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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

May 26, 2009
When you're playing your character and the sound is off, but you can still hear all the music and sound effects in your head

May 26, 2009
zoromon42 wrote:
when you took the time to read every last one of these (guilty)

bonus: when you laughed at almost every single one (guilty)

i am guilty as charged for those two things

May 29, 2009
1. If you write a manipulation story of W101 on Microsoft and let Mom read it.
2. If you try to get your best friend involved
3. If you spend money that isnt for college on subscription
4. If when your subscription runs out, you go to the World tree and click on DS everyday.
5. If you turn lvl 48 while you still don't have a subscription, and then you do the same thing as last with Krok
6. If you run across the street when someone says hi and say, "Stop requesting me!"
7. If you ask your dad if he needs any quests done.
8. You confront the school bully and pull out your pencil. When an orthrus doesn't come out, you moan, "Fizzle!"
9. If you sign your homework Caroline Dawnrunner
10. If you tell peple on AQworlds to play W101 also
11. If you take three peices of paper and recreate the Book of Secrets.
12. If you give bald peple a contemptuous look
13. If you ask your mom when she said that patience was a virtue (I was dumb enough to take the Oka's chest thing literally)
14. If you take lots of screenshots and show your parents the slideshow

May 17, 2010

You know you've been playing too much when our friends ask you too come over you say sorry I can't just because you wanna play wizard101 :P

Jun 01, 2009
i know ive played too much cus wen i went to my teachers desk they told me i did good work and i repleid "thax moolinda"

i also went out with a couple frends to dinner last nite and said "hey i know a great place in marleybone thatsd to die for"

i was talkin to a frend and they mentioned that they gotta new dog, i said "pls i got a storm hound psht "

one of my frends wanted my breakfast bar cus they hated muffins so she asked if i wanted to trade, i replied " o srry im out of treasure cards"

my coworker was called to the managers office and told me he had to go "battle the boss", i asked which one

i got one frend who plays w/ me and i started to heer her slip up to, i started to ask myself, do i really sound like this, ugh


Dec 02, 2009
You say oh, Fizzlesticks! every time something goes wrong.
When you slip on the ice in winter, you say: Where are the pyromancers when you need them?!? and walk off muttering: those stupid Thaumaturges! why cant they go to the north pole and save the polar bears? seriusly, are the pyromancers hibernating or something?
you say all the spells you know in your sleep. The last time I went to a sleepover, I woke up my friend by saying: "and triton did seven hundred damage ......... stormzilla .............stormsharrrrrrrrrkkkkkkk...................."
you dream that your friend, the pyromancer got a fever and you fried an egg on their forehead I have weird dreams.

Jun 14, 2009
You know you have been playing too much when your subcription has expired and you start experience withdrawals. You than start to harrash KI, so you can get your next fix.

Mar 03, 2009
when you dream of being your wizard, and actually being in the Spiral!
Reported guilty of that several times!

Mar 03, 2009
you know you have been playing W101 too much when you draw the school symbols all over your school books.

srsly, my social studies book, we got to draw on the cover, and i put all the school symbols with the school colors behind them, and i draw the symbols every time i am bored in my classes.

Jun 03, 2009
Here are some funny ones.1:You try talking to a cow and asking for a quest.2:While you're playing pokemon every time you miss you shout FIZZLE!.3:Whenever you get knocked out by a bully,when you get back up you search your pockets and the bully's pockets for Arena Tickets.

Mar 03, 2009
saphire62 wrote:
My number 1 is when I was able to beat wizard City in one playing time.

I realized that I had played that long when my brother came up and gave me that look. It was sort of like this: Then he tells me that I've played
for 4 hours, 36 min. and 3 seconds.

I've playing it more now, so I always go around huming the Marelybone Commons theme song.

it only takes me a half hour to finish the story line quests and collossus boulevard in Wizard City alone!

Problally because i have done about 80 times! lol

Dec 27, 2008
I try like crazy at school everyday and study all night instead of hanging with my friends to get A's, so i could get a membership! and then i think to myself that this is just an online game and call my self crazy ( It worked too :D )

Also i find myself humming the commons tune. My friends all ways ask me what I'm humming.

Finally, I sometimes say to my friends, " OOH YOU JUST FIZZLED!" But then they give me a weird look

See ya in the spiral!
-Jen Jen ( Kelly RubyEyes)
Lvl46 Master Life

Jun 26, 2009
You KNOW when you've been playing to much when you look up at the clock and think "When we this day end so i can get on the computer and level up."
Or when you start talking in "text" to everyone.
Or if you don't go to the bathroom even though you have been playing for 5 hours and need a break.
Oh this happened to me when you need help with something and you just randomly say "I need some help."
This one is a top 10.
When you walk down the street and ask people if they play Wizard 101, and when they yes ask them to help you the next day.

1.When you reply for these messages!! LOL!!!!!

Jul 21, 2010
u know youve been playing too much wizard 101 when your eating dinner and you say "pass the pips" lolol

Dec 27, 2008
-Jen Jen (Kelly RubyEyes)
Lvl47 Master Life
At school, I accidentally wrote my wizard101 name on a really test that could bring up my grade . I told the teacher not to throw it in the trash, then she questioned me. I told her everything. She then gave me a 80% just for putting down the wrong name :( Then when i went to school the next day she said, "It's OK WE all make mistakes "I gave her a weird look She crossed out the 80% and wrote .............. 81%............

Feb 16, 2009
1 - You go to W101's facebook page every day
2 - You squeeze through the game, finding mistakes in design, grammer, and spelling.
3 - You accidently refer to you dog by the name of a pet of yours
4 - You have at least one dream involving W101
5 - You imagine you teacher with flaming hair
6 - you write Fan Fiction
7 - You came up with at least 3 world ideas
8 - you have at least 20 pets on one character
9 - You drew a design of what you think certain areas look like before you even get there in the game
10 - You can draw a decent gobbler, and lost soul, and all the school trees including Ashley, Bartleby, and the unnamed Death tree in DS
11 - You imagine a dragon attacking people you don't like
12 - you can see the spell animations and hear the sound effects, even after you turn it off
13 - You try not to go on because you know that you will get sucked in
14 - You get cocky enough to try to solo Briskbreeze
15 - you try to control fire, or snow, or trees
16 - You see NPCs randomly appear
17 - you use words like Fizzled, Alt Char, and Spiral
18 - you use phrases like In the whole Spiral and Mother of Bartleby
19 - You started watching Wizards of Waverly Place because of the magic, or because of the Crab Alley quests
20 - Everything you see connects to W101 somehow
21 - your dream vacation spot is Austin, Texas
22 - You show KT to a friend who has been to Egypt, or something of that sort
23 - You trace the school symbols in midair with a stick
24 - You stop swimming because you are a Pyromancer
25 - You get over exicted when you see the numbers 101
26 -You get exicted when you meet someone named Zeke, or Milos, or Cyrus

I am guilty of ALL of these! No joke!

Kyle Firefist

Aug 11, 2009
You look in the mirror and find Ambrose staring back at you. :| :-(

(Now if it was Falmea that would be okay!)

Have fun!!! :) :) :)

Apr 24, 2010
OK, just yesterday, I ACTUALLY had to call my husband from work, because when I logged onto my igoogle homepage, I clicked on a newsarticle from CNN. Now, I can't tell you what the article was about or why I was interested, because that information completely left my brain once I read the third paragraph... it said something about ... "Our expert in the field, Abigail Doolittle..." I busted out laughing AT MY DESK and immediately called my husband to share... Totally addicted...

Jul 13, 2009
Well I guess I am addicted to , I always hum the songs, when I see a stick I start walking towards it thinking its mistwood (then my friends say "hey were r u goin, our next class is this way" and I say "oh sry hehe"), and I always wanna cast a kraken or a vampire on a person I hate (then when it duznt happen, I yell "shoot! Why did they invent fizzles!" And evryone stares at me)! My parents think that I should stop playing on the computer and go outside and play with my friends (not a chance!), but they can never convince me to! I love wizard101 so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw do u think it is bad to be addicted to w101? :P :P :P 8) 8) 8)

Dec 02, 2009
Your friend asks you for a name for their new pet tarantula (witch they only got because you told them to get a magma spider) and you say - prince ruby
and go back to the map of marlybone you are trying to draw.

someone asks you what school you go to and you say- Storm.

your mom asks you where you'd like to go shopping for new clothes and you say - Dragonspyer!

you friend asks you if you have a ds and you say your still in Mooshu .

You draw the storm symbol in syrup on your pancakes.

you wonder what school Harry Potter would be

you try to play the mb commons tune on your cello

you call your friends just to ask them the questions to find out what school they are

I am guilty of all of these

Feb 11, 2009

1. when you start a dueling game on your driveway and try to get everyone in the neighborhood to play

2.when you want to say ty np lol or stuff at work/school

3.when you have 3 school castles and filled them all.

4.when you talk to someone on the computer that's sitting right next to you.

5.when you have w101 hallucinations or music stuck in your head.

6.when you feel outbursts of w101 sayings coming through your mouth.

7. if you are still reading this

8. if you ask if they have Wild Bolt in the local electronics shop

9. if you start parties for everyone who plays w101

10. if you have to go eat soooo badly from playing w101 and starving it for hours, you have to stop reading this!

Jul 12, 2009
The day you have a vision or wish that wizard 101 was real so you could be better then everyone

Cassandra Waterleaf 42 Ice Exploring the Crucible...

Jul 12, 2009
when you were able to beat marleybone in 8 hrs in ONE DAY

Not that i (cough) know someone who did that X coughs X

Nov 15, 2008
Today I asked my brother if i could have his Wizard 101 membership card so I could finish Mooshu and go to Dragonspyre.
( The funny thing is he gave it to me!)

Apr 24, 2010
1. Your dad plays on it with you.
2. You know how to make the simbole of your school.
3. While your walking home from school and see a stick you say very loudly ''OH LOOK, MISTWOOD''.
4. You have a picture of a cat thug on your notebook for school or work.
5. If you stand up in your sleep and pertend to cast a spell.
6. Drawing pictures of wizard101 is all you do after school or work.
7. You have dreams of wizard101.
8. You say when you grow up you'll build a wizard101 world.
9. You often sing this loudly where ever you go: '' I'm of to defeat Malistire, the terrible terrible Malistire.''
10. You dance like your wizard at the supermarket.