.when you forget your homework and tell your teacher that fire elves set your homework on fire.
9.when your friend says break a leg and you say " if i do i can just use a pixie"
8.that you are too scared to walk along the beach because you think a storm shark will get you O. O
7.when you tie a paper horn to a horse and call it a unicorn
6.when you see a frog and call it a humongofrog baby
5.every time an earthquake hits you blame professor Drake
4.when you see the chronicles of Narnia and say they stole the ideas from wizard 101
3.you try to teach a pig ninjutsu
2.when you see an orange tabby you claim him a fire cat
1.you say Malistaire has stolen your soul

XD It's true Narnia has that satyr dude in it.

Actually, the Chronicles of Narnia were written before the internet even existed.

Dec 21, 2008
1. You see bats out during a storm that look purple in the air and shout, "LIGHTNING BATS!"
2. You get sunburned and blame it on Ra
3. You don't get anywhere close to a red bird because you think it's a sunbird and think you'll get lit on fire if you get too close to it
4. You act out a spell infront of a crowd of people and almost none of those people know the game
5. You run up to someone's cat and shout, "Zeke! Zeke! I found a cat!"
6. You want to be called by your wizard's name
7. You download Wizard101 on all the computers at your school/work and play it.
8. You say you/they hit critical when something really good happens
9. Draw a symbol in the air and expect something to happen
10. Have a nightmare/dream about a spell

Number 10 has actually happened to me lol. One time I crossed my fingers it wouldn't happen for one spell lol.

Caroline Sunbright, Level 60 Life

Aug 01, 2009
1. all you think about is wiz 101 2. you are always saying things like " GREAT FIRE BATS" 3. you have more than 200 messages on the board ( not for teachers; they work the message board ) 4. you dream about completing the game 100% ( that includes crafting, pvp, gardening, pet pvp, all the side quest, pets, and the game ). thats all i can think of ( IT ALL HAPPENED TO ME )

Mar 28, 2009
Hahahaha. I know this is a fun game and all but after i got my guy to legendary it kinda lost it's addictivness. Now i have nothing to do except help friends.

Sep 26, 2009
I had a dream where I was fighting this guy and i had a storm henchmen (that talked) and we were fighting and i had 500 health, storm full and other guy had 400. He attacked with something called err Bat Bird maybe and its 16000 damage to every player. But before it attacks it gives 2-4 random shields to the players its attacking. Its death school. Well i died but then i had to start cl over. It put my wizard back to lvl 34 and every thing i had earned from cl, pets, gold, mounts, cloths were gone. I had to friends list

lol i think i am a bit addicted.

May 03, 2009
May 01, 2010
I know I been playing wizard101 too much because I having trouble turning in my homework. All I think about is this game. I wish there was a way to convince me to do my homework more often so I could get more play time. I also made 4 series about this game. I might send it to KingsIsle but I have so many people at school reading it at the same time lol. Though I do have a lot of grammer mistakes in it. My 6th teacher using a copy of it to show her students what not to do.

Legend of the Wizards
1. Father's Freedom
2. Lord of the Sea
3. Final Destiny
4. The Last Stand

Feb 16, 2009
even though most of your friends dont play, they know enough about it (because you told them) to be able to talk about it without being confused

I am guilty of that!

Jun 05, 2010
These are like the 10 deadly wizard sins

I know I'm guilty of the dreams and one time I called someone my friend's wizard name which I think should be one of the 10

Also these would be pretty embarrassing too:

Knowing each and every tune to the game
Calling your teacher you wizard teacher's name
Making your own wizard101 guild
Being part of a wizard101 guild
Having a 24hr wizard101 marathon when your over 20
Wishing you could be a wizard
When people say Voldemort you say Malistaire
Being able to label all the spells and what they do
Having more than one account and buying membership for both so you can help yourself
When your learning about the elements you think of the elemental spells (fire, ice and storm)

Mar 03, 2009
OOOHHH I have been waiting for this question!!
1. When a friend screams you say, "What are you a banshee?"
2. If someone tells you pharted you think, "Who called the gobblers!?"
3. If you build a snowman you make sure it doesn't have knife.
4. When you look at a pig you think, "NINJA PIGS!"
5. If you get hurt you think, "SOMEONE FIND ME A SAYTR!"
I think i play a little too much!
Lvl 32 Ice!
Sierra Pearlsmith

Dec 21, 2008
Oh my gosh I love this thread, I can't stop looking at it XD. Keep posting on it...

May 06, 2009
I've got a few...

You put "Savior of the Spiral" on your college application.

You have AT LEAST four Grandmasters or Legends.

You have convinced every one in your family to play, because you bugged them so much.

Every time you see someone that looks the slightest bit like Malistare you scream and run.

Lindsey Shadowcaller
Magus Scorceress
Oni Slayer
Awesome person

Apr 17, 2010
One was is when you are walking down a street and find a a rock and yell in front of everyone "look a stone block!!"

Or when you are going to school and have your halloween costume and act like a wizard!!

Or you are riding a four-wheeler and act like its a broom!!

:D :P

Mar 05, 2010
When you get all depressed for days because you didn't finish Mooshu like you thought you would.

Sep 26, 2010
I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THE COMMENTS! ooo! driftwood, your favorite soda is somthing that doesn't fizzle. but i got one

11: you see a bearded man wearing black and you grab a stick pointing it at him and drawing a simble and yell "DIE MALISTAIRE!"

May 01, 2010
Ultimate signs you have been playing WAY too much,
1 you forget the time of day and day of the week after you get off

2 you find yourself one morning alone in your house, a note saying your mom took off cause she was tired of you living with her and sticking your nose in that screen

3 you wake up one morning and say "good morning Ra!" to the sun, call your dog a heck hound, and you see a snake and run away screaming LEVIATHAN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Dec 14, 2010
Here's one: taking a stack of playing cards and saying "ooh! i have a kraken and here is a heck hound!" and taking your pencil in class and draw symbols.
And in a castle (preferably a haunted one) and saying "Let me know when a harvest lord comes!"

Sep 29, 2009
You know your playing to much wizard101:
1.When you see someone eating an bunch of food and yell GOBBLER
2.When you buy clothes and ask the cashier whats the stats on that shirt
3.When you try to craft a wand out of reagents(random items that resemble reagents of wizard101)
4.When you tell your teacher your wizard name
5.When you think the heat in your house comes from the fire cats in the vents
6.When you think air conditioners have evil snowmen in them
7.When you call your teacher in real life the name of your wizard's teacher
8.When you hop on a broomstick and try to ride it
9.When you run at a fire hydrant in the distance and swear it was a health wisp
10.When you attack your cat thinking hes part of the O'Leary Gang

Feb 24, 2009
Number one reason you know you play too much, easy,

You have 6 characters on one account all above Lvl 40- 60

Jun 25, 2010
tamster45 wrote:
Oh boy, I am in trouble,lol. Well my husband and I both just bought a new laptop for this game. We have the network set up now, and we are about to set up the family account so that I can help him out on his wizard. My first wizard is a grandmaster so is on vacation right now, and my second wizard is level 44 and working on the final crafting quest and grizzleheim. I havent had a chance to read the other ones, but oh my so far it is us to a tee. Well I guess we are offically addicted. Have a great day everyone. See you in the Spiral. :)

Oh Gosh - I bought a laptop so I could run 2 Wizards together> The 4 yearold grand daughter wanted her laptop back to play her game with me and I havent dared to see if I can play 3 at a time - yet.

Jul 13, 2009
1.When your cat, who loves to attack people for no reason at all comes out of nowhere and starts attacking someone and you yell "Ok who casted fire cat!" And everyon in your family stares at you like your crazy, because they don't play wizard 101 :( . That or you find yourself calling her your wizard's pet firecat's name and have everyone stare at you like your crazy.
Also, imgine a triton attacking someone you hate.

2.Wondering if your cat is part of the O'leary gang (which really seems possible if your cat is like mine) :(

3.Playing on wizard 101 all weekend and only stopping to eat twice a day.

4.Calling your dog your wizard's pet heckhound's name while asking for directions to the hat shop in marleybone (I had trouble finding the shops even though they were all in regentsquare) then getting upset when he doesn't answer :( :(

5.Looking all over your room for your wizard's sword (/wand), gear, and mount

6.Totally ignoring everyone irl when your on wizard101

7.posting on this twice when you get new ideas :) :)

8. As many have said, humming the wizard101 songs

9. Trying to play them on your bass guitar

10. Your friends who have never even seen a wizard101 comercial can keep up with a conversation about it and not have to ask one question thanks to you :)

Amber Stormsong level 47 master diviner in the forum (dragonspyre)

May 26, 2009
Bookshelvings wrote:
1: You constantly try to play Reshuffle in a game of Poker or Bridge.
2: You obtain and wear hats equal to those your wizard(s) wear in-game - even down to the perhaps-odd colouring.
3: You bring a deck of cards to a fight.
4: You grow used to walking everywhere, and find it odd to have someone else take you somewhere.
5: You conclude your Wizard house is ten times larger than your real home.
6: More people know you by your wizard name than by your real name.
7: Everyone you know were either already on Wizard101, or you have gotten them to play it with you.
8: You know the effect, sideeffects, damage type and variables of each and every spell in the game by heart, including the boss-only spells.
9: Whenever you do anything else that involves posting a reply to something, you start off by hitting R as a reflex.
10: You have tried to build a cupboard out of three black pearls, six frozen flower, a card and fourteen stone blocks, and were puzzled by why you didn't get what you expected.

LOL definitely number 8 and 9! I was on my email and I wanted to reply to something, so I kept on hitting R and I got really confused when it wasn't working

My friend's mom plays this game and she ALWAYS calls me by my wizard's name! hehe

Jun 06, 2009
When you take the time to figure out the Wizard 101 versions of the Deadly Sins. (Like so.)

Sloth - Excessive AFK'ing in battle.
Pride - Refusal of teamwork.
Greed - Entering battles uninvited.
Lust - "Needing" a boy/girl.
Envy - Begging (think about it...).
Wrath - Sniping poor strategizers.
Gluttony - Reagent hunting and hoarding.

(Mind you, that only took 10 minutes... but then, I did take that time.)

Nov 20, 2010
When you have a dream about your character and wake up in the middle of the night/early morning and play.

May 16, 2009
Oh boy am I playing too much!

And anyway, there is no reason we can't play all 7 schools, 6 seats and one standing, it wouldn't even require a graphics change.