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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Feb 14, 2009
1. When you miss or mess up on a game you say "AW MAN! I FIZZLED AGAIN!"
2. You call electricity and electric types storm.
3. You call dark types death types.
4.You find yourself quoting your catch phrases from wizard101
5. You spend your time playing this game or on the forums when you should be doing something else more important like school or work(No I am not doing this now....or am I?)
These Have happened to me a LOT lol

Dec 27, 2008
lol, I have a good one. One day in school my friend told me that he quit playing Wizard101....... 1 I bugged him the rest of the day telling him that I had to confiscate his wand and send it to Ambrose.

My other friend and I were also practicing the fire and death symbols, everyone was staring at us like we were crazy

Nov 01, 2009
You set your alarm clock for three in the morning just so you can get up and get an early start on reagent farming before the rest of the Wizard 101 community has had a chance to.

You look at your dogs and cats and wonder why they aren't dressed in Victorian clothing and walking on their hind legs.

When your husband asks you what's for dinner you hand him a plate of microwaved hot dogs and pizza rolls just so you can get back to playing W101

You would rather spend a Saturday afternoon playing W101 than going out to see the latest movie.

Community Leader
What happens if you got all of the above? Awww! I am so in trouble ;)

Dec 27, 2009
You also know you've been playing too much when you're in the middle of a spelling test and you start either: randomly doodling your favorite pet on the paper or writing down spells for words on the test (Been there, done that, I'm ashamed to admit I used the WHOLE paper up writing down w101 words :( ) Also, when you are in class and randomly start shouting DIE! DIE! DIE! YOU STUPID KRAKEN!! I have done that, too. :?
Amber DawnWhisper lvl 42 life

Dec 14, 2008
LOL, Uh oh... Now I know I play Wizard101...

I hope no one catches me

Apr 16, 2010
One way to tell that your addicted to Wizard 101 is if you

-hum the songs
-spend EVERY little scrap of extra money that you get/find on crowns(VERY guilty)
-if more then $30 total have been spent on crowns per player(also way guilty)
- fall asleep thinking about Wizard 101 or have dreams about it
- have one then more account so you can keep your old grandmasters and start fresh with some new ones
-Think about it all day at school/work, and then rush home to play it

I am totally addicted but i dont care its soooooooooooo fun!!

Nov 23, 2008
if you,

1 dream your own w101 story line
2 when you go to the park you find sticks and pretend 2 duel your brother
3 you imagine casting natures wrath on the mean people you know
4 if you've completed lvl 50 or seen a pic of Sylvia drake, you imagine your cat eating her hair piece
5 if you saw a grumpy bald guy and immediately think 'Cyrus' !
6if you sorta feel bad for malistaire
7if you start talking about wizard 101 and ur friend ask you to please "be quite"
8your afraid of the dark because you thought you saw a lost soul
9 you look all year for ways to dress up as ur w101 character
10 you walk down the street and classify all the people u c into schools of magic
im guilty of all i just listed lol

Apr 25, 2010
I already know I do :D but it's not any of those reasons. I just could play forever and ever.

Jun 06, 2009
10: You call your friends who play W101 by their wizard's name.

9: You trace the school symbols in the air and get disappointed when nothing happens.

8: You trace the school symbols in the air, period.

7: You randomly pick up sticks, rocks, bits of metal, and various plants.

6: You try to build something out of said sticks, rocks, bits of metal, and plants.

5: You wait for a few hours after building with said materials - you need to let it cool down!

4: You've told at least 5 people to play.

3: You walk into a furniture store and ask where the crafting stations are - for all your sticks, rocks, bits of metal, and plants.

2: On your resume, among your occupation list is "Savior of the Spiral."

1: You try to come up with "the Top 10 Signs That You Play W101 Too Much."

Mar 24, 2009
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"


Dec 04, 2009
4. Come home from school, run straight to your computer, and do something related to W101
7. Feel the need escape earth and go to " The Spiral."

lol I do that all the time. can't help myself

Dec 12, 2009
Here is my top ten reasons:

1 when you look at the face XD you cannot see it as the letters X D : I am guilty and when I see X D I still see it as a face)

2 Have a really good friend that you only seem to talk about Wizard101 to: guilty again

3 See an orange dog and don't pet it because you think it is a heckhound and if you pet it it will burn you: guilty yet again

4 When you go outside you want to play Wizard101 irl: guilty again

5 When your grandma says this rug looks like a spiral you think about all the worlds and Celestia: guilty again

6 When you see a floaty with a hole in it you say "OMG Storm Shark Attack!" "guilty again

7 Have three Wizard101 accounts: guilty here are the three kuy5, Jokio3, and Dragonaaron

8 Find a beetle in the desert and say "Zeke, Zeke! I found a Beetle!": guilty again

9 Find yourself humming the Marleybone Commons theme: guilty again

10 When people say you are full of life you say "If I am then, where are the plants?": guiltiest of them all

May 04, 2010
You get a new puppy and wonder what school it's from and what it's talents are going to be...

You calculate just how many times you will have to shoot your new pup from a cannon to make him "Epic"...

You ask your vet how much the mega snack packs are gonna cost...

Your wife won't let you name him "Prince Lulu" or some other crazy combination from W101 because she doesn't want to spend the 500 gold to rename him.

Jan 11, 2010
I got to laughing so hard at these that I scared all my dogs ! They now think I am totaly crazy!
I am guilty of all of them !!!!!
I am supposed to be out running errands right now, but where am I ???
Just this moring I was getting low on crowns and freaked out, so I had to get more.

Jun 26, 2009
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
http://diaryofawizard.com/ has a wonderful post from Postcards from the Spiral about the Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101 Too Much

Here's three - to read the rest, follow the link below.

10. You’ve convinced your child/parent/significant other to create their own account so that you can battle together.

9. You’ve purchased a new computer so that people in your house can play together or play online at the same time.

8. You’ve set up a wireless network, after procrastinating for at least five years, so that people in your house can play at the same time.


The only one I would add would be you see a stick on the ground and think -ooh! Mistwood!

Thank you both for the article and we encourage our players to list their own below!
I have done number 10, number 9- i have 2 computers in my house, and i wouldn't have bought a new one if only had one. number 8- what the heck does that mean?

Apr 02, 2009
purdueman71 wrote:
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

i've done that with every song on wizard101. my friends now think i'm crazy. (before you read this next part, just so you know i share an account with my dad.) i even started humming it in front of a guy i like. he said i am obsessed with it.

Sounds like someones got a crush.

Apr 02, 2009
Let's see, this one happened me last week, kinda embarassing.

My friend Dylan called to see if I was coming to the Airsoft Gun fight we were having at the sandpits behind his house (It was a half an hour after it started) and I told him I completely forgot cause I was on Wizard101. He laughed for like a full minute.

When you are my age, that ain't some thing to be proud of.

Feb 01, 2009
You know your addicted when you just read every single message here to find out if your addicted

Sep 24, 2009
I think I play Wizard 101 too much because when I am on a site no where related to Wizard 101 I hear the music I play it every day, I visit the site every day, I visit Wizard101central every day. I imagine I am playing Wizard 101 when I am in places like school. And I use my allowance every week to buy crowns.

Jun 08, 2009
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

not as much as the marleybone dungeon music lol. but i do somtimes hear that music when i need to go to bed and stop playing alreday lol

paul ironflame, level 48 pyromancer, master of fire 8)

Sep 18, 2009
I have one.

You watch Harry Potter and think Dumbledore is Ambrose. :P

Mar 06, 2009
Awgeewhiz wrote:
6. You are walking down the street and randomly pick up sticks, rocks and pieces of scrap metal.

5. You come to a Yellow Yeild sign and get ready to cast a spell.

4. You have a bumper sticker that says "I do not break for golems."

3. You favorite soda is anything that dosen't fizzle.

2. You make a cardbaord sign that reads "Need Help?" and go stand on a street corner.

1. You request to be paid in Crowns in real life.

lol great ideas!

Jan 20, 2010
These are HILARIOUS! I'm guilty of like half of them. XD

Jun 10, 2009
IamLezul wrote:
OOOOh! AND when u have dreams that ur in a crazy hard dugeon! AND, when you've been playing sooooo much and then you log off, YOU CAN STILL HEAR THE MUSIC!!! This happens to me sooooo much! LOL
Me to it annoys me to death.....