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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Jul 08, 2009
Would going as your character for Haloween, drawing spell creatures from the game, and dreaming that you were a student at Ravenwood in real life make you addicted? Not because those are the 3 most addictive things I've ever done for Wizard101 or anything like that :D

Jul 08, 2009
mightygirl1001 wrote:
You know when you've been playing too much Wizard1O1 when you start having weird dreams about Wizard101 (This happened to me once )

Also, on Halloween, when you start thinking about dressing up as your Wizard101 character (I don't think this can actually be accomplised :()
I went as my character for Haloween, (except for the wand) and I once redrew the full map of Dragonspyre in accurate detail 8)

Apr 30, 2010
When you acidentally say that your name is your wizards name. And like yesterday me and my brother weren't even playing the game and he called me Aaron FireStone :) Lol but what was wierder was that i actually responded before realizing that he had called me that. And last you know that your playing wizards too much when you start to have dreams about going into malisatre's lair and getting defeated again and again and again and again and again and again... just like in the game.

PS still trying to do the dungeon but i think its impossible to do the dungeon alone in the first place.

Aaron FireStone Grandmaster Pyromancer

Jun 25, 2010
you definently know that you have been playing too much if you

3:see a black rose and yell 'MY NIGHTSHADE!'

2: you call your pet in real life by the name of your pet in Wizard101

1:You get up in the morning just to play W101


I have all of these symptoms

Scot lvl 13 Initiate thergist.....actually its life&storm

Jan 19, 2010
The only thing you can think about to talk about is Wizard101.

Which i don't do
Destiny Dragonblade lv 33 fire wizard

Jun 21, 2009
Trying to battle your boss so you can get a rare pet drop or just people you see off the street lol.

May 11, 2009
another way: you start to think of ideas for the wizard101 movie, putting your favorite movie in it
this ha happened to me

Sep 01, 2009
3) When you buy a henchman, and then try and text chat with it...that's not good.

2) When you spend an hour in the Bazaar, clicking back and forth between "Sell" and "Buy", simply because you know someone will sell a black pearl.

And my number 1: You have stitched equipment to match each world, so you always look spiffy.

Mar 08, 2009
One reason i know that i'm playing wizard101 too much is that my allowence for babysitting is crowns. :D Another is that when i daydream i'm in the game fighting monsters.
Cheyenne PixieSinger
Grandmaster Life

Mar 28, 2010
okin1123 wrote:
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

o my gosh totally i embarrassed myself at lunch by humming that and when my friends asked my and i told them some of them laughed. :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Haha, happens to me a lot. :D No worries! I also dreamed I was in Celestia (or how I pictured it) once.
And, here are some reasons.

You randomly feed your dog/cat crackers and strawberries hoping it will "level up," and you also name it something from W101.

~Allison Dawnblood, Level 50 Diviner

Jan 12, 2010
start132 wrote:
hi one of the ways to know you have been playing wizard101 to much is that you have been playing wizard101 all day insted of doing homework or other things you got to do that is very imporant. by madison thunder crafter :P
Whoops. hehe.....

Madison FireSword
Level 50 Fire

May 12, 2009
You know you've been playing wizard101 to much if when you walk down the hallway of school and see the school bully you start creating the school logo in the air and say to your friend "STAND BACK I'm using my Wraith!!!"

Jason Deathblade Savior of the Spiral

Dec 16, 2008
I know I play too much because I was at school once and
had finished a test before everyone :D I was thinking
of what I was gonna do on Wizard101 when I got home.
I even convinced my friends at school to play with me :D

Wolf Dragonflame
Level 50 Grandmster Pyromancer
Savior of the Spiral

Justin Titanwraith
Level 50 Grandmaster Diviner
Savior of the Spiral

Mar 13, 2010
- Falling asleep at night while you plan your first moves of the next day.

- Dreaming you are in the world of Wizard 101.

- Buying yourself a ton of crowns when they are on sale, but ignoring buying yourself any new clothes.

- Checking the crowns store for new items or sale items daily, even before checking your email.

Feb 14, 2010
You know you've been playing wizard101 too much when your husband (who just watches) starts talking to you in wizard speak and making the motions of casting a spell when he talks to you...lol


You know you've been playing too much when your dog recognizes the voices from the game....

(yes both have happened to me lol)

Feb 18, 2010
LOL! i read all these messages and theyre super funny! hahahahahahaha! i think i might start getting some of these symptoms cause i love this game so much! my dad says i'm on it too much and to do other things.

o and i think one way you can tell you play this game too much is when you wish you could actually attend ravenwood and daydreaming that w101 is real. (guilty -) i find myself thinking what the game would be like irl. lol

Jun 21, 2010
Awgeewhiz wrote:
6. You are walking down the street and randomly pick up sticks, rocks and pieces of scrap metal.

5. You come to a Yellow Yeild sign and get ready to cast a spell.

4. You have a bumper sticker that says "I do not break for golems."

3. You favorite soda is anything that dosen't fizzle.

2. You make a cardbaord sign that reads "Need Help?" and go stand on a street corner.

1. You request to be paid in Crowns in real life.

Ok, so we already have the wireless network and 4 computers. The problem is, there is always a war over the kids fighting "that one got to play W101 longer than I did!" ROFL!!! As, Yep, you guessed it our family plays. Even hooked up Grandma with an account today! Good thing she has her own computer, lol. Now my oldest son and one of his best friends, yeah let's just say for about a month now it has been, "If I do this can I have more crowns.....I am asking for W101 gift cards come Christmas.....and so on" lol. So I was tickled when reading this. This can also answer the older gamer question posted too. I play with all 3 of my boys and now my mother does too, plus my friend and her 3 children. And a few other friends of our. We all subscribe.

Jul 23, 2009
My husband got me started on the game, then I bought a new lap top after my FIRST round cause my old lap top was too slow....Now this Lap top has grandmastered the remaining 4 characters rofl...
my husband and i walkaround saying "ugh" out loud.. and now our 5 year old son says it too.
I have got my mother, my youngest sister, and our neighbor playing.
Our neighbor comes over with his lap top and we will all sit and play.
Our 5 year old son plays around on our old lap top now.
My step son now has a character
and All people in our family have the same last names
rofl :)

Jul 03, 2009
Awgeewhiz wrote:
7 When a friend of yours does something embarrasing and you exclaim: "Boy, you just fizzled!".

OMG! That was SO FUNNY! I'm still rolling on the floor laughing XD!

Jun 21, 2010
Windlilly wrote:
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:

The only one I would add would be you see a stick on the ground and think -ooh! Mistwood!

Oh! That totally happened to me and my friends the other day! My sister saw a huge rock lying on the ground and said to our other friend (who also plays the game, luckily) "Look! I found a Stone Block!" And then she threw it at me. O. o Lolz, and then for the rest of the day we collected rocks to see who could get the most reagents.

ROFL!!!! Ok, so yes I have replied to this already, but this made me think of more!!! All of the younger kids (AND neighborhood kids their age who don't know what W101 is), I am talking 10 yrs and under spend hours in the yards making rock and stick piles and running around wearing sheets, trading out the sticks they are carrying for bigger ones, dressing for their school colors, playing W101!!! Cause the ones who live in our house can't play on the computer that day! ROFL!!!
Not to mention all of my boys friends think I a like the coolest Mom ever cause my character outranks all of theirs......they all got my to playing the game!

Aug 07, 2010
10- You call your friend by his wizard name and not his real name.
9- You care more about your wizard's clothes than your own.
8- You yell at the nearest thing when you read that the game is having updates.
7- Your cousin teases you by saying Nightshade is behind the closed door.
6- You save up 20k gold in less than 2 days.
5- You win 4 mounts in 2 hours from the same boss. (Thank you Mr. Kraken.)
4- Everything you see remind you of this game.
3- You make yourself wake up just to play this game.
2- You have a better social life on here than in real life.
1- You are a higher level than the person who invited you and they started playing a month before you!

(LOL sadly all these things are true about me lol)

Jul 12, 2009
cruzdude wrote:
Would going as your character for Haloween, drawing spell creatures from the game, and dreaming that you were a student at Ravenwood in real life make you addicted? Not because those are the 3 most addictive things I've ever done for Wizard101 or anything like that :D
I might try going as my wizard for halloween

Mar 12, 2009
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

YES! LOL! I was about to download it to my phone! LOL!

Mar 18, 2010
You've read every single one just to find out how addicted you are... (Guilty :D )

Aug 10, 2009
When you make your real life pet run thru a maze before you feed it...
you look at both your pets and wonder what kind of hybrid they could hatch.